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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Sara Amato (WWE, formerly Sara Del Rey), Candice LaRae (NXT)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, MFF, mc, oral.

Diva Changer Part 4
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

After an eventful first time on Smackdown, holding a few 'meetings' with the female talents there, it was time to turn my attention and the power of the Diva Changer App towards the developmental system. NXT and the Performance Center. I'd soon get onto scoping out the talent in NXT UK and the Mae Young Classic soon enough but as I said before, I wanted to control the ground bases first before I fully enjoyed this cake that I had my hands on.

A taping of NXT for the Network wasn't going to be held for a few weeks, so I simply introduced myself to the women's roster at a meeting at the Center. Resulting in, just like previously on Raw and Smackdown, me just using the App to control the assembled women all at once to force into their minds a basic level of obedience and loyalty. It was delicious to see the mix of females I now had to play with from stacked blondes like Lacey Evans, thick beauties like Nikki Cross, cute fuck puppets like Dakota Kai and the current NXT Women's Champion Kairi Sane that had me hungry for some Asian cuisine tonight.

Yet I decided to hold off on all of them as I let them go on with their training and classes for the day. Why? Because I actually wanted a piece of someone not strictly on camera, but powerful behind the scenes. The head trainer of the women at the PC. Sara Amato, formerly known as the female wrestler from the indies Sara Del Rey. Some have called her the secret weapon behind the Women's Evolution in the WWE. She could keep training chicks, but for damn sure I was going to have her fall in line like all the rest. After all, I planned to have the kinds of hotties I wanted for my Divas Division bypass NXT all together. The few I didn't fully want could be down in NXT for her to train up.

At the orders of Stephanie McMahon, I had an office set up at the Center just like there would be at any taping or show I was at. So I was already resting back on my couch when I heard the knock at the door and called for her to come in. Amato was clad in just a standard, but nicely fitting PC uniform of a branded black short sleeved top that hung nicely to her chest, and work out pants that gave a little glimpse of her thick backside. A less than fully trusting look on the face of the long haired brunette as she came in. No doubt because of my very casual attire of a baggy T-shirt and slacks that was far from fitting for this kind of professional environment.

"Sara." I greeted as I stood up, the special smartphone in my hand. "Now, I've heard that you have concerns about the way I'm planning on running things with my Divas Division." I said, seeing her eyeing me with suspicion. "And that's fine. Because what I want to reassure you, is that..." I went to say, before I cut myself off as I activated the Diva Changer.

Watching with a smile as Sara's eyes suddenly lost focus. Her expression going from being clearly pissed to being blank. Her arms falling limp instead of the crossed over her chest position they'd just been in. Her, like all the rest, unable to stop being controlled by this powerful App. I went straight to the settings to ensure she'd fall into line. Denying her the right to object or question my orders, seeing only me as being honest and trusting no matter what I asked of her. Naturally I turned her desire up as well but more internally than all out making her a whore. With this icon of the indies I wanted to toy and enjoy her as much as just plough her senseless, even though now her senses as well as her thoughts were no longer her own.

Implanting that new mind set, I hit 'Activate' and watched as her body jolted and she blinked a couple of times with this new rebooted brain. Looking at me now with a friendly smile. Her body language a stark contrast to how she'd been with her own free will when she first walked in.

"So, nothing will majorly change." I said to her, pretending that we'd just been having a proper meeting. "You may just have a smaller class to look after, which will allow you to work on the NXT girls easier and give them, you know, more focus!"

"O-Oh course!" Sara said, nodding her head like the idea was one of the best she'd ever heard. "That makes perfect sense, Boss."

"And you won't mind if I trim the NXT roster, or push some new signings right up to my new Divas Division, right?" I asked, while I openly leered over her nicely curved body.

"Not at all." Amato replied, still smiling. "Whatever you want, we're happy to do for you here at the PC, Boss." She added, almost robotically to show how deep already the mind control had changed her. Never mind the fact that as I eyed her up in full sight, she didn't object or even react at all.

"Good to hear Sara!" I said, before stood up so I could put the smartphone on the desk in the room. "Sara? If you don't mind? I'd like to go over some new training methods I'd like to do in the future." I told her as I moved to undress. Pulling my T-shirt up as I showed off my far from attractive, tubby upper body. "I plan on doing some one-on-one training sessions with a few of the trainees and NXT talents in the future."

"That sounds good, Sir." Sara said. Watching me as I undressed but not finding it at all out of the ordinary despite how more than unprofessional it would be in any other circumstance. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well..." I let out a cruel snigger as I dropped my pants. My fat and long cock already hardening as I stepped out of them. "How about I show you rather than just tell you? Drop those bottoms, and come over here to my desk." I ordered as I watched her. Taking a hold of myself to stroke off.

"Yes, Sir." The former Sara Del Rey said with a nod. Not hesitating thanks to the mind control as she moved and slid her pants down her toned legs, showing she still worked out plenty despite not being an active in-ring competitor any more. Obediently, she also did the same with her shorts underwear too to let me see a neatly trimmed snatch as she stepped out of them. Before walking calmly and with a smile over to me.

"Hop up here Sara..." I instructed as I watched her move and sit on the edge of the desk. Her gaze focused on me with that gorgeous smile as I moved to kneel down between her legs. Gripping her thick thighs with my hands as I leaned towards her crotch. "This is the kind of training I mean Sara..." I told her with a cruel grin, before I invited myself in to run my tongue along her snatch without her true permission. The heightened state of lust I'd put into her body and mind causing her to moan out the moment I stimulated her folds. More to come as I flicked my tongue against her entrance as I began eating her out. Working all across and around her with my face nice and close into her so I could explore around.

"MMMMM!! Oh Boss... Mmmmm yes! That's... Ahhhhh..." The first ever SHIMMER Champion moaned out as she watched down at me with already a look of pleasure across her pretty face. Acting like this was the first time she'd had any action in months with how she was groaning in pleasure from my testing tongue work. "Mmmmm... You certainly know... AHHHHH... What you're doing... MMMM!! With this kind of training..." She added with a sigh of delight. Leaning back on the desk with her chest sticking out, and already I could look up and see her hard nipples poking through her top just from me dining on her twat. Of course, that sight and her moans just encouraged me to enjoy some more of my newest capture as I slid my tongue against and across her pussy.

I rewarded my new prize with a proper sample of my tongue. Pushing in past her folds and hearing her moans get louder as I probed into her tasty love box. Her raised state of desire meaning I already had juices to lap up and drink down as I smiled into her snatch. Keeping a hold of her legs to keep them apart so my face could be right between them. No longer teasing with my motion as I flicked around inside of the pussy of the former ROH Woman of Honor pioneer. Feeling her hips start to buck towards my less than handsome face as she craved more of my tongue work. Even though I was burying my tongue deeply into her snatch to explore around and test what the trainer of future sports entertainers could handle.

"OH FUCK... Mmmmmm!! MMMMM!! Yessssss..." Amato groaned out lustfully, still staring down with narrowed eyes at me as I kneeled between her legs. My mind control on her preventing her from realising how wrong this was to be engaged in a sexual act inside of the Performance Center where she's a lead trainer at. "MMMM!! Train me Boss! Mmmmmm yeah... Fucking train me! MMMM!!" She purred in a very uncharacteristic manner, topping it off with a long lick of her lips as she continued to watch on. Trying to grind her pussy against my face as I ate her out. One of her hands going to the back of my head to show her approval of my dining skills on her now wet snatch. Not able to understand that this is all happening against her will and that her moans are not truly her own.

"Mmmmmphhhh... Mmmmm..." It's rude to talk with your mouth full, but I couldn't help but moan myself as my lips clamped onto her snatch for a long, loud and lewd slurp on her damp slit. Getting on making this beautiful and experienced former wrestler moan out like she was a desperate whore. Starting to tongue-fuck her box as I darted in and out of her folds. Eagerly collecting more of her juices she was offering to me while her pussy was being rubbed gently across my mouth. Leaving her liquids stained over my lips and around my mouth to such a point it was dripping down a my chin a bit. All as I grinned into her, seeing how easily I'd turned this respected trainer into just another living sex toy for me to use and abuse, just like I was doing eating her out without gaining her real consent.

Another couple of long licks, and I pulled back in order to stand up. Moving her hand from off the top of my head to around to hold my shoulder. Smirking at her as I then moved her legs to make them wrap around my flabby stomach as I shifted toward her. "Ready for some more 'intense' training methods, Sara?" I 'asked' as I lined my cock up with her snatch. Knowing full well she had no say in the matter - my mind control on her making her obey any and every order no matter how wrong and sinful it might be.

"Mmmmm... I'm always happy to learn, Boss..." Sara said without hesitation as her lust-filled eyes locked onto me. "Train the FUCK out of me!" She said like a beg as her other arm came up to hold me like her body knew full well what was coming next.

Who was I to deny my new sex slave of what she 'wanted'? Even if those desires were only there because I had forced them into her mind. Regardless, I pushed forward to send my cock without even a condom on forward into her wet hole. Us both moaning out as I pushed my fat inches inside of the snatch of the Assistant Head Coach at the WWE Performance Center. Feeling how snug she was as her inner walls still gripped my member even with all the licking I'd done to her moments before. At the same time, it was clear that my size of cock was not something the former darling of the independent scene was used to. I made a mental not to make sure she'd get very used to me over the weeks and months to come now that I was in control of the women across the WWE.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!! Ooooooooh yesssss MMMM!!" I made her moan out as I began my thrusts in and out of that wet box. My hands holding her toned waist as I started to fuck my unwilling sex partner as despite her cries of apparent approval, this all was being done thanks to me controlling her mind. Of course, I was making full use of a chance to bang one of the hottest women to have come out of the indies. Watching already her top-covered chest and that Performance Center logo bounce as her body shifted in response to my firm thrusts. Looking to work my dick deeply into her vaginal tunnel to show her what kind of 'training' would be in store for any hottie who walked through the doors here now.

"MMMM... Yeah... Bet you fucking love this, huh? Love this... AHHHHH... Big fucking cock, training your fucking tight little pussy?" I taunted the beauty I was fucking, even as I groaned with my own approval as her tightness gripping my length. Sliding smoothly in and out of her snatch with my thick shaft. Feeling her juices coating my length as I fucked her in my office. Not even waiting a full day before I turned the woman who is supposed to be training competitors of the future for the WWE into just another of my sluts. "MMMM!! Love being fucking trained... By my dick! Like all these... AHHHHH... Fucking bitches in the WWE will be!" I said with a proud, twisted grin. Revelling in the fact I was taking her in complete non-consensual fashion. Knowing that a slob like me, even with my huge dick, would never get a real shot at a piece of this proud, professional woman if she had her real wits about her.

"UHHHH!! MMMM YESSSS!! Ahhhhhh!! I fucking love it!! MMMM!!" The woman formerly known as Sara Del Rey moaned out as sweat started to roll down her gorgeous facial features. My shaft putting her nicely curved and still half-clothed body through a more intense 'work out' than any drills she had rookies go through. The slap of my crotch hitting off of hers sounding out to mix with our cries inside of this office room when I drove all my inches deep into her dripping slot. "AHHHHH FUCK!! T-Train me Boss!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! Fucking train me!! MMMM!!" She was able to gasp out before she tossed her long hair back. Another intense, sinful gaze cast to me as I ploughed back and forth into her twat. Taking my cock easily balls deep now like we've been engaged in an indecent workplace affair for years rather than just the minutes that our 'business relationship' has actually existed.

Reaching up, I put my hands under her Performance Center branded top so I could grope her nicely sized and rounded breasts as I fucked her. Easily pushing up the sports bra underneath her clothing so my fingers could dig in and feel up that jiggling chest of hers while I stuffed her wet box at the same time. Further abusing the power I had over her now as not even just fucking her like this was enough for my twisted desires. I had to toy with her even as I banged the being mind controlled stunner. Grinning as I didn't even look at her upper body as I felt her up. My eyes staring down to watch my rod vanish forward into her tunnel before quickly reappearing as I repeated the motion.

Just as I was enjoying myself, and making her moan out loudly from my gropes, I heard a knock at the door to the side. Glaring with annoyance but refusing to stop to answer for the moment. Especially since at that moment Sara Amato started to cum all across my cock. Coating my length nicely with more of her juices as the gushed over me as I pistoned back and forth into her. Causing me to grunt with a smile as I watched her body jolt in pleasure while I forced her to experience a peak that by the looks of things she wasn't used to feeling at such an intense level. However another knock at the door brought be back to reality long before Sara had come back down to Earth.

With a grunt I pulled out of her, leaving her groaning as I shoved her rudely onto her back on the desk so I could step away. Not before I grabbed the Diva Changer and brought it up before I hit the activate button. Automatically controlling whoever was on the other side of the door without even knowing, or caring, who they were. So when I opened the door with a glare, they were already standing still, statue-like and unblinking.

My anger at someone daring to interrupt this non-consensual sex session soon turned into pleasant surprise at who I saw. Candice LaRae, the gorgeous blonde who was a part of the first Mae Young Classic and now a part of the NXT Women's Division. Clad in nicely fitting black work-out shorts and a sleeveless, small matching top branded in the WWE's Tapout range. All of which fitted perfectly to her petite but sexy frame.

"Come right in Candice..." I told her, and changing the settings on the App to allow her to walk in as I closed the door. I had planned on just fucking Sara some more for a while but why just stop at one when I can enjoy two? I applied similar setting to LaRae as I'd done to Amato in terms of her ability to follow orders as well as her lust. Not to mention lowering her objections to doing anything that would conflict her open, happy marriage with a fellow NXT Superstar for good measure.

"So, Candice..." I said, activating the App once again and seeing her eyes blink rapidly as her brain was allowed to function again with this new mindset. "What can I do for you."

"W-Well Boss..." Candice started to say, looking to me and finding nothing wrong at all with either my naked state or the half-nude, well fucked one of the woman who is helping train her as she lay on my desk. "I'm... Well, I'm concerned about this whole, Divas Division direction you're going with for us women here..." She began to explain in a sweet tone before I cut her off.

"Nonsense. You love it here." I told her as I looked her over. Implanting my thoughts into her mind again as I told her what I wanted her to think. "And you completely trust me. You can't wait to leave NXT behind, even your husband, and become a full roster, WWE Diva."

"I... Yes! Yes, of course." LaRae said with a nod and a smile. Like what I said was the best idea she's ever heard. "I'd... I'd love to be a WWE Diva!" She said. Those words making me grin knowing full well how much of a proud wrestler this woman had been across the indies.

"Good to hear. In fact..." I looked across to Sara as she was starting to move off of my desk. "Sara! Get over here. Come help me train Candice here." I told her, before looking to the blonde. "As for you? Let's do some training, shall we?" I said, smirking since much like the other woman I was controlled this new arrival had no say or choice in the matter. "Get on your fucking knees."

"Yes, Boss." Candice agreed, and immediately slipped down in front of me to kneel. My cock, coated with the juices of Amato, now pointing at her face. All of which didn't appear one bit out of the ordinary for the mind controlled stunner.

"What... What do you need from me, Boss?" Sara asked with a gasp as she arrived at my side. Giving a tired smile as she wasn't fully recovered from her orgasm quite yet. Standing bottomless with her juices dripping down her inner thigh.

"Face fuck training." I told her before I looked to the smiling blonde. "Lets see how much of my dick that Candice here can take."

"Of course, Boss." Sara said. Her controlled mind not registering how completely removed from the kind of training she puts recruits through this is as she moved over to the kneeling Superstar. Grabbing a handful of blonde hair as forcing Candice's head down so her mouth took my cock. Not just inside, but deeply to the point of her eyes going wide as my shaft was made to invade her oral hole to immediately make her gag. My bell-end hitting the back of her mouth in a sign that already my size was far too much for her to handle. Never mind the fact that I was therefore far bigger than what she was used to with his husband.

"HHHHHRRRLLKKK!! MMMMPHHHH!! GAHHHHH!!" Candice's eyes closed shut as she started to gag as the woman standing above her started to move her head back and forth over my cock. Forcing Candice to suck on my dick and taste the pussy of another female off of my fat inches through this unwilling blowjob as Sara's fluids still coated my pole. "GAAAAHHHH!! HHHLLLKKK!! HHHRRRRKKKK..." The Riverside, California-born beauty choked again as she was made to take my dick without any real time to adjust to my vast size. Her head being made to bob back and forth along me as already her saliva was splattering out over me. Unintentionally replacing those pussy juices of Sara's with now Candice's spit to give me a just as pleasurable feeling. Even if from the look of discomfort on the blonde's face she clearly wasn't enjoying this to any level that I was.

"MMMMM... We're gonna have to get you... AHHHHH FUCK... Trained up like this a lot more Candice..." I mocked the woman kneeling in front of me. Seeing her eyes welling up with tears as she stared back up at me but not having the free will to either object or try and shift back away from this forced face fuck. The woman who is supposed to be helping train her to become a sports entertainer making this look more like an amateur's first scene in porn. The former Sara Del Rey pushing and pulling LaRae's head along my fuck-stick in rough, aggressive fashion to make the former PWG Tag Team Champion gag every time her face is moved towards my hairy crotch. "Doesn't that sound like a perfect idea, Candice?" I add to further twist the knife. Knowing full well this woman, like the one grabbing her hair to make her mouth work along my rod, are under deep mind control that's forcing them to fuck despite the fact Candice is happily married to another man.

"HRRRLLLLKKK!! MMMMMPHHHH!! HHHHRRRRR HHHLLLLKKK!!" The gorgeous blonde continued to choke in increasingly raspy, painful fashion as my inches were forced deeper into her soothing, damp mouth. Tears now rolling down her cheeks from oral action she clearly can't handle but doesn't have the free will to resist or stop. Her saliva dripping off her chin and onto her top as it falls off my length as well. "GAHHHHH!! HHHHHHKKKK!! HRRRRRR GAAAAHHHH!!" The repeated forced bobs making my cock invade her throat now as those pretty facial features get pushed into my crotch as her nose touches the mass of pubic hair I have down there. Her mouth being well and truly violated by the dick of a man that she isn't married to, while another woman who is also employed by the WWE is making her service my dick. Both of them acting against their true nature all thanks to the mind control App I'd used on them.

"MMMMM... God Candice, you fucking suck at this..." The pun not intended as I insulted the woman on her knees in front of me. Despite the fact I was moaning with enjoyment every time my length slid either in or out of her pleasurable hole. Able to clearly see from her tears and feel from her repeated choking on my man-meat how far from fun this had to be for the petite blonde. "Your husband must be packing... AHHHHH FUCK! A fucking half-incher if you can't... MMMM!! Handle this..." I added. Insulting her husband while I abused her mouth for no reason other than the fact I could. Staring down to grin and watch her cough saliva all over my tool when it plunged into her mouth. That spit now drooling off my length to leave her top and the exposed skin soaked with my saliva as it drips onto her own gorgeous body. Leaving her looking like the result of a blow-bang porno already just from being made to service my own cock.

All the while, the Assistant Head Coach of the WWE Performance Center just stood over the NXT Superstar expressionless. Showing no signs of remorse or sadness for the obvious pain that her fellow female was going through, and a situation she was making happen as she forced the blonde haired head sharply and deeply down onto my cock. Again and again with raspy gags being let out each time Sara made the woman she was supposed to be helping train to become a sports entertainer choke on my dick. Sara herself still half-nude, her own previously fucked snatch on display and still wet but acting robotically as he kept moving the other woman's face straight down onto my dick like it was the only purpose she had in life.

"MMMM... That's enough for now!" Perhaps mercifully I instructed and instantly Sara pulled Candice's face completely off my cock. Leaving her coughing as she spat out a thick wad of saliva onto her own clothes before gasping for air with deep heaving breaths. "Candice? You really need to focus on your training more..." I mocked, knowing full well that I'd had her engage in face fucking too intense for her to handle.

"S-Sorry, B-Boss..." Candice said, sounding ashamed of her 'performance' as she looked up with those watered eyes. The tears on her face making the dirty sight more pathetic as she looked far from the proud wrestler she's supposed to be. "I'll... I'll try better next time, I s-swear!"

"Is that so?" I seized on her answer. Even though with the power of the Diva Changer I could have her, and Sara, do whatever I wanted them to. "In that case... Drop those fucking shorts, and go bend over my desk." I ordered her as I already started moving over. "Sara? Get over here too."

"Yes Sir." LaRae said, nodding as she stood up without even wiping away her tears. Pushing down the work-out shorts along with her panties as she showed off her shaved twat. Which, in contrast to the pain she'd just been put through, was already wet. Showing just how good the App was to make women feel desire even in the most discomforting situations.

I licked my lips, watching Candice obediently walk over and present herself as that tone backside was stuck out towards me. Bending over the desk with her hands firmly planted on the surface as she looked back at me. Smiling sweetly even though the stain of her tears was clear on her gorgeous face. "Sara? Spread her for me." I ordered, and smiled proudly as Sara nodded before reaching down to pull apart LaRae's backside so I could get a good look at both of her lower holes. A task that I could have easily and simply done myself but decided to make the woman I'd already controlled and fucked do it for me.

"Let's see if there's something you are fucking good at..." I said, further insulting the blonde I knew was only in this position because I was controlling her mind. Making full use of this fact as I pushed my dick forward into her wet and tight pussy. Just like I'd done before with Sara, we both moaned out at the sensation. I wasn't surprised one bit that she was tight. If she couldn't handle my fat size of a cock in her mouth, how could I expect her to be loose back here? More proof her loving husband wasn't packing half as much man-meat as I was. Lucky for her, I was about to help her experience a real dick as I started to groan. Sliding myself in and out of her slot from behind as Amato held her rear cheeks aside so I could get a smooth motion in and out of LaRae as well as that clear view of this forced sex.

"OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! Oh shit!! B-Boss!! You're... You're so!! MMMM!!" The quarter-finalist in the first ever Mae Young Classic moaned out loudly as she took my cock. Looking back with desire that she shouldn't be feeling for a man that isn't the one she's married to. Her new mindset making her push back against my motion to help get my thickness deeper into her wet and tight hole. "AHHHH!! So big!! MMMM... Oh FUCK!! MMMM!!" She purred like she was a seasoned pro at this. Matching my firm pumps so she could work her toned backside backward to meet my cock each time I thrusted forward into her love tunnel. The NXT Superstar looking more like a size queen as despite her petite frame her snug pussy felt built to take long, fat cocks like mine. Especially as when my pumps continued her saliva that coated me was getting replaced with the juices of her snatch.

I looked to the side and saw Sara just staring down to watch as my cock vanished forward into Candice's pussy. Her hands keeping the still active in-ring competitor's ass spread so I could plunge deep into that tightness. My crotch beginning to smack off LaRae's booty as she still pushed back against my stiff motion. I smirked, reaching up to turn Amato's face towards mine. Making her lips press against mine and reacting (thanks to the mental triggers I'd forced into her) instantly as she kissed back deeply. Already pushing her tongue into my mouth so we could make out in already an intense, spit-swapping fashion. All while I fucked the half-naked woman bent over in front of me as the former Sara Del Rey spread the backside of said beauty for me while we began kissing. For no reason other than I could, and I wanted to.

"OH YEAH!! MMMMM... F-Fuck me Boss!! MMMMM!!" Candice begged, still staring back at me with a burning lust now. The sight of me making out with someone else while still banging her from behind turning her on - another example of how good the Diva Changer App is to take someone previously respectable and professional into a filthy, cock-craving slut. Her pushes back against me more profound now as she made her toned ass smack against my crotch. "UHHHH!! Fucking train me good!! MMMMM YEAH!! AHHHHH!!" She begged. Now sweat starting to join the mess of her drying tears and the saliva over her face as she continued rocking back and forth against my thrusts. Ensuring my cock was buried deep into her twat like a good sex slave should. Showing no signs of caring that she was being made to cheat on her own husband and fellow NXT star by engaging in this sexual act. Not that she currently had the free will to even think of such things other than how good my cock felt in her pussy.

I broke off the smooch with Amato, and even rudely shoved her away to send her stumbling back as I took over gripping Candice's backside. Starting to forcefully ram my dick straight into her snatch, which in turn set her off to loudly moan as she buckled forward, nearly falling onto the desk she was bending over. Staring back with gritted teeth as she pushed back, still trying to match my motion but finding herself being jolted forward when my fat body collided with her stunning, slim frame. All that mattered was both of us kept moaning out as I plunged in and out of her dripping, still snug box. Sweating myself as I put in the energy needed to properly stuff her box full like she can clearly take. Giving her the kind of action she was long overdue to finally take, but could never get from the man she married.

"UHHHHH!! AHHHHH... AHHHHH OOOOOOOOH BOSSSSSSSSS MMMMM!!!" She groaned out, looking back with half-closed eyes as Candice started to cum over my dick. Scoring me another win of making a woman orgasm from unwilling sex in an afternoon as I felt her snatch tighten pleasurable around my rod. Her juices soon following with a flow across my inches that felt just as good as when I'd fucked Sara what already feels like a different lifetime ago. Fortunately for the blonde, I was still in a fucking mood so kept my inches sliding in and out of her pussy to allow her to properly ride out the waves of pleasure flowing through her. It was almost a shame that thanks to my mind control of her, she'd never properly remember the most intense sexual high of her life. I wouldn't want her husband to know she got better sex from someone else now, could I?

"MMMMM yeah..." I grinned, pulling my dick out of Candice's snatch and gazing over with approval at how coated with fluids my member was as I stepped back. "That's certainly what you're good for." I said, insulting the woman I'd just fucked to an orgasm. Looking across I saw Sara pick herself off from the floor. "Hey, get over here slut!" I demanded, before looking over at LaRae as she she shakily pushed herself up from the desk I'd taken her over. "You as well bitch... Both of you come here and finish me off." I said, letting out a snigger as Amato was the first to arrive and far too eagerly than she should if she had her free will slip to her knees in front of me.

Looking up with desire like we'd been lovers for years instead of about an hour, the woman better known as Sara Del Rey happily opened her mouth. Taking my fat cock inside and wrapping her nicely soft lips around my meat. A muffled groan escaping her as she pushed down to take me inside. Showing no objection to the taste of another woman's pussy that she got off my cock as she started to establish the motion to suck me off with. Working her mouth with a nice, smooth motion up and down on my pole. Her hand going to my waist as she slurped on me with the occasional moan, getting off on just having a dick in her mouth despite her snatch having not been touched since I stopped fucking her.

She soon had to shift aside a bit as 'Candice Wrestling' joined her at my crotch. Kneeling as she gave me a grin before leaning in. Lapping her tongue against the base of my dick through my pubes. Perhaps just as, or even more dirtier, than the other woman as she tasted her own pussy off my dick. Sliding her tongue against the inches not yet in Sara's mouth as the two former SHIMMER Women Athletes wrestlers serviced my dick at the same time. The bobs of Amato getting saliva starting to drip down my shaft while LaRae made sure my balls were taken care of as she leaned further down. Sliding her tongue all across and around the left nut in a rather savouring manner before she carefully moved to give the right side the same treatment.

"MMMMM FUCK... Fucking suck it you sluts... MMMM!!" I grunted as I watched two stunning talents of the WWE Performance Center work over my cock like they were more suited for sucking dick than anything to do with in-ring competition. Of course, all of this only because I was controlling their minds to make them suck and lick at my shaft against their true nature. Without my (verbal at least) instruction the two women changed positions as Sara pulled off, allowing Candice to take my length into her mouth. Groaning around my manhood despite how I'd made her choke and gag when she first came into my office. Showing that despite the face fuck from before, she did have oral skills as she smoothly raised and lowered herself along my shaft to make me moan out. Now Amato the one staring up as she moved into my jungle of hairs at my crotch so she could kiss and slurp at the base of my cock.

I had one hand on the back of the blonde's head, and the other on the brunette. Grinning down as I moaned and watched both bottomless women suck and lick at my now saliva-soaked cock. The sight looking more of two desperate whores instead of respected sports entertainers as they moaned, muffled in the case of one, as they pleasured me. Their eyes still with a strong lust in them even after I'd made each of them cum over the course of this non-consensual sexual encounter. Their minds altered to see this all as just some 'advanced training' rather than the filthy double teaming blowjob it truly is.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmm... Hmmmmmmphhh..." Candice was now smiling around my dick, in complete contrast to the discomfort when I'd had my cock slam into her throat. Feeling her moans bounce off my inches as she took them in and out of her oral hole. Despite being married to another man, she was servicing my fuck-stick like I was the only man she'd ever laid eyes on. Her hand sliding across my flabby thigh as she bobbed up and down on my saliva-coated dick. That warped mind refusing to let her see the reality of how wrong this all was to suck off a man she just met today alongside the woman who is supposed to be coaching her to be a better sports entertainer. Her face a mess with not just sweat, but dried tears from the pain of the oral assault earlier and now more saliva that's dripping off her chin as she sucks me off energetically.

"MMMM FUCK!! Faces together you sluts!!" I grunted the order, pulling out of LaRae's mouth as I gripped that saliva-drenched that already pulsed in my grasp. The two women I'd been fucking gazing up as they stared up. Faces together as they awaited what was to come as I pumped myself furiously with a moan.

My seed soon blasting out as the first shot landed across Candice's pretty face, further making her a mess despite all the tears, sweat and saliva on her. A couple thick streaks of spunk landing across her cheek and nose up to the forehead, as she just managed to close her eyes in time to avoid being blinded. Before I changed my target and started to splatter Sara's face as well. Making her groan as my seed landed on her cheek, nose and over her lips. I altered between the two well fucked women. Giving each a healthy dose of my jizz so that it was starting to drip off their faces. Staining LaRae's workout top while landing down onto Amato's black uniform top in even more visible fashion. With a cruel smirk, I actually squatted down to make sure that I eased out and wiped off the final drops of my cum onto the WWE Performance Center logo on Sara's top for a proper finish to an unexpected threesome of sorts.

"Mmmmm... Good fucking training day..." I said, laughing as I stood up and let go of my spent dick. "If I had real training like this every day, I might actually lose a bit of weight!" I said, joking with an audience of myself as the two latest victims of my mind control stayed kneeling down on the floor of my office.

Leaving them for now, I casually (and disrespectfully) went over and put my clothes back on before I even picked up the Diva Changer App. Making sure to return their state of desire back down to normal but keeping their trust and loyalty to me at a solid level. Of course, neither woman would be able to tell anyone, especially her husband in Candice's case, of what actually happened to them here. It would be like they just had a good meeting with me that made them sold that I was the best man for the job to run the Divas Division for the WWE.

With that all taken care off, I hit the 'Activate' button on the App. Watching as the two women opened their eyes, but soon had to reach up to wipe away my cum from near them so they could actually see. Both women groaning as they stood up, but soon gave me warm smiles. Seeing nothing wrong with their current semi-clothed states.

"And that's why I think things will be bright for the women of the WWE going forward." I lied as I looked between them both. "So, that takes care of things! You two go hit the showers and get cleaned up, and I'm sure I'll see you around plenty over these next few weeks and months."
"No problem, Boss." Sara said, nodding and making a bit more spunk fall from her face onto her uniform top. Turning as she reached to put back on her underwear and pants before she headed out, thinking that she needed to find a new top because this one was... Somehow stained.

"Thanks Boss!" Candice said, giving a big grin to me as she pulled her shorts back up over her soaking pussy. "I really can't wait to become a WWE Diva..." She said, giving an adorable giggle as she turned and also left the room. Not seeming to notice the cum that was over her face and top as she also headed for a long overdue shower.

With a moment to myself I just fell back into my couch in the office and let out a long and loud laugh. Fucking one hot woman was one thing, but taking two of them? It wasn't quite the threesome he'd been planning to have, since he had ideas of proper ones to come, but he was more than happy with this outcome today. Already ticking off the box of nailing a NXT woman and a Mae Young Classic competitor too.

Putting down the special smartphone, I looked down at the actual usual one to check my list of 'business' agendas I had to do for today and tomorrow to keep people happy for his 'job'. I rolled my eyes at the small list. Tasks I would easily pass onto others to care of for me so I could focus on more important things. Such as tomorrow's meeting with a former full time WWE roster competitor. I grinned at the thought. Oh, she might have agreed to the meeting but there was no way she'd be leaving without signing on to be a part of the Divas Division. All it took was one tap on the Diva Changer and she'd be mine... Just like all the rest of them.

* * *

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