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Dildo On A Pole Part 1
by UniqueWWETales

Natalya had Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch locked in the Sharpshooter, a painful submission hold made famous by her uncle, Bret "The Hitman" Hart. She respected her uncle but that was then, and this is now. She considered herself The best there is, The best there was, and The best there ever will be and sure as hell was going to prove it by breaking Becky Lynch. For the past weeks, Becky was on a winning streak defeating the likes of Tamina, Carmella, Naomi and Charlotte proving what a great Champion she was but never had a chance to go against Natalya, not until now. Becky was screaming in pain as Natalya's painful submission got the best of her.

"I'm going to break you, Becky. Tap out!" Natalya screamed. With that, Becky had no choice but to submit and surrender to the more powerful women, Natalya.

"Here is your winner, Natalya!" The ring announcer proclaimed. Natalya's music played in victory seconds later. Natalya made her usual victory pose on the turnbuckles while Becky was still on the ground defeated. The Champion had no chance against her and she knew then, that her days as champion were now numbered. Natalya stared at Becky as she stared back. Natalya called for a mic.

"Look at you, Becky. You look pathetic! You call yourself a champion? You're a weak Champion, all the girls on the smackdown roster are but not me! I should be the one with that Championship. I am the one who deserves to be called Champion!"

Deep inside, Becky knew Nattie was right. Nattie deserved that Championship more than most girls on the roster. She stood up from the canvas and also called for a mic as well.

"You know what, Nattie? You are right. You do deserve to be Championship. You're a great wrestler and yes, tonight I lost to the better women. You. You kicked my arse and if you want a title shot, I will give it to you."

Becky stepped out of the ring and walked away in defeat with her head down...

* * *

Next week on Smackdown, Natalya is shown backstage getting ready to be interviewed.

"Nattie, last week you defeated the smackdown women's champion, Becky Lynch and she offered you a title opportunity. What are the thoughts going through your mind as we speak?" Asked the interviewer.

"What are my thoughts? Hell, about time! I haven't been champion for many years and I am ready to take that Championship from Becky Lynch. And if you think Alexa and Bayley went extreme, just wait til you hear my stipulation for the match. I already talked with Shane about it and he loved my idea. You and everybody else will find out about it later tonight." Natalya said as she walked away.

* * *

Minutes later into the show, Becky Lynch is now shown to be interviewed.

"Earlier today we heard Natalya mention a stipulation for your upcoming match against her at Backlash for the Smackdown Women's Championship, do you happen to know anything about it?" Asked the interviewer.

"First of, I will prove Nattie that I am a deserving Champion at Backlash this Sunday by kicking that curvy arse of hers and no, I have no idea but that doesn't matter. Nattie can throw anything at me and I will conquer it." Becky walked way.

Becky had a match later in the show against Naomi, a fast paced and quick Victory for her. As Becky celebrated her victory, Natalya's music hit as Natalya walked towards the stage holding a mic.

"Congratulations Becky! But say good bye to your last days as Smackdown Women's Champion. You see, I talked to Shane earlier today and we agreed to a match never before seen. A match to brutal and yet so humiliating, you will never have the courage to step into that ring again. We're going to have the first ever dildo on a pole match, in which I will defeat you by shoving your mouth deep into a rubber rough cock and I'm going to make you gag and choke in defeat!" Natalya's music played as the show went off the air...

* * *

Becky's POV at Backlash

She wasn't ready. Out of all her Championship matches she's had, she wasn't ready for tonight's. If she could go back in time, she would change the fate of tonight, but It was too late now, the had to face the much powerful and much more kinkier, Nattie. The thought of having her mouth being stuffed by a silicone dildo, a cock made her shiver in more ways than one. Could there be just one percent of her actually enjoying it? She knew that it wasn't going to be an easy task whatever the outcome. Her dream as being champion was about to end and quite possibly become her worst nightmare.

To hell with this, she finally said in her mind. If Nattie wants to get kinky, then I'm going kinky too. She don't know me. She don't know how kinky I can be and tonight, I am going to make her my bitch as she sucks my cock... that ass of hers will be mine. Becky vowed...

* * *

Later in the show, Nattie is shown in the backstage area.

"Nattie, later tonight you face Becky Lynch in a dildo on a pole match for the championship. How do you plan on defeating Becky Lynch?" Natalya got asked.

"Simple, you see this right here? This is a strap on. I will tie it on the turnbuckle and I will make her suck it. Whoever makes the other suck on this dildo wins the championship, and that's it. Simple right"? The interviewer starred as Natalya played with the dildo.

"If you say so, but what if Becky wins?" She asked Nattie

"She won't win." With that, she took down the helpless announcer as she took the dildo into the poor woman's mouth...

* * *

"The following match is a dildo on a pole match! The only way to win is to shove your opponent's mouth into the dildo tied to the turnbuckle. Whoever wins the match will also be the Smackdown women's Champion." Both women entered the ring and greeted the crowd in front of them. Many were rooting for Becky and many were cheering for Natalya. A very divided crowd for sure.

Half way in the match, it seemed that Becky Lynch was going to put Nattie in her place by defeating her at her own game, but Natalya had something up her sleeve. Making sure the ref didn't see, she blasted Becky in the face with the Championship belt which brought Becky down to the mat almost unconscious. That was the end of Becky for sure. She dragged the fallen champion to the turnbuckle and tried to shove Becky deep into the dildo.

Out of nowhere, Becky blasted Nattie with the title as well. She got hold of the belt as she was dragged but Nattie was blind enough not to notice. Becky felt the energy back as the pack of fans cheered on. Nattie was only inches away from the dildo and this time, it was Becky who got a good grip of Nattie's hair. Within seconds, Nattie's mouth tasted the rough rubbery cock in defeat.

"Suck it, you bitch! Suck my cock! You wanted this!? Now you got dick"! Becky screamed her lungs out as she tasted the bittersweet of victory. Nattie kept on sucking and licking the dildo like there was no tomorrow. She didn't care about the championship, she just wanted to continue sucking Becky's cock.

Minutes later, Becky was proclaimed Champion as Natalya kept sucking.

"Maybe you'll win the title next time, Nattie. It was a hell of a match, hell I'm ready for the rematch. I will be ready whenever you want."

Becky celebrated her victory with the rest of her fans...

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