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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Devious Deeds III - Wicked Affairs
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A few days later, Shelton Benjamin arrives at the arena where SmackDown is
being held to talk to Jackie Gayda. Shelton is dressed in black swish pants
and a dark red hooded jacket with a white t-shirt. "Man... I'd hate to do
this to Charlie... but it has to be done..." Shelton says as he goes
searching for the locker room assigned to Charlie Haas and Jackie Gayda.
Once he finds it, he knocks on the door, hoping that Charlie isn't there.

After a few moments, the locker room door is open by the beautiful and free
spirit, Jackie Gayda, the fiancé of Charlie Haas. Jackie smiles excitedly
"Shelton!? Hey! What are you doing here?" Jackie says as she leans forward
and gently hugs her fiancé's best friend. Jackie slowly breaks the hug and
presses her soft lips together as she stands in doorway of her and Charlie's
locker room, while dressed in a pair nicely fitting jeans and a white tank
top, that conceals her large chest.

Shelton takes a deep breath, "Um.... Jackie... we need to talk... well I need
to talk to you..." Shelton says.

Jackie raises an eyebrow as she looks at Shelton "You're not backing out of
being the best man at the wedding, are you?" Jackie says as she bites down on
her bottom lip as she casually steps back to allow Shelton Benjamin to enter
the locker room.

Shelton walks into the locker room, "Well.. no I'm not... but... I got to
talk to you about Charlie..." Shelton says as Jackie closes the locker room

Jackie turns around to face Shelton Benjamin and folds her arms gently
against her large chest. Jackie locks her beautiful eyes on the handsome,
athletic black stud "What about Charlie?"

"Ummm... well...." Shelton Benjamin rubs the back of his neck, "He's...
kinda.... ummm... damn..." Shelton says and pauses as he tries to find the
best way to break the news to Jackie.

Jackie bites down on her bottom lips "He's what, Shelton?" Jackie asks a bit
firmly as she takes a step away from the door.

Shelton slightly grits his teeth together, "Ah well... he's.... aw damn it...
he's fucking another women..."

Jackie's eyes widen with surprise as she shakes her head a bit "Whoa...

"He is... he brought her over to the show the other night to show her off..."
Shelton says.

Jackie's beautiful eyes begin to fill with hot tears of rage "Damn it...I
knew he was acting different!" Jackie says before she lowers her head and
shakes her head slightly "'s ok for him to just cheat on me!?" Jackie
says as she looks up and wipes her eyes.

"No of course not... I tried to tell him that... but he wouldn't listen to
me..." Shelton Benjamin starts to say.

Jackie locks her eyes with Shelton and takes a step towards him "Well... you
know what, if it's ok for Charlie...then it's ok for fucking me!" Jackie
says as she grits her teeth together and suddenly places her hands against
Shelton's chest, pushing him against the near wall in the locker room before
deeply kissing her fiancé's best friend. Jackie closes her eyes as she
presses her gorgeous body against his, while she slides her tongue into his

"Mmmmm!" Shelton moans as Jackie slides her tongue against his. Shelton puts
his hands on Jackie's waist as he starts to return the kiss by moving his
tongue against her tongue. Jackie slowly moves her hand up to Shelton's
shoulders and begins to push over his dark red-hooded jacket while she
presses her tongue against his tongue, gently grinding her soft lips against
his as she lustfully kisses the athletic black stud.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm..." Shelton moans as he lets his dark red hooded jacket fall
from his arms. Shelton circles his tongue against Jackie's tongue before he
breaks the kiss, "I've got to be crazy to be doing this..." Shelton says even
though he lifts up his t-shirt to take it off and reveal his hot, muscular
black upper body.

Jackie smiles a bit and bites down on her bottom lip in a cute, seductive way
"'s only fair..." Jackie replies as she leans back towards Shelton
Benjamin, placing her hands onto his muscular black chest before lustfully
and gently kissing the left side of his neck as she soon moves her head down
planting soft kisses against his muscular black chest.

Shelton nods his head, "Yes it is..." Shelton replies as Jackie softly
kisses his muscular chest. The black athletic RAW Superstar puts his hands
on Jackie's waist and then starts to lift up her white tank top, first
exposing her tanned, toned stomach and then her large round and smoking hot
tits. Jackie has to soon lift her head away from his chest and raise her
arms to allow Shelton to take off her tank top. Jackie cutely smirks and
tosses her soft, long light brown hair back before she places her hands on
Shelton's muscular black waist and lowers herself down onto her knees in
front of her fiancé's best friend while she starts to push down his black
swish pants from his waist. Shelton licks his lips as he looks down at
Jackie as she brings down his black swish pants, freeing his hardening,
thick twelve inch black cock. "Oh man..." Shelton says while licking his

Jackie lifts her beautiful eyes and locks them with Shelton as his black
swish pants drop down his muscular legs as she gently places her soft hands
around his hardening black cock. Jackie leans her head forward and gently
flicks her wet tongue against the head of Shelton's black cock. "Mmmmmm...
uhhh..." Shelton moans as Jackie flicks her soft wet tongue around the large
head of his long, hard black cock.

Jackie keeps her beautiful, vengeful eyes locked on her fiancé's best friend
as she gently coats her wet tongue around the head of Shelton's black cock
before she opens her mouth and smoothly lowers her head to take Shelton's
black cock. "Mmmm..." Jackie moans around his cock as she starts to slowly
bob her head, at first, gently sucking his black cock.

"Ohhhh ahhhh fuck..." Shelton Benjamin moans as he looks down into the
beautiful, lustful and revenge seeking eyes of Jackie Gayda. Shelton puts
a hand on Jackie's head, and pushes back her soft light brown hair as she
slowly bobs her head on his black dick.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Jackie gently moans around Shelton's black cock as she
starts to bob her head at a quicker pace on his thick black shaft, while her
warm salvia starts to drip. Jackie closes her eyes for a moment as she forces
more of his black cock into her revenge-seeking, sweet mouth.

"Ahhhh... awww... mmmm fuck...." Shelton moans as he watches the fiancé of
his best friend force herself to take over three-fourths of his cock into her
hot, wet mouth.

Jackie presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she starts to quickly
and easily bob her head on Shelton's black cock, causing her soft lips to
smoothly grind against his fat shaft. "Mmmm...." Jackie softly moans as her
wet saliva drips out of her mouth and onto Shelton's black balls.

"Ohhhhh ahhhh... fuck..." Shelton Benjamin moans as he tilts his head back,
"Fuck.... damn you're so fucking good Jackie..." Shelton moans as he looks
back down to see how wide Jackie's mouth is open to compensate for the
thickness of his huge black dick.

Jackie slowly lifts her head off of Shelton's black cock and smiles
"Thanks...glad someone actually sees that..." Jackie replies as she gently
twirls her wet tongue against her head of Shelton's black cock before
flicking the tip of her tongue against his piss-slit.

Shelton licks his top teeth as Jackie continues to tease his long black cock,
"Ohhh shit... I can't wait to see how this goes.." Shelton says as he starts
to lower himself down to the floor in front of Jackie and gently pushes her
onto her back. The black athletic RAW Superstar unbuttons Jackie's perfectly
fitting jeans so that he can start pulling them from her waist. Jackie Gayda
presses her soft, sensual lips together and lifts her ass off of the locker
room floor while Shelton removes Jackie's tight jeans and her light pink
panties to reveal her smoothly shaven and deliciously hot pussy.

"Oh yeah..." Shelton licks his lips as he finishes stripping Jackie from the
waist down. Shelton kneels between Jackie's gorgeous, tanned legs and slides
his hand over her smooth stomach, "Charlie is such an idiot..." Shelton says
before he eagerly pushes his twelve inch cock into Jackie's hot, tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh shit!" Jackie moans, lightly gritting her teeth together as
Shelton firmly pushes his black cock into her warm, tight pussy. Jackie leans
her head back and gently rests her tanned, gorgeous legs on his muscular
waist while he starts to smoothly thrust his cock in and out of her warm

"Uhhhh ahhh mmmm!" Shelton moans as he remains kneeling upright as he uses
his hips to pump his cock in and out of Jackie's tight pussy. Shelton licks
hips lips and with each passing moment, he increases the pace of his thrusts
while he fucks the fiancé of his best friend.

"Ohhhhh...ohhh Shelton..." Jackie Gayda softly moans as she moves back and
forth against the locker room floor while Shelton increases the pace of his
thrust, slamming his cock deeply into her tight pussy. "Ohhhh Shelton!"

"Mmmm ohhh yeah Jackie!" Shelton groans as he leans forward so that his hot
black body is pressing down on Jackie's smooth white body while he drills her
pussy with firm, swift thrusts. Jackie lustfully narrows her eyes as she
places her hands onto Shelton's muscular black arms before she leans up and
softly kisses Shelton's lips before she forces her soft tongue into his warm
mouth while she easily grinds her gorgeous to tanned body against his.

"Mmmm... mmmm!" Shelton moans into Jackie's mouth as he starts to move his
tongue against Jackie's tongue. Shelton continue to firmly thrust his cock in
and out of Jackie's pussy, and his large black balls smack against Jackie's
tanned ass cheeks with every thrust.

"Mmmm...ohhh my god...Shelton!" Jackie moans into Shelton's mouth as she
breaths heavily while gently grinding her pussy against Shelton's thrusting
black cock while she enjoys the feeling of his cock in her pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck... uhhh damn..." Shelton moans as he breaks the kiss with Jackie
and grits his teeth while he continues to fuck his best friend's smoking hot
fiancé. Shelton then pulls his cock out of Jackie's pussy and sits on his
knees, "Fuck you're so hot Jackie..." Shelton says as he catches his breath
and moves his hands all over Jackie's tanned body.

Jackie smiles at Shelton and sits up onto her knees, locking her beautiful
with him. " you want to fuck me doggystyle?" Jackie says cutely.

Shelton licks his lips, "Oh I'd love to fuck you doggy style..." Shelton says
with a wide smile on his face. The hot muscular black RAW Superstar waits for
Jackie to turn around and he restrains himself from making Jackie move
quickly as she moves teasingly slow to get herself ready.

Shelton grins, "Mmmm... oh I'm not waiting for anything..." Shelton says as
he puts a hand on Jackie's hips while using his other hand to guide his black
cock towards Jackie's white ass. Shelton then firmly thrusts his cock into
Jackie's tight asshole and quickly starts to thrust his dick in and out of
her ass.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Jackie moans and tilts her head back, closing her eyes, as
Shelton starts to firmly thrust his cock into Jackie's tight, juicy white
ass. Jackie licks her lips as she starts gently rock back on her knees, to
press her nicely tanned ass back against his muscular black waist.

"Mmmmm ohhh fuck... what a great ass.... mmmm..." Shelton groans as he firmly
holds onto Jackie's hips while he pumps his cock in and out of her tight
juicy white ass. Shelton grits his teeth as he pushes his cock deeper and
harder into Jackie's ass until his balls are pressing against Jackie's ass

"Ohhhhhhh awwwww fuck Shelton!" Jackie moans as she grits her teeth tighter
and pushes back firmly against Shelton's cock as he deeply fucks his best
friend's fiancé.

"Mmmm uhhh fuck Jackie... ahhh!" Shelton Benjamin moans as he thrusts his
cock harder and faster into Jackie's ass. Shelton wraps his arms around
Jackie's waist to pull her back against him so that each of his thrusts are
as hard as possible.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh fuck my ass Shelton! Fuck my ass!" Jackie moans as sweat drips
off of her gorgeously tanned body while her juicy ass continually rocks back
against his cock "Mmmmm shit! Shit!" Jackie moans loudly.

"Ahhhh... mmmm fuck... ohhh fuck that's a great ass!" Shelton moans as sweat
drips down his hot muscular black body while he drills Jackie's ass. Shelton
licks his lips as his balls smack against Jackie's ass with every one of his
thrusts. "Mmmmm! Ahhhh fuck... ahhh!"

"Ohhhh Shelton you feel so damn good!" Jackie lustfully as she smoothly
pushes back on her knees, roughly smacking her juicy ass against his black
muscular waist as his throbbing cock deeply rams into her tight ass.

"Ahhhh... uhhhh ohhh fuck... ahhh..." Shelton Benjamin groans as he begins to
cumming inside of Jackie's asshole. Shelton keeps thrusting his shaft in and
out of Jackie's ass as he fills her with his warm thick cum.

Jackie presses her soft lips together as she slowly looks back and smiles
"Ohhhh Shelton..." Jackie moans as she gently pushes back against his
cum-spraying cock while sweat drips down her beautiful face.

Shelton licks his lips as he finishes cumming inside of Jackie's juicy white
ass, "Ohhh fuck.... turn about is... very fair play..." Shelton moans.

Jackie bites down on her bottom and raises an eyebrow "Whoever that other
girl is...she's no competition..."

* * *

Later that evening at the hotel the sinful and seductive Dawn Marie, dressed
in a stunning pair of sinfully red bra and panties, steps out of the bathroom
of her hotel room and walks over to the main area as she holds a hand-held
video camera. "Hey Charlie baby..." Dawn says in a soft, seductive voice as
the manipulative Diva aims the camera at the large bed where the cheating
Charlie Haas is sitting.

Charlie is wearing a pair of long white shorts, looks up and smirks as he
sees the hand- held video camera that Dawn Marie is holding, "Hey Dawn...
what's with the camera baby?" Charlie asks as he licks his lips.

Dawn presses her sultry lips together as she keeps the camera aimed at
Charlie "I thought we could have some fun, my Charlie..." Dawn says as she
walks closer to the bed, moving her rounded hips with perfection. "You're
so sexy baby..." Dawn says as she zooms in slightly on Charlie's bare,
muscular chest.

"You're really fucking hot Dawn... I love you baby..." Charlie says as he
leans back on the bed and puts his hands behind him so that Dawn can zooms
in more to film how well defined his muscular chest is.

Dawn licks her sultry lips as she gently kneels onto the bed and seductively
moves towards Charlie Haas while keeping the camera aimed on him "How much
do you love me, Charlie baby?" Dawn says as she lifts the camera to aim at
Charlie's handsome face "Would you let me tape us?"

Charlie nods his head and licks his lips, "Oh yeah... I would let you do
anything...." Charlie says as he looks straight into the camera while locking
his eyes with Dawn's sly seductive eyes.

Dawn raises an eyebrow and wickedly smirks "Do you want to hold this for me,
baby?" Dawn asks as she glances down at the camera, she's in control of.

"Sure baby..." Charlie says, and then Dawn hands him the hand held video
camera. Charlie turns the camera around and aims it at the sinfully hot Dawn
Marie. Dawn licks her sinful, luscious lips as she locks her seductive eyes
with the camera before she leans down and starts to slyly lower Charlie's
long white shorts as he sits on the large hotel room bed.

"Mmmm..." Charlie lifts himself slightly off the bed so that she can easily
lower his long white short, revealing his thick, hardening eleven inch
unfaithful cock. Charlie zooms out slightly so that he can perfectly aim the
camera at Dawn. Dawn slyly looks up at the camera and Charlie Haas as she
gently places her soft, sinful hands around his thick eleven inch cock and
begins to smoothly stroke her hands against his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah baby... mmmm..." Charlie Haas moans as he films and watches Dawn
Marie smoothly moving her hands up and down on his thick eleven inch cock. "I
love how you handle my dick baby... you're so good..."

"I love you Charlie...You love me, don't you?" Dawn says wickedly before she
lowers her head and closes her sly eyes to gently slide her wet tongue around
the head of Charlie's cock, while she smoothly moves her left hand against
his shaft.

"Ohhh yeah baby... I love you Dawn... I love being yours..." Charlie moans as
he zooms in to get a close up of Dawn's wet tongue slowly sliding around the
head of his rock hard and extremely thick cock. Dawn wickedly smirks as she
pats her wet tongue around the head of Charlie's thick cock while flicking
her tongue against the underside of the tip of his cock. Dawn opens her
sinful mouth and greedily lowers her head, taking Charlie's cock into her hot
mouth as she starts to eagerly bob her head, sucking Charlie's shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah baby.... mmmm ohhh..." Charlie Haas moans as he zooms out a bit
to capture footage of Dawn bobbing her head up and down on his eleven inch
cock. "You look so hot sucking my cock baby..."

"Mmmm...hmmm..." Dawn moans back to Charlie as her soft, sinful lips smoothly
rub against Charlie's thick shaft as she easily bobs her head at a steady and
quick pace, while her wet saliva showers his cock.

"Uhhhhh.... ahhhh mmmm...." Charlie moans as he watches and films the sinful
Diva as she sucks on his cock. Charlie licks his lips as he zooms in a bit
to film Dawn's sensual lips moving on his thick, saliva covered cock. Dawn
slowly lifts her head off of Charlie's cock as her wet saliva slowly drips
down his shaft. Dawn presses her lips together and sits up on her knees as
she seductively removes her red bra, teasingly, to expose her large and
rounded tits.

Charlie aims the hand held video camera at Dawn large round tits as she
slowly removes her red bra, "Oh yeah baby... look at those tits... I love
those tits Dawn... they are so much bigger... and firmer... than Jackie's..."

Dawn slyly smirks "Jackie is so boring..." Dawn says as she rolls her eyes as
she pushes down her sinful red panties to expose her smoothly shaven, hot and
devious pussy.

"Oh yeah... she likes doing the same shit over and over again..." Charlie
says as he aims the video camera down at Dawn's pussy, "Look at that pussy...
baby your pussy is so perfect..."

"Baby...Charlie...why don't you set the camera down....but make sure it
catches all the action..."

Charlie nods his head, "Sure thing baby..." Charlie says as gets off of the
hotel room bed and walks over to the TV that's sitting on a large shelf.
Charlie sets the video camera on the TV and zooms it in so that it can
perfectly capture action that's happening on the bed. "It's ready baby..."
Charlie says as he starts to walk back to Dawn.

Dawn smirks "Good..." Dawn says as she places her hands on Charlie's strong
shoulders as she forces him to lay down on the large hotel bed. Dawn tosses
her sultry dark brown hair back as she smoothly mounts her sinfully hot body
onto his hard cock, taking him into her warm pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck yea baby..." Charlie Has moans as he feels Dawn's sinful pussy
squeezing his fat eleven inch cock. Charlie puts his hands on Dawn's tanned
hips as she keeps her hands on his shoulders to keep him laying on the bed.

Dawn licks her lips as she starts to smoothly and easily moves back and forth
on Charlie's shaft. "" Dawn moans as her pussy grinds
against his shaft.

"Ahhhh... mmmm uhhhh yeah baby... ohhh..." Charlie moans as he moves his
hands against Dawn's tanned hips before sliding them up the front of her body
until they are resting on Dawn's large round and firm tits.

"Mmmm...ohhh Charlie! Ohhhh baby!" Dawn Marie moans loudly as she starts
to quickly and firmly bounce on Charlie cock. Dawn leans down and wickedly
flicks her tongue against Charlie's left nipple before lightly biting down
on it.

"Ahhhh uhhhh ohhh fuck!" Charlie moans as he feels Dawn's teeth gently
pressing down on his left nipple as she bounces up and down on his eleven
inch shaft. Charlie squeezes Dawn's firmly with his hands and clenches his
teeth together as Dawn nibbles on his left nipple.

Dawn closes her eyes as she flicks her wicked tongue against his left nipples
while she rocks back and forth on his shaft. "Mmmm...ohhhhh!" Dawn moans as
she grinds her pussy sharply on his thrusting cock.

"Ohhhh yeah.. mmmm fuck!" Charlie Haas moans as he lifts his hips to pump his
cock upward into Dawn's sinful pussy. Charlie gropes Dawn's large tits as
Dawn continues to ride him and lick his left nipple before he rolls over so
that he's on top of sinful SmackDown Diva. "You're so much better than
Jackie..." Charlie says as he thrusts his cock in and out of Dawn's pussy.

Dawn lays her head back against the bed and smirks as she locks her
manipulative eyes with Charlie Haas "Oh of course baby! I'm so much
better..." Dawn moans as she seductively grinds her sweat dripping body
against Charlie's muscular body as he slams his cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhh uhhh yeah mmmm!" Charlie moans as he places his hands flat down on
the bed as he drives his thick hard cock in and out of Dawn Marie's pussy.
"Ohh baby... I love you..." Charlie moans as he his pounds Dawn's pussy

"Ohhhh fuck me Charlie! Fuck me!" Dawn wickedly screams and grits her teeth
as she wraps her tanned legs around his muscular waist feeling his hard and
relentless thrusts into her pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck baby... mmmm ohhh yeah!" Charlie grunts as he leans his head
forward to flick his tongue against Dawn's right tit. Charlie takes a page
out of Dawn's book and lightly bites down on Dawn's right nipple while he
fucks her.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh Charlie! Ohhhhh fuck me!" Dawn moans loudly as she starts to
cum on his thrusting cock.

Charlie Haas keeps pounding his meaty cock in and out Dawn's soaking wet
pussy, "Ohhh fuck baby... ohhh yeah..." Charlie moans as his balls smack
against Dawn's smooth skin.

Dawn closes her eyes and grits her teeth as she arches her back feeling
Charlie's cock roughly slammed into her warm pussy "Oh're so

"Mmmm yeah... ohhh and this.... is yours... .too!" Charlie moans as pulls his
throbbing eleven inch cock out of Dawn's sinful, wet pussy. The unfaithful
fiancé of Jackie Gayda quickly strokes his cock until he begins spraying his
thick, warm cum all over Dawn's toned and tanned stomach.

Dawn raises an eyebrow and smirks as she licks her lips "Ohhh yeah baby..."
Dawn moans as she feels his warm cum spraying onto her stomach.

"Ohhh ahhh baby... I love you...." Charlie moans as he gently smacks his cum
spent cock against Dawn's cum covered stomach.

Dawn sits up on the bed and locks her seductive eyes with Charlie "Mmm...we
should show your lovely fiancé our little tape..."

Charlie licks his lips, "Baby... I love that idea... she could see that I'm

"That's right Charlie...and you remember that. You're all mine..."


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