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Different Kind Of Interview Part 1
by Zezu (

All four McMahons were at their mansion in Greeniwich disscussing their
plans for the new and improved WWF roster.

"Well how about this?" said Vince, "Myself and Shane will decide what
wrestlers we want from the ECW and the ones who have asked to come back.
Stephanie I think that you should decide on the new women that we have on
the roster. I only want one because we are really going to cut some people

"OK, daddy, you and Shane decide on the male and I will decide on the
female, OK mom?" Linda nodded, "Well, lets get to the arena."

As the McMahons came to the arena they went their different ways to their
own offices. Stephanie in her office told her assistant to bring in all of
the ladies who are applying for the vacant female wrestler position.

Steph was fairly nervous as she had only hired and fired one person before
in her life. The door swung open and the ladies all gathered into the large
office of Stephaine McMahon. In walked some of the most beautiful women ever
to grace the world of proffesional wrestling. As Steph scanned the room in
front of her were Miss. Hancock, Francine, Major Gunns, Jenna Jameson and the
one and only Sable.

Steph was quite startled to see Sable there but she decided to give her
a chance.

"OK ladies, you all know except for Jenna that the world of wrestling
is a very hard job, so if any of you think that this will be to difficult
for you leave now."

None of the ladies moved an inch.

"Well then I want you all to strip down to your bra and panties now."

All the ladies moaned at Steph but they knew that if they couldn't do it
in front of her then how would they do it in an arena full of horny male

The five of them all took of their clothes to reveal their godly shaped
bodies. Each women was almost perfect in every way slim pussy, fine ass and
their tits bursting out of their bras.

Steph looked at all five and decided on her way to decide which of these
lovely ladies was going to get the WWF contract.

"Now ladies I'm going to ask you to go out and for each of you to come in
one at a time."

'I think I'm going to need some help here.' thought Steph to herself.
"Valery," she said to her assistant, "would you please go and get Trish for

Minutes later one of the biggest Divas at the current moment in the WWF
entered the room in a leather catsuit. She walked in to find five ladies in
their underwear. Trish suddenly got a little horny.

All of the ladies left the room in their smalls and sat down on the seats
next to the door. Both Steph and Trish talked in the office.

"What the fuck are you going to do with all these women?" Trish said.

"Just you wait and see."

Steph went outside and looked at all the ladies.

"Jenna can you come in first please?"

Jenna stood up with her tits bouncing and entered the room. Jenna looked
hot and was really gagging for a fuck.

"Right Jenna if you would stand there for a moment," Steph said.

Steph moved over to the door and locked it, she then slowly moved over to
Trish and rubbed the material of her leather catsuit. Steph brushed Trish's
tits and then went for the zip and started to pull it down.

Trish was resisting at the start but then let into Steph who she secretly
fancied. Trish looked down to Steph who was staring at the large busom of
Trish. Jenna in the corner was rubbing her tits and pussy, although she had
been in many many movies but this was one of the hottest things she had ever

Steph had now fully taken off the leather catsuit of Trish and it was on
the floor. Steph moved across the room and grabbed a chair. She pushed Trish
down to the chair and trish sat down wondering what was about to happen.
Steph went behind the chair and felt Trish tits once again and then suddenly
got both of Trish's arm's and tied them together with a bit of rope that she
has hidden in her hand.

Trish began to scream in fear, she didn't know what was about to happen
and then she looked at Jenna who now had her bra off and was playing with
her wet pussy.

Steph sat on the chair next to her desk and put her feet up on the desk
to reveal that she was going commando in her leather skirt.

"Right Jenna, I want you to please Trish in anyway that you can. If Trish
likes you then you get the contract, if she doesn't you go home a nothing.
Are you ready?"

"Yes, Miss McMahon," Jenna replied and moved over to the shaking Trish,
she so wanted to play with her cunt and make herself cum all over the shop.
Jenna moved over to Trish and bent down heading for Trish's pussy. She went
to grab Trish's white wet panties when Steph said;

"No, Jenna NO hands please."

Jenna took this in her stride and grabbed the top of Trish's knickers
with her teeth and pulled them down with the help of Trish. Her wet cunt was
infront of Jenna and she dived right in with an instant scream of pleasure.
Trish closed her eyes and let herself go.

Steph sat on her chair and pulled her skirt up to her hips and began
rubbing her shaven pussy. Their was along way to go in the interview process
so she thought she better calm down.

Jenna was a pro at licking out women as ahe is bisexual she was getting
very very aroused and used the no hands rule to her advantage if you know
what I mean.

Trish was about to cum before Jenna started licking her out so she was
just about to spew her goo all over Jenna's face.

Jenna began really moving her tongue about Trish's hot pussy. With a
couple of moan's and scream's Trish's came all over the pornstar's face which
Jenna took with incredible ease.

Steph now had her hands in her bra and was rubbing her soft smooth
nipples. Trish was sweating with excitement and was almost grinding her teeth
in pleasure.

"Stop!" said Steph, that will be enough from you Jenna. Jenna moved away
from Trish's which didn't go down to well with her. She went to the door and
left making sure she cleaned her face before she left the office. Trish was
staring at Steph, Steph looked back at her giving a little sly smile in her

"Who do you want next to fuck you with this?"

Steph presented Trish with her very own 10 inch rubber dildo.


To Be Continued...

[I wanted to mainly build up the story in this part and then do a different
story for each Diva. Please tell me if you liked this and if I should
continue the Story.]

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