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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Kaitlyn (Former WWE, 2018 Mae Young Classic participant)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral, anal.

Diva Changer Part 5
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

One of the best things about using this mind control App is having other people doing the work for you. Telling them everything you want done, and they do it for you. Even if down the line it's all been a lie from the start and what is promised never actually happens. It only matters that the end result is achieved. Which, for me, is bringing back to the WWE, or more accurately to my Divas Division, some of the hottest women who ever stepped into the squared circle. So what if they were too injured to work a full schedule? If they walked away because they were frustrated with how they were being used? All I wanted them for was for their stunning bodies. It's not like working bra and panties matches and the like were going to be bump taking city when they were rolling about cat fighting. The good old days of the Attitude Era indeed!

So the 'hard' work was already done for me. Arranging a meeting with the former WWE Divas Champion, and winner of Season Three of NXT when it was more of a reality show, Kaitlyn. She'd been away from the WWE for years to focus on fitness clothing and non-wrestling endeavours, but had been tapped to be a part of the 2018 Mae Young Classic tournament. A one time deal like that however wasn't good enough for me. Hence this meeting to see if a deal could be brought to bring her back to the WWE for longer. Of course, she had no clue that now within range of my Diva Changer App, she had no choice. She wouldn't be leaving the Performance Center without signing on the dotted line to come back.

From the moment she stepped into my office I could tell she wasn't sold with me. Why would she? Me, being out of shape, unattractive, and just in a baggy T-shirt with slack pants on. Her, having dressed up gorgeously in a pair of black, tight fitting Celestial Bodiez leggings that clung to her incredible, thick ass. A matching workout top that was low-cut to show off her huge breasts while her hair was long, dark and hanging down. She was dressed for what she'd been told would be a post-meeting photo-shoot for a WWE website feature. That would not be happening at all - a lie so that I could get her into such a sexy outfit, only to get it off of her.

"Listen, I like really appreciate the offer and the interest and all..." Kaitlyn told me, clearly putting on a fake smile as she didn't like the look of things. "But I guess that maybe a full time return? It's just not what I'm looking for right now." She said, already pushing back in her chair to move away from my desk as I looked across at her.

"That's disappointing to hear, but I respect that decision." I lied as I gave her a nod with a smile of my own. "But before we break this all off, I'd like you to hear out one more idea I had." I said, reaching into the drawer of my desk to take out that special smart phone.

"No, I mean... I'm like, flattered and all..." She stood up, those big tits jiggling a little from the motion. "But I really think this isn't going to work, so..."

"You don't think so?" I said, smirking up at her as I pushed the 'Activate' button on the App. "Well? How about now?"

That phoney look of a smile instantly faded to her standing expressionless in my office. The Diva Changer rendering her blank, unthinking and unable to move. Only that bust of her raising and lowering softly to show she was very much alive, but her brain had been frozen as the former WWE Diva was just now another victim of my mind control. Any plan she had for trying to leave now on ice. Giving me a moment to openly leer at the gorgeous, curvy dark haired beauty. Licking my own lips before I brought the App up and started to change the settings, and her, to my approval.

Of course, her resistance was greatly lowered and obedience to my orders raised up. Making her believe I was some kind of genius businessman with a perfect vision for the future. As well as her not being able to object to any suggestion I made no matter how unsuitable or sexual of nature it was. Naturally, I also raised her pleasure settings and desire so even if she looked like she wasn't thinking of sex, her body would react strongly to any stimulation. After all, a body like hers deserves to be fucked nice and hard. Even if she doesn't consent to it, or even truly know it's going on.

I hit the 'Activate' button on the App once again. Watching as the former Diva jolted back into life. A couple blinks before she locked eyes to me with this time a genuine smile. Well, in the sense that she wasn't faking it - her response to me and that friendly look wasn't really her own. "S-Sorry there." She apologised, even if her stutter showed she wasn't quite sure why she was saying sorry. "I guess I uh, kinda spaced out there for a sec?" She reasoned with a laugh as she took a seat opposite me once again.

"That's quite alright Kaitlyn!" I said, grinning as I looked her over. Seeing this new, mind controlled state she was now in. "We were just finishing the deal..." I told her, as I took out a contract from the drawer of my desk. Passing it along with a pen over to her. "Here's the deal we agreed to. So just sign on the bottom there and the legal team will finish the rest." I ordered her. Despite our previous conversation never having mentioned anything about this deal I'd just passed to her.

"Sure!" Kaitlyn said with a smile and a nod. Not seeing anything wrong at all with signing a contract she's never even seen before, let alone read the fine print off. Taking the pen and signing it, having no clue what she's doing in terms of this WWE Divas Division contract that she, and the rest of the current roster will all be under.

"Excellent work!" I said, still grinning as she finished signing. Making her now my employee, more accurately another sex slave to me, without her properly agreeing to return to a now far different company than the one she'd joined years ago. "I think this calls for a celebration, don't you?" I added as I stared openly at her chest across from me. "How about you come around and give me a nice little titfuck with those huge fucking tits of yours?" I said, faking like it was a suggestion. With the control I had on her, it was an order she wouldn't be able to refuse if she wanted to.

"No problem, Boss!" She said with a smile. Standing up to walk around my desk to approach me. Standing in front of me as she reached down and pulled her work-out top up and over her head. Her massive breasts bouncing deliciously when they were released from that tight clothing. Kaitlyn putting on an unintentional show as she tossed her hair back and dropped the top to the floor.

"Fuck..." I sighed with approval, seeing those mounds looking even better than in her leaked nude pictures. "Get my fucking pants off!" I almost yelled at her. My cock having gone from hardening to raging erect from the sight of some of the best tits to ever grace a wrestling ring.

"Just like this, right?" The former WWE Divas Champion asked as she slipped down to her knees in front of me as I sat. Her hands pulling my slacks down and then my underwear as I shifted up to help her bring them down. My cock springing up at it's thick and long size, and I smiled seeing her eyes lighting up as she locked onto me. "Fuck! Boss, that's a nice fucking dick!!" She said with a rather seductive purr of approval. Another smile cast up at me as she shifted in. Cupping her tits, making herself groan a little from the touch, before she moved them up. Capturing my rod between them and pressing around and against my manhood. This time a moan escaping me as I felt all that flesh around my rod while she again lightly groaned. Her new heightened state of arousal making her feel pleasure just from having my big dick between her mounds.

"Mmmmm... Fuck yeah... Just like that..." I moaned as I watched the gorgeous fitness model working her big tits up and down on my cock. Smoothly raising them upward so my cock vanished between those massive mountains. Before lowering them down at the head of my cock and a few inches appeared out between them. The motion soon repeated as the mind controlled stunner worked on instinct without me even having to order her. "Ahhhhh... Yeah... Fuck those are some great, fat fucking tits there Kaitlyn..." I added with a grin. Watching her breasts work up and down my pole. Giving me an indication that this isn't the first time she's pleasured some lucky guy's cock with her chest before. Never before without her permission however, but that smile on her face as she fucks my cock with her tits showing she has no clue of the reality of this situation she's now trapped in.

"Mmmmm! Thank you Boss! You... Ahhhh! You love my tits?" She asked as she looked up. Keeping those breasts working along my pole at a steady pace now. A slight smack of the bottom of her orbs hitting off my fat thighs when she slides downward to my base being heard as she works me over with this red hot tit-fuck. "Ahhhhh... Your big fucking dick feels really fucking good... Mmmm! Right between my big titties!" She added between her own moans, sounding like a seasoned pornstar from both her words and the lusty tone of her voice. Her fingers easily digging into her ample flesh as she pumped my shaft with her breasts. Wetting her own lips as she stared up at me. Seeing nothing wrong with servicing a man she's only just met with her own chest, just a few minutes after signing away her life with a contract she didn't even read over.

"MMMM... Yeah it fucking does... Gonna be showing off your... Ahhhhh! Huge tits every fucking show you're on..." I tell her as I moan with approval. Seeing how her breasts nicely jiggle from the quick motion she's using to fuck my cock with as even in her firm grip, there's so much tit-meat that even another pair of hands wouldn't hold it all in place. That's just fine with me as I continue to let our my cries of pleasure. Staring down to watch my bell-end pop out from her deep cleavage again and again. "Mmmmm... How does that sound bitch? Ahhhhh... Fucking making men around the world rock fucking hard... MMMM!! Flaunting those huge tits every week?" I ask her as I let out a twisted snigger. Knowing that she has no will power now to object to anything from my insults at her to what I'll make her do now she's back in WWE. Making full use of my new prize as I groan again from how great it feels to have some of the biggest and juiciest tits in sports entertainment history wrapped around my cock.

"Mmmmm! Sounds great, Boss! I can't wait!" The grinning, Houston, Texas-born beauty replied instantly like a good, obedient slave should. Even nodding as she moans herself as her body continues to react to feeling my dick sliding up and down against the sides of her ripe fun-bags. "Ahhhhh! Anything you want me to do Boss... Mmmmm! I'll do for you!" She added with a nod. Leaning down over her chest as she carefully spat down onto the crown of my cock to make me moan. That saliva soon vanishing along with the rest of my length when she pushed her titties up over me. The spit acting as a bit of lube as she kept the tit-fucking going nice and steady. Showing off her clear experience in performing this sexual act and all with a smile as she looked up at me. Having no clue that I've warped her mind to make her pleasure me with her stunning, tanned body only after just meeting me.

"MMMM fuck!! That's enough babe..." I told her with a groan. I could have fucked those tits all day but why just stop at that when there's plenty more of her body I can enjoy too? "Get your sexy ass up... Hell! Get those fucking leggings off and show me that big old ass of yours." I ordered, watching her let of her those tits from around my rod.

"No problem, Boss!" Kaitlyn said with another instant nod. Her mind unable to register how wrong this all was to have walked into my office a free woman. Now already not just be under a contract she hasn't read but to be engaging in such sinful acts with a man who isn't anywhere close to being in her league.

She turned around, not even having been told to do so which is likely another sign of how good the Diva Changer is to make its victims be shameless and sexual. Giving me another show as she slowly peeled those tight leggings of her own clothing company down her incredible, rounded ass. Showing me her pair of lips tattoo on her smooth cheek as her backside was now just clad in a tiny thong. That ass sticking out at me as she bent over so she could properly slide her bottoms down and step out of them.

"Bend over the desk, you thick assed slut!" I ordered her as I stood up. Watching her obediently assume the position with that rump pushed out towards me. Taking a second first to take out a bottle of lubricant from out of my desk. Before I gripped and hauled down that thong, actually snapping it from how roughly I pulled it. Oh well, guess she's leaving my office without underwear. Not caring about that fact, I moved behind her as I first spread her cheeks wide. Letting me see that tight as Hell looking asshole of hers. Along with her pussy that seemed already a little wet - a sure sign that her new high state of desire had a full hold of her body and controlled mind.

I couldn't help myself seeing all that wide ass just begging to be used, even if the woman in front of me was no longer in control of not just what was happening to her, but of her own body. Unable to stop me as I kneeled down and kept her butt cheeks apart. Leaning in as I gave the entrance to her back door a long, savouring lick that made her groan out. Slowly running my tongue over her like I was enjoying a victory meal. Already my fingers digging into her booty as she started to slide my tongue across and around that tight hole. Working my saliva over her as a start. Groping away at her plentiful cheeks as I got to work eating out that magnificent ass of the former Divas Champion in WWE.

"Oh fuck!! Mmmmm... Oh Boss!! Mmmm!!" Kaitlyn moaned out, feeling my tongue pressing and twisting against her asshole from behind. Her body responding with pushes back of her hips against my tongue to try and grind against my action. I could already tell she wasn't a stranger to some anal action which was more than fine with me. Looking up to see her staring back over her shoulder at me as I lapped away at her backside. "Ahhhhh... Mmmmm!! God your tongue... MMMM FUCK... You're so fucking good at that Sir!" She added between groans. My control over her making her say everything I wanted to hear, even if it wasn't what she truly felt never mind what she'd say if she had her own free will. Now she was just another body for me to use as I saw fit to. Which is why I was pushing my tongue into her resisting back passage. Moaning myself as I twisted around her tight tunnel to taste and dampen that hole.

I groaned into her butt cheeks as my face pressed against all that ample rear flesh of hers. Pushing my tongue as far into her rump as I could fit. My lips meeting her body as I continued to probe and work around inside of her asshole. My hand raising up to spank the stunning businesswoman and model right across her lips tattoo on her cheek. Smirking into her when I heard her moan from the blow as she kept her hips shifting back against my hungry tongue. Helping me to fuck her asshole in a way as I started darting my tongue in and out of her tightness as she pushed her backside against me. Ensuring her back passage was a little slick from the saliva I'd managed to spread around from my rimming work on her.

Eventually though I had to lean back. Drawing in a deep gasp of air while the woman I've got under my twisted and sexualised mind control was made to groan in disappointment from her ass being empty now. That wouldn't last for long as I stood up. Popping open the bottle of lube to pour some out down onto her tanned and rounded ass. Making her sigh in pleasure as the clear liquid slowly dribbled down the crack of that thick booty across her well-licked asshole. Applying some to my finger for good measure so I could then push it into that back tunnel without warning. Making her moan out as she pushed back the moment I entered her. A smile on her gorgeous face as she happily worked back into me as I began fingering that stunning booty.

"MMMM!! Oh shit... Fuck!! It's... MMMM... Been a while, Boss..." She admitted shamelessly as she took my finger in and out of her asshole. The lubricant being worked deeper to properly prepare that tightest of holes even more than my rimming did on her. Her admission of not being a stranger to anal keeping a grin on my far from handsome face. Pushing my digit in to the knuckle before I slid out to the tip. Making her groan as I finger fucked her backside as she stayed bent over my executive office desk. "Uhhhhh!! FUCK!! Mmmmm... Feels... Ahhhhh!! Feels real good, Sir..." She said with a groan. Still gazing back at me with a strong look of desire that was not truly hers. Having no idea this was all completely unwilling, and that she'd never look at me twice if this was any other situation. But here and now, she was all mine. Controlled, obedient, and her mind altered to make her not just take my finger up her butt. She was made to love every moment of it.

"What's the matter, slut?" I mocked with a laugh, pulling my finger out of her shapely butt. "Not used to this? Did you never let your ex tap this big fucking ass of yours?" I say, making fun of the rather messy break up of her marriage she is now divorced from.

"N-never something that big..." Kaitlyn admitted, staring back and watch as I poured some lube out onto my dick. Stroking it over myself.

"I bet not... I'm gonna resize your fat fucking ass with my big fucking dick right here!" I vowed with a grin as finally took my shirt off and revealed my far from attractive, flabby body. Running my hands over her thick thighs before I spread her ass again. Pushing the crown of my dick against her entrance before I forced my way into her incredible backside with a grunt.

"UHHHH!! OH FUCK... Ahhhhhhh!!" Kaitlyn's eyes went wide, still staring back at me but the feeling of her back passage being made to stretch to take a size she's clearly not used to making her groan out. Her hands gripping the far edge of my desk that I was fucking her over as she clenched her teeth together. "S-So big... OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH... Fucking!! UHHHH!!" She gasped as I started to ease myself in and out of her gorgeous rump. My hands holding those round hips as I granted her the small mercy of, for the moment, going slow so she could adjust to the sensations. Clearly she was feeling more than just a bit of discomfort from this, so either she wasn't all that used to taking it up the ass (which her tightness could attest to) or she was only used to tiny, pencil dicks up her backside.

"MMMM... Not used to this huh Kaitlyn?" I taunted the woman obviously in pain as I fucked her huge ass with by fat and long cock. Knowing full well that I'm only in this position because I've used a mind controlling App to render unable to resist or object to my sinful commands. Staring down at that tanned backside as my shaft slid forward into her asshole before slowly dragging out as I moaned. "Your ex husband... MMMM!! Must have had a tiny fucking dick!!" I added to humiliate the woman I was fucking the ass of without her real consent. Starting to pick my pace up as I groaned with lusty approval. She might not be enjoying things but I was loving how tight her back passage was around my meat. Hugging my fat pole as I pushed in and out of her tightest of holes. Even though this was actually the only one of her holes I'd sampled since stripping her of her free will.

"UHHHH!! Y-You're way bigger than he... AHHHHH!! He was, B-Boss! AHHHHH SHIT!!" The former WWE Divas Champion said between her grunts. A sweat starting to appear over her body as despite the pain from having her ass invaded by my massive dick, like a good slut she was doing her best to take me. Her eyes watering from the pain of her back door being stuffed full as I worked my inches deeper into her stunning rump. "I've... OH FUCK!! N-Never had someone s-so... AHHHHH!! B-Big in me before back there!!" She confessed with a gasp as I gave her ass another spank to strike across that pair of lips tattoo on her butt cheek. Her body not so much rocking back against me as she was jolting forward whenever I thrust forward between those juicy, rounded cheeks. Making her tits rub against the surface of the desk I was banging her across. This one of a kind ass was built to be fucked, so it was a damn shame if she'd only let tiny pricks venture into this hole. A situation I would change with my huge size that would now be the only cock she ever took up her backside from now on.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Well aren't you happy... MMMM!! That I'm gonna be... AWWWWW FUCK!! The only guy who... MMMM!! Gets to tap this ass now?" I told her as I grinned. Knowing full well how much pain this stunning, out of my league woman is in as I force my dick in and out of her ass. Watching her cheeks starting to jiggle as the force behind my pumps increases. Groping away at her thick booty as I stare down. Loving the sight of my manhood vanishing into her butt before a few inches reappear as I keep the motion going. "AHHHH... Don't you fucking worry bitch... MMMMM FUCK... I'll fuck your big fucking ass... MMMM!! Like it fucking deserves!" I tell her between my own groans of delight. Truly just using and treating her like she's just another piece of fuck meat to me. A set of holes to use and abuse, and from how she's crying now and grunting in discomfort the latter is very true at this moment. Not helped by my occasional spanks to her rear while I bang her from behind. All in extremely non-consensual fashion as I've only got her in this dirty position because I'm controlling her mind.

"AHHHHHH!! Th-Thank you, Boss!! UHHHH!!" The curvaceous beauty might have spoken words of thanks, but the tears rolling down her gorgeous face as I fuck her up the ass show a more accurate story. Her back passage still vice-like around me as my thrusts still cause her pain as I invade her anal tunnel that's clearly unprepared for a massive and fat cock like mine to take. "P-Please! HHHHHHNNNGGGG!! K-Keep fucking my ass!! AHHHHH..." The power of the Diva Changer on her clear as even in this much agony she was begging for me to keep fucking her backside like a good, broken whore should. Unable to resist even with this much pain going through her that must feel worse than any match she completed in before she retired from the ring. I still showed her little mercy for that. Keeping my steady pumps in and out of her booty going as I moaned out. Knowing how lucky I was to be the first to really stuff this backside full, but well aware I'm only doing so because I've twisted her mind to remove any free will that she once had.

"MMMMM... Fuck this ass is so good..." I sighed with pleasure as I pulled out of her ass. Noting the sigh of deep relief from the woman in front of me as I did so. That made me smirk as I reached down. Rolling her over onto my desk so she was now on her back. Those huge tits sticking out and her pussy clearly seen to me as it was now more soaked than before. "Stay there bitch..." I told her, even though without my orders she currently couldn't even move a leg off the desk. I picked up the Diva Changer phone, and brought up the settings. Deciding this time to turn her pleasure high up. So that rather than suffer from pain when I fucked her ass, she'd feel pleasure as good as if my rod was driving into her snatch. I wasn't doing this to suddenly show the woman I was controlling any mercy. Goodness no. I was just getting sick of hearing her sob when I tapped that stunning ass.

"Let's go for round two, huh?" I grinned down at her as I put the phone down. Raising her hips just a bit so I could once again slide my cock into her already nicely fucked rear. The change instant as those watered eyes now lit up wide. Her arms shooting out to the sides as fingers tried to grab at the desk I had her on. A loud moan escaping her as my inches pushed into her tightness. Watching her body arch in delight when I made the first thrusting motion into her rump accompanied by a shameless moan. Now acting like she was a seasoned anal porn starlet as she took my cock deep into the same hole that had moments before brought her such great pain. The tears she'd been crying still on her pretty face but her expression of pleasure now making it look like her discomfort had just been faked.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK YES!! YEAH!! AHHHHHH!!" The gorgeous model and former full time wrestler moaned out loudly as her head tilted back in delight. Acting already like this was the best sex of her life despite having been previously a married woman. Her body shifting along the surface of my office desk as my cock ploughed in and out of her thick cheeks. Making her huge tits bounce away for an extra treat for my staring eyes. "OH FUCK!! FUCK!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! Don't fucking stop baby!! DON'T STOP!! AHHHH!!" She cried out but now in almost obsessive joy as her hands now came up to grab her own tits. A deep squeeze as the ample flesh jiggled in her grip. He hair a mess and sticking to her face as her head rolled from side to side. Her muscular and thickly curved body looking even hotter than ever, even more than in her nude pictures that were leaked online, with the shine of sweat coating her.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Fucking take it bitch!! AHHHH!! Take it!!" I ordered, even though I was doing just that. Not like she had any choice, being completely under my control now which is why I was getting to bury my fat cock so deeply between her juicy butt cheeks. My balls now smacking off her rump as I managed to fill her up with all of my thick inches. Keeping me groaning as I was sweating now from the effort I was using. "MMMM SHIT!! You're just my fucking bitch now!! MMMMM!! Just a big, fat ass for me to fuck!! MMMMM!!" Making good of my promise to fuck her and her stunning ass like they deserve to be. Even if she would never even look at me twice if she had her full wits about her. Fortunate for me then that with this mind control I have on her, she's just another living sex toy for me to bang whenever I feel like. Completely disrespecting not just her, but her career in sports entertainment she carved before walking into my office today.

"AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHH!! MMMM!! Fuck me Boss!! AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK MY ASS MMMMMM!!" She begged between her long and loud moans. Acting like her previous pain from taking this anal action was another universe away as she shifted back and forth on my desk as I fucked her ass nice and deep. The slap of my fat body connecting with her stunning, fitness model frame sounding out to mix in the air with both our lustful cries. "UHHHHH!! Gonna... OH FUCK!! YES!! FUCKING CUM!! AHHHHHH... AHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOHH MMMMMM!!" She squealed out with a big, cock-drunk smile as her head tilted back again. Her pussy not just leaking out juices, but actually squirting from how highly I've set her to enjoy anal sex. Making me laugh proudly as her twat send a spray of her fluids across my fat body to leave juices dripping down my gut. A couple more shots escaping her to hit my crotch as I continued thrusting into her ass as she came.

I wasn't quite done with her yet, even as my cock started to pulse within that back passage, which had tightened around me as she orgasmed. Sweat dripping from my less than handsome face as I leaned over her gorgeous body. Grabbing her tits with my hands to grope and squeeze them. Keeping my hips pumping to stuff myself into her ass again and again. My lips capturing a nipple as I loudly slurped onto her. Making the former Divas Champion groan and squirm under me as my bulky frame pressed against that stunning body of hers. Enjoying a lick of that tit before I moved across to the other for a grope and long suck of the nipple. Finally pulling off with a grunt as I had to pull out of her more than just well fucked rump. Truly making the former full-time WWE wrestler look like a porn star as I stepped back and left her laying on my desk. Juices dripping down her thick thighs from that no doubt highest intensity peak of her life.

"Come... Come here you fucking stunning bitch!" I said as I moved around my desk. Not waiting for her to actually move as I grabbed her by the hair. Again showing no respect to the woman I've been fucking against her will as I roughly pull her along the desk as she groans. Her head hanging off the edge of the desk as I push my cock right into her mouth. Moaning as I feel how wet and soothing her oral hole is, and showing no compassion as she gags out from how I deeply ram my member into her from this unusual position.

"HHHHHLLLLKKK!! MMMMMPHHHH!!" She gagged around my fuck-stick. My hands holding the sides of her sweat-coated head as her long hair hair hung down to keep her place. A smirk on my face as to my pleasant surprise, and no doubt thanks to the high lust settings I'd applied to her through the Diva Changer App, she was actually bobbing along my cock as I fucked her mouth. Feeling flicks of her tongue onto my underside as I pumped in and out of her soothing hole. "HHHHRRRLLLKK... MMMM!! HHHHRRRRRKKK!!" He choked as I forced my dick straight from out of her ass now into her throat. Forcing her to go ass-to-mouth and taste her own passage off my fat inches. From her gags I couldn't tell if that taste was to her liking or not, and I didn't honestly care. None of this had ever been about her pleasure. This was all about me. Using my newest sex slave to her best potential just like when I'd fucked her ass or made her fuck my cock with her tits.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Oh yeah Kaitlyn!! MMMM!! Fucking... Fat assed... Big tit slut!! MMMM!!" I lewdly insulted her, even as her mouth made me moan out as I thrusted stiffly in and out of her. Those chokes making my cock be covered in saliva from the repeated, almost merciless motion as I treated her oral hole just like I'd been doing to her ass a few minutes before. Groaning with delight as I felt her throat clamp around my invading pole when I pushed in and forced her to choke around me. "MMMM!! Just like the rest of those sluts... Gonna fuck you... AHHHH FUCK!! Every fucking night!! MMMM SHIT!!" I grunted out. My heavy balls smacking off her nose when I drove in past her full lips. Reaching forward so I could grope at her tits while I fucked her mouth. Again, not to stimulate the woman I was making deep throat my cock. Just for my own amusement to get another feel of those fantastic, juicy tits of the gorgeous Houston, Texas-born beauty.

"UUULLLLKKKK!! HHHHRRRKKK!! GAAAAHHHHH!!" The dark haired woman stayed laying in her own sweat and juices on top of my office desk. Gagging around my dick each time I pushed forward to fill her throat up with man-meat. Her make-up now further ruined not by sweat or her tears, but her own saliva that was dripping from her her lips downward all the way across her closed shut eyes. Even her hair getting sticky from the spit that was drooling out from her choking. Any other woman would have tapped out and called for this to stop long before this point. She doesn't have the free will to even consider denying what her new Boss wants from her. So like a good living fuck-doll she stayed in place. Her throat bulging sinfully each time I pistoned into her oral hole with the cock that had just resized her back passage what already feels like a lifetime ago.

Speaking of time, mine was running out I felt myself pulsing wildly within the former Divas Champion's throat. Pulling out of her as I began stroking off with a grunt. Aiming down at that gorgeous face still hanging off the edge of my desk. Not even giving her a warning as I started to paint her facial features with my cum. Sighing in delight as I watched the thick shots of jizz splash across her cheeks, nose, forehead and over the closed eyes. Even landing into her open mouth and over the lips as she gasped for air. My stroking managing to send drops into her dark hair as it was suspended, with a bit more just dripping onto her locks from off her face. Noting how, like a good whore, she closed her lips and swallowed down the bit that had collected into her mouth as I eased the last drops out onto her well fucked face.

"Fuck... Man do I fucking love these business meetings..." I said with a laugh as I stood back. Looking over the sweat and now cum-coated form of the woman I'd mind controlled into letting me fuck her tits, ass and then mouth. Kaitlyn laying in all that sweat on my desk as I picked up the Diva Changer App. Lowering her state of desire and lust, to bring her down to being a nice, obedient member of my new and growing Divas Division. She wouldn't be wanting to quit WWE now, and I'd even let her still do her outside business adventures as well. After all, that company was now one I owned thanks to her signing over her rights to me. And a whole lot more from the fine print of the contract. Matches... Photo-shoots... Videos... Basically making her 'legally' my property, even though she never willingly signed that contract to begin with. And the fact that I could make her do all of that just with the Diva Changer alone. Her signature merely just giving me an ego boost just because I could make her do it.

"You go hit the showers now bitch..." I told her once I'd applied the new set of mental reconfiguration to her. "Clean up, and get ready for that debut photo-shoot of yours. This is your first day as a WWE Diva again now, so you have to look the part!" I added. Grinning as from her naked form on my desk, she looked far more fitting here than in any match past or present that she'd ever be involved in.

"Y-Yes Boss..." Kaitlyn groaned out, sounding raspy from the face fucking as she shakily moved off my desk. "I... I won't let you down, Sir..." She said, looking to me with a nod once she'd cleaned her eyes away from the cum and saliva on her. Not finding it strange to have my load across that gorgeous face. Or finding any problem with dressing herself in front of him as she hauled up her leggings and put her top back on over her tits. Her broken thong stuffed into my pocket when I'd taken the time to put my clothes back on too.

"You sure won't..." I chuckled, watching ass sway deliciously as she walked out of my office. "Oh! And Kaitlyn?" I called out, making her look back with my jizz stuck across her face. "Welcome back to the WWE, you fucking stunning slut!"

"Thank you Boss!" She smiled warmly back, as if my insult was the nicest thing she's ever heard. "It's great to be back!" She added before she left.

I just sat back in my chair. Laughing loudly as I looked over the mess of fluids on my desk, which is starting to be a regular occurrence in these meetings I have with women. Well, it'll keep the clean-up crew getting pay-checks. I'd now gone further than just controlling the women already in WWE. I was now getting women from the past and bringing them back, just to fuck them like all the others. Oh sure, I had plenty of plans for Kaitlyn. Imagining her thick ass in a thong as she gets stripped in a bra and panties match. Her tits bouncing away in a bikini top as she takes part in a Pool Match. I had plenty of positions for her too, and nothing to do with being in the ring either.

Next up on my agenda, unless I'd forgotten another meeting with a new signing or a resigning, was the first taping for the new WWE Divas TV show for the Network. There'd be matches for sure, as well as the traditional Attitude Era classic of a bra and panties match. If the women liked that, then that was just fine that they knew their place? If they didn't? And a part of me hoped one would at least speak out against it all. I was just one use of the Diva Changer App away from making them see things through a new point of view. Just one that they had no control over in any way at all.

* * *

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