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Featuring: Mickie James (TNA, former WWE), Magnus (TNA).

Deep in Hardcore Cunt-try
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In the middle of Summer in 2012, in Orlando, Florida, the live edition of TNA
Impact Wrestling is still going on in the Impact Wrestling Zone with the main
event of the show about to begin. However two TNA stars have left the show
early, frustrated with their lack of TV time and general under-use despite
their in ring talents along with everything else they bring to the table over
the past few months. Inside their shared hotel room are former TNA Knockouts
Champion and former WWE Diva Mickie James, and boyfriend Nick Aldis, better
known as former TNA World Tag Team Champion Magnus.

"I'm telling you Nick, this is bullshit!" James states with frustration as
she kicks her boots off, sitting on the edge of the bed as she's clad in form
fitting jeans that hug to her one-of-a-kind juicy ass, and a stylish,
slightly low-cut top that gives a hint of deep cleavage from her large
breasts. "My own TV time lately was a random job to that Hooter's girl! I
deserve better than this! No, we both deserve better than this!"

"You're not wrong there love..." Nick responds, taking a seat next to her on
the bed as he's dressed in smart pants that give a hint of his sizeable
package underneath, and a nicely fitting shirt that shows off his muscular
upper body. "I got pulled out of a killer tag team just so a dumb storyline
with a "crack addict" can happen, and I'm stuck in the stupid Bound For Glory
series as job fodder to almost the rest of the people in it." He places an
arm around his girlfriend to hold her close. "I doubt they even know we're
missing back at the Impact Zone. It's their loss. But cheer up Mickie! Things
will pick up and besides, I'm still here for you."

Smiling sweetly, Mickie uses a hand to run across the side of his handsome
face. "Thanks baby... I don't want to sound like a complainer here... It just
gets to me, but I appreciate you and you know I love you."

"I love you too Mickie, and you know what else I love?" Magnus asks with a
sly smirk. "I love being with you... Deep inside you infact..."

"Oh yeah?" She smirks back, placing her hands onto his shoulders as she
shifts around to face him.

"Yeah... I love being deep inside "Hardcore Cunt-try"..." He says with a
grin, playing off her Hardcore Country nickname and gimmick.

"Nick!!" Mickie exclaims with shock, smacking him in the arm as she gives him
a glare. "You know I fucking hate being called that!"

"Hey! I'm not calling you that!" Aldis defends himself but still smiles. "I'm
just saying that I love fucking you, and why not get Hardcore Country by
being deep in your "Hardcore Cunt-try"?"

"What is with that? You can call it my twat, my snatch, my fucking love box
or whatever? But I don't appreciate having my pussy being called "Hardcore
Cunt-try" even by you." James narrows her eyes, folding her arms across her
large chest.

"Oh come on Mickie, you always say that and I always find a way or two to
change your mind..." Magnus says, putting a hand on her shoulder as he edges
up closer to her. "Come on, let me make it up to you? I promise you'll love
it..." He adds, taking a quick glance over her gorgeously curved body.
Looking back to him, James lets out a sigh with a slight smile. "You are so
fucking lucky you're so hot... Otherwise I'd be kicking your ass all the way
back across the pond! But fine, go head Nick but you've got some making up to
do right now..."

Taking the invitation, the hunky British wrestler slides a hand across her
toned and tanned stomach, making her gasp in surprise when he boldly goes
straight down into her jeans, reaching right under her panties as his hand
cups her neatly trimmed snatch, making her groan as he feels his fingers
brushing lightly back and forth across her folds. The busty American beauty
bites down on her bottom lip as she gazes at the man with his hand firmly on
her twat, moaning as she feels his digits rubbing back and forth over her
pussy, making her body slightly arch and her large chest stick out as she's
rapidly getting turned on by this slightly teasing action on her clearly
sensitive twat.

Showing he wasn't kidding about wanting to do "deep" into her "Hardcore
Cunt-try", it's not long before the former UK Gladiator has pushed a finger
up into his girlfriend's snatch, forcing a clear moan to escape her as she
slides a hand up over his short haired head, licking her lips as she pushes
her hips forward towards his digit as it moves in and out of her. He smirks,
his eyes roaming over her fantastically curved form as he slides his finger
smoothly in and out of her snatch, going deep in to the knuckle when he
pushes forward before quickly pulling out until just the tip is inside and
then driving back in to make her groan in delight.

With a flash of lust in her eyes, the first woman to become WWE Divas,
Women's, and TNA Knockouts Champion pulls the hunk fingering her into a deep
lip lock, making him moan into the kiss as she eagerly forces her tongue into
his mouth to engage in some already intense tongue wrestling that only serves
to further make her groan in pleasure. As her hands now slide down his
shirt-covered chest, starting to unbutton it even with closed eyes, she
continues to rock her twat forwards to meet the briskly pumping finger that's
working back and forth into her and making her pussy already wet as the act
happens underneath both her underwear and shape-fitting jeans.

Reacting to his girlfriend impressively undoing his shirt in quick time so
her hands can roam across his muscular upper body, the former TNA World Tag
Team Champion now pushes a second finger into the tight pussy of the stunning
brunette, her groan muffled by the deep kiss she's still engaging in as she
swaps spit with the hunk finger banging her cunt with great skill.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm..." Mickie moans as she swats her tongue against his, making
sure they both swap plenty of spit as she grinds her snatch against the
fingers sliding in and out of her love tunnel, smiling into the kiss as she
feels his other hand sliding through her long hair.

Breaking off the lip lock, the desirable stud from Docking, Norfolk, England
smirks at her as he pushes his fingers firmly into her twat and keeps them
inside, twisting his wrist from side to side to turn his digits inside her
noticeably wet hole, the action making her groan again as she reaches down to
unbutton her jeans, pushing them quickly down to see his hand right down
under her blue and now slightly damp panties.

"Aaaah! Mmmmm Nick..." She moaned, watching his hand moving inside her
underwear as she keeps pushing her pussy against him to keep his talented
digits right inside her hole, one of her hands still sliding across his chest
as she enjoys this treatment to her snatch as her head tilts back, making her
chest stick out slightly to give a visual treat and extra reason to keep

"Damn Mickie! You been pent up for a while huh?" Magnus asked after taking
his gaze off her breasts, pulling his hand out of her snatch and seeing that
he's got some of her juices across the two fingers.

"Maybe you just know what the fuck you're doing to me..." James replies with
a grin, catching him by surprise as she grabs his wrist and takes his fingers
into her mouth, sucking them clean with a groan and a flick of her tongue.
"So... Gonna give me that big British cock to suck on?" She asks with a long
gaze down at the bulge in his pants.

"Sorry love, but I've got a better idea..." Nick Aldis states, moving down to
between her smooth legs as he fully pulls down her jeans, soon followed by
her panties to give a clear view of her snatch. "I need a taste of "Hardcore
Cunt-try" right now..." He says as he tosses his shirt away across the room.
"Don't call it that!" Mickie blushes as she casts a sharp glare down at him
as he moves up close to her already warmed up hole. "Why can't you just call
it my pu-oooooooooh fuck!"

The multi-time former WWE Women's Champion was cut-off mid sentence as her
handsome boyfriend leaned his head right in, flicking his tongue against her
folds and already sampling her formed fluids there, making him groan as he
loves the taste already, his hands now on her thighs to grip them as he
begins to dine on her pussy. She tries to keep on glaring down at him but the
feeling of the former Ring Ka King Heavyweight Champion licking across her
twat and sending shivers of pleasure through her tanned and curved body is
too good to resist, one of her hands going down onto the top of his head to
push him towards her snatch while the other goes up and under her top,
rubbing her bra-covered chest for a little added stimulation.

Seeing the show going on right above him and sensing her need as she pushes
him further downward, the Englishman plants his lips right onto her damp
cunt, sucking on it with perfect force to make the receiver moan as his mouth
rubs across her love tunnel and his tongue slightly flicks out against her,
his hands leaving her for a moment as he unbuckles his belt of his pants.
Moving his head up and down to kiss across her twat, he pushes both his jeans
and boxers down in order to free his rock hard and impressively lengthy
shaft, gripping it with his hand in order to lightly stroke it as he munches
on her tasty pussy to keep the babe of mixed Native American-Caucasian
descent moaning from his oral skill.

"Mmmmm yes! Eat that pussy baby!" The busty TNA Knockout moans out in
approval, keeping one hand on her own tits and the other on the top of the
head of the hunk between thighs, being driven wild by the feeling of his
tongue flicking all over her snatch as she remains sitting on the edge of
their hotel room bed. Gritting her teeth, she moves her smooth and tanned
legs up to wrap them around his head, making him groan at the pressure now
around him as it keeps him right up against her twat but he doesn't miss a
beat as he keep on eating her out, much to her moaning delight as she now
uses both hands to lift her tight top right up and over her head.

Glancing up, the former Oblivion of the UK Gladiators TV show grins into her
cunt as he watches her unclasp her bra, letting her huge and sexy tits bounce
free before she squeezes them both, turned on by his mouth work on her pussy
and its all the ammo he needs to keep on lapping away at that wet and sweet
snatch, groaning himself into her hole as he works his tongue in deep into
her. His own hand keeps himself nice and hard with controlled strokes up and
down his length, his main focus being her pussy as he lets his tongue roam
around her snatch in long, circular motion that keep her groaning with her
intense with desire gaze remains locked down on his handsome face buried into
her pussy.

"Awwww fuck! Fucking eat it Nick!" The woman known as Alexis Laree during her
initial run in TNA Wrestling groans as a little sweat forms over her forehead
from the porn star-quality treatment she's getting on her twat from her
fellow co-worker and boyfriend, feeling his tongue hungrily drinking down her
juices as they form in response to his pussy eating skill. It's making her
play with her own big tits as she squeezes them and moans away, her legs
wrapped around his head to keep him trapped down against her folds but he
doesn't mind nor seems ready to stop munching on her snatch, his tongue
darting in and out of her as he groans into her pussy with a smile on his
handsome face.

"Fuck! Fuck it, enough!" James almost demands, removing her legs from around
his head and allowing him to lean back and draw in breath. "Get up here and
give me that dick!" She says as she slides back, laying down onto the hotel
room bed.

"Oh you do, do you Mickie?" Aldis teases, stepping out of his jeans as he
wipes some of her juices away from his chin. "You want my big, British dick
deep in "Hardcore Cunt-try"?" He asks, smirking at her wide-eyed reaction.

"Damn it Nick, don't make me beg for it!" Mickie almost whines as she spreads
her legs wide to show off her pussy to him. "And stop calling it that! Pussy,
snatch! Anything but that!"

With a handsome chuckle, Magnus moves up onto the beg and into position on
top of her. "Oh, you will be begging... And you're pretty cute when you're
flustered as well..."

"Oh, I'm gonna kick your ass you MMMMM Fuck!!" The former WWE Diva is again
cut off, this time by the TNA wrestler's long and thick to match dick being
inserted straight into her snatch, filling her up and making her stretch
pleasurably, her body reacting as she arches off the beg and her legs move up
to wrap around the waist of the stud leaning over her. Grinning at her
actions, he gets right to work rocking his strong hips back and forth to work
his length into her snug twat, making them both moan as he works his inches
in and out of her, already able to go deep thanks to his previous fingering
and eating out of her "Hardcore Cunt-try".

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh yes!" Reaching back to grab her own long hair, the
Montpelier, Virginia born beauty has her eyes locked down between her legs to
watch his shaft pump into her pussy, making her moan out at the sight alone
of his man eat ploughing with more than generous force behind the motions but
its the feeling that's making her even more wet than before in her love

"Fuck yes! Fucking give it to me Nick!" She continues to encourage with
lustful cries in between her groans, loving the feeling of the fat English
cock deep in her tight and damp American pussy, her body already jolting
backward when he pumps in, causing her big breasts to sexily bounce in time
with the rest of her as she takes this fucking from her boyfriend.

"Ahhhh... Bloody hell Mickie!" The former IWGP Tag Team Champion grunts with
a grin as he smoothly thrusts into her damp snatch, despite her tightness
he's able to venture deep into her love tunnel so his muscular waist can slap
into her tanned frame, his heavy ball sack smacking into the bottom of her
pussy and her juicy ass cheeks each time he drives forward into her.

"Mmmm... You love it, don't you?" He asks with a deep groan, keeping his body
up over her with his hands placed on either side of her head, in turn
allowing her to reach up and run her hands up and down his chiseled upper
body as she takes his intense and effortlessly timed pumps again and again
into her pussy that seems built for taking a massive dick like his.

"Ooooooh I do!" The curvacious stunner gleefully admits with a groan, gazing
up at her boyfriend with desire as she licks her lips, keeping her legs
around his body to keep him close and ensure his pumping action is short and
sharp, his cock never leaving her snatch when he pulls back and driving right
back into her when he thrusts forward to repeat his solid and controlled
motion that's more than enough to keep her moaning.

"Fucking give it to me!" She demands with a slightly slutty need in her
voice, enough though it's clear he intends to keep doing just that, driving
balls deep into her cunt with pump after stiff pump as he grunts and groans,
his eyes switching from her beautiful, moaning face and down at her big
bouncing tits - both images that would make any normal red blooded male blow
their load right there and then.

No such issue for the former member of The British Invasion tag team as he
switches things up, pulling his cock as far back as he can with her legs
still wrapped around him so there's only a couple inches still in her, before
pushing back in with a slow but smooth thrust and then repeating the almost
teasing motion as the series of steady strokes are used to stuff her snatch
full of fat British cock. With eyes half-closed, the wrestler of mixed Native
American-Caucasian descent moans out and gazes over the hunk above her, a
stream of groans escaping her open mouth as she offers no resistance and
willingly lets him control the entire pace of this passionate fucking that's
made her twat very wet but ready for even more from him.

"Come on Mickie... Mmmm... Admit it..." Magnus says with a smirk as he uses
his arms to unwrap her legs from around him so he can pull out of her with a
groan. "You love it deep in that hot "Hardcore Cunt-try", don't you?"

Narrowing her eyes slightly, she sits up and puts her hands on her juicy
hips. "You're lucky I don't kick you in the fucking balls for keeping that
joke up..." James says with a hint of a threat, but her true feelings are
clear as her eyes lock onto his cock as he now lays onto the hotel room bed.

"Well I know I love it, and I love making you moan..." Nick Aldis states with
a smile, watching her move over to mount him as she faces him and smirks back
at him.

"...You know what? Fine! I do love it!" She licks her lips with a saucy grin,
shifting herself to reach down and line up his rod with her entrance. "Now
you're gonna see what I can really do with you deep in my "Hardcore

With that, she drops down right to the balls and takes all of his inches
inside her wet snatch, making them both moan as she grinds down against his
crotch for a moment, placing her hands on his muscular chest before she
begins to briskly bounce up and down on his length, her large breasts already
shaking from the force of her motion as she eagerly gets to energetically
fucking her boyfriend. This makes the stud underneath her grin and groan as
he reaches up to grab her hips to support her motion, letting her go wild on
his fat cock as she shows she doesn't just take it, she knows how to give it
as well and from the moans he's now letting out it's clear that it's just as,
if even more pleasurable than when he was banging her moments ago.

"Mmmmm.... Ahhhh mmmm..." The former WWE Women's, WWE Divas, and TNA
Knockouts Champion moans as she swiftly rides the lengthy tool of the former
TNA World Tag Team Champion, taking all of his inches inside her still snug
and very damp twat each time she sharply drops downward onto him before
lifting up just over half way in order to quickly repeat the red hot motion.

"Awwww yeah... Deep in my "Hardcore Cunt-try"..." She groans as sweat forms
all over her stunningly curved body, her huge tits bouncing away in time with
her body as it rises up and down on the stiff rod of the fellow TNA wrestler,
too caught up in her own lust to care about her negative feelings about that
"nickname" for her pussy.

"Fuck yeah Mickie... Mmmm... Take it all love..." The hunk from Docking,
Norfork, England groans out in encouragement as he watches one of the most
talented and beautiful women in all of professional wrestling riding his cock
more like a needy whore rather than the sexy sports entertainer she is, only
making the Richmond, Virginia native even hotter than she already is. He
keeps a hold of her juicy hips, letting her call the shots as she swiftly
raises and lowers on his fat member to make them both moan out without shame,
his manhood now covered with her slick juices from the repeated motion and it
just makes for a smoother and even more pleasurable fuck.

"Oh fuck... Ahhhh! Fuck Nick!" Another deep cry from the Strangers & Angels
singer as she tilts her head back, gasping for breath as it seems all the
treatment and pounding her cunt has taken is really taken its toll on her but
she refuses to let up and lose some of this intense pleasure flowing through
her, so keeps on bouncing away on his still rock hard dick that's deep in her
soaking wet snatch.

"Mmmmm yesssss... So fucking good!" She moans out, her large chest bouncing
as she moves up and down on him, her ass cheeks smacking down onto his toned
thighs when she drops down as the sharp slap of skin meeting tanned skin
rings out to mix with their combined cries of pleasure, some of her long
brunette hair sticking to the sides of her face from the sweat coating her

Sweating also now is the former UK Gladiator known as Oblivion, as he groans
and watches her bounce away on his manhood with a big smile as he just lays
back and lets her go wild and handle his shaft with her dripping wet and
tight "Hardcore Cunt-try" that's made for a fast, intense, and hard fuck like
this between the real-life couple. It makes him moan and watch her moving on
his cock in almost awe of the pace and force she's using as her fully rounded
tits bounce in time with the motion of her tanned and curved frame, the
former WWE Diva not holding back for a moment as she takes him balls deep
time and time again with her swift, sharp motion that many a professional
porn starlet would struggle to keep doing for even half this length of time.

Paying for keeping this kind of intense, lusty pace up, the stunning brunette
tilts her head back and lets out a long, deep moan as Mickie James starts to
cum on the cock of Nick "Magnus" Aldis as she rides his member, her pussy
clamping around his tool as she keeps on moving on him as a flood of juices
makes him even more soaked than ever before with her fluids. The sensation
makes him groan inside her snatch as her juices flow down his dick, over his
crotch and balls, and further down to stain the sheets of the hotel room bed
they are fucking on but that's of little concern to them both as she gasps
and groans, riding out her hard orgasm by bouncing away on his still rock
hard but pulsing now manhood.

"Aaaaah... Oh mmmmm..." The former TNA Knockouts Champion sighs with a groan
as she starts to slow down her bouncing motion on her boyfriend's dick,
grinding her snatch onto his rod as she eases out of her sexual high, drawing
in deep breaths with a sly and sexy smile as sweat drips from her beautiful
face. However the hunk she's on top off isn't quite done yet with being deep
inside of "Hardcore Cunt-try", as he now thrusts his cock up into the
Hardcore Country babe, catching her by surprise as she moans but doesn't
object to the pumping as he gets into a swift and nicely forceful rhythm,
looking to get his after she drove herself to orgasm using his member.

"Awwww... Awwwww fuck Mickie!" The hunky, sweating Englishman groans out,
still gripping her thick hips as he thrusts his dick in and out of her
soaking wet and still nicely tight pussy, making the busty American babe jolt
upward when he drives into her snatch, giving him that visual treat of her
big breasts shaking from the force of the motion.

"Mmmmm... Love that "Hardcore Cunt-try"..." He adds with a moan and a gasp,
feeling his tool twitching inside her twat as he slides it sharply back and
forth into his girlfriend as she remains mounted on top of him, smiling down
at him as she lightly groans and slightly grinds her snatch down against his
pumps for that extra pleasure to help him hit his own peak.

"Mmmm... Give it to me babe..." The erotic groan of the stunning and talented
female wrestler encourages him to keep on pumping balls deep up into her damp
pussy, licking her lips a little as she gazes down at his desirable body,
sliding her hands across his muscular, sweat-covered chest, and continues
rubbing her snatch back and forth against his crotch.

"Give me all that cum... Mmmm... Deep into that "Hardcore Cunt-try" you
love..." The first woman to hold the WWE Diva's, WWE Women's, and TNA
Knockouts Championship says with a moan, sensing him approaching his end as
his cock throbs wildly inside her pussy as he keeps on pumping straight up
into her, his balls smacking off her juicy ass cheeks each time he drives up
into her twat.

It doesn't take too much longer before that happens, as with a deep thrust
and a long, low moan of lust, Nick "Magnus" Aldis begins to shoot his load
deep into the cunt of Mickie James, in turn making her gasp in delight as she
feels his member pulse and then the thick streams of spunk blasting deep into
her love tunnel, filling her up with that creamy, thick seed. She sighs with
a smile, watching him groan underneath her as he pumps each shot of jizz up
into her with a thrust of his hips, making sure all the cum is sent into her
snatch before he can pump no more, just laying back as his spent cock falls
out of her twat and a little of his spunk trickles out of her well fucked and
now filled up with his load pussy, that feeling more than enough to make her
groan as she dismounts her boyfriend in order to lay on the bed beside him.

"You... You're still a jerk for calling it a "Hardcore Cunt-try" you know..."
Mickie shoots him a look with a playful smirk as she cuddles up to him,
resting her head on his chest.

"I know I am love... But you know you love it..." Magnus responds with a
smirk, putting an arm around her to hold her close.

"Maybe I do... Sometimes..." James says with a slight laugh. "But I love it
deep in other places as well..."

"Tell you what Mickie, next time we both haven't got anything to do on
Impact? We'll sneak out again, and you can have me whatever, and where ever
you want to. Deal?"

"That's a deal alright Nick!" She says with a grin. "And considering how
things are in TNA? That'll be next week!" She slides a hand up his chest
before she starts to smirk. "And that means we'll be getting Hardcore one
more time..."

* * *

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