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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Andrea Lynn (WWE - the original brunette dancer for Fandango), Fandango (WWE, Johnny Curtis of NXT), John Cena (WWE), The Rock (WWE).

Dirty Dancing with the Original Fandango Dancer
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

April 7th, 2013. The MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The biggest Pay Per View of the WWE calender year is in full swing as Alberto Del Rio defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Jack Swagger out in the arena. However backstage, there's smiles for a different reason. Heading along a corridor backstage are two men who are on-screen WWE rivals and are still clad in their tightly fitting ring attires from the Mania match they'd just had in the debuting Fandango, and long time WWE Superstar Chris Jericho. Also with them, and smiling in awe of everything she's been experiencing so far, is the gorgeous young original dancer of Fandango for his entrances including tonight - Andrea Lynn. The gorgeous University student and dance teacher is also still in her dress attire for her appearance on the show, with her brunette hair tied back and wearing a form fitting white number that shows off her long, smooth and made for dancing legs along with the rest of athletic and sexy body.

"I honestly don't understand all of it..." Andrea admits as she walks along with them. "I mean, I know the big names... But meeting P Diddy? Snooki? That's amazing!" She says with a smile.

"The WWE brings in the biggest celebs all the time, not just as WrestleMania..." Jericho explains with a smirk. "But... It doesn't hurt that this is the biggest show of the year... But Diddy, Puff Daddy, whatever his name is this year, he's been at a few shows... Last year's Mania, a Tribute to the Troops show..."

"But, you mean I can seriously go and meet The Rock?" Lynn asks as she looks between the two. "I love his movies... And my friends back at University of Buffalo are going to be freaking out when I tell them!"

"I'm sure he won't mind... Besides, I owe you a favour or two for helping this whole gimmick take off..." Fandango says as the three approach a locker room door marked "THE ROCK" on the front. "I mean, some of the girls we got before they brought you back? I don't think they knew a Fox Trot from an Alicia Fox..."

"From a who?" She asks as the group stops.

"That's what most of the fans would say..." Jericho smirks before he knocks on the door. "Hey Dwayne! Got a fan who wants to meet you!"

Moving into the room, she finds that it isn't just The Rock who is here... But also his upcoming opponent for the WWE Championship tonight in WrestleMania's main event in John Cena. Both men are already dressed ready for the match, the signature shorts and merch T-shirt for Cena and Brahma Bull designed tights for Rock. They'd both seemingly been in discussion about their match with John making a People's Elbow-like motion with his arms but seeing the stunning young dancer come in brings smiles onto their faces.

"Oh hey... How's it going?" The Rock says with a smile, seeing the star-struck look on her face as she approaches. "You're this guy's dancer, making him look good, right?"

"Oh, well, I don't know about that..." Lynn blushes with a smile. "I'm just here to dance... I'm Andrea, and... Well, wow! I can't believe I'm meeting The Rock! The actual Rock!"

"Well, that's one sure fan on your side tonight..." John says jokingly with a handsome smile of his own.

"Oh, sorry!" Andrea says as she looks to Cena as if she's only just noticed him. "Were... Were you guys talking about something?"

"Oh, nothing big... Just the Main Event of this show..." Cena says with a shrug of his shoulders as he has some fun with the young dancer. "No biggie, it can wait."

"Yeah, time is important... Figured we'd help you spend yours wisely, in case, you know..." Jericho starts to say before he stops himself when Fandango shoots him a sour look.

Hearing that, Andera turns around with a curious look on her pretty face. "What was that?" She questions.

"Oh... Johnny here hasn't told you yet, has he?" Chris says, putting two and two together as he looks around The Rock's personal and lavish locker room. "It looks like the WWE is eying up a replacement for you Andrea as Fandango's dance-partner... What was her name? The one you had for the press conference? Summer Rae, from NXT I believe..." He says with a smirk that shows he's done his research and knows all about this potential replacement.

"I... I was going to bring it up at the right time..." Fandango says as he glares at his on-screen rival who is grinning back like he's truly Jeri-Trolled him.

"Is that it?" Lynn asks like it isn't a huge deal, drawing surprised looks from the hunky Superstars around her. "I mean... I told the bosses around here I couldn't possibly make those European shows in the next month since I've got my studies and dance classes to teach. Why wouldn't they bring in a replacement for when I don't make it? I was always surprised when they asked me back in the first place anyway..."

"Yeah... But I think what Chris means is that this could be full-time replacement that they are lining up for down the line..." Cena beings to explain, a look on his face showing he's got an idea planned. "And that maybe... You should use your time to enjoy yourself... Maybe like a proper Diva around here does..." He adds, giving a sly wink to the other men who quickly catch on and make motions of agreement back to him out of her sight.

"Ummm... Sorry, I still don't understand most of those terms you guys use around here..." Andera says with a smile. "What exactly do you mean?"

"Oh, I think what he means, is that you should enjoy what all the Divas around here do..." Fandango says as he moves in close to her. "And that's some very... Physical activities..." He adds, taking a moment to openly check out her desirable, athletic frame.

"Physical? What do you..." Her eyes lock onto his gaze, and a couple of glances around tells her everything, and even with her young age she knows exactly what they are thinking about. "Woah! Wait, you mean... Sex? All of you, with me? And here??" She questions, sounding shocked but seeing Cena take off his T-shirt, and allowing her to take a long look at that muscular body, gives her an answer. "But... I mean, four guys at once? I've never done anything like that before!!"

"All the more reason for you to do it..." The Rock says with a smile. "Come on Andrea, this is the WWE! We do things like this all the time, and what happens backstage, stays backstage!" He reassures her, the other hunks nodding in agreement. "Besides... I think that a pretty young gal like you deserves a WrestleMania moment of her own, right? Are you really going to say no to a chance of a lifetime and something that's never going to leave this room?"

"Ummm... Well... Well I..." Lynn takes a long moment to close her eyes as she thinks about the offer but there's a clear blush on her cheeks from the suggestion. "OK... OK... If this is just going to be between the five of us... The I guess... I guess I can... HOLY SHIT!!"

When she opened her eyes to accept the offer, what she saw was the four WWE studs now standing completely naked and showing off hardening cocks all of which wouldn't look out of place in a porn movie, as every WWE Superstar is very well hung and thick to match, which explains the big smiles on their faces as they look over the stunned beauty. She stays still, glancing between them all as she blushes but seeing her lick her lips shows that despite how professional of a dancer she is, much like any other young University student, let alone woman, she's got naughty desires of her own.

"Come on Andrea... Let's do some Dirty Dancing of our own here..." Her on screen dance-partner suggests with a lusty grin as he surprises her by reaching under her white dress, pulling down her matching shorts all the way down her smooth legs to the floor.

"Ummm... Oh gosh... What... What do I do?" Andrea asks, still blushing as the other hunks approach her.

"Relax, first of all..." Cena states with a smirk as he lightly strokes his big cock. "And then? Just go with the flow... But we might guide you a little... See that?" He then points down as Fandango lays down on the locker room floor. "That's a hint..."

"You mean I should... Oh!" Lynn says with a nod of her head, a small but sexy smile coming across her pretty face. "You mean... Well, how about..."

The stunning young dancer hesitates for a moment before she makes her move, easing herself downward as she performs a perfect splits right over the handsome face of the stud she's accompanied to the ring for weeks on WWE television, and right now has her neatly shaved pussy positioned right over his mouth. The sight alone makes him smile and moan a little as he reaches up, rubbing her legs to make her bite down on her bottom lip before she's distracted, and quite rightly by the three other sports entertainers here as they approach with their fully hard cocks held in their hands, and all pointing right at her as she looks with wide, stunned eyes. She soon gasps though, rocking upwards slightly when wasting no time, the former Johnny Curtis of NXT leans his head up and pushes his tongue out, flicking out at her outer folds.

"Ahhh! Oh... Oh that's... Mmmm... Wow!" She moans as soon as the tongue of the Superstar she's the on screen dance-partner of starts to lap up against her folds, and she can soon tell he's no stranger to dining on some snatch even with herself being presented while performing the splits, and that fact might just be a turn on for him as his hands are up to hold onto her toned thighs. "I... I guess... Mmmm! I better get to work myself..." She says as the other three hung wrestling hunks approach, her hands moving up as she grips the dick of Cena with one and The Rock's in the other, leaving Jericho to move up as she tentatively at first opens her mouth, and soon finds her lips stretching to accommodate his thick, Canadian meat as he slides it in deeper than she was prepared for. Despite groaning around his tool, seeing the smirks on the three men in front of her tells her there's no turning back now, that fact giving her a thrill as she starts to rock her head on Y2J's cock.

"Mmmm... Just like being on Dancing with the Stars..." Jericho says with a grin, watching as the young student bobs her head steadily along his rock hard shaft, managing to keep her lips nicely presses around his inches despite her size being far thicker than anything she's ever had before, but her solid pace is more than enough to have him moaning as she shows off some oral skills. "Ahhh... Cheryl had some neat tricks with the splits as well..." He adds as she raises and lowers her head onto his member, while at the same time stroking her hands back and forth along the dicks of the other two muscular grapplers here who are both watching on as she grinds down on the handsome face of the hunk eating her out from underneath, while she sucks off the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion standing in front of him.

"I'd be happy just to see her moves here..." The Hollywood actor and part time returning WWE Superstar says as she gives his shaft a couple more strokes before she lifts off from Jericho's dick with a gasp, catching her breath before turning to take the rod of The Rock into her soothingly warm and damp mouth. Now she's jerking off Chris' dick while she drags her lips up and down onto this just as impressively lengthy tool, groaning around the cock as she makes herself get used to this vast size, while at the same time moaning as the tongue of Fandango pushes inside her pussy as he further tastes and teases her. "Mmmm... Gotta love College students... Always ready for a party..." The Rock adds with a handsome smile, the comment getting a slightly narrowed eyed look from Lynn but she soon closes her eyes and moans around his man meat, focusing on dishing out some pleasure as she bobs her head back and forth onto him, her lips fighting to stay wrapped around him tightly as she works over the top half of his member.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmm... Mmmm!!" Still impressively keeping herself performing the splits, the alluring female dance partner to Fandango groans as she slightly rocks her hips, pushing her pussy down against the rugged facial features of the former Johnny Curtis as he swirls and probes his tongue around inside her snatch, hungry to eat out the stunning young dance teacher who's been his on-screen eye candy for weeks. "Mmmm... Ummph!! Mmmm..." Her groans of building lust are muffled by the dick she's taking back and forth into her oral hole, saliva slightly seeping from between her soft lips from the repeated bobbing motion she's using on The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment, and still keeping her palms stroking along the lengths of the other two studs. There's still a blush on her cheeks, knowing how naughty this is but unable to resist such big cocks nor that any red blooded woman would be able to, and to her credit she's handling them well as she's got The Rock moaning each time she raises and lowers her head onto his shaft.

"Was wondering if you were forgetting about me..." Cena says with a smirk as after drawing in breath again, she now switches to jerk off The Rock while now sucking away on his fat and long cock, getting him properly moaning from her steady and calm up and down motion, showing it's not just dance moves that she's well trained in, but a couple of bedroom moves as well. Her tied-back brunette-haired head eases along his size as she puts plenty off effort into keeping her lips presses around him despite his great thickness, feeling a brief flick of her tongue onto his underside as she blows the top portion of his rod and keeps her hands pumping along Jericho and Rock's tools at the same time.

"Mmmm... Good things come to those who wait... Ahhh..." He says as he gazes down at the beautiful dancer who's sucking and stroking three hunks at the same time, while a fourth expertly eats out her pussy from underneath, leaving her noticeably wet as she keeps herself doing the splits and shows ability by being able to keep bobbing her head without ever missing a beat.

"Not bad for a first-timer... Most new Divas make the mistake of going all out and nearly choke themselves unconscious..." Jericho says with a knowing smirk as she glances to the other Superstars.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh!" Andera Lynn moans as she lifts her head away, once again drawing in deep breaths as the stud underneath her licks at her pussy a couple more times. "Well... Mmmm! I've never seen cocks this big before!! I don't think... Ahhh! I could handle much more of any of them..." She adds as she moves to lift herself up and off from Fandango's face in order to stand up.

"Now that's not the kind of attitude that's going to keep you around for long..." The Rock jokes with a smile. "If you're going to impress, you need to bring it..."

"Did you have to throw in a catchphrase of yours?" John questions with a smirk.

Meanwhile, Jericho has moved over, surprising Lynn by starting to ease down her elegant white dress down her body, making her bite her bottom lip as her athletic and sexy dancer's body is revealed along with her perky and ripe tits and her nicely rounded ass on full display. "Hope you're not thinking about backing out of this "dance", are you?" Chris says with a handsome grin as he uses a hand to bend her over forwards in front of him as she looks back, her long look at his cock with her saliva all over it showing she doesn't want this to stop.

"Come on Andrea... Let's give you a WrestleMania moment of your own..." Her dance partner for the WWE says as he now steps up, his just as long and thick to match cock now pointing right at her face when she turns around. "Time to return the favour..." Fandango adds with a lick of his lips as he sees her surprised expression when she locks her gaze onto his mouth-watering cock.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck!!" Fandango's stunning brunette dancer moans and rocks forward the moment Jericho pushes his dick into her snatch from behind, her tight pussy forced immediately to stretch and accept the invasion from a huge size she's clearly not used to taking. With her mouth open to groan, it's an open invitation that's taken as the hunk she's the on-screen dance partner to stuff himself into her oral hole, causing her to close her eyes and press her lips the best she can around him, starting to bob her head onto his length. "Mmmmph! MMMM!! Mmmm!!" Her cries are once more being muffled by some man meat that's this time being fed into her as Fandango thrusts his hips forward into her, making her gag a little when he slides in further than she's ready for, and it's meaning she's taking it in both ends, handling two long dicks in her mouth and snatch at the same time.

"Mmmm... I knew there was a reason why I liked her... Mmmm... More than those other chicks..." The winner of Season Four of NXT moans with a big smile as he watches his manhood vanish into and reappear from the mouth of the woman who's a part of his dancing entrance, loving the feeling of warmth and dampness around his tool as he pumps himself into her oral hole. He's getting more than just a return on the oral pleasure he'd given her moments before, his dick getting a nice coating of her saliva as she tries to give as much as she's getting by rocking her head forward in time with his motions. "Ahhhh... Hope they don't make me choose between you and Summer... Mmmm..." He adds with a groan, placing a hand onto the back of her tied-up brunette-hair as he firmly fucks her face, not easing up even when he hears her occasionally gagging when the tip of his tool touches the back of her mouth.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm... Trust me, after being on Dancing with the Stars... You can tell when you're nailing a real dancer..." The lead singer of the band Fozzy says as he uses a perfectly timed pace to bang the dance partner of his on-screen rival from behind as she's bent over in front of him, his hands gripping her toned waist to sharply pull her back against his pumps, allowing him to stuff himself deep inside of her and make them both groan out from the sensations. "Mmmm! Real tight and hot... And I'm not talking about just her dance moves..." Y2J says with a groan as he bangs her snatch, his muscular waist connecting with her shapely rear as he goes in balls deep into her very tight pussy that's gotten very wet already, no doubt helped by the warming up done on her by the stud she's now blowing while she's getting fucked from behind.

"Hey Chris... The Rock says Know Your Role... And let get me a slice of this young hot pie..." The Brahma Bull says as he moves up, exchanging smirks with Jericho as he pulls out, allowing the reigning WWE Champion to push his just as long and thick dick straight into her snatch, which also makes her jolt forward and in turn gag loudly when she almost has to deep throat Fandango's cock. "Mmmm! Damn... You weren't kidding... Ahhhh..." He groans, now experiencing her tightness for himself as he starts to thrust himself in and out of her with a solid pace, more than enough to force her to rock between the two Superstars she's bent over for as one pumps in and out of her mouth while the other bangs her pussy. Rock lets his hands roam, giving her ass cheeks a squeeze to make her groan before setting on gripping her hips, keeping her held steady so he can drive himself in and out of her love tunnel with clear sexual experience behind every motion.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh! Oh fuck! MMMM!!" Andera Lynn moans, able to be fully heard when Fandango steps away with his cock covered in her spit, but her moment of free breathing doesn't last long when the other half of tonight's WrestleMania Main Event steps in, sliding his meaty length into her mouth and feeding it deep into her. Once again she's groaning around some cock and gagging every once in a while as she tries her best to suck him while she's getting her oral hole pumped, keeping her eyes closed to keep her focus, a difficult task considering shes' sandwiched between two hung hunks. "Mmmmph!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmm..." The teacher at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Williamsville, NY continues to moan, a layer of sweat forming across her gorgeous, hot young frame as she rocks between the two Superstars who will battle for the WWE Championship tonight, with one stuffing her snatch from behind while the other fills her mouth up with thick dick with just as deep and forceful pumps of his own.

"Mmmm! Damn... Right now I'm not so sure this one should be ditched..." Cena says with a smile as he steadily rocks his muscular hips forward, pumping his mighty shaft in and out of the soothing oral hole of the stunning dancer in front of him as she remains bent over forwards and is leaving his cock dripping with her saliva from her clearly less an inexperienced sucking action. The multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion continues to moan as he enjoys firmly fucking her mouth even when it causes her to gag as he pushes in deep and makes her lips come into contact with the base of his tool. "Ahhhh! Mmmm shit... And here I thought it was just Cameron and Naomi who were the only dancers... Mmmm! Who could get wild..." He adds between lusty moans, watching the young University student move between the thrusts she's taking in both ends as she continues to show skills of her own, keeping up almost with both stud's stiff motions as she takes it balls deep from behind into her wet snatch and keeps on sucking away on the cock being pumped into her mouth.

"Wild? This is still pretty tame... And I know a whole lot about getting wild... And weird..." The man who used to be nicknamed Durty Curty says with a smirk as he comes back over, holding a bottle of lubricant in his hand. "She's good, I know that... But let's see if she's really Diva material..." He says, pouring some lube out onto his fingers.

"I could use a line about Candy Asses right now..." The Rock says, smirking as he sees the look that John is giving him as he gives Lynn a couple more thrusts deep into her wet pussy. "But for now, that sounds like a damn good idea..." He adds before he pulls out of her with a moan.

Able to lift her head away from Cena's long cock, the stunning dancer barely has time to catch her breath before she's getting moved into position as John Cena sits down on the lavish couch in The Rock's dressing room and she finds herself being mounted on top of his big dick that she'd been sucking and gagging on just seconds before.

"Ahhh... Mmmm oh gosh... That's so big... OH FUCK!!" Just when Andrea Lynn had gotten just a little adjusted to having another dick balls deep inside her, she gasps and stares back over her shoulder with wide eyes as her on-screen dance-partner is pushing his lube-coated finger into her asshole, starting to slowing finger-bang her ass in order to lube her up. "Ahhhh! Oh shit!! MMMM!! I've never even... Uhhhh! Touched myself there before!!" She gasps and grits her teeth at her first anal experience as Fandango slides his finger in and out of her very tight asshole, working that lube perfectly into her sexily rounded booty as he takes his time, showing he knows exactly how to work over both of a woman's lower holes in order to warm them up. If that wasn't enough to handle, the hunk she's on top off starts to thrust his pole up into her already damp but still nicely snug snatch, his superior strength keeping her held down onto him with a hold of her toned midsection to keep her from jolting right off of his rod.

"Guess that means you will never... Eeeeeeeeeever! Be the same, again after this!" The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla says with a smile, ignoring the eye-rolling from his fellow WWE Superstars as he moves up onto the couch at the side, turning her tied-up, brunette-haired head to the side in order for him to push is dick into her soothing mouth. He moans the moment his man meat passes between her smooth lips and wastes no time in beginning to pump back and forth into her, which makes her taste her own pussy juices that are coating his rod - just another no doubt new sensation for her to handle that's making her groan around this invading shaft. "What? I never complained about his lines..." The hung Canadian says as he feeds his cock deep into the warm and wet mouth of the Buffalo, New York native who's having all three of her holes worked over with this dick steadily fucking her mouth, another thrusting deep into her snatch, and the finger of her on-screen dance partner lubing up her ass at the same time.

After spreading a more than generous amount of lube onto his own cock with a couple strokes of the hand, Fandango shifts himself up, feet planted on the edge of the couch seating so he can squat down and grip his dick, sinking down and plunging himself into her prepared asshole, and the moment of penetration makes her groan loudly on the dick she's sucking as her eyes snap open wide. "Awwww FUCK!! MMMM!! Oh shit!! She wasn't lying!!"

The grunts come from the dancing-gimmick Superstar as he can clearly tell she's never taken it up the ass before, her back passage remaining very tight even with all the lubricant used, but he's not stopping as he eases his member in and out of her booty with a steady, dipping-like motion.

"Mmmmm!! So fucking tight... Ahhhh!! Awwww shit..." He groans as he leans forward so he can rest his hands on the wall the couch is against for support, using experienced hip motion to use this squatting motion as he plunges his cock into her asshole, steadily but surely pumping into the ass of the woman who dances with his as part of his entrance on a weekly basis.

"Mmmm!! There's been Divas who couldn't even... Ahhhh! Take it like this at the end of their runs around here..." Cena says as he swiftly sends his shaft straight up into her very wet but snug snatch, moaning as he watches her perky tits bouncing as her body jolts sharply each time she takes a thrust into her ass or her pussy, and as experienced with the women of the WWE as he's clearly been he's obviously impressed by what the beautiful University student and dance teacher has been able to take as she gets banged in all three of her holes at the same time by three hung sports entertainment studs. However, before he can compliment her further, her pussy suddenly tightens on his thrusting member, as Andrea Lynn cums hard on Cena's cock, her juices flowing over his rod as having to handle her first anal sex as a part of his hot and steamy five-way became too much, too soon her her.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm... Guess I maybe spoke too soon..." He says with a smirk, but shows no signs of stopping as he delivers some more balls deep thrusts up into her pussy, helping her ride out all the waves of pleasure that flow through as a clearly intense orgasm grips her as she moans and jolts against the thrusts into her ass and pussy, while managing to bob her head along the cock she's sucking on all the while.

"Hey... Don't think that I'm going to miss out on a slice of this pie..." The Rock states with a grin at his own reference as he moves in, and just when Cena pulls his dick out of her snatch to grant her a moment to come back down to Earth, he pounces as he steps forward and pushes his cock into that soaking wet hole. Clearly no stranger to a sexual encounter sharing a hottie with many guys, he's got no issue with the squatting Fandango in front of him as he dips his rod in and out of her asshole, focusing on that hot pussy as he easily sends all his inches straight in with every pump forward. "Ahhhh... Like I said... Young students, hot bodies... Mmmm... And ready to take it..." He adds as he moans, the sexy sound of his cock driving back and forth into her pussy ringing out around his own personal locker room that's now become the scene for this hot and heavy fucking as the gorgeous University of Buffalo student takes a pounding in all three of her holes from these handsome and talented WWE Superstars.

"I'm not even here all the time... Mmmm!! But even I know... Ahhh! That this one fits in right with the Divas..." Y2J groans as he continues to work his hips, leaving his cock drenched with saliva that's dripping from his rod and off his balls from the repeated motion deep into her mouth, making her gag almost every time he sends his shaft right forward into her soothing oral hole as sweat coats the stunning facial features of the young dancer. Despite having looked elegant accompanying the hunk currently plunging his dick into her ass earlier on, Lynn looks far from it now as saliva seeps from between her lips, trickling down her chin and neck, and tears welled up in her eyes from having to take all the deep throating and her first-time at anal sex have caused her mascara to run.

"Mmmm!! Oh fuck... I'd say need to get Vince to hire more of these college chicks... Mmmm!! But there's no way any of them could take it like this..." He gives a glowing endorsement as his cock is deep in her damp mouth, as the already well-fucked and sweating beauty continues to jolt between the shafts pumping deep into her as she steadily slobbers away on Jericho's while her TV dance-partner stuffs her butt with his thick rod and the Hollywood actor behind her pounds into her soaking wet snatch.

"Hey guys... You gonna get her off of me so I can get back into this?" Cena asks with a smirk, keeping himself busy by lightly stroking his cock while the other Superstars in this sexual encounter use up her holes. "I know I'm gonna win the title back tonight, but you guys don't have to shun me over it..."

"Figures you'd rub that in..." The Rock says with a smile of his own, stepping back to pull his cock out of her snatch.

"Get back into this? I'm not sure she can take any more..." Jericho comments as he pulls out of Lynn's mouth with a groan. "Remember we've got a show tomorrow... And unless you want her to be limping out from being fucked so damn hard..."

"Ahhh... Mmmm... Relax guys... I'm sure she can take it..." Fandango says with a grin as he eases his dick out of her ass, making her groan with relief as he steps off from the couch.

"Ahhhh... Oh fuck... Ahhh... My ass..." Andrea moans as she's able to draw in deep breaths for a couple of moments as John turns her around, allowing her to rest her back against his muscular, sweat-coated chest. "Does... Does this happen... To all the women around... Around here??" She asks in between deep gasps as her perky chest heaves for much needed air, not seeing that John is motioning to her dance partner to hand him the bottle of lube.

"More than you'd imagine... And not just the Divas..." Chris says as he looks over her sweat-soaked athletic body that looks even hotter than before. "Musicians, guest hosts... I heard that entertainment show host Maria was getting "rocked" by 3MB last night at the Hall of Fame..." He adds, clearly able to see as can the other Superstars that underneath her, Cena is lubing up his big cock with a couple strokes of his hand.

"Oh my... I... I don't think I can handle doing this... All the... OH FUCK!!"

She's cut off and made to groan when the winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble Match eases her downwards onto his lube-coved cock, pushing himself deep up into her already well fucked asshole as he holds her by her shapely ass cheeks, keeping them spread for further easy access into that still very tight hole that's making him moan as his shaft throbs inside her. "AHHH!! MMMM!! OH FUCK!! Uhhhh!! Mmmm!!" She grunts as she's held in place, her legs and hips up off the couch as the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion pumps his cock steadily up into her gorgeous backside, the force of the thrusts making her body sharply move back so her back grinds against his chiseled out of stone chest. "Ahhhh!! Ahhhh!! Awwwww FUCK!! AHHH!!" She blindly reaches back, her hands gripping the back of his neck to have something to hold onto as her perfectly sized and rounded tits bounce from the jolting motion her sweat-coveredd body is being made to do as she takes another huge dick into her tight ass.

"I think we should have mentioned the locker room code when it comes to the guys and gals getting together..." Jericho grins as he steps in between her wide open legs, pushing his coated with her saliva cock into her dripping wet snatch, able to go balls deep with the first thrust as he goes right into a swift and hard rythmn to bang her pussy which is now far less snug than she was at the start of this intense fucking session.

"MMMM!! The fun doesn't stop... Mmmm!! Until every guy has gotten off..." He groans as he pumps, his balls slapping into her nicely tanned skin when he drives in, scooping up her long, smooth and made for dancing legs to drape them over his shoulders as he ploughs into her snatch once again. He moans loudly and without shame, loving the soaking wet but still nicely tight enough feeling all around his manhood as he drives in and out of the stunning young University student while a former long-time rival of his on TV hammers up into her sexy and tight ass.

If this wasn't enough for the already spent and fucked harder than she's ever been in her life young stunner, both of the other handsome and hung hunks have now moved up onto the couch at either side of her, their long dicks pointing at her pretty facial features even as covered with sweat and with ruined make-up as she currently is. "Well... It'd be rude to not give her the full treatment..." The former Johnny Curits says with a smirk as he turns her head to the side and invites himself into her mouth, causing her eyes to widen as she's made to go ass-to-mouth, tasting her own back passage from off of his inches that have just come from plunging deep into her asshole. "MMMM!! And I just love going all the way... Diva or otherwise..." He says with a lick of his lips as he enjoys the feeling of hers wrapped around his tool as with a hand on the back of her tied-up, brunette-haired head he's the worn out beauty bob along his tool, giving her little choice but to further taste her own ass from off his cock but to her credit, she isn't seemingly repulsed - perhaps to exhausted to even
care at this point.

Indeed, as her head is now turned to the otherside and the reigning WWE Champion now pushes his own throbbing length deep into her so he can use her oral hole for his own pleasure, the elegant and talented young dancer can only stay stuck in a position many red blooded female wrestling fans would love to be in - getting pounded in her holes by four WWE Superstars. Cena bangs her sexy ass from underneath with stiff and deep thrusts, the stud nicknamed Y2J ploughs in and out of her love tunnel that's leaving his dick drenched in her pussy fluids, and both Fandango and The Rock take it in turns to use her mouth to make her deeply suck on and even deep throat their lengths. Her nicely curved and athletic frame is made to jolt and rock between the men, responding to every deep thrust into her lower holes she takes while her moans and groans are muffled by whichever piece of thick man meat is currently being fed into her.

It comes as no real surprise then that soon enough the original female dancer to Fandango, Andrea Lynn is once again cumming hard from the intense fucking she's taking from four of the WWE's most desirable as well as talented performers, her pussy tightening enough around Jericho's pumping dick to make her groan deeply as she releases another flow of juices across his rod to further soak him. At the same time under her Cena moans as her back passage clamps like a vice around his member, but it's not stopping him from enjoying some more of her shapely rump as he continues to drive himself up into her. For the other two men, their cocks are also starting to pulse wildly but they savour her mouth some more regardless, as her on-screen dance partner has her head pushed right down onto his tool so her nose presses into his crotch as she's made to gag. Seconds later she's turned to the other side and The Rock face-fucks her with a couple of swift, balls-deep mouths that make saliva seep out past her lips as she's made to slobber erotically all over his fat inches.

"Ahhhh... Holy fuck... I'm gonna blow.." Chris groans as sweat drips from his face, finally pulling out of her more than simply well-banged snatch as he steps back.

"MMMM!! Then let's really... Ahhhh... Finish this off properly... Set her down..." Cena grunts as he delivers a final few thrusts up into her ass.

"Ahhhh... M.... More??" Andrea questions as she groans when she's lifted off from John's meaty dick that's left her asshole gaping from the fucking she's taken. She can only pant for air as she's set down on the locker room floor, clearly exhausted after the two most intense sexual highs of her young life.

The intentions are soon clear though as she is soon surrounded by the four men as they grip their shafts and start furiously stroking off, their hands swiftly running up and down their long, throbbing lengths that have been driving into each of her holes during the course of this steamy and intense sexual three-on-one she's found herself in. Despite have had all her energy drained, she can't help but gaze at those big, mouth-watering dicks that even now have her licking her lips and knowing full well what they intend to do, she's not going to deny them it even if she could so she goes a step further, using her last bit of strength to shift her legs so she can perform her sexy splits post while looking up at them. Tilting her tied-back, brunette-haired head back slightly, the original regular Fandango dancer opens her mouth wide open and not just to draw in air, but to receive what's coming next as she closes her eyes and hears their groans of pleasure getting deeper and deeper still.

Sure enough, a chain reaction soon sets off as all four sweating, hunky WWE Superstars start to shoot their loads onto Andrea Lynn as she stays in her splits position on the floor, making her gasp and groan as she feels thick streams of spunk splashing down across her face to coat her along with the sweat and ruined make-up from all the previous face-fucking she's taken. Both The Rock and Chris Jericho have no set target in mind, just aiming down as they stroke themselves off as their cum lands on her cheeks, forehead, and a little across her nose. Fandango aims his shots more into that open target of her oral hole, filling up her mouth with the majority of her big load with some landing onto her lips and chin as well. Cena has his target more on the forehead, getting a little cum onto her brunette hair in the process as he plasters her pretty facial features, getting one streak across her eye and some on her nose so that it drips from the tip.

Groaning as she feels the vast amount of spunk landing on her, leaving her covered in jizz and looking very far removed from the elegant and graceful dancer she's seen to be on weekly WWE television, Fandango's original dancer remains down performing the splits as he gorgeous face gets plastered by the spunk of four Superstars. Hearing their groans ease off to signal they are spent, she opens up her other eye to gaze up at the sweating but grinning hunks, carefully using her finger to scoop away the cum from her other eye so she can properly see. Knowing their watching and figuring out what they expect from her, she closes her mouth and forces down all of her on-screen dance-partner's jizz down her throat with one gulp, making her groan when she opens her mouth again to resume gasping for much needed air after the hardest and greatest fucking she has ever experienced in her young life, and may ever have for that matter!

"Now that's... That's what I call a warm up..." The Rock says with a smile, pointing down at her as he nods his head. "Good work there honey... You damn well fit right in around here."

"Th... Thanks... I guess..." Andrea manages to smile, shifting herself to sit on the floor as she further tries to catch her breath after all she's gone through.

"Tell you something..." Cena says, looking to Fandango. "Whoever this Summer Rae is, she's better be as good as WWE brass thinks she might be... Because after all this? It's going to take a whole lot more to beat her..." He adds with a smirk, giving Lynn a wink as he along with The Rock move to get their ring attires back on.

"We'll have to wait and see... But I sure know that I like you even more than I did before..." Fandango says, offering a hand to help her off from the floor.

"Bet you say that... To all the Divas you fuck..." Andrea says with a smirk as she manages to stand back up, but with clearly weaker legs than when she first walked into this locker room. "If this Summer girl can dance and dance well, then that's just fine... But..." She trails off, smirking as she surprises him by taking his hand, turning herself around and making him catch him in a bent-over dance pose as she runs a finger along his cheek. "I think I'd love to do a little... Dirty Dancing... Around here for a little longer..." She adds with a big smile on her cum-covered face.

* * *

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