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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Deep Impact Zone Issue #3
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads 'IMPACT Wrestling Tapings, January 9, 2016, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania' as the scene fades in showing TNA ring announcer Christy Hemme exiting the ring area to head to the backstage portion of the arena, "I doubt there were more than 250 people here... that's depressing..." The 2004 WWE Diva Search winner says as she makes her way to the dressing room area where she sees the dejected Tigre Uno who over the course of the nights dual tapings one the X Division Title successfully defended it and then lost it for the second show. Pressing her lips together, she approaches the masked luchador, "Tough break tonight... I know how hard you fought to keep the X Division title and to lose it the way you did..."

Tigre Uno raises an hand, "Don't remind me..." The Hispanic wrestler says, "It was a cheap way to lose, against someone who wasn't even hear for four months... and he needed help to beat me on top of that..." Tigre says as he refers to the wrestler who defeated him Trevor Lee and his manager Gregory Shane Helms.

"Well I know Helms from my time in the WWE... total asshole..." Christy says, "But you had the belt for nearly 200 days...that's a good run..."

"I was one day away from cracking 200..." Tigre replies.

"Oh really... that sucks..." Christy says before smiling, "But you know, that match won't air for a couple of weeks, so technically you would still be champion for over 200 days... and I think that could be worth celebrating... even if it's not really the truth..."

Tigre Uno chuckles, "Right... could do that..."

"More like 'should' do that..." Christy says as she licks her lips as the scene blurs from view.

The scene then transitions to that of a storage room, where Christy is on her knees in front of the former X-Division Champion, taking his nicely sized Hispanic cock into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around his pole, the ring announcer begins to bob her head on his dick, sucking and slurping on it at a brisk, eager pace. "Mmmm... Mmmmm..." Christy moans as she places her hands on Tigre Uno's thighs as she turns her red-haired head from side to side as she orally pleasures his dick, flicking her tongue up against it every other momen. She looks up at him and grins around his cock as the masked wrestler grabs a handful of her hair and begins to move his hips thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhh... mmmm,..." Tigre moans as Christy's lips slide perfectly against his cock as she takes the full length of his manhood past them, resulting in him feeling his dick's swollen crown hitting the back of her throat. Christy keeps turning her head from side to side while whipping her tongue against his shaft as she continues to eagerly suck in his shaft as he pumps it in and out of her talented mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh!" The TNA Ring Announcer moans as she feels Tigre Uno's balls smack against her chin as she works her mouth all over his cock as he pumps his manhood in and out of her mouth. Saliva drips down and off of Christy's chin as as she continues to put on a total nonstop effort into sucking the cock of the first X-Division Champion in over 4 years to come close to having a reign of 200 days. Tigre continue to move his hips as he stuff his dick down Christy's throat.

The scene then cuts to show Christy sitting on top of a crate with her legs spread as the masked Tigre Uno is crouched between her legs, thrusting his tounge around inside of her pussy, 'Ohhhhh ohhh yeah... ohhhh fuck... ahhhh..." The vocal ring announcer moans and tosses her head back as she feels Tigre's tongue moving around inside of her fuck hole as he eats her cunt. She drapes her right leg over his right shoulder and places her left hand on his mask covered head as he expertly eats her pussy, proving that he could easily be a XXX-Division Champion when it came to snacking on snatch. Christy moves her hips and pushes her twat against his talented mouth while grabbing and squeezing her right breast with her right hand. Tigre groans as he tastes Christy's sweet pussy juices as he rapidly moves his tongue within her fuck hole, making her rock repeatedly on top of the crate.

Eventually the scene transitions, showing Christy bent over the crate as Tigre pump his large Hispanic cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. "Ohhhh ohhh yeah baby.. ahhhh ohhh fuck..." Christy groans with delight as Tigre deeply thrusts his shaft into her snatch snatch. Tigre grabs hold of Christy's waist as he rocks his hips at a steady rate, skillfully fucking the ring announcer as she rocks on her feet to push back against him, causing her ass to perfectly smack against his waist. "Ahhh ohhh shit... mmmm fuck... ohhh oooo..." Christy moans as her twat is drilled perfectly by the now former X-Division champion at a quicker rate as shoves the full length of his cock into her fuck hole with every thrust.

"Ohhh... ohhh fuck ohhh yeah... mmmmm shit..." Christy moans as she looks back over her right shoulder at Tigre Uno and licks her lips as he keeps pistoning his dick in and out of her pussy. Tigre grits his teeth as he repeatedly slams his cock into the redhead's twat as she keeps moving back against him, grinding her pussy on his manhood. Christy tosses her head back, getting her sweat dampened red hair out of of her face as Tigre continues to pound her pussy with deep, hard thrusts, "Ahhh mmmm yeah... ohhh shit... ohhhh ahhh ohhh..." The red head squeals lustfully as the native of Tijuana blitzes her snatch with rapid thrusts of his cock as the scene blurs from view.

The scene clears, revealing Christy laying on her side with Tigre behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her tight cunt from behind while he keeps her right leg elevated, "Ohhh ohhh fuck... ohhhh ahhh... mmm..." Christy moans as she moves on her left side, rocking lightly as Tigre's cock goes in and out of her pussy. She slides her right hand down between her legs and begins to rub her pussy and by proxy also rubs Tigre's shaft as it pistons repeatedly into her twat. "Ahh aww oooo shit... ohhhh fuck..." The red-haired ring announcer moans with desire as she is fucked by the former X-Division champion. "Ohhh yeah... fuck me... fuck me like a tiger Tigre..." Christy moans as she looks back at him with a lustful smile, inspiring him to ram his cock even harder and faster into her twat.

"Ohhh yeah ohhhh ahhh oooo..." The redhead gasps heavily as she feels Tigre Uno's hips banging against her ass as he drives his cock fully into her pussy. Christy brings her right hand up to her tits and gropes her right breast as Tigre continues to put on a champion's effort into fucking her. "Ohhhh yeah... ahhh ohhh fuck that's it... ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Christy moans as her pussy starts to tighten around the Hispanic cock that is repeatedly partially exiting and fully entering her soaking wet pussy before she starts to cum. She bites her bottom lip as her juices flow over Tigre Uno's thrusting shaft as he repeatedly drills her from behind on the floor. Tigre grunts with the effort he's using to give the ring announcer a proper fucking even as his dick starts to twitch and throb.

The scene cuts to show Christy sitting on her knees as she works both of her hands back and forth on Tigre Uno's throbbing cock. "Mmmm yeah... ohh yeah bet you got something for me... something hot and sticky..." Christy says as she keeps her hands moving back and forth on his shaft. Within a few moments he starts to cum and she aims his dick at her own tits, getting him to spray her breasts with thick ropes that jizz that instantly begins to drip on her skin. Once he's spent, Christy lets go of Tigre's cock and begins to rub his cum all over her breasts, "Now that was a fun way to end a title reign don't you think?"" Christy asks with a grin as she looks up at Tigre as the scene fades to black.

The next scene fades in, revealing The TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves, consisting of Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, near the locker room area, "That is one creepy girl Abyss and Steve got running around with them now..." Eddie says as he refers to Rosemary, the newest woman to debut in TNA who played in part Abyss and Crazy Steve briefly stealing the Tag Team Championship belts from The Wolves.

"She's hot in her own way... But they learned a lesson about stealing from us... cause we're not letting go of the tag belts any time soon..." Davey replies as the Beautiful People's Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky come out of one of the locker rooms just in time, "No team could beat us..."

"That's because you boys can't defend them against us..." Madison says with a smirk as she and Velvet approach the Wolves.

"Yeah, cause if you did, we'd become the Tag Team Champions, after all, we held the Knockout Tag belts, handling the men's title would be easy..." Velvet adds.

"You couldn't beat us in a match, even if it were allowed," Eddie says.

"We could if it was a 'Fuck-For-All'..." Madison says as she licks her lips.

"A Fuck-for... there's no such thing... and if there was, we'd win it..." Davey replies.

"Oh all right, you don't have to put up the belts..." Velvet says, "But we're still challenging you two, are you guys man enough to fuck us?"

"Yeah are you? Are are you guys too scared to see if you can step up to the Beautiful People?" Madison adds as she and Velvet sway their hips.

Eddie chuckles, "You two have been knocked around by the Doll House way too much if you think you have to go through all this to hook up with us..."

Velvet rolls her eyes, "Well what's the fun in just coming up and asking if you want to screw?"

"It would cut to the chase a lot quicker..." Davey replies.

"He's got us there..." Madison says while she shrugs her shoulders.

Velvet sighs and smirks seductively, "So much for making it interesting like they do up in the WWE.... But we're still looking to get fucked..." She says and as she and Madison grab Davey and Eddie by the hands and begin to pull them towards the locker room they just exited as the scene blurs.

The scene then transitions to that of the rather small locker room, revealing that Madison Rayne has paired up with Eddie Edwards as they make out near the door to the locker room while the camera focuses in on Velvet Sky who is already on her knees in front of Davey Richards, pumping her right hand back and forth on his long, thick shaft, "Now that's a big dick..." Velvet licks her lips as she soon takes Davey's shaft into her mouth, taking several inches past her lips as she potions her hand at the base of his dick. She then starts to get to work, bobbing her head eagerly on his cock while looking up at him to see him looking down at her as she rocks her head back and forth on his manhood. "Mmmmm... ohhhh... " Velvet groans lustfully as she rocks her head repeatedly on the large cock while hearing him starting to moan each time she takes well over half of his dick into her oral cavity. She flicks her tongue up against the underside of his pole, perfectly adding extra stimulation as she sucks him off.

The camera pans over to Madison and Eddie, as she is sucking and slurping on his cock, her saliva dripping out of her mouth and down her chin as she moves her head back and forth on his huge fuck stick while she moves her hands against his thighs. "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Madison moans as she twits and turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips down around Eddie's cock as she stuffs her own throat with his large manhood. Eddie clenches his teeth as he starts to move his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of Madison's desirable mouth, resulting in his balls smacking periodically against her chin. "Mmm! Gah! Gah! GAH!" Madison moans and gags whorishly as Eddie fucks her willing mouth as she moves her hands from his thighs to cup her large breasts. Eddie licks his lips as he face-fucks one of the core members of TNA's most dominant female faction while feeling her tongue slap the bottom side of his shaft each time he partially pulls his cock out of her mouth only to drive it forward.

Meanwhile, Davey has hoisted Velvet up and lowered her down onto his cock, and as soon as her legs are wrapped around his waist and she's holding onto his shoulders, he starts to thrust his cock in and out of her tight pussy, "Ohhhh mmmm yeah... ahhhh ohhhh,.... Mmm fuck..." Velvet moans as she moves her hands against Davey's shoulders as he thrusts his dick deeply into her pussy as she starts to do her part in bouncing on his cock while he's holding her up. She tosses her head back and closes her eyes as she rides the cock of one-half of the reigning Tag Team Champions as he pounds her pussy with deep, firm thrust while he keeps his hands on her waist, partially controlling how she's moving on his cock as he fucks her. "Mmmmm fuck... ohhhh oooo yeah... ohhh fuck..." Velvet cries out with desire as she grinds her cunt against Davey's pistoning pole.

The scene cuts back to Madison who is down on all fours with Eddie behind her, briskly thrusting his cock in and out of her soaking wet snatch while he has a hold of her waist. "Ohhh! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh fuck! Ahhh! Ahh! Ohhh!" Madison moans as each one of Eddie's thrusts causes her to jolt forward only for him to pull her back towards himself as he fucks her a surprisingly intense pace. Even those she doesn't have too, she eagerly rocks on her hands and knees trying in ecstasy to match Eddie's rapid tempo as he fucks her from behind. Madison's gorgeous round ass jiggles whenever it comes into contact with Eddie's waist as he gives her the fucking that she and Velvet approached him and Davey for. "Ohhh fuck me! Fuck me good! Ohhh yeah! Ahh! Ohhhh fuck yes!" Madison cries out as Eddie drives his cock balls deep into her fuck hole with every single thrust.

The scene transitions back to Velvet and Eddie, who is laying on the locker room bench with Velvet perfectly mounted on his cock. "Ohhhh ohhh yeah... mmmmm..." Velvet moans as she moves her hands against Eddie's chest as he places his hands on her hips and begins to thrust his cock upward into her tight wet pussy. She moves her hips back and forth, rocking on his cock at first before switching to bounce up and down. Velvet's ass smacks down against Eddie's thighs as she rises and drops on his dick while she leans forward a bit, causing her to move her hands to his shoulders as she puts a suprisingly amount of effort into slamming her cunt down onto his vertically thrusting manhood. "Ohhhh ohhh fuck yes... ohhhh shit... ahhh fuck this is hot... ohhhh..." Velvet groans as she feels Eddie's hands move from her hips to her ass as he hammers her snatch with brisk upward thrusts of his cock.

The camera swings back to Madison who is on her back with her legs wrapped around Davey's waist as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy. "Mmmmm ahhh ohhh yeah... ohhhh mmmm fuck..." Madison groans as she moves against the locker room floor as she gets fucked by one half of the reigning Tag Team Champions. She runs her fingers through her sweat dampened hair as Davey plows the full length of his shaft into her with every single thrust that he performs. Davey licks his teeth as he watches Madison's tits jiggle as he causes her to repeatedly arch her back when he delivers some particularly stiff thrusts. "Ooooo ohhh fuck... mmmmm yeah pound my pussy ohhh ahhh..." Madison squeals, loving every second of this encounter.

The scene back to Velvet who is standing and bent at the waist with her hands on the locker room bench as Eddie stands behind her, slamming his manhood into her twat while he has his hands on her lower back. "Ohhhh ahhh... mmmm ahhh yeah ohhhh oooo shit..." Velvet groans with lust as she pushes back against him, causing her ass to bounce against his waist. The first Ring of Honor Triple Crown Winner grunts and groans as he keeps up an impressive tempo of fucking the #1 Stunna of TNA. "Ohhhh mmmm yeah ahhh ohhhh..." Velvet licks her lips as she looks back at Eddie Edwards as plunges his cock balls deep into her cunt while her juicy ass cheeks jiggle when they come into contact with his body while sweat drips off of their bodies.

Switching back to Madison, she is bouncing her ass up and down on Davey cock while facing away from him. She is leaning back with both hands behind her back on his shoulders as she lifts and drops her ass continuously on his rock hard cock as he places his hands against her lower back and pushes his dick up into her anal cavity. "Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh shit! Mmmmm fuck!" The Queen Bee gasps lustfully as she eagerly rides the dick of Davey Richards, taking every inch into her asshole when she sharply lowers herself on his rock hard dick. Madison licks her teeth as sweat drips down her face as she angles her body back to the point that her gorgeous tits are nearly pointing straight up towards the ceiling as she whorishly slams her butt down onto Davey's stiff cock.

The camera gradually pulls out and shows a wide shot of the small locker room, as The Wolves continue to fuck two members of Beautiful People, with their grunts, groans and moans echoing off the walls. The scene gradually blurs to transition to show Velvet and Madison kneeling side by side, with their mouths open as they look up at Eddie and Davey jerk off in front of them. Within a few moments, the Wolves begin to cum, showering the faces of the Beautiful People and filling their mouths with spunk. Both former Knockout Champions groans with delight as they get mouthfuls of cum with quite a bit dripping down their faces, and with near perfect timing, Velvet and Madison turn towards each other and kiss one another deeply to swap the jizz of the reigning Tag Team Champions before they each swallow the cum. They break the lip lock and then look up at the Wolves and grin as the scene fades to black.


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