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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Alexa Bliss (WWE)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral, anal.

Diva Changer Part 2
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

It had only been a few days since my 'appointment' as the new Head of the Divas Division in the WWE. Sure there had been objections, hashtags put out by the psycho fans obsessed with 'real' wrestling and articles of despair from journalists. Like I cared. I had Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of the owner of WWE and herself holding a position of power in the company under my control. Mind control. Thanks to a strange smartphone and its app called 'Diva Changer' that allowed me to alter the minds of anyone I targeted. Men and women, but especially women. Any worry about my appointment I soon 'altered' by changing thoughts and opinions to accept me. Soon enough, my appointment was just placed as another McMahon family favour for a rich family. Thanks to a false story I had leaked out to the dirt sheets.

So with my position of power secure, I just had to use it now. Sure, I could just spend day after day nailing Stephanie McMahon and her MILF body again and again, but why just stop at having one slice of cake to eat? I wanted it all. And that meant all the women in the WWE. I was still making up my plans for the so-called Superstars as I went, but I was sure things would work out in the long run. The WWE had money to burn anyway so what was making a few mistakes here and there mean in the long run?

My first day on the job, officially at least, arrived as I came to Monday Night Raw. Just as I'd instructed, Stephanie had arranged a pre-event meeting in the Women's Locker room with all the female talent and me. The moment I walked into the room it was obvious there was disgust, anger, and disappointment at me for reducing all their 'hard work' to making them just be called Divas again. It also might have something to do with the fact that I just rolled in wearing baggy jeans and a creased T-shirt with a loose jacket on top too. Hardly professional. Like I cared.

"Now ladies, I know there's been some concern and outcry about our new Head of the Divas Division here..." Stephanie said to the assembled women with a smile. "But the Boss here wanted to speak to you all and reassure you all. So! I'll just let him take it away!" She said, motioning to me as she stepped aside.

I stepped forward, and glanced at them all before I spoke. "Before I begin? I want to just say one thing..."

Of course, I didn't actually say anything. I raised up the smartphone in my hand and hit the target button. Watching with a smile as every single woman in the room - wrestler, interviewer and ring announcer - suddenly stood bolt upright. Expressionless. Barely blinking and staring blankly ahead not even directly at me. I already knew that the App could effect several people at once, but even I was impressed at its power to control all these stunning women at the same time. Whoever designed this thing was a genius! Just as well a pervert like me got his hands on it to make sure it was properly used!

It was a gorgeous harem of talent I saw in front of me. Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Bayley, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, Liv Morgan, Mickie James, Natalya, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Sasha Banks. Not forgetting the on-screen talents of Charly Caruso, Renee Young and JoJo. A far lesser extent to Nia Jax in my opinion but I figured I'd keep her around to no one could fully claim I was going 'full Diva' at least in the public's eyes. Even Stephanie was once again effected by the App even though I'd already programmed her. All of them standing statue like. Their minds put on pause by the App but bodies still active. Breathing softly as the stared ahead.

At that moment I could have easily just reprogrammed every single of these women to be obedient slaves. Made them leave their partners or divorce their husbands. Quit wrestling completely and become my whores. I could have them doing sex tapes and end their careers, and most like the WWE as a whole, by this time tomorrow. But where would the fun be in that. I already had my cake. Why not take my time and eat it. Savour the moment. Slowly change these women one by one so that piece by piece, this idiotic Women's Evolution would be destroyed before they truly knew it, and it would be far too late for any of them to do a damn thing about it. Indeed, it would be foolish in the long run to just rush in and make a snap change. Things had to be done gradually over time. Plus, I still had Smackdown to visit as well as NXT in the future. So for now, a standard level of obedience would do more than fine. Making sure that none of them would quit the company now that they were back being Divas. Still... The thought of being able to do whatever I wanted to, whenever I decided to, to all these equally fuckable women? It already had me rock hard in my pants.

I had so many options here, but not enough time to fuck them all. Instead, I switched the App's focus from all the women to just the one. Aiming right at the woman nicknamed The Goddess of WWE. The former Women's Champion of both Raw and Smackdown, Alexa Bliss. The gorgeous little fuck puppet with long blonde haired with dyed pink ends. Her stunning ass barely contained in tight, black with pink and blue trim booty shorts. Her chest not too shabby either up top but more perky, currently clad in a matching short sleeveless wrestling top that had a criss-cross 'choker' up around the neck.

"Bliss, come here." I ordered as I tapped the Diva Changer. I watched with a grin as almost robotically, Alexa walked forward away from the rest of the group of women. Blinking but still expressionless as she came to a stop in front of me. The rest of the female Superstars still standing frozen in time with only the occasional blink and their breathing showing there was life within them, but not being able to do anything without my orders.

I went into the App and changed some mindset settings for Bliss. Obviously turning her obedience up but primarily it was her lust and desire that I pushed up to the max. She was five foot of sex with blonde hair on top, and she deserved to be treated and used as such. Like I gave a crap is she could work a match or not. With a body like hers, especially that ass, she deserved a pounding and then some. I just altered her mind so that instead of being the little bitch she was on TV, she'd be a desperate, cock-craving slut. So much so that it wouldn't matter that not only would she crave me even with me being far from a body builder and certainly not going to grace any magazine covers. She wouldn't care about cheating on her boyfriend either. At another time I could change her mind to accept the bra and panties matches and all the other gimmicks that made the Divas Division of old great. For now? Now I wanted to fuck the shit out of her. Something she'd never let happen without this mind control.

I hit the activate button and watched as Bliss' body and mind came back to 'life'. Blinking with a shake of the head before those eyes locked onto me and went wide. Soon narrowing a little as her look turned seductive. Wanting. A far cry from the look of disgust she was giving me when I walked in. Even showing her body off a little as her hands went to her hips as she stood up straight. A long look cast over me as she let her tongue flick out slightly, wetting the top of her lips. Undressing me with her gaze, even with me being out of shape and far from handsome. I'd changed her mind to not care one bit about that. Or even the other, still frozen, women in the room.

"So Alexa, as I was saying..." I lied, having of course not given any sort of speech since I took control of them all. "I want to prove to each and every one of you what kind of a... 'Hands on' leader I'll be for this Divas Division..." I said, smirking as I knew full well what I meant by that. "So I was hoping you could help me out with that Alexa, if that's fine with you?"

"Anything you want babe..." Bliss purred seductively, stepping forward again as she looked me over with a smile. "Or should I call you Boss? Sir?" She said, before she reached forward and showed me how under the mind control she was as she grabbed my creased up shirt before running her hands down my chest. "Daddy?" She said with a tone already more suited for a porno than a wrestlers locker room as she fully licked her lips this time as she looked me in the eyes.

"Show these women I mean business Alexa..." I grinned at her new, whorish attitude that I'd given her. "Get on your fucking knees and suck my dick."

"Yes Sir!!" She almost squealed in approval as she sharply squatted down in front of me. Her hands frantic as they unlooped my belt. Allowing me a moment to look across at the line-up of all the other Superstars stood rooted on the spot. Blankly staring ahead but at no specific target. Not seeing, nor registering what was going on just in front of them all. Hell, none of them would remember this had ever happened when it finishes.

I looked back down to see Bliss hauling my pants down. Actually letting out a moan when my fat, long cock sprung out and nearly hit her nose and she locked onto it. In the next moment grabbing with both hands as she leaned in and took the head into her mouth. Moaning again as she delivered the first slurp onto me that made me groan out. Her mouth was wonderful. Damp and soothing, just like a good fuck-doll should be. She wasn't holding back either. Already her head sliding back and forth over my top portion as both her palms stroked across the rest of my shaft. She clearly was no novice prior to this. She used to be a model before WWE, right? Explains why she was already sucking my dick real nice as she double teamed my dick.

"Mmmmmm... Mmmmm!! Mmmmphhhh hmmmmm!" The former multi-time Women's Champion moaned as she slurped on my cock. Letting me feel those ripe lips as they glided back and forth along my rod. The occasional flick of tongue onto me as she worked with a hunger over my tool. Like this was the first taste of cock she's had in months. Her double handed stroking carrying on for a while longer but soon her grip changing to just one around the base as she pushed that stunning face further down onto my member. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmmpphhh... Mmmm..." Letting more of my fat inches invade her mouth as she happily, but not under her own power, sucked away on me. Saliva getting applied onto me from the repeated motion. Accompanied by her intense gaze of desire that she was casting up at me like she was obsessed with me. Although muffled, I was sure that every time I let out a groan of approval she moaned around my dick as she blew me. My pleasure encouraging her to dish out even more onto me.

"Mmmmm yeah... Fucking suck that dick Alexa..." I ordered, but from how smoothly and steadily she was bobbing away on my cock? It was obvious that she wasn't going to stop slobbering over my cock any time soon. Not that, if she wanted to, she could anyway thanks to the mind control I had over her. Forcing her to dish out some oral sex not just to a man that isn't her boyfriend, but while the rest of the roster of women she works alongside was present in the room to 'witness' this sexual act. "Ahhhhh... Show the rest of these bitches... Mmmmm... What they're going to have to do now... Mmmm! I'm in fucking charge here..." I added between my groans of delight. I was shameless. Taking cheap shots at the other women I had under my control while directly making one of them service my dick like it was the only thing she was good for. Watching my cock vanish into her oral hole before soon reappearing as the locker room lights made my dick shine from all the saliva across it from her repeated motion.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! MMMM!! GAHHHHHLLLKKK!!" Taking my orders to heart, like a good whore should, the stunning blonde increased her efforts. Removing her hand from off my member so she could press her head right down onto me. Causing herself to gag as she took me down into her throat which, while clearly making her feel discomfort, had me moaning loud than before. "HHHHLLLKKK!! GAHHHHH!! HHHHRRRRLLLKKK..." She choked on my cock as she deeply bobbed along me. Tears starting to well up in her eyes as the saliva splattered around onto my crotch and all across my pole as she gagged. Clearly taking in far too much than she can handle - a sight her boyfriend is nowhere near as hung as I am. Yet, in another display of the mind control she was under, she refused to stop even as her make-up began to get ruined as she fucked her face on my manhood.

"MMMM!! Fucking slut! Yeah... Fucking choke yourself on that fucking dick!" I said, showing no respect to the woman I was making against her will dish out this blowjob despite how clearly good it was feeling to be in her mouth and beyond. Watching her nose press into my pubic hair as she pushed down to gag on my dick. Saliva dripping off her chin and onto both my crotch and her own chest so the exposed tops of her tits got a coating. "You love my big fucking dick, huh? MMMMM FUCK... Better than your man's pencil fucking dick I bet!" I added, insulting someone not even in the room along with her. Knowing full well I was forcing her to cheat on her boyfriend without her even knowing it. Grinning as I stared down and watching the black tears from her ruined eye-liner fall down her cheeks. Each time she bobbed down and took me into her throat, another raspy gag sounding out to make it look like a face fuck porno as she choked and still tried to suck me off when she took me deep past her lips.

Hearing that insult, Bliss delivered one more gagging slurp onto my rod before she pulled off from me. Having to spit down a thick wad of saliva onto my rod before she coughed again. Gasping for long overdue air before she, like a good broken-in slut grinned up sinfully at me. A sight made even hotter by her wrecked make-up from the tears and saliva over her. "I fucking love this big fucking dick, Daddy!" She happily said, licking her lips. "Mmmmm... Way fucking bigger than my boyfriend's..." She added, before leaning in as she gave the tip of my cock a kiss while locking eyes with me. God, acting like this? This bitch was wasted being tossed around a wrestling ring. She was made for porn or fucking for money.

"In that case, my little slutty Goddess..." I said, grinning as I slipped off my jacket and just dropped it to the floor. "Get those fucking shorts off and I'll give you a nice, good fucking in front of all your fellow Divas..." I told her. A moment taken so I could again glance at all the women in the locker room. Still frozen in time, barely blinking and being made to 'watch' this unwilling sex going on in front of them but not a single one not not just unable to do anything to stop it. They weren't even aware it was going on just a few feet away from them.

"God, I thought you were never going to ask Sir!" Alexa said with a sigh of relief. Shifting back as she hauled her lower ring attire and underwear right down her legs and off her boots. Showing off her completely shaved pussy that was, to be expected from the new mindset I'd forced onto her, already clearly wet just from giving that blowjob. "Come fuck me Daddy... Fuck me in front of all the other women I work with!" She begged with a filthy tone and a smile to match. Sitting on the locker room floor and spreading her legs invitingly, but not consensually, wide for me. Her words not even her own as she didn't even look to the side at the rest of the roster as she spoke.

Who was I to deny the request of a woman so easily controlled and changed into a completely different person? Moving down to the floor as I pushed Alexa onto her back. Her hips slightly raised up off the floor as I pushed my cock bareback into her dripping folds. Causing us both to moan as instantly I felt how tight that pussy of hers was. Again, either her man wasn't packing or she doesn't give up the good stuff easily. I only began thrusting into her as her legs tried to wrap around my fat body to try and get me stuffed into her already. I let out a laugh at that eagerness as I leaned over her. My tubby stomach grazing against her toned midsection as I took her on the locker room floor. Causing her to loudly moan out each time I slid my manhood, fresh from having been deep in her oral hole, either in or out of her equally pleasurable snatch.

"OH FUCK DADDY!! MMMM!! It's... OOOOOOOHH!! So fucking good!!" Alexa moaned out as she tossed her long hair back. Arms back behind her and just letting her body be used for my pleasure as I took her with deep thrusts. Her petite frame jolting back on the cold surface as she cried out in delight. Her tightness barely resisting me to make for a very enjoyably grip all around my tool as I fed it in and out of her needy twat. "UHHHH!! MMMMM... Fuck me Boss! MMMM!! Fuck me... UHHH!!! Like I'm your dirty fucking slut!!" She begged between her moans. Eyes locked up at me with burning desire as if we'd been lovers for years rather than minutes. Her chest bouncing within her ring gear top as she rocked back when I pumped into her box. The woman nicknamed The Goddess acting more like a gutter-slut as she moaned out and called for me. Despite the obvious fact that without the help of mind control on her she'd never even look at me twice even I was a paying fan.

"MMMM!! Fucking slut! Whore!! AHHHHH!! This is all... MMMM!! You're fucking good for, isn't it?" I taunted her. Stroking my own ego as I revelled in the power I had over this multi-time Women's Champion in the WWE. She couldn't fight back, couldn't call out for help and didn't even properly know I was fucking her against her will right now. Yet I still wanted to insult her, treat her like she was just a set of holes for me to fuck even as her tight pussy made me moan out when I pumped deep into her. Why? Because I simply fucking could. "You're not a fucking wrestler... MMMM!! You're a fucking cock tease! Just good for getting guys... AHHHHH... To jack off to you... And for you to be like this. On your fucking back, taking dick... MMMM!! Like a slut!!" I added as I grunted. Fitting more inches into her snug hole as I delivered pump after pump. I'd already had plenty of practice in banging thanks to the control I had over her true Boss Stephanie McMahon over the past couple of days. The same woman who was standing like a living statue just across from where I was fucking one of the biggest success stories the women's division has had in years.

"AHHHHHH YES!! MMMM!! I'm a fucking slut baby!! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!" Bliss groaned out. Her hands now grabbing handfuls of her blonde and dyed pink ended locks as the pleasure of my fat and long cock driving deep into her snatch overwhelmed her. Happily agreeing to my taunts and insults as long as it meant she could keep getting my dick driving her wild with sin again and again. "UHHHH!! I'm a fucking cock tease! I'm a... AHHHH!! I'm a whore!! MMMMM... I'm your fucking whore, Daddy..." She said between her moans. Eyes again locking onto me as she licked her lips. Acting like she meant every word she was saying, even though I was well aware those thoughts were not her own but just the ones I've forced into her mind. It didn't stop me from banging her and that stunning, snug snatch the way she and it deserved. Feeling her juices coating my pole from the repeated pumps I was sending into her.

"MMMM!! See that you bitches?? Huh?!" I yelled across, looking at the rest of the Raw Women's Division both active and on-screen personal. Grinning at the sight of the line-up of talent all still standing frozen in time and none of them even looking right at me as I fuck one of their own like she's just a living sex-toy to me. Groaning as I pumped in or out of Alexa's tight, wet tunnel and now not even giving the respect to look at her as I took her. "This is your fucking fate! MMMM!! All of you! You're my fucking whores now... AHHHH SHIT... And I'll fucking fuck you... MMMMM!! Just like this slut here whenever I fucking want to!" I said not as a threat, but a promise. Knowing I could easily just pull out of Bliss right there and then and move on to nail one of them. Such was the power I had over them all now. That could wait. I wanted to enjoy this ownership right now. Being able to fuck one of their top women right in front of them with all of them, just like her, completely powerless to stop me from forcing myself onto the woman I was on top off.

"OH YES!! AHHHHH!! YES D-DADDY! DADDY!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOH MMMMMM..." To my pleasant surprise, and perhaps due to how high I'd put her settings of desire up to, Alexa Bliss actually orgasmed all over my cock as I fucked her on the floor. Her legs squirming against me to try and stay wrapped as much as she could as she came. Juices squelching around my member as I continued pistoning myself in and out of her. Looking down at her to see a shine of sweat across the exposed skin on the semi-nude beauty. Her face still gorgeous even with her make-up ruined with the black tears from her eyeliner. How with some strands of her hair sticking to her for good measure to make her look even more like a well fucked skank. As for me? My dick was still rock hard and ready for more so I didn't stop my thrusts deep into her soaking pussy. Not or her benefit, but just because I wanted to. Her being able to ride out an intense sexual high then just a pleasant coincidence for her that it matched with what I wanted out of her.

I pulled out of her snatch, and almost laughed at her whine at the empty feeling she now had downstairs. Easily pushing her legs off me as shifted back. Taking off my T-shirt finally before I rolled over to now lay on my back. My cock, drenched in her juices, pointing straight up. To my further amusement and approval Bliss had her eyes locked right at my length. Still desperate for more even after just cumming so hard moments before. "Bliss? Be a good fucking slut and ride me like your fucking life depends on it." I ordered with a grin. Watching as she quickly scrambled up to her feet and mounted me. "And tell these other sluts... MMMMM... How fucking good it feels to be my bitch!" I added with a twisted grin. Revelling over the control I had over one of the hottest women in the WWE today and perhaps of all time.

"MMMMM!! Oooooooooh FUUUUUCKK!!" The former WWE Women's Champion on both Raw and Smackdown moaned out long and deep as she sank down onto my fuck-stick. A single, eager motion used as she didn't stop until she'd taken me in to the hilt. A brief pause taken as she put her hands on my gut for support before she started bouncing on me. Steadily, and with a purpose. Showing impressive energy for a woman who'd just orgasmed harder than she'd ever done before in her life. "MMMMM... It feels so fucking good girls... MMMM!! You're all gonna fucking love... AHHHHH FUCK!! Daddy's big... Fucking! COCK!! MMMMM!!" She moaned out. Turning her head to lock across at the other women, giving them a shameless, big smile as she rode me. Her controlled mind not allowing her to see the obvious statue-like state her fellow Superstars were in so not figuring out how ring this was to be riding the dick of a man she's only met today in front of them all.

"OOOOOOOOH!! MMMMM... He's so big... MMMM!! Fucking filling me up!! OH FUCK!!" She gasped out. Still sweating as he lifted her petite and gorgeous body upward to the half-way point on my cock. Gravity then helping to do the work as she dropped all the way down with a smack as her gorgeous ass smacked off my thighs. A groan escaping her as she resumed the motion immediately like it was second nature to her. Stuffing her dripping box full with my man-meat again and again. "MMMMM!! You're all fucking jealous of me right now, aren't you? UHHHH!! Wishing you could be... MMMMM!! The one fucking the Boss' huge... AHHHH!! Fucking cock!!" She said with a sinful, teasing tone as she glanced around at, what in her corrupted mind, were the envious faces off a line-up of whores wanting to do what she was doing right now. Riding away on my massive, fat cock that fitted perfectly into her snug love tunnel. So lost in a new, lust-filled mindset she doesn't care that she's in a relationship with someone else as she fucks my shaft with bounce after nicely timed and swift bounce.

"MMMMMM FUCK!! I'm... AHHHHH!! I'm Daddy's bitch!! MMMMM!! I'm the Boss' whore!!" The Goddess of the WWE moaned out like she was making a vow as she rode away swiftly on my cock. No order given by the internal desire I've forced onto her making her pick up the pace to ride my dick faster and more firmly than before. That was more than fine by me, considering how I was now myself sweating underneath her bouncing frame. Moaning out every time she lifted up or dropped down to my crotch. "UHHHHH!! YES!! MMMMMM... FUCK... Fucking... BIG! COCK!! MMMM!!" She gasped out, before gritting her teeth. The effects of trying to keep this pace up taking its toll. Her blonde hair swaying behind her and her still top-clad tits bouncing away in time with the up and down motion of her stunning body. Her fingers digging in slightly into my tubby stomach as she rode me and kept me groaning out with her clearly experienced skill with this position. Just never with a cock the size of mine, and never in such an unwilling way as this.

"Yeah you're my bitch! MMMM!! My fucking fuck-puppet slut!!" I told her as I reached over and grabbed her hips which made her turn her head to gaze with lust at me. Soon that head tossing back however when I started to pound my cock up into her dripping twat as she screamed out in delight. The rapid slap of my crotch and heavy balls slapping off of her stunning butt ringing out along with both our moans. "MMMMM!! Fucking take it you slut! Whore!! AHHHHH!! Fucking dumb skank!!" I mocked her as she stayed mounted on my rod. Not so much fully bouncing herself now as she was more jolting upward in response to my pumps ramming home into her tunnel. Stuffing her far deeper than her less equipped boyfriend ever could manage to. An unresponsive audience 'watching' on as I fuck one of their own as she's impaled on top of me. Just like all of them, under the effects of mind control but not of the intensely sexually nature that I had her under.

"AHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUCKK!!" Bliss moaned out long and deeply. Eyes fluttering before they rolled upward and her mouth hung open. Pleasure washing over her once again as she came for the second time on my cock. Another torrent of fluids gushing out and over my shaft and crotch. The tightening feeling making me moan with approval but just like before, I continued to stuff my rod in and out of her in commanding fashion. "UHHHH!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM... MMMMM!!" She gasped out as she jolted a couple more times before she almost fell onto me. Worn out from the sexual action but still keeping herself up enough that her gorgeous body still bounced in response to my pumps. The sweat falling off her nose as she had a cock-drunk smile plastered on her face. Her juices dripping down her inner thighs to leave a noticeable pool now underneath us to show her, non-consensual, arousal from this fuck.

"MMMMM... Good shit right there..." I said, grinning to myself. It wasn't like anyone else in the room bar the whore on top of me would notice my expression, and I had my doubts at this point this sweat-soaked blonde even registered my appearance one bit. Not like I cared. Proving so by rudely shoving Bliss off of me so she tumbled to the floor with a groan. "Not done with you yet bitch. Up! Up on your fucking hands and knees!" I ordered but didn't even look at her as I moved across, getting my jacket and fishing out the handy bottle of lube I had stashed in the inside pocket.
"Ye-Yes Daddy..." Bliss gasped out. Clearly exhausted but like a good, obedient slut she moved herself into that classic doggy style position. Perfectly to as, without realising, she was facing forward to look at all her fellow (but unknown to her mind controlled) WWE Superstars as they stood in the silent and still line.

"Good bitch..." I said, letting out a snigger as I moved to kneel behind her. Firstly pouring out some of the lube into my palm so I could stroke it over my dick for good measure. A few pumps later, I turned my attention the stunning, round ass in front of me. Spreading her cheeks as I poured the clear fluid down onto her tight asshole. Making her gasp as she looked back to watch my action. "Hey! Face front slut! Take a look at the other whores so they know what they are good for!" I ordered her and without hesitation her head turned back forward as she groaned. More so when I used a finger to push the lube into her vice-like backdoor. Telling immediately that she was either a virgin back here or close to it. A cock-tease like her unsurprisingly showing off her ass but never letting even her boyfriend get to tap it. That was about to change after I'd finished finger-banging her backside to get it nicely prepared for what was to come.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! FU-FUCK!! UHHHHH!!" The Columbus, Ohio-born beauty gasped out but with a clear discomfort in her voice as I forced my fat cock-head in past her super tight asshole. Her reaction confirming the obvious to me that she wasn't used to this kind of sex. Another reason by the sick smile remained wide on my face as I started to pump into her from behind. "OH FUCK... AHHHHH!! HNNNNNNGGG... UHHHH!!" She grunted as she felt my rod passing in and out of her backside. Allowing her the mercy of letting her back passage adjust to this invasion for the moment. In reality I was just savouring the sight. My dick stuffed into that stunning, built to be fucked rump that was even jiggling just from my initial pumps. It was a true crime she'd never let anyone before fuck this fantastic, tight ass before. My mind control over her would ensure it wouldn't be the last time, but I would be the only dick she took in this hole.

"MMMMM!! Some fucking Goddess you are! MMMM!! You fucking butt slut! Whore!! MMMMM!! Just a dick-craving bitch!!" I taunted her even as I moaned. That tight anal tunnel vice-like around my length as I worked it deeper into her rump with a steady round of pumps. Not caring if she was fully used to the feeling or not as I ventured in without her consent, as I'd done truly during all of this. Sweating hard now myself from having enjoyed all of her holes over the course of this 'meeting'. "Tell me bitch! AHHHHH SHIT... How does it feel? Finally... MMMMM!! Letting a real man... UHHHH!! Fucking this fine fucking ass of yours!" I demanded from her. Delivering a sharp spank to her backside I fucked her. Causing her body to jolt as shamelessly, like the blow had set off a trigger in her, my newly controlled sex slave began rocking back and forth against my pumps. Unintentionally helping my cock get further stuffed between her ripe cheeks.

"AHHHHHH... It... It hurts D-Daddy! AHHHHH... It re-really fucking hurts!!" She whined in admission. Once again tears falling down her cheeks to further wreck her make-up along with the sweat. Perhaps proving the statement that not all women actually enjoy anal as she continued groaning with discomfort every time I pumped forward to invade that stunning backside. I could easily just change the settings of the mind control and make her get of on this if I wanted to. I was too busy enjoying myself and the pleasure I was getting from fucking her up the butt doggy style to care really about if she was getting off on this "HHHHHHNNNNN... Y-You're the first Boss! UHHHHH!! I've n-never... AHHHHH FUCK!! Never let a-anyone... URRRRRRHHHH... F-Fuck my ass before!!" She hissed out as her head sank down. Weakening and only just managing to stay up to now endure rather than simple take it up the ass. Yet the thought of asking for the pain to stop and me to pull out never crossed her mind. Her mind that was no longer her own even if that admission was true. Forced to be my latest sex slave and do as I command, even if it meant getting fucked in the ass by a huge cock for the first time.

"MMMM!! Too fucking bad for your... AHHHHH FUCK!! Tiny dick boyfriend then!" I said before I laughed. Loving the fact I was fucking the booty of a woman in a relationship before she gave up the honour to her parter. Even if likely from her reaction now as she grunted and groaned in frustration as I pumped deep into her backside the idea of going anal had never once crossed her mind. "Your ass is mine now! MMMMM SHIT... Your ass... And all the asses... FUCK!! Of all you bitches too!" I said with a long groan. Staring across at the roster of female wrestlers still stuck solid in place. One of their own getting fucked against her will in front of them but none of them able to even more a finger without my permission. Knowing that I could have easily done what I was doing to the former Women's Elimination Chamber Match and Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner to any of them. Yet just because I wanted to, I choose this blonde to butt fuck. Each of the rest of them would get their 'turn' in due course.

Without warning, said female suddenly collapsed with a grunt onto the floor in front of me. Face down, but her booty still up thanks only to my hands gripping her thick hips. I just laughed cruelly and continued fucking her even as it was clear she'd taken all that she could handle from this first dose of anal action in her life. It was amusing to see her cheek on the floor in a small puddle of her own sweat and tears with her hair both sticking to her and now laying in the fluids around her face. Another dark line of running eyeliner rolling down each cheek as she grunted with each pump she took. Her body jolting still each time I pumped balls deep into her backside to fuck her ass in the way it's supposed to be, even if she can't handle rough action like this. Looking broken and defeated instead of the proud Goddess she's supposed to be on worldwide TV.

It was ultimately that sight that send me racing towards the edge as I pulled out of her backside with grunt. Admiring her gaping asshole for a moment before I moved around to her front. Grabbing that rather matted now hair and forcing the woman I'd fucked in all of her holes up to her knees in front of me. Just like moments before only my hold on her keeping her raised as I stroked my cock with the free hand. She was able to look up with those watered, but still with a hint of desire in them eyes just in time to know to close them. Soon my dick painting Alexa Bliss' face with my thick spunk. Catching across her forehead, her cheeks, over the nose, her lips and onto her chin so that it dripped down onto her wrestling top that she still had on. My spunk further ruining that make-up as my load landed over the streaks of tears, as well as into the strands of hair stuck to her gorgeous facial features. A fitting end for a woman who had been mind controlled to be a desperate slut, and now with her face coated in jizz properly looked the part.

I let go of her hair and watched her slump to the looker room floor. Letting out a last groan as she lay in that tiny pool of her own sweat and juices. My jizz falling off her adding to the mixture as rested unconscious having been truly fucked senseless and all without her consent. Fucked in all her holes and now cum-covered just a foot away from the other women she works alongside on Monday Night Raw.

With my fun had, I took my time and got dressed. Making sure to change the settings so that Bliss' feelings of lust were, for the moment, returned to normal but she like all the rest were obedient to a basic degree to me. Most of all loyal to the company so none would be quitting any time soon, if ever. I also changed the settings so that the sight of, for example, Alexa's current make-up wrecked, sweat and cum-stained face and hair was not out of the ordinary. To them she'd just have what amounted to a little crumb of food on her cheek.

With everything 'reset' as it were I retrieved the Diva Changer and hit the activate button. Watching as all the women in the room came back to life and reality, but not completely as they knew it. Eyes blinking and shakes of the head as they focused their attention on me. Their looks back to as I'd entered with apprehension, distrust and clear disgust. Bliss on the other hand was having trouble getting up from the floor. Looking dazed and confused as to why she was so sore and tired all of a sudden.

"So Alexa? Have a shower then go see make-up. If you're still not well enough to compete tonight? We can change plans to have you be just ringside or on guest commentary." I said, looking down at her. Everyone else in the room focused on me and not seeing anything out of the ordinary, despite the obvious, with the half-naked and cum-faced blonde.

"Th-Thanks Boss..." Alexa gasped out. Looking up at me with what appeared a thankful smile. Finding herself embarrassingly having to crawl towards the shower area of the locker room.

"Now, the rest of you? The show goes on as planned." I said, addressing the rest of the women with a smile. "And again to be clear? No one is getting fired. There may be changes in regards to who works what show, but we're still in the planning stages here. Myself and Stephanie here will set-up individual meetings if you want to address any concerns in private." I stated, before glancing to McMahon who nodded in agreement. "Thank you for your time ladies. Have a great show, and I'll see you around." I informed them before I motioned for Stephanie to accompany as we walked out of the locker room door.

"Can we really trust that guy?" I heard Sasha Banks say, deliberately leaving the door open a crack so I could listen to the women inside the locker room. "I mean, we've worked so fucking hard to not be Divas any more!"

"I've never heard of him before, but everyone says he knows the McMahon family... Has for years!" Renee Young commented.

"I... I think we can trust him." Bayley said. "There's something about him... He doesn't look the part... But... I just can't help but, want to trust that he knows what he's doing..."

Hearing the other women speak and voice agreements for that remark, I walked away and alongside Stephanie as we headed off. Straight to my office so we could have another of our regular business meetings. Before actually having a meeting about the future of the division. After all, I had my eye on adding some talent to my new Division. Right after I'd had a meeting with all the Smackdown Women's roster...

* * *

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