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This story is obviously of a fictional nature. It is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18. I think Debra Marshall (McMichael) is the hottest woman in wrestling history, so my focus on these stories will be on her. As mentioned, they are fictional scenarios based on things from her career and others that are in a completely different element. I hope you enjoy it.

Debra's Sex Addiction: Her New Agent
by Doug Fitzgerald (Dr. Feel Good) (

The following story took place in March 2001.

My name is Timmy Venice and I'm a 6'2" 220 pound in shape Hollywood agent that was interested in finding the next stars. I flew into Washington, DC for a live edition of Monday Night Raw on March 5th and a Smackdown taping the next night, also in Washington. I was a huge fan of the wrestling business and was thrilled about being backstage for the first time. I managed to get lucky while at a show because I met WWE divas Trish Stratus and Terri Runnels after a show. I fucked Trish and then I fucked Terri later that same night. Both of them got me an in with the company as well as a backstage pass for the event. I signed Terri to a deal while the paperwork was getting done to sign Trish too.

When I got to Raw that afternoon, Trish was there looking as hot as ever. We found a private area and kissed a bit. We had plans for after the show.

At around 6pm, I ran into Terri Runnels. She kissed me as well. She understood that I was going to be with Trish later in the night, but she didn't seem happy about it. We figured we might get some action somewhere in the arena.

As we were sitting down talking, another WWF diva Debra Marshall Williams showed up. She was not dolled up yet, but she looked gorgeous with a tight t-shirt that covered her massive breasts.

Terri introduced me to Debra: "Oh hey Debra, I want you to meet Timmy - he's that amazing agent I was telling you about. He's going to work with some of us girls to help us branch out a bit, I think. I've known him for a while. Trish does too."

Debra: "Pleasure to meet ya Timmy." We shook hands. "Looking forward to Raw?"

"Yeah of course," I told her. "I'm a huge fan, but never really had this kind of access before. It's amazing how much work is done to set up the show."

Debra: "What are your intentions with working with some of us women here, if you don't mind me asking?"

Me: "The company has been looking for somebody to become like a link to Hollywood and the wrestling business. Since I met Trish and Terri separately before, I figured I might as well inquire about it. I've worked as a Hollywood talent agent for a few years and I love the wrestling business, so I guess they were impressed with me when we met last week. It's kind of a loose deal where I'm able to sign some women to contracts for now, but they want me to run everything by the office of course. I have a lot of contacts in Hollywood, so I can use that to try to get you lovely ladies more opportunities in the entertainment field as well."

We exchanged in some small talk for a couple of minutes.

Debra: "I need to get going for my segments today - it's my first time back on in over two months. I'm a little nervous. Speaking of that Timmy, my agent retired late last year and I haven't found a new one yet. Could I talk to you about that since Trish and Terri speak so highly of you? Maybe you could come watch my backstage segments too."

I looked at Terri, then at Debra: "Yeah sure. I'd love to help you out."

After Debra left, I asked Terri a simple question: "Is it me or did she look really happy to see me?"

"Haha," Terri left. "Of course she did...because I told her about you and how big that cock of yours is. I told her about how amazing you were. As soon as she heard your name she looked like she was in awe."

I smiled back at her: "Hmmm, interesting. Think I have a shot?"

Terri: "Her marriage is on the rocks from what I hear, so ya never know."

I had a lot of confidence in myself, but considering Debra was married to main event guy like Steve Austin I knew I had to be careful.

* * *

Around 8:45pm EST, I was backstage with Trish near the women's dressing room. I knew Terri wanted to fuck me wherever she was, but I wasn't in the mood because I had Debra on my mind anyway.

Trish told me that she was getting booked in a segment with the WWF boss Vince McMahon where she had to bark around the ring as if she was his slave.

I thought it was stupid, so I told her: "You have to say no to that segment, Trish. It's bad for your career."

Trish: "I can't, Timmy! This is my career. If I say no to something like that they're going to think I'm soft...but if I do it they're going to know how much I want to succeed at this job."

Me: "They want you to bark like a fucking dog, though. That's pathetic. They can do something else to humiliate you and it would be a lot less demeaning than that."

Debra walked up to us. This time she was in her performance wear, which was a light brown business suit with a short shirt. The top had three buttons on it and you could see her black bra hovering by the top button while offering up a peak at her massive tits that were in a black bra. She looked absolutely amazing.

Debra: "Sorry for interrupting, but what were y'all discussing?"

Trish: "Oh just my angle for tonight. Vince wants me to bark like a dog and take my clothes off in the ring. He wants to humiliate me."

Debra: "Wow, I didn't realize they were going to take it that far."

Me: "A little too my opinion."

Trish: "Debra and Timmy, with all due respect to you both, I'm a big girl that can make my own decisions."

Debra: "Oh Trish honey, I wasn't trying to tell you what to..."

Trish: "You know what Debra, I may be young and new to the business, but I know your type and just because you fucked your way to the top of this business doesn't mean that you can tell me what to do. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for tonight."

Trish stormed off angrily as I was left standing there with Debra and I wasn't sure what to say.

"I'm sorry," I told Debra. "She's normally a sweetheart, but it's a tense day today."

"I know that," Debra said while looking me in the eyes. "She's not right, you know. I may be married because of a paper says I am, but it's not love and I get the feeling that tonight - based on what they want me to do - things may blow up a bit."

We both kinda stared at eachother. I wanted to give her a big hug, but instead put my hand on her shoulder.

Debra continued: "I'm needed for four segments tonight, so there might not be a lot of time, but I was hoping we could talk later about my career and maybe some personal stuff too...if ya don't mind...just the two of us."

"Yeah, of course." I looked her in the eyes, then down at her cleavage for a bit and back up at her eyes. "Anything you need. Happy to help."

She smiled back at me: "Don't worry if Trish is mad at you. She'll get over it. If she does that segment later she's going to regret it. It's nice to know you speak the truth - not enough people in this business do."

She walked off as I stared at her ass. I was so hard just thinking about her. Getting closer to her was going to be difficult, but I knew this may be the best night for it to happen.

* * *

I spent much of my time backstage with Terri and Trish. Terri was really horny like usual around me, but it was my first time backstage in WWF and I didn't want to get in any sort of trouble by fooling around with her.

I wanted to hang out with Debra, but she had four segments to film in the second half of the show. About ten minutes before her segment, Trish found me backstage. She was in this black dress with a coat.

"I'm sorry for lashing out at you earlier, Timmy." Trish looked me in the eyes. "I'm just passionate about this business."

I replied back to her: "I know that. I just want you to remember that it's okay to say 'no' once in a while if you think something is going too far."

"Speaking of that," she said while biting her lip, "you probably won't like something they added to the segment. It's more than just barking."

"What now?" I asked.

She replied quickly. "I'd rather you just watch it."

We were all alone, so Trish gave me a soft kiss on the lips. It seemed like everything was cool between us as she walked away.

Watching Trish's segment with Debra

A few minutes later, with Trish's segment coming up after a break, I was watching it on a monitor backstage. As it got underway, Debra walked up beside me to ask if it was okay if I watched with her. I said sure. We sat on chairs side by side with her crossing her legs beside me. I was incredibly attracted to her.

"Your segments okay for later?" I asked her.

She replied: "Yeah, just a busy night. Three backstage skits and then in-ring for the main event. I don't think Steve is happy with me, but that's not new."

I consoled her: "I'm sorry. Hope you can get through it."

She smiled back at me. "Thanks Timmy, you're so sweet. I still want to get a chance to talk - just the two of us - later."

"Oh, of course we will," I assured her.

As Trish was in the ring getting verbally ripped on by Vince McMahon, Debra probed me for information. "So are you and her dating or are you with Terri - I'm just a little confused?"

I smiled at her: "It's hard to explain, but best thing I can say is that I'm kinda like a free agent. I've been with Trish and I've been with Terri, but I'm not dating either. All of us are single. I'd prefer to have that freedom."

She laughed: "Oh don't I know it? I wish I had that freedom again." She smiled at me as she said that.

It reached the part of the segment where Trish was on her hands and knees. Vince made her bark like a dog.

I looked around to make sure nobody could hear, then spoke to Debra: "This is so stupid. I wish she turned it down. So what if she got heat for it. It's important to have integrity as well."

Debra tried to explain it: "That's the wrestling business, sadly. It's controlled by men and the women have to do what they are told or else we won't be here long. Everybody is replaceable."

After Trish was done barking, Vince told her to take off her jacket, skirt and blouse leaving her in her bra and panties. Trish was practically crying in the ring because she was so humiliated.

I was mad about it. "I can barely watch this anymore."

Debra was angry too: "You should be mad about it. I am too. I'm supposed to have segments with Vince later and it's not even going to address this, so it makes me look like a dumb blonde."

I replied back: "Oh Debra, I know you have gone above and beyond the call of duty in terms of taking off clothes in a wrestling ring, but this is too damn far. I really need to talk to Trish."

Debra: "Okay, but be careful. She may not want to hear it."

I left while telling Debra I'll see her later. I went over to the women's locker room area because I knew Trish would be back there after the segment.

Dealing with an angry Trish

When I found Trish, she was ready to film a quick backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon. After the segment with Stephanie, we talked in a hallway by the women's locker room. As I looked at her, I noticed Debra down the hallway.

I let Trish know my thoughts right away: "That was a degrading segment. I wish you said no."

Trish fired back: "Vince thought I did great. That's all that really matters to me."

"Of course he liked it," I told her. "It puts all the heat on him and makes him look like a jerk. You may get payback in a few weeks at WrestleMania, but all people are really going to remember is you barking like a dog. You're better than that, Trish."

Trish got angry. "Who are you to tell me what the fuck I should or shouldn't do? It's my life, my career and my body. Just because we fucked a few times doesn't mean you can tell me what to do."

I pleaded with her: "I'm sorry Trish. Please calm down."

She fired back at me again: "I was really excited about you being here. Now I wish you weren't here. Ya know, I saw the way that slut Debra was looking at you earlier. Surprised she's not sucking your dick right now. Oh right, you're not that rich, so you're not in her league." I had Debra on my mind as she said that because I knew she was down the hall.

Terri showed up. "I'm not sure what happened here, but I'm not taking sides. Trish, let's just get our stuff and go."

Trish slammed the door to the women's locker room.

I was going to follow her in, but Terri told me to stop. "Just give her some space. She'll get over it. I'll take her back to the hotel and I'll see ya later tonight maybe."

"Probably tomorrow," I told her. "I'll be here until the end of the night."

"Oh right," Terri smiled. "Talked with Debra earlier, she was asking me questions about you because of your meeting."

I nervously asked: "Oh really, what did you two talk about?"

Terri had an even bigger smile this time: "Don't worry buddy, I put you over to her..." then she rubbed her hand across the front of my pants... "in a BIG way."

She walked into the room as I stood there assuming she talked to Debra about how big my dick was and how I was great at having sex.

I walked back down the hallway to where Debra was and she was alone reading some papers for her segments that were coming up.

"Oh hey Debra..." I nervously stuttered a bit as I saw her.

She looked me in the eye. "I gotta go, but I want you to know I heard everything that Trish said to you and..."

I spoke up. "Shit, I wish you didn't..."

Debra put her finger to my mouth. "Please let me finish." I shut up as she put her finger down and she continued. "Trish is trash. I assure you when it comes to me and her...even Terri...I'm better in every way. I'm also very willing to mix business with pleasure to show you why I'm the best woman in this company." Debra smiled at me again. Then she kissed me on the cheek.

Debra walked away as I was left to wonder what she meant by that. If she was a single woman I knew what was going to happen, but it was very confusing considering her status in the company.

Later That Night In The Arena

I had to do some paperwork and I was trying to calm down after what Trish said to me, so I found some privacy. It was around 10:30pm and I knew Debra was off filming backstage segments. She did one with Vince, then with Steve and with Vince again before she had to go to the ring.

I was walking around backstage when I saw Debra again, just before that last segment with Vince. She was still in the same brown outfit she was wearing earlier with three buttons on it and it hung low so that her tits were covered by a black bra that was showing plenty of cleavage.

She asked: "Hey, you alright?"

I replied: "Yeah it's been an interesting day I guess you could say - just trying to keep busy."

She tried to console me: "What Trish said about you...and me...was uncalled for. You were just looking out for her."

"It's alright," I laughed. "I'm a big boy - I can handle it."

"So I've heard," she said with a smile. She paused after that, letting that dick reference linger. "See you later."

She walked off the film another quick vignette with Vince and then she was heading out to the ring for the main event.

In the Backstage Area After The Main Event

The story of the main event was that Debra was in the ring when Vince told her that she would manage The Rock. She was upset about it. Then Austin came out, he was mad at Vince for making it happen and mad at her for doing it. Austin and Rock ended up winning the tag match with Debra clapping for The Rock while Austin was left staring at her.

I stood in the backstage area near the entranceway. I saw Debra and Steve walk down the steps to get into that same area. I was looking at papers to make it look like I was busy while Debra noticed me. Austin didn't notice me or know who I am, but he was furious.

Austin yelled at Debra: "What the fuck, Debra? I told you all you had to do was tell Vince that we didn't want to do this stupid storyline. Instead, you're out there making me look like a fucking idiot! Stupid!"

Debra: "You just don't want me to be on television! I'm tired of sitting at home doing nothing."

She told him to calm down, so he did a bit. I was looking on, wondering if I should jump in there, but I knew if I did it could cost me my job because Austin had a lot of power.

I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I kept my eyes on her. Within 20 seconds, he walked away towards his locker room while she paused, made sure he was gone and then walked over to me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Did what I usually do, threatened with him divorce and he backed off." She laughed.

"Okay, well I'm glad you sorted it out."

"I'm ready for that meeting, how about you?" She asked.

"Absolutely," I smiled at her.

She smiled back. "Can you get my bag? It's just down there. I'm gonna find a private place for us."

I was confused. "We're gonna stay here, in the building?"

She grinned. "Follow me."

We walked over to an elevator.

I asked matter of factly. "Can you at least tell me where we're going?"

She smiled at me before we got into the elevator. "Since WWF has this venue tomorrow, I checked to see if they had suites available even after the show is over. They told me they usually don't do that, but I said I had an important meeting and didn't want to be bothered by fans outside. She was a really nice lady. I'll give her some money when we get up there. So are you coming with me?"

"Wow," I said, "very impressive."

We walked in the elevator and she said. "I'm just a woman that knows what I want." She smiled at me and ran her finger across my chin. I wanted to kiss her, but knew if I messed it up it could be costly.

When we got up to the upper deck level by the suites, a woman named Sally was there waiting for us.

Sally: "Miss Debra, good to see you."

Debra: "Awww thanks for doing this for us, Sally."

Sally: "No problem at all. Happy to help. So you want the biggest available suite?"

Debra: "Yeah, that would be great. And you've got my card on file?"

Sally: "I do. There's plenty of room with couches, chairs, a table and more. You have it until the end of tomorrow night's Smackdown."

Debra: "Thanks, Sally." Debra pulled out $500 of cash from her purse. "This is for you. Nobody gets in here. Not a cleaning person or anybody...until tomorrow. Right?"

Sally pulled out a "Do Not Disturb" sign as if we were in a hotel. She put it on the door handle and winked at us. She left.

Suite in the Arena

"Wow Debra," I said while walking in the arena suite, "can't believe you got this."

It was a huge area with two leather couches, a chair, a table and there were 12 seats facing out towards the arena. It also had a kitchen area with a big fridge.

I was curious. "How much did it cost you?"

"Don't worry about it, sugar. Money isn't an issue for me." She smiled. "Can you clothes the blinds there by the seats, I just want privacy tonight."

I walked over to the glass where the seats were and yanked down the screen to prevent anybody from seeing inside the suite.

When I turned around I noticed that she unbuttoned the three buttons on her jacket and opened it up so her "puppies" aka massive tits were showing in her bra. I kinda stumbled a bit as I stared at her tits.

"What's wrong?" She asked, then noticed where I was looking. "Oh...sorry...yeah I had to set the puppies loose. It was a little restricting. Hope that's okay?"

I replied quickly. "Oh absolutely. More than okay."

She seemed happy with the quick response. "Can you see if there's any wine in there?"

I walked over to the fridge to see there were a few bottles of wine in there - two white and one red. As I was about to close the fridge door, I felt her body rub up against mine.

"Changed my mind," she said while running her hand on the front of my pants, "what I need is you..."

I turned around, we looked in eachother's eyes and we kissed eachother so passionately it was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I was really aggressive with the kiss and so was she.

She took her jacket off and tossed it to the ground so she was in her bra. I unbuttoned by shirt, she tossed that off, then she went for my belt and pulled my pants down to my feet.

She pushed me up against the fridge door. "We spent all day talking and all I could think about was getting you alone to do this." She kissed me aggressively against the fridge. That lasted about 20 seconds. Then she turned around, so I unzipped her short skirt and yanked it to the ground leaving her in bra and panties while I was in my boxers still.

She grabbed my hand and walked me over to a chair. She leaned forward with her tits. I kissed her mouth, her neck and down to her chest. She leaned on top of me, smothering me with her massive tits. They were definitely bigger than the other WWF girls I had been with and as good as any tits I had ever seen. No wonder the crowd cheered for them so much.

She talked about them. "You've been staring at the puppies all day long haven't you?" I wanted to take off her bra, but she stopped me. "You want to be my agent, huh? You better show an appreciation for the puppies."

I took my tongue off her tits for a brief moment to say: "They are fucking amazing..." paused of a deep breath "...just like you."

"Oh sugar," she said with a grin, "you ain't seen nothing yet."

She unclipped her bra as her magnificent breasts stared right at me. The puppies in full force. I was kissing her tits and sucking on the nipples.

She kept talking. "You wanna be my agent? We need to market the puppies more." She was smothering me with them as I was holding them, kissing them, licking them and enjoying them as much as possible.

I stopped sucking on her tits, we kissed a bit and I said: "You mean I don't have the job yet?" She just grinned at me.

I stood up, pulled my boxers down and my massive, throbbing erect dick was right in her face. "How about now?" I asked.

"Mmmmm," she said while stroking my cock, "let me think about it first."

She stroked my dick some more, then wrapped her lips around schlong while massaging my balls. "The other girls may have fucked you, but I'm the best in the WWF and I'm going to show you right now."

She shoved me into this comfortable chair as I spread my legs and she went to town on me giving me a blowjob. She was really good at mixing in her tongue with going up and down my shaft.

I decided to encourage her more. "This is great Debra..." I paused for effect "...and just so you know, my dick is available for you any time you want."

She kept on sucking me off, getting me all wet and hard. Then she popped up her head to fire off another line: "That's great sugar because I need you to fuck my tits. Right the fuck now!"

I sat back in the chair a bit more, then she leaned forward with her tits, got my cock wet by spitting on it and jammed it in there between her jiggling melons. She smothered my cock with them as laid back in marvel at what this woman could do. It was a feeling I had never felt before she had the most perfect tits I had ever seen.

As she continued to work over my dick with her tits and mouth, I complimented her. "Your tits are amazing. Don't stop, baby."

She pushed me back deeper into the chair. Her mouth was right on my cock while her hands were on my butt cheeks I was thrusting my cock inside her mouth while she kept on bobbing up and down. I could tell she was slowing down, so I let up, shot some cum into her mouth and she stopped.

"That was amazing," I told her as she smiled at me.

"Just getting started," she said with a wink. I was rubbing her tits again.

She turned around so that her ass was right in my face. "Mmmm ya know...the puppies get all the attention, but I think my ass is pretty good too. What do you think?"

I stood up with her, put my right hand on her ass cheek and fondled her tits with my left hand. Then she bent down forwards with her ass still right in front of me. I put my fingers on her panties, then yanked them down leaving us both completely naked.

I rubbed her clit with my hand as we kissed some more. She was such a good kisser too. I was about to go down on her to eat her pussy, but then she stopped me.

She looked me in the eye: "Not yet. Over there." She pointed over to the glass that we covered with the screen earlier that looked out to the arena.

I was wondering what she meant because the seats were stadium seats without a lot of room. "What do you mean? Where do you want me to..."

She walked over to the window, turned her back to me and said: "Against the window. Don't worry it's thick and soundproof."

I slowly walked over to her, not really sure what was going to happen, but not wanting to say something wrong either. She kissed me again. "You've got the job and the better you do here, the better the terms will be."

There was a couple of feet between the window and the first row of seats. I started by bending her down, she put her hands up against the window and I slowly put my cock into her. It felt so good. I was thrusting into her good as she was pressed up against the window.

She was moaning as she spoke. "I was just in that ring feeding off that crowd...but all I could think about was this moment! Fuck me baby oh fuck yes fuck me fuck yes!"

I was pounding really hard into that pussy on a standing doggystyle type position. Then she turned around. "Pick me up," she ordered me. "Against the window."

Not wanting to disappoint her, I put my cock inside her pussy again, she wrapped her legs around mine and I fucked her against the window. It was weird because I thought it might break, but it was hard like she said. As I rammed by dick into her, we were making out as well. It was such an incredible feeling and we were going at such a fast pace. It felt so perfect.

As I continued to fuck her against the window, she tried to talk: "I want to talk terms..." and as she got into it, I picked her up again and was ramming her really hard. It wasn't hurting her, but it was really aggressive. "Oh fuck fuck fuck yes oh yes fuckkkkkk" she kept on moaning. After a minute of really hard fucking, I finally let up.

"You're such an animal," she said to me with a smile.

"I'm sorry if I was too rough, I just..."

She cut me off. "Oh not at all, it was amazing."

I picked her up in my arms and laid her down on the couch. She kissed me and whispered in my ear: "Get inside me again."

She rubbed on my cock, which was still hard and her pussy was so wet, so I massaged it.

I spread her legs out as she laid on the couch. I put my tongue to her pussy, I rubbed on it and I licked it a lot. She was moaning: "Oh fuck yes...yes...that's the spot." She was encouraging me a lot: "Oh baby, this was the kind of service I was hoping for from my agent." I was munching away on her pussy for another two minutes or so. I could really taste how wet she was.

She moaned a lot, then ordered me to get up. She gave me another handjob as she spoke to me. "Forget about standard agent pay, I don't care about the money anyway. I'm already fucking rich. Just give me that cock right here, right now and give it to me harder than you've ever fucked a woman and I'll give you 50% of whatever deal you can get."

I leaned down, kissed her on the lips and told her "I'll never let you down."

She spread her legs, I rammed my cock into her and we rocked our bodies together in the missionary position. It felt so good. She was yelling a lot: "Oh God yes...Jesus Christ that feels so good....fuck me harder! Faster! More! Jesus! Oh fuck yes!"

All I could think about were her words about fucking her harder than I have before and I aggressively went at it. Then I decided to talk to her about it: "Is that hard enough for ya baby?!? Huh? You want more!?!? Can you handle it??!!"

As I continued to pound away at her pussy, she wanted more. "Oh yeah I want all of it. Feels so fucking good. Your cock is so hard inside me and I want all of it. More! Don't stop!" I kept going deep inside her. It felt so perfect and she was starting to slow down, but still wanted more: "Fuck me cowgirl style, baby."

We switched positions again, this time with me on my back and she got on top of me cowgirl style. The good thing about that was I got to play with her puppies again while she went up and down on my shaft. I was so impressed with how physical it was as well as how durable she was.

She was yelling again. "OH FUCK! OH FUCK ME HARD! FASTER!" I grabbed her tits and kissed her nipples repeatedly as she leaned forward. "This feels so fucking good...oh god yes...fuck me!"

I kept going until I could feel her body slowing down on top of me. She collapsed on top of me and laid on my chest as I shot out some come that went all over both of us and the couch. She looked too exhausted to clean it up.

She looked me in the eye: "So am I the queen of the girls here?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely," I told her. "That was incredible."

"You were very impressive yourself," she said with a grin.

We kissed some more and then just laid there, relaxing for a bit before we went at it again.

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