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Did You Bring The Duck Tape?
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

Alexa was beyond annoyed. She had to actually come into work today for Monday Night RAW. She enjoyed the last two weeks off at home with her girlfriend. But now, apparently, that had to end because she was almost going on a month without a title defense. If she goes longer than a month, then Kurt Angle could strip the belt from her. Alexa liked being the queen, making the most money, and being champion, so there was no way in hell she was losing because of a stupid technicality.

Alexa, with her girlfriend Nia Jax at her side, rudely barged into Kurt's office. "Alright, Kurt," Alexa demanded. "Who's my next opponent and where? If you could hurry this up so I can get back to my hotel that'd be sweet of you."

Kurt sat behind his desk. He was visibly upset about Alexa's rude arrival. He shook his head. "Good to see you too, Alexa. I hoped you've enjoyed your time off."

Alexa smirked. She gave a side glance to Nia and gave her a wink. Alexa said. "Oh, don't you worry, Kurt, I had plenty of R and R during my time off."

"Great," Kurt said. "Because later tonight, I'll be announcing your opponent for Super Showdown. Which means, no you can't go back to your hotel for the rest of the night. We need you here."

Alexa rolled her eyes and over dramatically left the office. Nia, after a quick glare to Kurt, followed Alexa out the door.

"This is such bullshit," Alexa told Nia. The girls were back in Alexa's private locker room, getting ready for the show. Nia had her signature black gear and black makeup on. Alexa, like always, was taking forever to decide what to wear and how to do her makeup. Alexa continued. "I didn't know I would have to make an appearance and I don't know what to wear. Who the hell is supposed to look presentable in three hours?"

Nia Jax raised her hand. "Me?"

Alexa whined. "I know, and you look beautiful, and I hate you for doing that so easy."

Nia chuckled. "I think you're just over thinking things, babe. Nobody's gonna care what you dress in. Every guy with a smart phone worships you on Instagram. Hell, if it were up to me, you'd wear a fuckin' burlap sack and keep it all saved for me."

Alexa rolled her eyes. "Yeah, but I'm the eye candy so I need to flaunt it," Alexa held up two brassieres in Nia's direction. "Blue or red?"

"Hmmm, go topless. I like that." Nia said, smirking.

Alexa rolled her eyes. "Babe, seriously."

"Um, I've always liked the red more," Nia said. "It matches your highlights. Red seems to be your color. Pink too, but with lingerie."

Alexa nodded her head. "Matching trunks too? Or do I mismatch?"

"Could just wear the crotch-less panties I bought you." Nia said.

Alexa placed her hands on her hips. "What is with you and all the sex talk all the time? Besides, who's to say I'm not wearing them now?"

Nia Jax chuckled and stood up. "Oh, really?" She approached Alexa, wrapping her arms around her girl's smaller frame.

"Yeah," Alexa gave Nia a quick peck on the lips. Nia went in for another kiss, but Alexa raised her finger and stopped her. "After RAW, I promise. I need to focus right now." Alexa said.

Nia grumbled. "You swear?"

"Cross my heart, hope to die, stick my face between your thighs." Alexa said.

"It's stick a needle in your eye, but I like where you're going with this," Nia went in for another kiss but was again stopped by Alexa.

"After, I promise. Just let me get ready now." Alexa said.

There was a sharp knock on the door. "Thirty minutes, Miss Bliss." Called a producer.

Alexa groaned. "Ugh, I hate being me sometimes."

Nia shrugged. "I like you. I like you best when you're duct taped to our bed, pleading me to make you come. Just sayin'."

Alexa giggled. "I love you, silly girl." She gave Nia one more quick kiss. "Can you do my makeup for me?" Alexa asked.

"Yeah, of course, babe," Nia sat back down on the couch, centered Alexa between her legs, then began applying her makeup for her.

Alexa Bliss marched down to the ring with her music blaring and the crowd booing her; Nia walked close behind her, sneering at the crowd. Nia fetched Alexa a microphone. Alexa stood in the center of the ring and glared at the hard camera.

"Aww, are you guys still made about Hell in a Cell?" Alexa taunted the crowd. "Is somebody mad I put Sasha Banks in the hospital right next to that piece of trash Bayley?"

The crowd roared louder, making Nia and Alexa both smile.

"Well, good news for you guys," Alexa said. "I have another title match coming up at Super Showdown. If Kurt Angle would hurry up and get out here, then we could get things done faster."

Instead of Kurt Angle's music coming through the speakers, Bad Reputation began playing, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Ronda Rousey marched onto the stage and made a beeline for the ring. Alexa and Nia both rolled out of the ring when Rousey entered. Nia and Alexa both made a run for the stage, ducking behind the curtain when they had the chance.

"What the hell was that?" Alexa snapped at Kurt Angle. "Ronda Rousey is gonna interrupt me? Hell no. Fire her this instant."

"I can't," Kurt said. "She's your next opponent."

"What!?" Alexa screamed.

"You will defend the RAW Women's chamionship against Ronda Rousey at Super Showdown." Kurt said.

Alexa screamed out in frustration and left Kurt's office with Nia behind her.

Alexa tackled Nia, causing them both to fall onto the hotel bed. Alexa's rough kisses sent a shiver over Nia's body and lightning to her groin. Alexa was pissed off at the world right now. The only thing she could think of to blow off steam was fucking Nia.

"Strip. Now." Alexa demanded.

Nia snickered and did as she was told. Alexa quickly pulled off her own clothing. Without any heads up, Alexa dove face first between Nia's legs and attacked her soaked pussy with her tongue. Nia moaned loudly, not expecting Alexa to start so quickly. And without duct tape no less. Nia ran her fingers through her girl's hair, taking deep and ragged breaths as the goddess' sweet tongue slid all over her pussy. Alexa slid two fingers into Nia's pussy. Nia bucked her hips and moaned; Aggressive Alexa was so fucking hot, Nia wasn't sure she'd last very long.

"Uh, fuck, I'm gonna come!" Nia cried.

Alexa buried her face as deep as she could. Tastefully, she got a mouthful of watermelon flavored pussy juices, that lapped up with her tongue and sucked off her fingers.

"Did you bring the tape?" Alexa asked.

Nia nodded her head. "Yeah. What color?"

Alexa shrugged. "What haven't we used yet?"

"Yellow." Nia said.

Nia got up to retrieve the tape while Alexa took position at the head of her hotel bed.

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