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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Stephanie McMahon (WWE)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral, anal.

Diva Changer Part 1
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

I could go into all the boring details, but that wouldn't likely answer most of the questions. Besides, I'm no scientist or technician so I can't explain the ins and outs of it all. It boils down to this. One day I woke up, and after another dull and boring day I got home to find a box in the mail for me. I hadn't ordered anything and I wasn't expecting a delivery to arrive. When I opened it, I found what looked like just a regular smartphone and a small leaflet of instructions. Along with a note that said "Use this wisely. I know I did.". Except this phone didn't make or accept calls. All it had on it was a single app. The "Diva Changer".

My mind went back to a random conversation I'd had online with someone, discussing how in our opinion the current 'Women's Evolution' in the WWE was a pile of crap. Remembering the good old days of bra and panties matches, skin being shown, and when we could look forward to nude magazine shoots instead of hoping for phone leaks. As I recall, the guy I was talking to mentioned some fantasy, at least I figured it was, about having a phone that could change people and how they acted. Their personality, their emotions, how they dressed. Even change them to basically become a different person altogether. I played along, saying how it would be awesome to go and make that happen in the WWE to all the women and turn the female Superstars back into naughty, slutty Divas.

I of course dismissed the conversation like so many others. Fantasy was just that. It didn't really happen. So when I got this device out, I decided to open up the App and see what it did. Plenty of options. Select a target, and change them mentally. Reduce free will. Increase sexuality. Complete obedience. Treat acts that would be shocking or out of the ordinary as just normal. Despite being called the 'Diva Changer' it had options to influence men as well it seemed, which was a handy fall-back in case things went south.

I naturally tested the device out in my town. The girl next door who had always just friend-zoned me and was engaged to the school jock? I had her on her knees sucking my dick before I fucked her on her bed, and had her moan out about how much bigger and better I was than her husband to be. That gorgeous teacher who always wore the too tight, short skirts at college? I got some private tuition with her, taking her over her desk while making her try and 'mark' tests that didn't exist. I even went to my job and, before I quit, fucked the store manager in the back storage room instead of finishing my shift. Banging one of the check-out girls too that I picked up on the way out.

As fun as this all was, I knew that with this device and it's seemingly unstoppable powers? I had to aim higher. Why not go for the big time. The biggest wrestling company in the world with the hottest roster of women. After all, all those female Superstars thinking they can change the world and be taken seriously? It was about time they got taken down a peg or two. Or at least, made into what they should have always been. Divas.

* * *

"Miss McMahon? Your One O'clock meeting is here." The voice of the woman on the other end of the speaker-phone said. Her tone a little raspier than it had been earlier in the day. Kind of happens when I decided to introduce myself to her with my dick down her throat.

"Meeting? I don't remember scheduling one..." Stephanie McMahon raised an eyebrow, not looking too amused by this as she raised an eyebrow.

I, of course, invited myself in. Just as I'd done walking through the front door and using the app on the security guard and front desk staff to have them award me an all access staff pass. Just as I'd done reaching the floor of McMahon's office. Of course, with the powers of this mind control app I didn't bother even trying to dress up for the part. Looking completely out of place as I strolled in with a big, cheesy smile. Just in creased up jeans and similarly unironed, baggy T-shirt with a hodded jacket on. I knew for a fact I wasn't a muscle bound stud like many WWE stars, and far from it. I was tubby, short, and balding. No person would really look at me twice without this app.

"Who the Hell do you..." McMahon stood up, looking angry at my appearance and clearly seeing there was no real meeting going on here. However, she couldn't finish her sentence. My finger touching the activate button on the Diva Changer as I pointed it at the Billion Dollar Princess.

Stephanie's expression suddenly changed. Blank. Emotionless. Her eyes looking glazed over as she stared not at me, but through me in a trance that she was truly in. Essentially I'd just paused her brain, and therefore her entire body. Still breathing and alive of course, but without any ability to freely think for the moment. It was a delicious sight that had me getting hard in my pants already.

I took a moment to look over the most powerful woman in WWE as stood statue-like in front of me. The long brunette hair. Stylish and no doubt expensive necklace and earrings. The wedding ring on her hand. Most importantly for me, that stunning grade-A MILF body of hers. Those huge, fake tits sitting nicely in a black, sleeveless top. Her thick rounded ass in a tight, red skirt. I was reminded of many a night I'd spent jacking off, imagining being deep in those titties or in her booty. Now? I didn't have to dream or fantasise.

I tapped into the app and started changing some settings. Reducing defiance, objections and common sense so that she'd happily agree to anything I said. Increasing desire and sexual frustration to make her more than just willing to be down to fuck, despite being married. Reducing shame and self-worth so that being a mother and a proud businesswoman would mean little when, not if, things got dirty with me. Basically, I was ripping out of her everything that made her a ruthless McMahon and more of an obedient, go-along-with-anything bimbo. At least for the most part and when I was around. I couldn't just turn her off and steal her away to fuck at home. No. This plan I had for her was far more fun... For me at least.

I hit the activate button on the App. Watching as McMahon blinked and her brain snapped back into life with these new 'settings' applied. Her eyes widened at me, looking shocked but then looking over me. Trying to process things before she shook her head. "S-Sorry!" She apologised, seemingly blushing with embarrassment as she looked at me. "I... I must have completely forgotten about our meeting!" She said, moving around the desk quickly to meet me. The reprogramming making her not see anything wrong with my casual to say the least clothing compared to her professional attire. "Please, forgive me. Mister...?" Stephanie asked with a warm smile. A far cry from the attitude she'd given me moments before.

"Boss. You can call me Boss." I told her with a smile of my own, but one that was a lot more sinister. "After all from now on, you're reporting directly to me now, right?" I informed her. Saying it like a question to 'remind' her, but in reality I was giving her an order. The App allowing me to control her regardless, so we might as well make it 'official'.

"Of course! Boss." Stephanie quickly agreed. Not thinking how wrong this was that an out of my league guy like me was now suddenly above her in the power ladder. "I'm looking forward to working together with you!" She said, extending her hand politely

"Well, you'll be working for me but I'll let that pass this time." I said, pretending to reassure her as I took a second to move past her hand rudely, but in her new state Stephanie just kept smiling at me as I looked over her office. "Nice place you've got here. I think we'll be sharing this office from now on while I'm here. Is that OK?" I again faked like I was asking her, but as I looked to her it was just another order.

"Of course! Not a problem at all Sir. I'll just, get another chair in her, maybe a desk..." She started to speak, obediently agreeing with me without any hesitation.

"Yes yes, we'll work that stuff out later..." I said to cut her off as I moved around her desk. Helping myself to sit down in her executive office chair as I turned it so I could look across at her. "Come here Steph'. I think it's time we discussed my plans for the Women's Division here in WWE, don't you?"

"Absolutely!" She said, moving over as she now stood in front of me. My eyes taking in that wonderful body of hers. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well first of all..." I put the Diva Changer phone down on her desk, as I made a fake display of checking over myself like I had misplaced something. "Ah shoot. I was going to just sign the contracts to make everything official for this... Business relationship of ours." I said with a grin. Not doing too good a job of keeping up this fake act I was doing. Not that I needed to with this once powerful, intimidating woman now just standing doll-like in front of me. "So... How about you suck my dick and we'll use that as me signing for the moment. Is that fine?"

"That's... Fine! Of course Sir!" Stephanie seemed to question the request for a brief moment, but was soon smiling again. "I'm sure we'll find you a pen soon enough Boss." She added. Ignoring the fact that on her desk right next to us was plenty of pens to use. If the contracts I spoke of actually existed of course.

I couldn't stop grinning as I watched Stephanie McMahon, the actual daughter of the owner of WWE and the on-screen Commissioner of Monday Night Raw drop to her knees in front of me as I sat in her office chair. A smile on her gorgeous face as she looked up rather sweetly at me. Not having the thoughts of her own to see anything wrong with this - undoing the pants of a man she's only just met. Rather quickly she pulled them down and out sprung my rock hard cock. Not just hard, but thick. Long. With a pair of big set of heavy balls underneath to match. Does that sound unreasonable? I'm using a fucking smart phone App to mind control women. Reason ain't really applying right here and now.

"So, what was your plans for the Women's Division again Boss?" Stephanie asked as she looked up. Smiling as she gripped my cock. Giving me a couple pumps before she leaned in. Wrapping her lips around my fat bell-end and slurping on the top to make me moan. Geez did those lips feel great on my dick. They were wasted just being used on her husband's probably tiny dick. Her eyes locked on me as she sucked on the crown. Her hand stroking over my pole as she slightly bobbed on that head. Yeah, she's blown some lucky fuckers in her time, I could tell. She looked like a MILF pornstar the way she was double teaming my dick with that mouth and hand.

"Mmmm... Oh yeah... My plans..." I moaned before I let out a snigger. Watching the Billion Dollar Princess starting to properly suck on my dick as she pushed that warm and wet mouth further onto my rod. "Well firstly... We'll be putting all the women... Mmmmm... Under new fucking contracts..." I said, managing to speak between my moans. Loving how Stephanie's full lips were sliding up and down on my shaft while she still pumped away at me. That pretty face looking made to be moving up and down towards a man's crotch like this. "Essentially? I'll own them. Able to do whatever I want to them, when I want. Even during a WWE show." I informed that woman sucking my cock as she stared obediently back up at me. Her mouth running up and down my rod smoothly and with skill. Her hand still stroking off the lower part for the moment.

"Mmmmm..." McMahon groaned as she pulled off from the cock that was not the one belonging to the man she was married to. "I'm sure that won't be a problem Boss!" She said with a smile. Stroking me off quickly for a couple of pumps before she spat down onto my tool. "It sounds... Like a great idea! Anything else?" She asked, but before I could speak her eager mouth was back onto my fat dick. Pushing down deeper too as she started properly bobbing her head. Earrings swaying and her hair falling out of place as she sucked on me. "Ulllkkkk!! Mmmmm... Hrrrrlllkk hlllllkkkkk!!" With an enjoyably noisy pace as well. Letting me hear her saliva being applied to me as well as feeling it. Living up to a frustrated MILF stereotype as she serviced my dick like it was her first taste of cock in months.

"Mmmmmm fuck!!" I groaned with approval. A hand going to the back of her head as she blew me steadily and deeply. Not to encourage her or anything. Just me stroking my own ego as I allowed myself to further show the control I had over her. Watching the businesswoman and on-screen authority figure acting like a cock-sucking whore as she slurped away on my big dick. The mind control ensuring she didn't even give a second thought to her family or husband as she blew me with suck after naughty suck. "Oh right... Mmmmm... We're rebranding the division too. Making them... Ahhhhhh! Back into fucking Divas. Separate them from the real Superstars..." I said between my groans. Already this blowjob blowing away anything I'd gotten from the other, regular women I'd tested the App on before her.

"Mmmmphhh?? Hmmmmphhhh hllllkkkk!!" McMahon's response was muffled by all my man-meat starting to slide up into her throat. She tried to lift off, probably to speak but that's where my hand came into play. Forcing her not just back down, but deeper onto my fuck-stick. "GAHHHHHH!! HHHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMM!!" She gagged around my dick as her face got pushed into my crotch. Lips and nose meeting the jungle of pubes I had down there as I kept her held so I had another moment to savour. Enhanced by her groans and chokes as her saliva further splattered around to drip onto my balls. Gripping that previously pristine hair I raised her head up, to make her mouth bob on me as I began to feed that talented mouth my manhood.

"MMMMM... Yeah... Just like fucking that!" I grinned down as I fucked the face of the former WWF Women's Champion. Watching the saliva drip off her chin, and her make-up start to become ruined as her eyes watered up. Clearly she wasn't used to a huge size of dick like mine. She soon would be. Now that I had her under my control, this MILF and her holes were going to be used plenty by me. Exactly in situations like this. Her on her knees. Unable to resist or protest as I fuck her wonderfully pleasurable mouth. The control I have on her making her think this is just a regular business meeting. Nothing out of the ordinary for her to be having her mouth taken by someone other than the man she's happily married to.

After a few more pumps I pulled her head off from my cock. Watching as gasped for air and stared up at me. A second later, her gaze going to my dick as she licked her lips. I couldn't stop smiling as I let go of her, and she immediately went to licking the dick she'd just been gagging all over. Moaning as she ran her tongue up the side to swirl around the crown, before moving to lick up all the way from my nut-sack to the head in straight-out-of-porn motion. Topped off with a filthy look from her that wouldn't look out of place if she was in the ring cutting a classic 'Head Bitch in Charge' promo.

"So we'll... Mmmmm... Be making some changes... Nothing too out of the blue..." I explained between my moans as she gave my already coated with her saliva dick more of that tongue love. "They'll still be able to wrestle... We're just taking things back to the good old days. Attitude era and all that."

McMahon gave my bell-end another swirl around the tip before she sat back. Smiling up at me, even with make-up ruined a bit from her tears and all the saliva dripping onto her top from off her chin. "That sounds... Perfect!" She responded as the Diva Changer App forced her mind to accept my orders without hesitation or question. "I'm sure the women... I mean, I'm sure the Divas will be overjoyed at this!"

"Yeah, they fucking will..." I said as I let out an admittedly sinister laugh. Knowing the App would soon be used on all of the other women in WWE too. "But before that? Get up, and bend over your desk for me Stephanie." I instructed. Standing up and pushing her chair back as I intended on enjoying more than just a BJ from my first prize of sports entertainment.

"Of course!" She happily said with a warm smile to match. Showing how mind controlled she actually was as she moved and bent over on her own office desk. Even brushing objects to the side so she had room to rest as she put her hands on the desk. "Like what you see?" She almost purred as she looked back over her shoulder at me. Another dirty grin as I was instantly reminded of that infamous moment from Smackdown when she had been General Manager and showed off her ass to the world.

"Damn fucking right I do." I said. Ignoring all pretence of a business meeting her as I stepped behind her. Reaching into my jacket to pull out a bottle of sex lube from an inside pocket before I removed the garment completely to dump onto her chair. "And I'm gonna make full fucking use of of you too Steph'." I said with a shit-eating grin and a gloating tone to match. Making my promise true as I hiked her skirt right up over that magnificent, thick and rounded ass. Seeing it clad in a set of nice, lacy black panties. Ones that were noticeably damp might I add thanks to the effect of the Diva Changer. It would be rude to leave them there so I gripped them and hauled them to the side so I could expose both of her lower holes to me.

"S-Sir! That's... Mmmmmm..." I made McMahon groan when I poured out some of the lube onto her backside. Letting it flow down the crack and over her asshole for good measure. Taking a moment once I'd put the bottle down to push a finger into that tight entrance. Further making her groan, and tellingly buck backwards against just the push of that finger, as I started to work the lube into her passage. "Ooooooooh FUCK! Mmmmm... Oh yeah Boss... Mmmmm..." She moaned like an already cock-drunk whore. Staring back lustfully as I finger-banged her backside to prepare her for my dick. The mind-control enhancing her urges so she's craving me instead of the man she's actually married to.

Pulling my finger out, I then shifted up as I applied the head of my cock onto her asshole. A little dollop of lube put onto my bell-end for good measure before I pushed forward. Invading the stunning ass of Stephanie McMahon with my fat cock. "MMMMM FUCK!!" I groaned out, and pushing back she let out an equally sinful cry. Holy shit was she tight. Wonderfully so. Yet another of her holes making any other woman I've been able to fuck feel like loose whores with how her anal walls were gripping my member. For a moment all I could do was just stare down. The awesome sight of my cock inside of one of the hottest women in WWE history as I took her ass from behind. Only her whining as she bucked back against my dick snapping me out of my trance. Ironic since the only reason I'm getting to tap this fine booty is because I have her in a submissive, lustful mind control.

"MMMMMM!! Fuck!! Oh yeah Stephanie... MMMMM..." I moaned as I put both hands on her hips. Watching that MILF ass shake when I pushed forward and slide my inches into her tightness. I hadn't even needed to tell her to work that stunning backside against me - she was doing it all under her own 'power'. That being the mental instructions I've forced on her through the App. "MMMMM... You like that Steph'? Huh? AHHHHH..." I demanded as I pumped in and out of her. She was very tight, and even with the lube this was going to be a test if I was really going to fill that ass up with my member. I might have started to sweat at that point, but I wasn't going to finish until I'd really given that ass the kind of fucking it, and she, deserved. Even if it wasn't being done under her own free will. "Like my big fucking cock... MMMM SHIT!! Fucking your big fucking ass?"

"OHHHHH YEAH!! MMMM!! I love it!! MMMMM YESSSSSS!!" The on-screen Commissioner of Monday Night Raw moaned out words ripped right out of a porn movie script as she stared back at me. Her gaze darting from up at me to down at her ass. Watching her own backside getting stuffed full with my thick rod. Staying both bend over on her down executive desk and rocking back to meet my motions. Making sure her juicy cheeks jiggled deliciously as she helped to get my inches further into her rump. "MMMMM!! Fuck my ass Boss! MMMMM FUCK!! YEAH FUCK ME!!" She added between sinful groans. Looking far from a professional mother and wife she's supposed to be. More like a sex-starved slut as she pushed back over and over every time I pumped between her ripe rear cheeks. Even more so considering she was still clothed, with just her skirt pulled up and panties to the side so I could thrust in and out of her vice-like asshole.

"AHHHHH SHIT... MMMMM... Fuck!! That's one... MMMMM!! Big, fucking tight ass Stephanie..." I complimented my new, but not willing, whore as I stared down and watched my dick further vanish forward into her back passage. Forcing her tunnel to accept my member as I continued to pump away, while she groaned and pushed back to take it. Noticing now that she was beginning to sweat too, which just made those bouncing ass cheeks look even hotter as I fucked her. "MMMMM... You ever let hubby... AHHHHH!! Get a piece of this fine ass?" I asked before I grunted. Needing to give this my all as I enjoyed what many a red blooded WWE fan would kill to do as I fucked the daughter of the owner of the company up her huge, thick backside. I didn't need to say that or demand an answer for her, but I wanted one. Another display of the control I had over her, especially to serve as a reminder that she's supposed to be happily married to another man.

"UHHHH!! N-Never!" McMahon admitted as she began to slump forward gradually as I pumped away into her ass. Her huge chest now resting on the surface of the desk and even clothed covered, it was still stimulating her as her tits rubbed back and forth on the furniture as she moved backward against my pumps. "I've... MMMMM FUCK!! N-Never let... AHHHHH!! A-Anyone fuck my ass!!" She said between her groans as she stared back with a fire of desire in her eyes. I could believe those words. Her back passage was super-tight around my fat pole so if she'd ever had taken it up the ass before, they must have been either tiny or just a pencil. I wasn't complaining. Grinning at taking apparently her anal virginity in such a twisted way. All it took to fuck her butt before her husband ever got a chance to was just warping her brain with a mind control App.

"MMMMM!! In that case... AHHHHH FUCK... I'll be sure... MMMM!! To be the only one who gets to... FUCK! Fuck this huge, fucking sexy ass of yours..." I said between grunts. My fingers digging into her juicy hips as I plunged away in and out of her butt. Impressing myself as I managed to fit my shaft into that tight hole to the point that now my balls were smacking off her body when I drove forward. My crotch soon following as I went in to the hilt into this Billion Dollar Booty. "AHHHHH... Is that acceptable Stephanie? MMMMMM... Is it OK with you... UHHHH!! That only I'm gonna fuck your ass from now on?" I demanded from her, grinning as I said each word. The sight was amazing in front of me. McMahon bent over with that ass raised and stuck out, not to mention being pushed back to meet me as I pistoned my rod into her previously untouched rump. The pleasure all over her sweat-covered face as strands of her hair were now stuck onto her thanks to that bucking back motion she was doing to take my cock in deep.

"AHHHHHH!! YES!! MMMMM... O-Only you... C-Can fuck my ass, B-Boss!!" She stuttered out between her moans. Not because the mind control was wearing off or anything. The sensations of her ass getting stuffed full with fat dick overwhelming her as her head began to slump down. Teeth gritted together and staring ahead. Like she was trying with everything she had left to keep it together and see this anal action out until the end. Of course, her craving for this and my dick was just because of the mind control I had on her. Keeping her rocking back and forth against my thrusts as she groaned out. No doubt feeling things, in more ways than just sin, unlike any consensual encounter she'd had prior to this 'meeting'.

With a reluctant groan I pulled out of her ass. Watching her asshole gape for a moment before sealing, much to me smirking approval. I could have easily fucked her ass all day like that and from her moans, she wouldn't have objected. Or more accurately, she couldn't have objected even if she wanted to. Since she had been robbed of her free will and all. Instead, I wanted some bragging right from this. Even if I was the only witness to this event. So with that in mind I turned McMahon over onto her back. Pushing her legs up as I draped them over my shoulders as I squatted down. Without ceremony diving down between those thick thighs and into her soaking and shaved pussy.

"AHHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMMM BOSS!! OOOOOOOOOHH!!" The reaction was instant when I slurped onto her twat. Tasting delicious juices that could only be expected from a Billion Dollar Princess. I eagerly munched away onto her. Tongue lashing out and all across her folds to scoop up the plentiful juices. Drinking them down like I was a thirsty man who'd just crossed a red hot desert. It also gave myself a break from that intense ass fucking I'd been doing to her, but my cock was still rock hard and ready for more. All in good time, as for now I focused on making the most powerful woman in WWE cum all over my tongue.

"MMMMM YES BOSS! EAT ME!! MMMMMM FUCK!! AHHHHH!!" She moaned out loudly, and without shame. Not a single thought cast to her husband or the rest of her family as she squirmed on top of her office desk in pure pleasure from my tongue work on her slit. Her clothes sticking to her body from all the sweat that was starting to collect on top of the desk I'd been fucking her over minutes before. "AHHHHH... S-So... SO CLOSE MMMMM!! AHHHHHH!!" She added between groans. Only serving to make me increase my efforts as I stuffed my tongue as deep into her box as I could. Eating out the former WWE Women's Champion with those stunning legs wrapped around my head. Making me grin into her snatch from how she was making sure my face had nowhere to go but stay clamped onto her needy twat.

I glanced up just in time to witness her body arch off the desk as her tits bounced in her straining top. Before her snatch let loose a wave of juices as McMahon came all over my tongue. Of course I drank down as much of her as I could. So much that my lips and chin were left covered. While fluids dripped down her thighs and onto the desk she was laying on to join the sweat already there. Her legs rubbed against my head but soon parted as she came down from that intense (and enhanced thanks to the Diva Changer App) sexual peak. Greedily giving her pussy a final couple of licks before I stood up. Just admiring the sight of Stephanie slumped across her own desk, still clothed but her skirt up to show that dripping snatch I'd just dined on.

Was I done with her? Like fuck I was. I climbed up onto the desk, even as she lay there recovering from her orgasm. Mounting her as I inched towards her chest. Reaching down first to push her top upward and see the mismatching, but still just as expensive looking compared to her panties, bra she had on. Only for a moment though as I soon grabbed that decided to roughly pull it apart at the front clasp. Letting those huge, fake and only further enhanced by motherhood tits spring free in all their glory. It was only natural that I grabbed them with my hands, getting a groan out of the controlled beauty I was on top of as I groped those wonderful mounds for a savouring moment.

I'd fucked two of her pleasurable holes so far and tongue-banged the other. Only fitting that I make use of her other impressive 'assets' for good measure. By that of course I meant fucking those fun-bags. Placing my cock between her tits, I sandwiched my member between them with my hands. That feeling of the soft, sweat-covered flesh more than enough to make me moan as I licked my lips. Showing little concern for her groaning state as she clearly wasn't ready for more action from me. Too bad. This wasn't about her. I had my needs, and I was going to get off too using these huge mountains of hers that she flaunts whenever she's on TV.

"MMMMM... Oh Stephanie!! MMMMM!!" I moaned as I started to thrust. Fucking her tits with the cock that had basically just come straight out of her ass. Now sliding in and out of her deep, sexy cleavage as I held her mounds firmly against my shaft. Causing her breasts to jiggle as the flesh was so vast there was no way my hands could contain it all. That just added to my enjoyment since my gaze was firmly fixed right down at her rack as my cock pumped between those MILF titties. "AHHHHH... These huge... Fake fucking tits! MMMMM... Made to be fucking fucked!!" I said as I grunted and the sweat started to fall off my nose. Not exactly poetic, sure. But I was using the tits of a woman I had under mind control for my filthy pleasure. It was a minor accomplishment I could say anything other than just grunt and moan at this junction.

Underneath me, still in dazed state, all the daughter of the owner of the WWE could do was stare and watch though the hair sticking to her face. In her freshly fucked state drained of energy, not to mention pinned down. Of course, she wouldn't be able to object in the first place thanks to the Diva Changer App. Regardless, she was showing how lust-driven I had put her into being as her eyes locked onto my dick as it popped out from between her tits. Pumping in and out of her rack at a firm pace perhaps more suited for using on one of her holes rather than these mounds. It was seemingly enough to make her groan sinfully however. Getting off a bit on being used in any form. So who was I to stop when was, unwillingly, so into this now?

"MMMMM FUCK!! These tits... MMMM!! I'll fucking... Fucking these tits! AHHHH!! Any fucking time I want!!" I said, grinning at my own vow and knowing it to be true. I owned her now. She, her tits, her ass and all of her were mind now to control and use however I wanted to. Just like this. Titty fucking this stunning MILF on top of her own office desk as she lay in a small puddle of her own juices and sweat. The dick of a man who is most certainly not her husband sliding swiftly in and out of her chest. My hands keeping her mounds tightly pressed around and against my thrusting man-meat for the maximum pleasure. This was truly living! A moment to never forget. Forcing myself onto the most powerful female in sports entertainment and making her a sex slave to me, all thanks to a mind controlling App.

I perhaps underestimated her, or at least how worn out she was. McMahon lifted her head up and was able to lash her tongue out to catch the crown of my cock when it popped out from her cleavage. Making me groan in delight as I watched her rather expertly attack my dick with that tongue whenever I pumped forward between her mounds. Oh yeah, she's used her tits to fuck some dicks before in the past for sure. I decided to shift further up, pushing her breasts closer towards her face so that now my cock was really close to her. Enough that she was able to wrap her lips around my bell-end and start to slurp. My moans louder than ever now as I bucked into her breasts. Still slightly fucking them while this horny mother and wife sucked on the crown of my tool while the shaft rested and slid in between her boobs.

That sudden assault sent me over the edge, as no doubt it would have done to any other red blooded male. Cock pulsing between her mounds as I gave one last thrust. I could have said something to warn her, sure. I didn't. Watching her eyes widen as thick shots of spunk suddenly filled up her mouth, before they seemed to glaze over in delight as she groaned. Accepting my creamy jizz as I gave her a more than plentiful amount. So much so that it was seeping past her lips to start to drool down her chin. It was then she shifted back and closed her lips. Swallowing down all of my seed with a single, pornstar-quality gulp topped off by licking her lips. Even making sure, like a good whore should, to lean back forward and use her tongue to clean off the crown of my tool to ensure she'd gotten every last drop of my load.

"Holy fuck..." I remarked as I gasped for long overdue air. Dismounting McMahon and nearly stumbling off as I moved off her desk. Quickly going to her chair to take a break as I wiped sweat from my forehead. "Yeah... Holy shit... Mother fucking thank you Diva Changer App!" I said as I started grinning again. Reaching over to grab the smart phone and check over the App with a nod. Swiping through settings so that I made sure to change things to make sure that there wouldn't be any complications after I left this office. Like McMahon blurting out to her husband how she'd gotten one of the best fucks of her life thanks to another man.

Eventually Stephanie moved off the desk to shakily stand up. Gasping as she fixed her clothing but still appeared in quite the freshly fucked state. "W-Was that to your approval, B-Boss?" She asked as she looked over me. Already with a look of wanting.

"No fucking shit..." I chuckled, but didn't even look up at her. Instead, I just tapped in the functions to the App. Glancing up to see McMahon standing straight for a moment before she blinked. "So! That's our meeting concluded." I informed her. Pulling my pants back on and up before I stood up in front of her. "I think we'll make for a great team, you and I." I told her with a smile.

"I... Yes, of course Sir!" She said with a happy smile. Already forgetting how I'd just been fucking her across and on her own desk just seconds ago. "I'm already looking forward to it."

"Good! Now be sure to make the proper arrangements. I'll call you with details, but I'll expect a private office at every arena of WWE events, as well as NXT tapings and similar." I told her, watching her nod in agreement like there was nothing unusual about that at all. "Now, if that's all... Oh. One more thing..." I said, starting to smirk. "This coming edition of Raw? Have a pre-event meeting arranged so I can meet with all my new Divas." I said. Knowing full well I haven't really said to her what my full plans for the women of WWE are just yet.

"That won't be a problem, Boss!" Stephanie said energetically to me as I walked away from her, heading out of her, and now my, office. "I'm sure they can't wait to meet you!"

"And I can't fucking wait to meet all of them..." I said to myself under my breath as I walked out the door. Ideas already brewing in my mind for this coming Monday. "And all of Smackdown... NXT... When the next Mae Young Classic rolls around... And even fucking beyond!"

* * *

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