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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: JoJo Offerman (WWE), Paige (WWE)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral, anal.

Diva Changer Part 3
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

Having established control of Monday Night Raw, which in itself means the vast control of WWE, I already had half give or take of the women's roster now under my control. Of course none of them knew that. All they knew was that I was in charge and the new era of a new Divas Division would soon be in place. Only a few select women would remain on Raw to satisfy those craving 'real' women's wrestling. The rest I'd full use to what they should be really good for. All thanks to that handy mind controlling App I was using.

"Ooooooooh FUCK!! Mmmmm baby... Ahhhhh!! Fuck my ass baby... Mmmmm!" JoJo groaned, as I pumped my cock briskly in and out of her stunning, rounded ass from behind. The latest full victim of my mind control. Watching those full, bronzed cheeks of hers jiggle each time I pumped forward into her tightness. Her lust-filled eyes staring back at me as I fucked her finest quality with thrust after thrust. Filling up her back passage that was no well accustomed to my cock after this morning, and last night as well. Her body laid out on the hotel room bed with her legs spread apart. Groaning out when I pushed forward and claimed her booty in very non-consensual fashion.

Using the WWE's women for all they were really good for was what I was doing currently to Raw's resident ring announcer and on screen eye-candy. Before I caught my flight to SmackDown and meeting the rest of the main roster, I decided to get in a physical kind of morning workout. The same sort I'd done with her into the night after Raw had concluded. All I did was stop her as she was heading out of the arena, and with a few swipes and changes in the Diva Changer App she was soon leaving with me.

"Uhhhhhhh!! FUCK!! Mmmmm... You're like a machine baby... AHHHH!!" She moaned out as the sweat dripped down her pretty face. Her already curly enough hair now wild from the repeated action and positions I'd put her through. Her cries not her own as I forced her mind into this state of lust. Making her the unwilling victim as I violated her stunning backside with deep thrust after thrust. The slap of my crotch hitting off her backside sounding out each time I rammed home into that truly made to fucked ass of the ring announcer.

What an ass she had. Thick and round. So big that as my fingers dug into her cheeks the ample flesh still rippled from the impact of my crotch hitting into her. That anal tunnel tight around my fat cock. It was clear that, like the prick-tease she is, she'd never given up her ass before to any man. That fact had more than changed now with how my length was smoothly pumping in and out of her rump. The stunner of Mexican and Dominican descent looking like she was built for interracial porn as she took my big white cock in and out of her asshole. Moaning out with each thrust I delivered into her backside.

The bedsheets were soaked with the combination of the sweat dripping off her sexily curved body and her own pussy juices from her own orgasms that I'd allowed her to have. Her snatch dripping fluids from action I'd given to that hole before, but her mind altered to make her orgasm from just anal sex too. Even though she'd never taken anything in her backdoor prior to last night. Now I've forced her to be a butt-fuck loving slut. Feeling her back passage tighten around my rod as she gripped the sheets. Her teeth grinding together and her toes curling as I drove deeply to the hilt into her rump.

As much as I'd enjoyed fucking the ring announcer's backside, her cumming set me off once again so as she further soaked the bed she was on I started to unload into that butt. Grunting as I fired off shots of hot, thick spunk into her anal tunnel. Causing her to groan out with a sigh of delight, feeling my seed splattering her insides. I made sure to keep pumping her but with slow, long strokes so when I fired off more jizz my cock was always buried deep between those juicy cheeks. Until finally with a grunt I pulled out of her butt. Watching my jizz start to leak out of her gaping asshole as the well fucked, mind controlled whore lay spent on that bed.

"Thanks for the morning fuck JoJo..." I told her, as I stepped back and pulled up my pants to zip them up. "Go get yourself cleaned up and get back on the road. Shows aren't going to ring announce themselves now." I told her. Showing little respect as I was clearly ditching her now that I'd fucked her.

"Ye... Yes Boss..." JoJo gasped out. Still laying in her sweat and juices with now my load filling up her ass.

I smirked. Taking a moment to open up the Diva Changer App and alter JoJo's settings so that she'd be back to 'normal' once she left the room, but unable to tell anyone what had gone on during our meeting last night and this morning. With those 'secrets' taken care off I grabbed my luggage case and headed out of the room. Dressed up but just a little sweaty. A fine work-out indeed to kick start my day. JoJo perhaps would need a cushion to sit on at ringside at her next show.

* * *

My first day on the job at SmackDown was now here. The same sort of circumstances as had been on Raw. Doubt, despair and plenty of questioning looks. Sponsors, advertisers and the networks were being reassured however that the main television shows would all remain PG-TV going forward with a reduced roster of women to work both shows. The new Divas Division would be showcased on a separate, online televised show that would not directly effect the on-screen product. Whether they bought that or not was simply irrelevant. I'd used the App to influence the right people to get what I wanted, and it was going to happen. No one had the power now to tell me otherwise.

Then came the long awaited roster meeting with the starlets of SD that my fine 'partner' Stephanie McMahon had arranged for me. It was a selection of beauties as top notch as over on Raw. Asuka, Billie Kay, Becky Lynch, Carmella, the Women's Champion Charlotte Flair, Lana, Mandy Rose, Naomi, Peyton Royce, Sonya Deville and Zelina Vega. Not forgetting the on-screen talents of Maryse and interviewer Dasha Fuentes. In conducted the 'meeting' with them in almost the same way that I'd done the one on Raw. Simple just exerting my control on them all from the start. A simple press on the Diva Changer App to change them all from glaring, doubting women into blank, living statues. A few mental changes here and there and they all believed that nothing had changed. Yet none of them could bring themselves to either hate me or consider quitting the company now that most of them would simply be Divas.

Yet, I didn't take that chance, as I had done over on Raw, to use of them as a fuck sleeve right there and then. Why? Because I had my sights set on one particular woman who no longer was a competitor, but had more than a use around the WWE in my opinion. Paige. The current on-screen General Manager of Smackdown Live. A former multi-time WWE Divas Champion and NXT Women's Champion. The dark haired, pale skinned British beauty had certainly a very 'active' private life from leaked sex pics and videos to a controversial relationship. She was an open prick-tease too, which is what I cared more about. I wanted to see if she could really fuck, and not just flaunt it.

My office at the arena wasn't too special. It didn't need to be. A couple of chairs, an office desk and chair, and a couch with a table in front of it. More than enough space to work with. I sat back on the couch and smirked as I heard the knock on the door. Already opening up the Diva Changer App as I looked to the door. "Come in!" I called out. Finger hovering over the 'Activate' button.

Paige walked in looking stunning. A pair of dark jeans that hugged to her hips. A black, low cut tank-top with white trim that was pushing up her nicely rounded tits. Her long dark hair hanging her her sides and the dark jacket she wore, topped off with a stylish small black choker around her neck without any designs or anything hanging from it. Her full, enhanced lips coated with a sexy dark lipstick to top things off. She locked onto me and did not look happy as she walked and stood in front of me as I sat, looking down at me with her hands on her hips.

"OK, listen..." The British beauty said before I could speak as she stood in front of of me. Clearly not impressed with things, and no doubt my appearance either of my far from professional baggy shirt and creased up slack pants either. "I know you're new here, but just here me out." She said, sounding like she was pleading. "Us women here in the WWE? We have worked our arses off to get to where we are today. Me included. We have scratched, we have clawed, and we have sac..."

She didn't get to finish her speech as, bored of hearing her talk about the 'Women's Evolution' that I was sick of, I started to App. Instantly targetting her and pausing her brain. Leaving her expressionless and staring blankly down at me, but without even any focus onto me. That pale skin of hers leaving her looking even more like a statue than the rest of the women I've controlled before. I took a moment to look her over, my dick hardening as I did so, before I got up from the couch. Oh sure, I could have just fucked Paige there and then like I did to JoJo earlier, or to Alexa Bliss the day before. Where would the fun in that be? No. I wanted to really savour this one. After all, I'd seen like most every other male fan of wrestling all her leaked nudes and short sex videos. I wanted one of my own.

I went to my desk and took out a handheld video camera that I'd borrowed (well, I'm a power player in the company now!) and a more stationary one on a small tripod. First setting up the tripod on the table in front of the couch as I turned it on and began recording. Capturing the sight of her rounded ass in those tight jeans. Then I moved back to my seated position on the furniture. Switching my handheld on and beginning to film, taking a long scan over Paige as she stood still as a statue in front of me. From that gorgeous face down to her chest and all the way to her high heels.

With that all ready, I then went back to the Diva Changer App. The usual fun (for me) perks applied. Low resistance. High sexuality. Strong obedience. Making her not so much a full on rebel, but more of a free spirit. Changing her so she wouldn't think it odd that I would be filming her like this, barely knowing her, and she wouldn't object to any request I made of her. Making her mind think of me as a new age genius, and one she was very eager to work with.

With her mind now altered and not truly her own, I pushed the 'Activate' button again on the App before setting that phone aside next to me. Watching through the screen of my camera as the raven-haired stunner's mind and body resumed function. Her eyes blinking before she focused onto me. Her look instantly changing to show the mind control had taken a full hold of her. A seductive, approving gaze cast over me with a rather naughty smirk to match. Before today she would have never looked twice at an out of shape, far from handsome slob like me. Now it was already like I was the man of her dreams as she stood with her hands on those shapely hips.

"Good afternoon Paige..." I greeted, but didn't even look up at her directly. Instead through the lens of the camera as I watched her being filmed. "And how are you doing today?" I said, making this sound like the intro to a point of view porno film.

"I'm doing bloody fantastic, thanks for asking..." Paige said with a happy voice. Raising a hand up to brush some hair away from her face before capturing some end strands between her fingers. Putting on a subconscious (put programmed into her mind by me) show by twirling her hair a little as she looked down at me. "Maybe I should ask how you are doing, Boss?"

"I'm doing great, especially after seeing you..." I said, grinning as I filmed the former in-ring competitor. "But I have to ask you Paige... With this new era of the Divas Division in WWE... Do you think you still have a place around here?"

"What do you mean Boss? I love being in the WWE!" Paige said, slightly tilting her head as she looked me over. "Don't tell me you're thinking about letting me go... That would make me awfully sad..." She said, putting on a mock pout that showed off her huge lips before she started smiling again.

"And we don't want that, do we?" I said, chuckling behind the camera as I took another look over her tits before back up at her. "What I mean Paige is this: How badly do you want to keep your job here in the WWE?"

"Very badly." She quickly answered, raising an eyebrow seductively. "I'll do anything to keep my dream job here in the WWE." Paige said, speaking like she meant it. Even though I knew that her words right now were not truly her own.

"Anything?" I questioned. Dangling that classic, cheese hook to catch her on. This all playing out exactly as I designed it.

"Anything..." She purred. Openly staring down as I deliberately spread my legs so she could eye up my crotch.

"Well then... How about you show me how badly you want your job... Come get down here and suck my dick." I said as I smiled broadly, watching her already sink down to her knees in front of me. "Show me how badly you want this job. And maybe I'll let you be the GM. of the Divas Division."

"My fucking pleasure!" The SmackDown General Manager grinned up at me through the recording camera as she pulled off and tossed aside her jacket, giving me a better view of her tits in that tight top. Her hands hauling down my pants as I inched up from the couch to aid in her removing them along with my boxers. Soon her hand grasping my fat and long cock as her eyes widened with approval like it was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. "Lucky me... I get to polish the big, fucking knob of my new Boss..." She said, with that thick English accent making her words smoking hot as she stroked me off to make sure I was rock hard. Before she did as she was ordered, but not under her own willpower. Parting those full lips as she eagerly took my rod inside and groaned even before she wrapped around me.

Here she was. Just a few minutes after meeting me for the first time. The multi-time former Champion in WWE now sucking my cock with a series of energetic, groaning bobs of her head. Staring up at me with a lust in her eyes as one hand gripped my base, the other sliding up my chubby thigh as she serviced me. Feeling her tongue tease my underside as she took the upper portion of my tool in and out of her mouth. Clearly experienced in this sexual act. Letting me feel those juicy lips gliding back and forth over my member. Already her long hair swaying a little from the motion she's using to suck me off with.

"Mmmmmphhhh!! Mmmmm... Hmmmmmppphhhh!!" She moaned around my tool. Those vibrations just making it feel even better than her hot, wet mouth was already doing. Gazing up at 'me' but her eyes actually locked onto the camera that was recording her like an experienced pornstar would. Her controlled mind not letting her figure out the reality of how wrong it was to be filmed by someone she barely knew dishing out an oral sex act like this. "Mmmm!! Mmmmmphhhh... Mmmmm..." Her hand around my base slightly twisting as she slurped away on the upper part. Getting me nicely coated with her spit as gorgeous, pale skinned woman showed she more than knew how to work over a pole. Even one of my vast size that was keeping her groaning as she stuffed another inch of me into her oral hole.

"Mmmmmm yeah... Fucking suck that dick Paige..." I ordered as I groaned with pleasure. Knowing full well that the orders I'd put into her meant she couldn't stop blowing me even if she wanted to. Watching as she responded by moving her hand off from my shaft to hold my other thigh. Bobbing her dark haired head at a more aggressive pace as she pushed down deep. Making herself gag as she took me in further than she could actually handle into her mouth. "Ahhhhhh... Fuck yes... Mmmmmm... Fucking choke on that dick..." I told her. Recording from my point of view the sight of her gorgeous facial features sliding down towards my crotch before lifting up to about the mid-point on my member. The mic on the camera easily picking up not just her sinful cries but every gag she dished out when my cock began to venture down into her throat as she sucked me off.

"HHHHHHLLLLKK!! MMMMMPHHH.... GAHHHHHH HHHRRRLLLKKK..." The on-off star of Total Divas choked herself on my tool like a good, dick-craving slut as it seemed (thanks to her new mindset) she loved being filled up my a massive fuck-stick like mine. Leaving my inches coated with her spit from the repeated bobs. Only lifting her hand up on occasion to brush her hair away from her face, ensuring that I (and my recording camera) got an unrestricted view of her giving me this blowjob. Looking like the eager whore was smiling around my tool even as she gagged to show off her dirty nature the world saw thanks to all those leaked pictures. Feeling her mouth all around my prick was far, far better than just seeing. Getting to create my own version was just the icing on the cake.

I let her slurp on me for a couple moments more before she lifted her head up and off from my cock with a much needed gasp. Sucking in air but still grinning sinfully up at me as she leaned in. Spitting onto my tool before letting me feel those luscious, enhanced lips of hers. Smooching the fat head of my cock for a long moment before she stuck her tongue out. Spreading her saliva all across the tip before she leaned down. Still with her eyes locked up at me through the camera lens as she worshipped my big dick. Running down the side of me before moving around, letting her tongue teasingly brush against my balls as she changed sides. Before running up to the tip again for another swirl all the way around.

"Mmmmm... Fuck..." Paige moaned as she stared up with another devilish smile as she pulled back. "Did you like that Boss? Because I know I fucking loved having your big fucking prick shoved down my fucking throat..." She said, speaking lines straight out of a cheap porn script. Words that I had forced into her mind thanks to the Diva Changer App I was using on her.

"If you liked that Paige? Just wait until I'm properly fucking you." I said to her, but rudely only looking at her through the camera's viewfinder. "Get those clothes off and climb on my fucking dick you sexy fucking slut you!"

"Fucking? I thought you said I just had to slobber your knob?" She said with a far from subtle, teasing tone as she didn't hesitate in standing up. Reaching down first to pull her top up and over her head. Letting her nicely rounded and sized tits bounce free. Seeing how already rock hard her nipples were.

"Is that a problem?" I said with a smirk, watching as she turned around to me. Bending over as she slipped her jeans along with her panties down, showing off that nicely thick, pale ass to me. I was already looking forward to sampling it later on.

"Not at fucking all..." Paige said with a purr as she turned to face me before mounting my lap. Reaching down to guide my cock into her pussy. So eager, and her mind altered so much, that she didn't object to me not having any protection on.

While I held my camera out to the side for a different shot, the one on the table behind the former active Superstar had the better view of her backside sinking down as my length vanished up into her snatch from underneath. Making us both moan out as I felt how tight her tellingly already wet snatch was, while she felt her walls having to spread to accommodate a size she clearly wasn't quite used to. That fact didn't stop the now slutty beauty as she soon gripped onto my shoulders. Beginning to bounce that sexy pale body of hers up and down on my length. Already making her hair sway from the motion as she fucked on camera not for the first time in her life but certainly the first without her giving her real consent for it.

"Oh FUCK!! Mmmm... Bloody hell! MMMM... Your dick's fucking huge in... UHHHH!! In my twat!!" The first ever NXT Women's Champion moaned out as she closed her eyes in delight. Loving how my cock was filling up her wet love tunnel even before I was fully up inside of her. Another sure sign that my fat rod was the biggest she's ever had. I brought my handheld back in, focusing on those lovely, bouncing tits of hers that moved sexily in time with her riding motion on my rod. "MMMMM! Oh fuck!! MMMM!! You like that Boss? Huh?? MMMMM FUCK!!" She added with a groan, tossing her dark hair back as she put on another show for me. Even though I was getting the best view in the hose with her mounted on my shaft. Only having to tilt my camera up to record her pretty, moaning face as she worked her snatch up and down steadily on my rod.

Behind her, the far recording device captured her thick butt cheeks starting to jiggle when her body connected down into my thighs. Stuffing my man-meat deep into her snatch to really fill her up. Her moans got louder as a result now that all my inches were buried within her. The sight of my cock reappearing briefly from out of her pussy when she lifted her frame up being taken before the Norwich, England-born stunner sharply dropped down. Happily stuffing herself full with my pole but not being of her own mind to realise that this is all being down without her agreeing to it. Fucking on film despite the scandal of the leaks of sex pictures of her in the past. Proof that without the power of me mind controlling her, this sexual encounter would never have happened.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!! Come on you dirty prick! MMMM!! Give it to me..." The raven-haired stunner demanded as she started sliding her hands across my shoulders as she rode me. Licking those full lips lustfully as she stared down at the lens of the camera I was getting the close up shots with. Of course she wasn't in control here, but who was I to deny my latest, eager whore of her newfound desires? Moving my free hand onto her waist I started to pump my cock up into her snatch the moment she dropped down onto me. "AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM YES!! Like fucking that Boss!! UHHHH!! Fuck me you filthy fucker!! MMMMM!!" She groaned out louder than before now that I was stuffing her extra deep. Her bounces still carrying on with perfect pace but now that smack of our bodies meeting was more profound to ring out around my executive office. Her tits brushing against my chest as she leaned towards me, feeling the effects of the increased tone of this action that she (but not willingly) asked for.

"OH FUCK... AHHHH FUCK... C-Close babe! Just... AHHHHH! MMMMM!!" She gasped out, as sweat started forming across that pale but gorgeous body of hers. Staring down at me with such a look of desire that it would look like, especially with the recording cameras, that we've been lovers for years. Instead of the half hour that we've properly met, and of course the mind controlled nature of that lusty state that I've forced her into. "UHHHH!! AHHHHHH MMMMMM..." With a long and loud moan, Paige suddenly came all across my cock. Gasping out with a smile as her body shivered on my length. Causing me to groan with approval myself when her snatch tightened around my member. Feeling her juices flow out across my cock as she continued to ride me but at a mistimed and slower pace so she could experience every moment of a sexual speak that was much stronger than what she's used to.

"Mmmmm... Not bad Paige..." I said with a chuckle. Slipping out of her soaking twat with a moan, while she (like a 'true' slut) let out a low whine at the empty feeling she now had. "I think I still need some convincing to prove you really want this job..." I told her as I pushed her to move off from my lap.

"Then come stick your bloody huge prick back in my dirty fucking twat then!" Paige said as a demand as she moved and, showing that the mental triggers I'd forced into her mind were working, she moved to lean over the table where the tripod camera was set up. Giving a close up view of her face and her tits as they hung down.

"Just stay right there..." I told her as I moved off from the couch but first moved to my desk. Taking out a bottle of, not surprisingly for me and my kinks, sex lubricant before I returned over to the mind controlled stunner presenting her backside to me.

Setting my personal camera down for the moment, I first poured lube out onto my palm in order to stroke it over my length in preparation. Noting how the woman I've been fucking was staring back, licking her full lips at the sight as she knew what was coming next. But before that I decided to give her a bit of a prep-work too for good measure. Spreading her backside apart, as I squeezed out some of the sex-aid onto the crack of her ass to let it dribble down. Getting a groan of approval from her when it hit that third of her holes that I was going to use today. More cries from her followed as I then pushed a finger into that tight entrance. A little slow finger banging used to work the liquid into her. Already knowing from her leaks that she isn't a stranger to backdoor action but wanting to see exactly what she could handle.

Putting down the bottle and picking the camera back up I soon answered that question. Filming the moment from my perspective as I pushed the fat head of my cock against and then into her asshole. Causing us to both groan out as I invaded her ass without getting real permission to do so from the woman I was taking from behind. Not giving her too much time to adjust to my size, even though from how vice-like her ass was around me she wasn't quite used to taking something like this into her rump. Without even holding her butt, I started to work my hips towards and away from her in a smooth, controlled pace. Moaning with each moment as I watched through the camera as I tapped that sexy British ass from behind.

"UHHHH!! Ahhhhhh FUCK!! My... AHHHH!! My fucking arse!! Mmmmm!!" The former WWE Divas and NXT Women's Champion groaned out with her voice a mix of pleasure and pain. Getting off on having her ass being filled up with my member but experiencing the discomfort of my great size invading her tightest of holes. Yet still staying up, bent over in place to take it like any good whore should. "AHHHHH... Y-You're so bloody huge Boss! MMMM!! OH FUCK!! UHHHHH..." She called out between gasps. Her warped mind refusing to see anything wrong with this current situation. Taking the dick of basically a stranger in her ass, inside of an office at a WWE event, while the whole thing is being filmed. All she could do was stare back, watching me tap her thick, pale ass that was starting to shake as I made my pumps firmer and worked more of my inches into her asshole.

"MMMMM!! Oh fuck yeah... Fuck what an ass..." I grinned, staring down to record my shaft sliding in and out of her snug to say the least backside. Very much enjoying how those butt cheeks were jiggling now as I pumped into her from behind as she stayed bent over for me. Starting to sweat a little myself but still with plenty left in me to give the British cock-tease the kind of fucking she and that juicy rump deserve. "You fucking love this, don't you? MMMM FUCK... Love my huge fucking cock... AHHHHH! Splitting your ass open..." I said more for my own ego stroking and amusement than caring for any actual response. Knowing already that because of the mind control I had on her that she was loving every moment of this, and had absolutely no say in the matter. As long it felt fantastic to be deep between her butt cheeks like I currently was, that's all that damn mattered to me.

"MMMMM YESSSSS... AHHHH!! Mmmmmmm!! I fucking love... UHHHH!! Your big fucking prick... Stuffed right up my bloody arse!! MMMM!!" The former leader of the Absolution stable moaned out as she was getting so caught up in her lust again that she was now staring forward. Allowing the camera just a little distance from her capture her whorish expression as she called out in pleasure. The sight of her breasts swaying as her body roughly jolted forward when she took a pump from behind recorded too for good measure. "MMMMM!! Don't... UHHHH!! Fucking stop babe! MMMMM!!" She begged as she tossed her hair back, sending some sweat flying as she gasped out again. Her lips parted almost in an O-shape as her moans poured out. Body sinking slightly as she was starting to tire from staying bent over like this, having her ass fucked stiffly by a big dick. Her head hanging low but that backside still raised up nicely for me as she clearly stiff craved my cock.

"Come on! MMMMM!! No slacking! Get that ass up for me!" I demanded from her, and gave her backside a sharp spank to prove my point. My handheld device letting me capture the flesh jiggling from the blow as with an embarrassing yelp, Paige's body shot back up to bend over properly for now. "Atta girl! You've got to use this body for something good! Especially now you can't wrestle!" I said, mocking the woman who I was fucking against her will. Showing no respect for her even with how awesome it felt to plunge my member in and out of her back passage at this brisk and deep pace. Knowing full well how disrespectful I was being to her to force her to make a sex tape with the leaked pictures and images of her that rocked her career in the past. As if I cared. I wanted to fuck her up the ass, and if I wanted to that's all I'll use her for from this day on.

However for now, I pulled out of her ass with a groan. Almost laughing at the pained whine I heard her let out when I left her backside empty for the moment. I shifted back and sat back down on the couch. Reaching over with my free hand to bring up the Diva Changer App to use it on the fly on her. Turning the pleasure ratings up to the maximum for good measure. "Hey! No slacking bitch! Get your fat ass back on my dick! Now!" I ordered, activating the new settings to ensure she'd go wild during this next dose of anal action. Watching her shakily stand up before she moved and mounted me. This time with her back to me as she faced across at the far, tripod camera.

The effect, just as I knew it would, was instant and strong. My cock sliding back up into her ass from underneath making her almost scream out in delight as she rocked against my tubby frame. Doing away with the handheld for now, my hands went up to hold her thighs as her legs dangled, while she leaned back against my chest and rested her head back onto my shoulder like I was a lover. I certainly loved being deep inside her tight ass again, and made the most of it as I began my thrusts. Sending my rod deep into her back passage and making her body jolt in response as she tried, even without any real grip, to bounce on my pistoning rod. Her hands eventually wrapping back around my head just to hold onto something as I banged her backside.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! AHHHH!! MMMMM OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUCK!!" The former in-ring competitor was looking like she was more suited for a career selling her body for cash as she took my pounding thrusts. The far camera capturing every moment as my cock drove upward to stuff her booty full with my man-meat. Her rounded, pale tits bouncing away as I made her body slide back and forth against my out-of-shape frame. "UHHHHH!! M-More!! MMMMM!! Don't... FUCKING... Stop!! AHHHHH!!" She begged as the sweat dripped down her body. Her dark hair sticking to her face and body as I started rag dolling her on my cock with how hard I was pounding upward into her tightest of holes. That slap of my crotch connecting off the bottom of her booty sharply ringing out every time I plunged up to stuff her full as she was begging for. Even if I knew those cries were not actually of her own, true desires.

The woman credited with kick-starting the Women's Evolution. The first NXT Women's Champion. The youngest ever WWE Divas Champion. Now mind controlled. Reduced to an anal loving, cock craving slut as she took the kind of butt stuffing that most normal women couldn't handle half of. Every second being recorded on film not for any blackmail or power over her. Just because I wanted to. Knowing full well that, because of the shame from her sex pictures having been leaked that this would be a humiliating experience for the British stunner if she even knew what was happening. But the control the Diva Changer App gave me meant I had twisted her mind to accept this all as being just as second nature to her as cutting an in-ring promo would be.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! YESSSSS!! F-FUCK MY ARSE!! AHHHHH OOOOOOOOHH!!" She squealed out as she gasped. Having given up trying to work herself against my stiff pumps as she slumped against me. Allowing her body to jolt against me when I drove up to pound into that still tight ass. The repeated pumps now allowing for this swift and smooth motion to the point that anal sex with a man even an inch smaller than me wouldn't feel anywhere near the same as she does right now. "UHHHH!! OH GOD... OH FUCK!! SH-SHIT!! AHHHHH MMMMMM!!" Sweat poured off her well-fucked frame to make that pale, curvy body shine in the office lights. Hair sticking to her face and her soaking pussy on full, spread display as her legs remained apart. My cock driving upward being the focal point for the camera across recording this as I stuffed her back passage again and again. Using her like a living sex doll to near mercilessly use her backside for my sick pleasure.

I knew full well what I was doing with her and to her. Without the power of mind control this out of my league beauty wouldn't look at me twice even if I was a VIP experience paying fan. So I was damn sure making proper use of this chance. Fucking one of the hottest exports from the UK up her shapely, built to be fucked rear with my fat and long cock. Grunting myself as I felt pressure build within me after all the effort used to bang her like she deserves to take. Even if, without her knowing it, this is all happening without her proper consent. Being able to film it all for me to simply enjoy on my own, even though I now had the control over her to make her do this all again and again? That was just a bonus to being able to fuck one of the women who kick started the 'Women's Evolution' that I planned to destroy.

So it felt wonderful in more ways than one when, just from having her ass fucked, Paige not only came hard but did so in stunning, squirting fashion. Juices flying out of her snatch and actually hitting the camera lens that was recording her getting her butt stuffed to the limit. The British beauty's head rubbing against my face as she orgasmed to send fluids splashing onto the camera, the table and the office floor. A grin plastered on my face as I turned as licked up the side of her cheek, savouring the moment as I eased up on my pumps to allow her to ride out the most intense orgasm of her life. To my pleasant surprise, she turned to me and eagerly shoved her tongue into my mouth to make out. Moaning into me as she worked her juicy lips against mine to swap spit as she came back down to Earth. Giving a last couple of pumps before I broke the kiss and saw that truly cock-drunk expression on her gorgeous face.

I wasn't done with her yet. Like fuck I was. Pulling out of her backside I felt my cock do a tell-tell throb that my own limit was near. With one camera stained, I pushed Paige off of me so I could grab the handheld one. Aiming it at her, but to my grinning approval she didn't even need to be told what to do. Like a good whore she was already on her knees in front of me. Mouth wide as she sunk down and started to suck me off. No shame or hesitation in going ass-to-mouth. Tasting her own back passage off my cock as she briskly bobbed along me. Starting up with a still burning desire through her sweat-soaked hair.

"MMMMM FUCK... Fucking slut!! MMMMM!! Fucking suck that dick!!" I grunted as I watched her slobber away onto me. Once more not properly respecting her as I watched the action through the viewfinder of the camera I was using. Her swift motion ensuring saliva was dripping down me in short order. Her hands sliding along my thighs almost lovingly as she serviced my dick with her mouth. The same cock that has been deep in all her pleasurable, British holes over the course of this very non-consensual encounter. Giving me another fine feel of her thick, enhanced lips as they grind back and forth along my thickness. Even her tits jiggling from the energetic pace she's using to suck me off with.

"AHHHHH SHIT! Open... Open your fucking mouth!!" I ordered, pulling out of her mouth and without questioning it, she sat back on her knees and parted those lips wide open. Getting the money shot when I stood up and stroked my cock. One pump needed as with a groan I started filling up Paige's talented mouth with my load. A few stray shots catching over her lips and chin, but the vast majority giving her oral hole a creamy treat as I emptied myself into her. Not stopping until I was going soft in my grasp, and left her mouth almost overflowing with the amount of spunk in her. Giving my filming camera a visual treat to remember. Especially when in the next moment she pressed her lips together and with a single, greedy gulp swallowed it all down. Even opening her mouth to stick out her tongue as proof she'd drunk it all down.

"Mmmmm... So... I've still got my job, right Boss?" Paige asked as she grinned up at me. Using a finger to scoop up the missed spunk so she could suck it down as well for good measure.

"Damn fucking right you have..." I said with a laugh, taking in the sight of her in that well fucked, sweat-soaked state. "So how about you sign this off for me?"

"Sure Boss!" She said, smiling broadly as she looked into the camera. "My name is Paige... I'm the General Manager of the Divas Division... And my Boss just fucked me right up my arse!" She said, sounding proud of what if she was of her right mind she'd be disgusted with herself for having to say.

With that being the perfect end, I stopped the filming of my handheld camera before I reached across and picked up the special smartphone. Using the Diva Changer App on Paige once again as she now stared, rarely blinking at the couch but without actually focusing on it. Taking my time first to clear away the cameras for safe keeping, before I then got dressed myself before I allowed her to even move. With just her juices on the floor and table as evidence, reminding me to summon a cleaner, I then altered the App to bring her desires and so on back down to normal levels. But keeping her obedience now at the maximum, along with her level of respect towards me.

A final push of the button, and Paige blinked back into life. Groaning as she felt a stiffness in her rear for some reason and was quite tired all of a sudden. "So there you have it Paige. You accept the job?" I asked her, watching as she struggled to her feet in her nude and sweaty state. "Becoming the new General Manager of the Divas Division?"

"I... Of course!" Paige said, giving me a smile. Not finding it odd at all that was standing naked in front of me with pussy juices running down her inner thighs. "I'd bloody love it! After all, this is my dream job being here in WWE... Why wouldn't I take the job?"

"Well said." I replied, grinning at her obedience that I was forcing her to do though the mind control. "Now then, go get yourself dressed, then take a shower and go see make-up. You've got a show to front out there after all."

"Right! No problems Boss." She instantly agreed, and similarly didn't see anything wrong with putting back on all of her clothing in front of him as he watched. "See you around... And don't be a stranger..." She added with a slight seductiveness to that last comment. Her eyes briefly narrowing like she second guessed herself like she wasn't sure why she said that, but instantly dismissed it with a shake of sweat-drenched hair as she left his office.

I just laughed as I took a seat behind my desk. Taking a moment to put the handheld camera on the top as I took out the memory card for my own safe keeping. Already thinking about reviewing my 'work' on the flight down to Florida that I was planning next. Before that, I took out my real phone and entered the speed dial to my faithful 'partner' in the WWE.

"Stephanie. It's your Boss here." I told her with a smirk. "I need you to send a cleaner to my office. No no, I just spilled a little water. Oh, and let me know what the card is for matches tonight. I think I'll have a meeting with one or two of the non competitors during the show... Oh no, I haven't forgotten. I'm looking forward to our meeting during 205 Live a whole lot..." I said, not even trying to hold back my snigger. Knowing all those 'meetings' were just one App use away from making this office into a sex den once again.

* * *

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