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Developing The Talent - A Gail Kim Story
by Foley Fan

It is the dream of every indy wrestler to make it to the WWF (or WWE,
whatever). When they hear Jim Ross those words: “We want to sign you to a
contract,” they jump for joy. They finally made it to the big time! National
television! Pay Per View! World titles! Smooth sailing from here!

Well, that’s not exactly what happened to Derek Creel.

Four months ago, indy wrestler Derek Creel was signed with the WWE. Derek
had had a very successful indy career, wrestling all over the United States
and frequently in Japan and Mexico. So after making a good impression at the
WWE tryout in Connecticut, Derek was thrilled to have the contract offered
to him. Shortly after, Derek was assigned to the WWE’s “farm federation”
Ohio Valley Wrestling. Over the last year, the WWE called up the majority
of their developmental stars and had been trying to find talent to groom.
Derek fit the bill. He was stood at 6’1 and weighed 235 pounds; perfect
build for a WWE wrestler. Unlike others with his size though, Derek had
talent. He had a fairly successful amateur wrestling background, which
helped when he went pro.

For the past four months, Derek had been busting his back in OVW, trying to
improve and impress. At the current time, Derek was starting to wonder when
he was going to be called up. Some of the guys had been there for over a
year! Derek wondered if the wait would be worth it.

The OVW roster just wrapped up a wrestling show on a Saturday night. There
were no more than a few hundred people there, but it was still a great show.
Derek had wrestled Eric Angle, brother to the WWE superstar. Both worked well
together, given their amateur background, and it was mentioned more than once
by Jim Ross about putting the two together in a tag team.

“See you on Monday,” said Eric as the two walked out of the “arena” to their
respective cars.

“Yep, so long,” nodded Derek.

As Derek fumbled for his keys in his pocket, he heard someone run up to him.


Derek looked up to see Gail Kim, another OVW developmental running up to him.

“Hey Gail, what’s wrong?”

“My car broke down,” said the Asian-featured beauty with a frown, “could you
give me a lift back to my place?”

“Sure, no problem.”

As the two drove across town to Gail’s apartment, they made some small talk.
“You had a great match with Eric tonight,” complimented Gail, “you two really
brought the house down.”

“Thanks. You had a good match too.”

Gail rolled her eyes. “Yeah, no thanks to my opponent.”

“Is Jackie really that bad to work with?”

“You have no idea! The girl is a total bitch and can’t wrestle worth shit.
She must have sucked off everybody at WWE headquarters to win the Tough
Enough crap.”

Derek tried not to let on what picture jumped in his head with that said.
“Well, at least she’s willing to work hard at SOMEthing.”

Gail laughed the joke and put her hand on Derek’s arm for a moment. Derek
tried to keep his eyes on the road. It was hard enough keeping his eyes off
a vixen like Gail (who was wearing a red blouse and skintight black jeans,
by the way), harder when she actually touched him. Eventually, Derek parked
his car outside her apartment. Derek was about to say something, but Gail
spoke up first.

“Would you like to come up with me?” asked Gail, looking into Derek’s eyes.

Derek sat like a deer in the headlights. What did that mean? Did she want to
talk? Have sex? Drink coffee? Watch COPS?

“Maybe I wasn’t clear enough,” said Gail before she planted to lip-lock on
the stunned Derek. Gail’s tongue snaked its way into Derek’s mouth. It was a
very passionate kiss. Derek groaned into Gail’s mouth; his hand grabbing her
by the back of her head, ensuring the kiss lasted longer. Finally, the two
disengaged and looked at each other lustfully.

“Let’s go up,” said Derek.

Within moments, the two were in Gail’s small apartment, locked in strong
make-out session. Gail guided Derek over to a recliner chair, the slim woman
straddling him while still keeping the tongue lock on. Derek’s hands roamed
all over Gail’s torso, petting her back and hair. His hands went to Gail’s
breasts a few times, which caused Gail to groan with each touch. Eventually,
Gail broke the kiss. She gave Derek a lusty look as she took off her blouse,
showing off her black bra. Following suit, Derek removed his shirt. Gail
removed her bra and revealed his tan colored breasts. Derek’s hands reached
out to fondle the orbs.

“Not very big, I know,” said Gail with a sad smile.

“I think they’re perfect,” Derek replied with an honest voice.

Derek took one of the breasts into his mouth for a suck while continuing to
play with the other one in his hand. Gail made a cooing sound.

“That’s nice Derek.”

Finally, Gail stood up and removed her tight jeans. Derek sat back and
admired her dressed in just a simple black thong. Gail removed her last
piece of clothing, showing off a neatly trimmed pussy. Derek licked his
lips in anticipation. Before he could do anything, Gail bent down and
started to unzip Derek’s pants.

“Let’s see what we have here,” she said with a mischievous smile.

In one movement Gail peeled off Derek’s pants and underwear, revealing a
very hard and thick cock. Gail got down on her knees to look the piece over.

“Mmmm, nice. Very nice.”

Gail licked the swollen head of Derek’s member. Her wet tongue went up and
down his shaft, coating it in saliva. She then focused on his balls, holding
onto them gingerly with her small hands while giving then a tongue bath.
Finally, she started to take his shaft into her mouth. Her hand ran up and
down his piece as she inhaled him. He looked down to see her cheeks puff up
as she blew him.

“Oh god Gail, that’s so damn good.”

Gail’s mouth made slurping sounds as it took more of Derek’s cock. He could
feel his cock going deeper down her throat with each bob of her head. Derek
grabbed her by her silky hair to make sure she took it all. Gail’s head
bobbed faster and faster, his cock literally fucking her pretty face.

“Here it comes Gail,” he warned.

Instead of pulling away, Gail clamped her mouth down on Derek’s member,
sucking the cum out of him as he came. She swallowed several loads of Derek’s
gooey semen. After they were done, Gail gave Derek’s shaft a few licks.

“Was that good?” she purred sexily.

“Oh yeah.”


Gail then straddled Derek in the chair, lowering her shaven pussy down to
his once again erect member. With Derek’s piece inside her, Gail began
riding her man cowgirl style. Her pussy squeezed Derek’s shaft, milking it.

“Mmmm, yeah that’s nice,” moaned Derek.

With a smile, Gail began to ride Derek with more intensity. Her body was
bouncing up and down like a piston, taking more and more of Derek’s man meat
inside of her with each motion. Finally, Gail had all of Derek’s cock stuffed
inside of her. She loved having it all inside of her. Derek could see the
look of lust on her face.

“That’s it Gail, go faster. Faster!”

Gail responded, riding him harder. While Gailm rode him, Derek leaned
forward to suckle on her ripe breasts. Her bit down softly on her already
erect nipples, causing Gail to let out a whimper. He continued to play with
her breasts, sucking on one, then the other. They fit perfectly into his

“Oh god Derek! Keep sucking my tits! Keep sucking and I’ll fuck you all

Derek sucked harder when he heard Gail’s dirty talk. After about ten
minutes, Derek was ready to come. He grabbed Gail by her curvy hips and
helped her fuck him. Both were ready to come.

“Oh Gail, here it comes baby!”

“Give it to me Derek, give it to me NOW!!!”

Both lovers continued to screw each others brains out. Derek pumping into
Gail as she rode him, their breath ragged as they fucked. Finally, they both
felt their bodies start to tense and quiver as their orgasms came.

“Ooohhhh goooodddd!!” screamed Gail.

Derek didn’t say anything, just grunted as he released his load into her.
Finally, after their orgasms, Gail merely collapsed into Derek’s arms. Her
head rested on his shoulder as Derek stroked her soft hair.

“Thank you,” said Derek.

Gail looked up at Derek and gave him a kiss on the lips.


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