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Debra The WWE Diva Sex Therapist Part 5: Lita
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

For Debra business had been terribly slow nobody seemed to have any sexual
based problems which Debra hated because that left her in her office with
nothing but time to think about her and Joanie the possibilities of her
telling her Amazone friend how she felt towards her there where 40% good
possibilities 40% bad possibilities and 10% she was unsure what would happen
if she told possibiliities. She had masturbated over her and Joanie more
times than she could count both at work and at home. Finally however she got
a call from her and Joanie's good friend The Queen of Extreme Lita aka Amy
Dumas who had only been back from an injury for a few weeks the call wasn't
spesific all it said was that she needed to see Debra a.s.a.p because she
needed advice and guaidnace on her and matt's relationship. Didn't sound
like a sexual problem to Debra but none the less business was business so
they agreed to meet the next day at 12 noon due to it being the only time
Amy had off from rehersing for the house show the WWE was gonna put on that
same night.

Debra was dressing to seduce. It'd been so long since she'd had a woman to
share her body with, she definitely didn't want to lose her chance with
Lita, especially considering Lita had found out on her own. This meant Lita
didn't know about the special something Debra gave her girls. So she pushed
her lacy bra up a little higher tonight, and wore a slightly shorter skirt.
She looked and the mirror and smiled: she was definitely ready for action,
she just hoped Lita was too.

It was 12 noon when Debra heard a tapping on her office door.

"I love punctuality in a woman." Debra joked to herself. "Come in." she then
called out and in walked Lita who wasn't wearing the hottest or most "turn
on" clothing mind you it was enough to get Debra's juices going.

"Hey Amy." Debra said smiling at her friend who entered the room and closed
the door behind herself.

"Hey Debra." Amy said to Debra.

"Please come in and sit down." Debra said which Amy did but she sat forward
suggesting that whatever was troubling her was really serious at least as
far as she was conserned.

"So Amy what exacterly is on your mind and troubling you conserning your
relationship with Matt?" Debra asked deciding to get down to business since
that is what Amy seemed to want them to do.

"Well yeah, kind of an obvious statement," Lita kidded. Debra laughed
lightly before urging her on. "Well, okay, nothing is really wrong with our
relationship. We've been together for about a year now and I'm as happy as
ever. I think the problem lies in me."

"And what is it you think your problem is, Lita?" Lita thought before

"I suppose it's that I'm not as open minded as he or I would like. See, he
comes up with all these really naughty erotic ideas, which I love, but alot
of the time, I just can't bring myself to do them, which disappoints us

"So let me see if I understand this he has these erotic naughty ideas but
you don't want to do them and that dissapoints you?" Debra asked.

"No I do. Well part of me does but some of the ideas are if you'll excuse the
pun 'Extreme'."

Debra held back her laughter but couldn't with hold her smile. "What is his
most constant or favourite erotic idea he wants you and him to do?" Debra
then asked Amy hung her head.

"He wants us to have sex in a public place." Amy then said as she lifted her
head back up to look at Debra.

"Would you want to do that, Lita?"

Lita wasted no time in nodded excitedly. "Oh yeah! The danger and excitement
of possibly being caught is really hot, but it also scares me."

Debra smiled her warm grin. "But Lita, of course it's scary. If it wasn't,
it wouldn't be fun."

Lita nodded sadly. "I know, it's just..."

Debra all ready had an idea. She wasn't going to tell Lita, but she knew
exactly how to cure her ailment. She suddenly cut off her patient. "Oh damn.
I forgot I...uh have a doctor's appointment today, and I need to get ready.
I'm really sorry, but since you're going to be in town tonight, would you
mind if I stopped by to finish up our little session?"

"Of course not you know what Arena it is correct?" Amy asked.

"Yes I do." Debra said with a smile

"Ok where shall we meet? The woman's locker room?" Amy then asked.

"In the ring."

Amy looked at her stunned, "Funny place to hold a meeting why in the ring?"

"Well it will be empty nobody will be around they'll all be busy getting
dressed and ready to leave so it makes more sense than the woman's locker

Amy figured there was a strange logic to that

"So is it deal?" Debra asked.

"It is." Amy said walking up to Debra as the two old friends hugged.

"See you tonight." Debra said said.

"See you tonight oh and be sure and wear either your wrestling attire or
something sexy."

"Yes madam." Amy said a she walked to the door.

"Oh I almost forgot you won't be the only old face backstage tonight."

"Oh?" Debra said curiously

"Joanie's promised to drop by too. Later," And with that Amy left the office.

The last sentence played over and over in Debra's head. The thought of
Joanie being there threw her confidence way off balance. The one emotion
she couldn't repress was going to be there in the flesh tonight. She kept
contemplating it to herself.

"Should I go early? Should I go late? What will she say? What will I say?"
she kept mumbling through the day. An hour before the show, she figured she'd
just show up as the show was ending. That way she wouldn't have to wait long
and, hopefully, she wouldn't have to run into her obsession.

For the most part Debra didn't run into Joanie. She met all the old faces and
some of the new that worked for the RAW brand Gail Kim a diva she hoped some
day she'd get to "help" out of a jam in her relationship. Victoria, Stephanie
(who was at every house show due to her being a McMahon) and Trish who
thanked Debra for what she did and said if she could ever return the favor
"in any way" she would all Debra had to do was say the word she also ran into
Stacy and her ex-husband Steve Williams (SCSA).

It was when she headed for the ring that she finally bumped into the one
person she had been trying to avoid like the plague Joanie Laurer.

Debra knew it might have happened, so she practiced being cool, but it was
obvious to anyone at first that she was suprised and unsure. Finally she
casually said, "Hey Joanie, long time no see."

Joanie smiled, unsure herself, and guilty of just as much fantasizing as
Debra as Debra was of Joanie. The two hugged before Joanie got serious.

"Listen, I know this may sound weird, but I need your help with a situation;
your advice I mean. Can you give me the address?"

Debra's eyes grew wide; just the thought of having Joanie to herself fueled
her sex drive more than it was all ready at. "Sure, no problem!" She quickly
pulled out a business card and handed it to Joanie. "Listen, I have to run,
but I'll talk at you soon hopefully."

"Hopefully," Joanie repeated. The two hugged once more before Debra
powerwalked away.

Debra had noticed Joanie's "incsecurity" but she simply figured it was her
own "incsecurity" causing Joanie to be the same way when she reached the top
of the ramp she noticed that the entire Arena what had been filled to the
rafters was now as empty as a graveyard except for Amy who paced up and down
in the ring like a tiger waiting for something. Debra cleared her mind of
Joanie as best she could and focused on her task at hand as she then walked
down to the ring and climbed the steel steps and got into the ring the same
way she had when she worked for the WWE sultery and sexily.

"Hello there, my dear."

Debra's tone had changed. Back in her office, it was light and friendly; now
it was low and seductive. The visibly nervous Lita replied "H..hi, Debra. So,
did you think of anything that could help me with my problem."

Debra grinned widely "Indeed I did."

She wasted no time in lightly kissing Lita's neck. She was obviously shocked,
but did not immediately pull away. In fact, before the suprise fully took in,
she closed her eyes and seemed to enjoy it. Debra then moved around to the
other side of her neck. "Do you like that?" Debra then asked.

"Uh." Amy said unable to denie the pleasure she was feeling from what Debra
was doing.

"Hm I will continue then and while I do imagine this arena filled to capacity
watching us." Debra said smiling from ear to ear as she moved from Amy's neck
to her cheeks and then to her lips she then felt Amy open her mouth and Debra
smiled and she opened her mouth as they began open mouthed kisses which then
turned into one big long french kiss.

Lita could hardly believe what she was doing. She had been so afraid, but
all she needed was someone to take the initiative, whether she was ready or
not, to turn her into a full-fledged sex machine. All her worries seemed to
disappear in the mouths of her and her lover. The two kissed each other for
a long time, Debra completely feeling up Lita before taking charge and
walking the two of them over to the turnbuckle, cornering Lita's prone body.

It was then that Debra decided to go "extreme" herself so she stopped the
kissing and when Amy went to kiss her Debra pushed Amy back into the corner
and shook her head.

"In the immortal words of Paul Heyman things are about to be taken too the
extreme." Debra said she then went down and lifted Amy's leg and put it
behind the bottom rope and then did the same to the other so Lita was in
position for Goldust's "Shattered Dreams" move but then she took the
turnbuckle ropes which where long and loose and she took Amy's arms and
tied them to either turnbuckle her left arm to the left top turnbuckle and
her right one to the right top turnbuckle she then opened Amy's top up to
find she wasn't wearing a bar underneath all the better for Debra who then
kneed down and began to lick and suck Amy's breasts as well as massaging
them with her hands giving Amy's brests her full attention.

The loosened ringropes quivered, as did Lita's entire body, trembling by the
gentle touch that Debra was providing her now. It didn't take long for her
deep sighs to turn into light moans. Debra was in no position to complain
either, as she felt Lita had probably the best natural breasts she had ever
seen. She thrilled in caressing them.

"Mmmm...that feels so good Debra," said Lita.

Debra raised her eyebrow and replied. "Well then you won't believe this."
She bent her head down and with one long stroke, ran her wet tongue all
around Lita's nipple, immediately hardening it.

"Oh god I don't belive it." Amy said smiling from ear to ear Debra done
the same to the other breast she then figured since Amy was "The Queen Of
Extreme" she didn't mind a little pain with her pleasure so she took the
left nipple in her mouth and after making it rock hard she bit into it
gently but with a tad bit of pressure.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Amy moaned Debra smiled she stopped looked at Amy and asked
if she'd liked it Amy responded with. "Do it again."

Debra couldn't belive how Extreme Amy really was but she did as she was asked
and after a while Debra figured her breasts had gotten enough attention and
that it was time to move on to the main event.

The problem was that she had all ready restrained Lita, whose pants were
still on. She wasn't sure what she was going to do without ruining the
moment. Sensing this, Lita smiled and said. "They're stretch waists."

Debra was relieved and ran her hands all across Lita's torso as a result
before reaching her waist. She pulled the pants apart, and they stretched
easily, allowing her to slide them all the way down to knees. However,
Debra wasn't as lucky with Lita's miniauture g-string. She couldn't remove
it without tearing it, which she didn't want to do, so she just figured
she'd have to work around it.

Debra decided to continue the teasing and so she ran a finger up and down
the fabric forcing it to gently touch Lita's skin she then went around the
fabric in big circles slowly winding her finger into the center. She then
began running her finger up and down the center of the G-String forcing it
to touch Lita's delicate most private parts she then decided to do the same
thing with her tongue so she got down on her stomach so her face was right
infront of Lita's g-string covered pussy. She then licked around it again
making slowly and long deep circles and moving her way into the center and
then when she reached the center she began to lick up and down feeling
Lita's wetness through the thin fabric.

Lita was in both agony and ecstacy. The incredible feeling Debra was putting
through her body felt wonderful, but she desperately yearned for even more.
As good as it felt, she begged for penetration. "Oh yeah...yeah...moooore."

Debra could take the hint, but she had to admit, she was having way too much
fun toying with Lita. However, unknown to both of them, someone else, hidden
in the shadows of the arena, was also having some fun.

Joanie watched from her safe position safe for two reasons.

1: Lita and Debra couldn't see her nor what she was doing
2: Nobody else could see her or what she was doing

Joanie continued to watch the show Debra and Lita was putting on she mainly
focused on Debra and imagined she was the one reciving the pleasure instead
of her redheaded friend Lita this caused her fingers to go deeper in and out
of her own pussy which had been sopping wet from the momment she reached the
door to the stands.

While one hand was deep inside her, the other braced the wall, as her knees
weakened the more she watched. She tried to keep her voice down, but
thankfully she was out of earshot of anyone, because she did a poor job of
muffling her moans. Debra and Lita had no idea, and Debra just kept running
her tongue in long lovely circles around Lita's thong. Lita's whole body
was shaking now. Debra was satisfied she had teased Lita enough.

"Do you know why I'm teasing you so much, Lita?"

Her Latin lover could only breathe deeply.

"Because the whole time I did, I'll bet you completely forgot where we are,
and how easy it'd be to get caught. And that's just what you'll have with

Lita grew wide-eyed before smiling, finally understanding she was cured.

"Now, I believe I have unfinished business down there."

Debra then loosed the ropes around Lita's arms and legs but as soon as Lita
was able to stand Debra sweeped her off her feet and forced her onto the
floor she then got back down with her head very close to Lita's pussy she
pulled down both her bottoms and her g-string and then got to work eating
the extreme former woman's champion out as extreme as she could as deep as
she could as fast as she could and as hard and lovingly as she could.

Lita's eyes shut tight and she moaned as loud as she could, making their
secret watcher moan even louder with her. Joanie shuddered to think just how
amazing an experienced woman like Debra would be. It just made her pump her
fingers even faster. Lita was having trouble holding on. She gripped the ring
ropes and began bucking her hips as Debra licked circles around her pussy.
After all the foreplay, Lita was still taking it for a long while. Debra had
to admit she was impressed; any other woman would have orgasmed by now, but
Lita was taking it all with loud moans.

Debra decided if she wanted an extremely hard orgasam for Lita she had to
work extremely hard so she decided to do a little double penentration she had
heard that some women like they're ass's being played with as much as they're
pussy's. Debra then moved one hand up towards Lita's pussy and the other up
towards Lita's ass she waited untill she was ready and then began working
both hands in both ends.

Debra first pushed two fingers deep Lita sending a huge amount of pleasure
and shock into her. Lita's hips glided up further off the ground, leaving
Debra the opening she needed. She pushed one finger deep inside Lita's ass.

"Oh, shit!! Yeah!"

Lita was now forced to use all her energy to keep her body above the ground
while Debra worked all over her body.

Debra forced her fingers as far as they would go into Lita's ass and her
pussy she also forced her tounge as deep as it would go into Lita's pussy
she was working as hard as she could surely surely soon Lita would give in
and have an orgasam because no matter how hard she tried she hadn't managed
to give her one yet and she was starting to get a little tired.

Finally she lucked out, she managed to find Lita's clit and immediately
locked on to it, sucking and licking on it for all she was worth. Lita
grinded her hips as fast as she could, shouting out Debra's name.

"Yes...YES!!" shouted Lita and Joanie simultaneously as they both had massive

Debra quickly removed her hands from Lita's body as she collapses to the mat,
both women panting heavily. Joanie slid against the back of the wall taking a
seat on the hard concrete floor.

Lita moaned in pleasure as she finally got her breath back.

"I bet you never had to work that hard to get your other clients to cum."
Lita said hearing Debra still puffing and panting obviously not used to the
exsersises of a "real woman".

"I've had to work hard but not that extremely hard." Debra said the two girls
laughed as Lita then rolled over and spun Debra around so her pussy and legs
where facing her. "Well I think since you've worked so hard you deserve a
treat" and with that she took Debra's business skirt off and found Debra
hadn't been wearing any panties and that her pussy was soaking wet.

"Looks like the work out did your pussy good." Lita said. "Maybe I won't
have to work as extremely hard as you did."

"I bet you do." Debra challenged

"Ok then what do I get if I win?" Lita asked Debra shrugged. "Actually Debs
don't worry about it I'll just be impress if you manage to last half as long
as i did." Lita said confident that Debra wouldn't be able too

"Only one way to find out." Debra said smiling as she stretched her legs out
as far as they would go.

Debra clinched her teeth and shut her eyes tight, thinking about the least
sexy things she could, determined to hold out against her skilled lover.
However, one thing she didn't account for was the silver stud that graced
Lita's tongue. It stimulated her body in ways she had not yet imagined. It's
cold touch combined with Lita's wet warm tongue drove her insane. Debra
subconsciously massaged her own breasts, not realizing she was furthering
along the situation, but didn't really care at this point. Joanie noticed
this as she slowly stood up, her pants at her ankles, her wrinkled thong
soaking with her own juices. She couldn't believe that in such a short a
time they were at it again. Even more suprising was that her own body began
to feel warm again. Watching intently, she again began to rub her thong.

Like before when Debra had been giving the pleasure to Lita and Joanie
imagined it was her Debra was giving the pleasure too this time Joanie
imagined she was giving Debra the pleasure as she heard her dream woman
moan and softly in very long gaps between each moan but as the fuck fest
continued Debra's moans slowly grew louder and where more constant
signaling to both Lita and Joanie that Debra was unintentionally giving
in slowly but surely.

Lita took a break to mock her beaten lover.

"Give it up baby, you can't handle my tongue."

Lita went back to work, sending several lashes right into Debra's body,
causing her to thrash her head about.

"No...not yet...UGH!" she moaned.

"That's it Debra. Cum for me, cum!"

Debra had lost her bet. In a matter of minutes she had her orgasm; a furious
rush of juices shot from her body, which Lita gulped down happily. Similarly,
Joanie had a second orgasm, this time knocking her all the way to the ground.
Debra breathed a long sigh of relief as she layed there with her conqueror.

"I told you, I'm lethal with my tongue."

Debra smiled and kissed her. "I noticed, that was incredible," she

"I think it time I headed home and told Matt the good news." Lita said
getting her g-string and thong back and putting them both on slowly.

"Are you gonna tell him how you got your courage back?" Debra inquired Lita
smiled at Debra.

"I might. Why do you want me too?"

"I don't mind I was just curious." Debra said once Lita had her g-string on
she stood up and began to put her bottoms on it was then she looked up and
saw something and then nothing except the doors to the stands swing back and

"What was that?" asked Lita, geniunely concerned. Debra looked out there,
and saw the doors swinging.

"Oh, don't mind that, it's a big drafty stadium. There's alot of strange
noises that creep up on ya."

Lita was still abit cautious, but shook it off.

"That's true. Well, I guess Matt'l be in for a suprise tonight."

Debra smiled.

"Good luck," and playfully spanked Lita's thong-clad ass as she left the
stadium, satisfied. She got into her car and drove off, but not long after
she did her cell rang. Reaching it into her purse, she answered politely.
It was Joanie, who sounded a bit scared, her breathing was rather heavy.

"Sorry for calling so late, but I've had a bit of an...emergency."

Debra was worried. "Are you okay, I.."

Joanie cut her off replying. "Oh no no no, I'm fine, I just had to ask if we
could move my appointment up, preferablally tomorrow?"

Debra was a bit puzzled, but had no plans. "I suppose so, what's..."

Again Joanie interrupted. "Great, I'll see you then," and hung up.

Debra was totally lost on what Joanie's problem was, but figured she'd find
out tomorrow. Joanie on the other hand, raced to her hotel, searching for
the perfect clothes to wear. Tomorrow, she was going to fufill her lifelong

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