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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Devious Deeds II - Sinful Threesome
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The following morning inside of Charlie Haas and Jackie Gayda's hotel room,
Charlie is looking at his cell phone's text display with a frown. "Hey...
Jackie?" Charlie says as he looks towards the open bathroom door just as
Jackie comes out. "Got some bad news.... Well... it's sort of good... but
it changes some plans..."

Jackie Gayda raises an eyebrow and places her hands on her rounded hips "What
do you mean Charlie?" Jackie asks as she slowly shakes her head.

"Well I just got a text message..." Charlie says as he turns off his cell
phone and puts it into his pocket, "I got to head back to arena... someone's
having transportation trouble and they want me to hang around in case they
need an extra wrestler..."

"But tonight's a RAW house show...we're SmackDown..." Jackie Gayda begins to
say to her handsome, cheating finance.

"I know... but the office knows we were heading straight home and the
decision has been made... they already booked me a new flight... so I'll
meet you at home..." Charlie says.

Jackie looks at Charlie and bites down on her bottom lip "But we were suppose
to meet with the food vendor for the wedding once we got home tonight..."

"I know... but if I don't show up when they need me, it's not going to look
good..." Charlie says as he walks over to Jackie, "I'll leave the arena as
soon as they set card and say that I'm not needed." Charlie smiles.

Jackie sighs and slowly nods her head "Ok..."

"I'll be home as soon as I can... I promise..." Charlie says.

Jackie then softly smiles "Ok...hurry home..."

"I will..." Charlie smiles

* * *

A few hours later in the RAW Superstars locker room, Charlie Haas, wearing
jeans and a black t-shirt, is talking to Shelton Benjamin. "Seriously
Shelton... I was at the gym and Dawn Marie came along and fucked my brains

Shelton, who's dressed in red wrestling trunks, raises an eyebrow, "Wait...
wait... you cheated on Jackie, your fiancÚ?" Shelton asks.

"Well yeah... but that's besides the point..." Charlie says, "Dawn Marie was
the hottest fuck I've ever had."

"Charlie... you cheated on Jackie... who is awesome... man how could you do
that?" Shelton asks and almost yells at his friend.

Charlie rolls his eyes, "Man Shelton, if you saw hot Dawn is...wait right
here..." Charlie says as he walks over to the locker room door and opens it.
He looks down the hallway and motions with his hand for someone to come in,
"Dawn you were right... he ain't listening to me..."

The wickedly hot and slyly manipulative, Dawn Marie, walks into the RAW
locker room with her sensual, luscious lips together "Hey Shelton..." Dawn
says with a sly, irresistible voice as she tosses her smooth dark brown hair
back as she approaches him "Mmm...I love black guys..." Dawn says with a
smirk as she is dressed in a sinful red tight top and a short black skirt.

Shelton puts his hands on his waist, "Look I don't know what's going on
here.... but what you two have done to Jackie isn't right..." Shelton says
as Charlie closes the locker room door.

Dawn rolls her eyes "Please....she's a lame prude..." Dawn smirks "She isn't
as good as me..." Dawn licks her lips as she seductively locks her eyes on
Charlie "Right Charlie? My... Charlie?"

"Yeah that's right Dawn..." Charlie smiles and licks his lips before he looks
at Shelton. "Besides... Jackie won't ever let you fuck her Shelton... but
Dawn will drain your balls to the point you won't get hard for a week..."
Charlie says.

Shelton sighs, "Look as fun as that..." Shelton starts to say.

Dawn raises an eyebrow and licks her lips "I think that was a yes...didn't
you hear that Charlie?" Dawn asks in a manipulative voice as she steps
towards Shelton and places her sinful hands onto his muscular black chest
before she leans in and lightly presses her lips against Shelton's lips.

"Mmmmm!" Shelton moans as Dawn Marie deeply kisses him. Charlie Haas licks
his lips.

"Yeah that really sounds like a yes..." Charlie says as he steps behind Dawn
Marie and begins to lower her short black skirt from her gorgeous waist.
Dawn flicks her wicked tongue against Shelton lips as she slowly breaks the
sensual kiss with Shelton Benjamin as she slides her hands down his muscular
black chest towards the waist of his wrestling trunks, which she begins to
push down.

"Mmmmm... mmm!" Shelton moans as he puts his hands on Dawn's arms as she
pushes down his wrestling trunks, freeing his twelve inch black cock. Charlie
Haas licks his lips as he slides Dawn's skirt all the way down to her feet.
Charlie unbuttons his jeans and pushes them down as he gets on his knees to
start kissing Dawn's round, tanned ass.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Charlie..." Dawn moans as she steps a bit back from Shelton and
bends over, while Charlie kisses her perfectly shaped, tanned ass. Dawn opens
her mouth, taking Shelton's slightly softened black cock into her mouth and
starts to slowly suck on his softened shaft, which instantly hardens.

"Ahhhh ohhh shit..." Shelton moans as Dawn Marie slowly bobs her head on his
hardening cock. Shelton looks down at Dawn Marie as his cock slowly reaches
it's full thickness and length thanks to the sly seductive Diva's actions.
Charlie pushes his jeans off of his legs so that his hard, fat eleven inch
cock hangs freely. Charlie places his hands on Dawn's hips as he forces his
tongue between her ass cheeks where he begins dragging his tongue up and down
Dawn's ass crack.

"Mmmmmm....mmmmmm" Dawn Marie's wicked moans vibrate against Shelton's black
shaft as the sinful SmackDown Diva expertly bobs her head on his black cock
while her saliva showers his shaft. Dawn closes her eyes as she lightly
forces her perfectly shaped ass back against Charlie's tongue as he eats out
her hot asshole.

"Ohhhh ahhhh fuck..." Shelton Benjamin moans as he puts his hands on Dawn's
head as she skillfully sucks his twelve inch black cock.

"Mmmmm... mmmm..." Charlie moans as he slaps his tongue against Dawn's
asshole before he pushes his tongue deeply into her hot, tight asshole.

"Mmmmmm!" Dawn lustfully moans around Shelton's thick black cock as her lips
grind against his shaft while lowering her head further down to impressively
deep throat Shelton's entire black cock. Dawn lightly rocks back and forth on
her feet as she grinds her ass against Charlie's handsome face while deeply
sucking Shelton's black cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Shelton moans loudly as Dawn deep throats his
rock hard twelve inch black cock.

Charlie greedily eats Dawn's hot ass while darting his tongue in and out of
her ass. He then lifts his head away from Dawn's ass and licks his lips, "I
love eating that tasty ass..." Charlie says before he takes off his t-shirt.

Dawn slowly lifts her head off of Shelton's black cock as her wet saliva
drips down his long shaft. "Mmmm...ohhh I love it too, Charlie..." Dawn says
with a wicked smirk as she glances over her shoulder at the cheating fiancÚ
of Jackie Gayda.

Shelton Benjamin shakes his head, "You two... are..."

Charlie looks at Shelton with a raised eyebrow, "What the fuck Shelton,
Dawn wants to fuck and you're acting more up tight than my bitchy fiancÚ..."
Charlie says.

Dawn smirks and licks her sensual lips "Lay down MY black stud...I'm taking
you for a ride!" Dawn says with a wicked laugh.

"What the fuck ever...." Shelton says as he lays down on the floor of the
locker room.

Charlie smirks, "That a boy Shelton..." Charlie says with a smirk as he
stands up and begins to lift up tight, sinful red top for her.

Dawn Marie says as she raises her arms, while Charlie Haas removes her sinful
red top to expose her large and smoothly rounded tanned tits. Dawn smirks
"Thanks Charlie..." Dawn says before she joins Shelton on the floor and
smoothly mounts her sinfully hot body onto his rock hard black cock "Mmmm...
Shelton baby."

"Ahhhh fuck..." Shelton Benjamin moans as he puts his hands on Dawn's hips as
she rocks back and forth on his twelve inch black cock.

Charlie Haas stands next to Dawn and Shelton, "Dawn... baby...." Charlie says
as his cock hangs near Dawn's head.

Dawn turns her head to face Charlie's rock hard cock "Mmm...Charlie you know
I love you..." Dawn says as she opens her sinful mouth and takes his cock
eagerly. Dawn presses her sinful lips around Charlie's shaft and starts to
expertly bob her head on Charlie's cock while she grinds her seductive body
on Shelton's black cock, while smoothly riding the athletic Superstar.

"Ohhhh yeah Dawn.... I love you too... and how you do that!" Charlie Haas
moans as puts a hand on Dawn's head and pushes back her dark brown hair as
she hungrily sucks his cock.

"What... the fuck?" Shelton groans as he begins to thrust his cock upward
into Dawn's hot tight pussy as she rides his large, thick black shaft.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Dawn lustfully moans around Charlie's cock as she closes
her eyes, grinding her lips back and forth against his shaft while she firmly
bounces and rocks on Shelton's black cock as she places her hands down on his
muscular black chest and slides her sinful hands against his smooth chest.

"Ohhh god Dawn.... ohhh yes... mmmm..." Charlie Haas moans as he closes his
eyes and tilts his head back. Shelton grits his teeth as he lifts his hips to
thrust his cock upward into Dawn's pussy as she grinds herself back and forth
on his large black cock. Dawn gently grabs at Shelton's muscular black chest
as she grinds her hot, tight pussy down on his roughly thrusting black cock.
Dawn bounces swiftly and slams her sinfully hot, tanned body down onto his
shaft, causing his large black balls to smack against her ass after slamming
down. Dawn seductively presses her teeth on Charlie's cock and gently rakes
her teeth on his shaft as she wickedly delivers a hot blowjob to her "love"
Charlie Haas.

"Ohhh fuck Dawn.... I love that I can't fucking wait to fuck that pussy of
yours..." Charlie moans as he starts to pull his eleven inch cock out of
Dawn's hot, wet mouth.

Shelton Benjamin licks his lips, "Ahhh feel free..." Shelton says with a
groan as Dawn slams herself down on his cock.

Dawn raises an eyebrow as she looks up at Charlie Haas with a seductive,
desirable look on her deviously hot face. " me you love

Charlie licks his lips and lifts Dawn Marie off of Shelton's cock and
positions her on all fours. Charlie then pushes his eleven inch cock into
Dawn Marie's hot, wet pussy and begins to thrust his shaft in and out firmly,
"Mmmmm I love your Dawn.... I love you pussy... your ass.... your whole hot

"'re so amazing Charlie!" Dawn moans as she grits her teeth and
starts to firmly push her sinfully hot, slightly sweat dripping body back
against Charlie's cock as he thrust himself deeply into her warm and tight
pussy. "Ohhhhhh Charlie!" Dawn moans as his waist slams against her perfectly
rounded ass.

"Mmmm uhhh fuck Dawn.... baby... suck Shelton's dick make him yours too..."
Charlie moans as he grabs Dawn's hips while noticing that Shelton is still
laying on the locker room floor. Dawn looks over and locks her eyes on
Shelton Benjamin as he lays on the locker room floor, right next to her with
his rock hard black cock pointing directly up. Dawn narrows her eyes
seductively as she locks them with Shelton's eyes while she deviously lowers
her head and opens her wicked mouth as she takes his cock into her mouth and
starts to smoothly bob her head, slightly catching him by surprise.

"Ohhhh uhhhh ahhhh..." Shelton moans loudly as Dawn Marie bobs her head up
and down on his twelve inch black cock. Shelton balls his fists and grits his
teeth as the sly seductive Diva sucks his dick.

Charlie licks his lips as he pumps his cock firmly in and out of Dawn's hot
pussy, "Mmmm ohhh yeah Dawn... mmm I love being yours..." Charlie moans as
he increases the pace of his thrusts.

Dawn Marie smoothly presses her perfectly shaped ass back against Charlie's
muscular waist as she takes his cock deep into her warm tight pussy. "Mmmmm!
Mmmmmm!" Dawn moans around Shelton's black cock as she quickly bobs her head,
sucking his thick cock while she eagerly rocks back and forth on her hands
and knees to push back against Charlie's cock in her warm pussy.

"Uhhhh ohhhh fuck... ahhhh..." Shelton moans loudly as Dawn Marie lowers
her head further down on his cock, completely deep throating the well hung
athletic RAW Superstar.

Charlie licks his lips as his balls smack against Dawn's smooth tanned skin,
"Awww fuck... Dawn... mmm I love watching you do that..." Charlie moans.

Dawn twists her head on Shelton's black cock, grinding her sensual lips
against his shaft before she lowers her head and takes his entire black cock
into her hot, wet mouth. "Mmmmm!" Dawn moans as she holds Shelton's cock,
with the head pressing against the back of her mouth. Dawn remains still as
Charlie recklessly slams his cock into her pussy, causing the sinful
SmackDown Diva to rock forward on her knees.

"Ahhhhh mmmm fuck Dawn... mmmm yes..." Charlie moans as he pounds Dawn's hot
wet pussy from behind with lust driven thrusts. Charlie closes his eyes and
tilts his head back while Dawn slams herself back against him, encouraging
the cheating fiancÚ of Jackie Gayda to fuck her harder.

"Ahhhh uhhh fuck... mmmm!" Shelton moans as he starts to cum, spraying his
warm load into Dawn's sly, seductive mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Dawn moans as she presses her sensual lips tightly around
Shelton's throbbing cock as she collects his warm cum into her sultry mouth.
Dawn closes her eyes as she lifts her head off of his cock and arches her
back slightly as Charlie slams his cock into her pussy "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh

"Mmmm fuck Dawn... can I fuck your ass?" Charlie asks as deeply pumps his
cock into Dawn's hot pussy.

Shelton sits up and grabs his shorts, "You two... fuck... Jackie needs to
know about this...." Shelton says as he puts his wrestling shorts on and
gets to his feet, before realizing that Charlie and Dawn are ignoring him

Dawn glances over her shoulder and slyly smirks "Of course, My
can fuck my ass..." Dawn says with a wicked laugh. Charlie smiles and pulls
his cock out of Dawn Marie's pussy and has the sly seductive Diva lay on her
side. Charlie lays behind her, lifts her right leg up and forcefully pushes
his thick cock into Dawn's tight asshole.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck Charlie...I love that big dick in my ass..." Dawn moans as
she grits her teeth and gently grinds her ass against his cock as he slowly
pushes himself deeply into her sinful ass.

Shelton Benjamin grits his teeth and shakes his head, "I can't believe you're
doing this..." Shelton says before he storms out of the locker room.

Charlie deeply thrusts his cock in and out of Dawn's sinfully tight asshole,
"Ohhh fuck Dawn... I love you.... I love fucking you...." Charlie moans as he
firmly fucks her.

Dawn looks over her shoulder and leans closer as she flicks her tongue
against Charlie's lips "Ohhhh...I love you too baby..." The sweaty, sinful
Dawn Marie moans as she gently pushes back as Charlie starts thrusting his
cock deeper into her asshole.

Charlie flicks his tongue against Dawn's lips as she looks back at him, "Ohhh
fuck Dawn.... Jackie never lets me fuck her ass... says my dick is too big
for her... ohhh shit..." Charlie moans as sweat drips off of his body.

"I'm so much better!" Dawn moans as she grinds her perfectly shaped, tanned
ass against Charlie's muscular waist as she forces his cock deeper into her
ass "Ohhhh I love it!" Dawn moans before she deeply kisses Charlie, sliding
her sinful tongue into his warm mouth.

"Mmmmmm mmm!" Charlie moans as he slides his tongue against Dawn's sinful
tongue as the two of them deeply kiss. Charlie pumps his cock roughly into
Dawn's asshole as he starts to cum deep inside of her.

"Mmmmmm!" Dawn moans into Charlie's warm mouth as she wraps her tongue around
his tongue, while lustfully kissing the cheating fiancÚ. Dawn presses her ass
back against Charlie's waist as she feels Charlie's warm cum.

Charlie slowly breaks the kiss with Dawn Marie, "Mmmm fucking sucks about
Shelton not wanting to be yours...." Charlie says as he keeps his cock inside
of her cum filled asshole.

Dawn wickedly smirks "Charlie...he's half the man you are....he isn't good
enough to be with me anyway..."

"He's probably going to tell Jackie..." Charlie says, "Which is good... cause
he'll save me the trouble of doing it...."

Dawn rolls her eyes "She is so lame..."


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