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Deep Impact Players
by Anonymous

The Impact Players, Lance Storm and Justin Credible were together again.
The former ECW tag team champions had split for just under a year when Lance
left the struggling indie promotion for WCW. Now that the two companies were
owned by the McMahons, they'd been told they would be put together for a
short run as WWF/WCW unified tag team champions. To top it all off the duo
had managed to talk Vince into hiring Dawn Marie as their "Valet" telling
him ho w great it had been to work with her, and that she had been very
professional in ECW. Unlike Tammy Sytch and her boyfriend Chris Candido.

The following Monday night, after Raw, the three friends went up to their
hotel room. The next two weeks the Player's were in for the toughest schedule
since they held the ECW belts. Justin had just turned on X-Pac, and Albert,
during an attack on Lance. The feud would be the stepping stone to them
winning the tag belts at Summer Slam 2002. The rest of the week however
they'd been given off to rest up. Dawn Marie had Different plans for them

Around midnight Justin and Lance were getting packed for the trip home to
Canada. To their suprise, when came a knock at the hotel room door. When
Justin opened the door his jaw dropped, and his cock rose. Standing before
him, soaking wet and in a towel was Dawn. She walked into the room and sat on
the corner of the bed.

"If I could have your attention, for a moment..." she said rubbing Lance's
crotch, "... I can feel you risen and it's not for the Canadian National
Anthem either."

Dawn pulled open her towel, to reveal her incredibly firm body. She had
firm round tit's, and a flat belly. She had a body most models and strippers
would kill to have. Trish who, thought the two wrestlers, as they pulled down
their jeans. Dawn took hold of the two throbbing cocks and began to suck on
Justin wile stroking Lance. The two men groaned, as Dawn switched from
sucking one, to stroking the other and back again.

Dawn laid back, with Lance still in her mouth, and spread her legs. She
cooed as she felt Justin spread her pussy open and start lapping up her pussy
juice. She giggled as she felt the bold stud blow on her sensitive clit, I
was so good to be back with her boys again, and to be making more money on
top of it.

"Put it in me Justin." pleaded the horny valet, "I need a dick in my cunt
now." Justin pulled his friend off the bed and bent her over. Lance sat in
front of her, and she continued to lick and suck his big Canadian lumber. She
groaned as she felt Credible's big dick penetrate her doggie style, she
thrusted her hips to match Justin's rhythm, bringing intense pleasure to her
hungry pussy. The three all moaned and groaned with pleasure, as Dawn fucked
and sucked both wrestlers.

"I've always wanted to do this." said Justin as he slapped Dawn Marie
playfully on the ass, "I never realized what a naughty girl you were."

Lance snickered, at Justin's remark, and slipped off the bed under Dawn.
He took hold of her big tits and began to suck on them like a hungry animal.
Dawn told Justin to pull out his cock so Lance could put his in. Reluctantly
the horny grappler did so, and Dawn Marie began to grind on Storm's hard rod.
Dawn then realized an opportunity for fantasy fulfillment. She'd always
wondered what it would be like to get fucked in her ass and cunt at the same

"Justin, put your dick in my ass." said Dawn.

"Are you sure?" asked Justin, "I'm not used to doing that and..."

"Shut up and fuck me you ass hole!" screamed the horny woman.

Justin forced his big dick into Dawn's tight ass. She screamed and moaned,
as the two men fucked both her holes. Suddenly Justin shuttered, and pulled
out his throbbing tool. A huge load of sticky cum landed on Dawn Marie's
round ass. She screamed and laughed as she came, and then felt Lance shoot
his hot load onto her flat belly. What a great way to end a reunion, and
start a vacation.

The End

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