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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Bayley (WWE)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral, anal, inter.

Diva Changer Part 6
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

After several 'meetings' and getting to know the women of my new Divas division a whole lot closer than any out of shape, far from handsome slob like myself truly should, the day had finally arrived. The first taping of the full WWE Divas show for the Network. What would be advertised as the women being able to go all-out, essentially a different 'non-canon' show compared to what went on with the 'real' female Superstars division on Raw and Smackdown. Even with its greatly reduced roster members. It really allowed me to have my fun and enjoy using these sexy, curvy women like they truly should be but still give those whining and complaining about wanting a women's evolution some 'matches' on the main shows. Got to keep that side of the public happen to an extent I suppose.

I'd given the fans in the building plenty of crowd pleasing moments already. The return of busty brunette Kaitlyn, the announcement of a main Divas Championship for the women, and a main event match of a Bra and Panties Match featuring Alexa Bliss versus Naomi. Along with other boring 'filler' regular matches and what-not. Couldn't just go all in and blow too early a load with enjoying the women too much.

Sure, while I had a base level of control over these women with my Diva Changer App, the were 'allowed' to have their doubts. I heard the complaints about dragging women's wrestling back a decade and all that stuff. I didn't care of course. None of them were allowed for a moment to think about quitting the WWE now, even though if forced into these matches with their free will they no doubt likely would. They might hate it, but they did it anyway and couldn't question why. Making my control over them that much more delicious in all honesty.

Still, it meant for some interesting backstage 'meetings' with my talents when they came to voice their objections. By that I mean I just controlled them deeper, fucked them, and forced into their minds a new opinion they would have never had before they stepped through my office door. Which is exactly what my mind was thinking when the woman I saw next stepped through my door.

Bayley. The gorgeous, big booty, side ponytail-rocking beauty. Clad in a green version of her long bottoms and sleeveless short top ring gear that showed off her incredible, thick ass perfectly along with her toned abs and rounded, often overlooked chest. Given her girl next door, hugger character she seemed to some out of place for a Divas Division. Her looks and all that ass screamed otherwise. The idea of her booty being exposed in a tiny thong had me easily rock hard in my slacks.

"Listen, Boss..." Bayley said to me, looking across my desk as I sat back. "I... I know this is like, a big night for you and the women and all that... But I just feel like... I don't fit in to this, you know?" She explained with a sigh. "I just think that bra and panties matches, all these stripping matches... That just doesn't fit for me, you know? Who I am? So like... I'm just thinking, and hear me out here... What if..."

She tried to explain her idea, but I cut her off with a simple press of the button on the screen of the special smartphone. Applying the mind control onto her to render The Hugger as still as a statue with rarely blinking eyes. Her gaze might have been looking at me, but she wasn't focused and might as well be staring through me. Allowing me to take my time and adjust her mindset and emotions to suit my liking. Rather than be concerned for her reputation, I altered her to accept new ideas. Out with the old, in with the new. Lowering any worry and shame she might be feeling about this new career path As well as, of course, increasing her desire and lust to far more higher levels than she'd usually be.

With the changes set, I hit the apply button and watched the stunning female blink back into life. Her eyes properly locking onto me as she stood and started to smile. "Ummmm... S-Sorry? I... I think I lost my thought there..." Bayley said, finding it suddenly impossible to remember what she was just talking about. "Did... Did you want to see me about something, Boss?"

"As a matter of fact, I did Bayley." I lied as I stood up. Of course I hadn't summoned her here at all, but I damn sure going to take advantage of this chance as I moved around my desk towards her. "Bayley, you know why I want you to be a part of this new Divas Division, don't you?"

"Ummmm... Well... I mean, I think I'm kinda, you know, better as a wrestler..." She said, but with the new mindset I've forced into her she did not sound overly confident in her own words.

"That aside Bayley, you know you're a gorgeous woman don't you?" I said, smirking as I took a long look over her curvy frame. "I mean, look at you! You know you're fucking stunning, right?"

"I... I don't know about that..." Bayley said with a cute laugh, blushing as she looked down at herself. "I'm stunning? Really?" She asked, smiling at me warmly now. Like she suddenly liked the idea of that only because I said it. "I mean, if you say so..."

"I do, and it's fucking true." I confirmed with a nod. "I think you just need to embrace yourself a little more. Show yourself off. Let out the Diva inside of you that the world wants to see." I told her, feeding her more lines that if she had her own free will she would be disgusted by.

"Be a Diva? How do I do that?" Bayley asked. Looking at me, but not objecting to how I was openly checking her out with some clear mental undressing.

"Well... I've got an idea..." I said, moving across the room as I took a seat on the couch in my executive office. "Put on a show for me. Come over here and let me see you show off that sexy body of yours." I ordered with a snap of my fingers for good measure.

"OK! That sounds fun!" Bayley said, finding herself instantly agreeing with the idea as she walked over. Standing in front of me with another big smile. "Like this?" She said, reaching down to hook the bottom of her wrestling top.

"Woah there Bayley. Do it slowly for me babe..." I added with a snigger. "Put on a show remember? Make me fucking want you." I said. Even though the bulge in my pants showed I was already rock hard and ready to just take her there and then.

With a nod, Bayley did as ordered. Not seeing anything wrong with undressing in front of the man that's her boss now in WWE. Slowly lifting the tight top upward as her breasts bounced in a standard and simple black bra. Her side ponytail swaying as she pulled the garment off and over her head. "Woah... Damn! Ok..." Bayley says with a laugh, looking down at her own sizeable chest for a moment. "That does feel kinda good... Not gonna lie." She says as the effects of her state of increased lust become clear.

"Don't stop there baby... Show off that fucking ass to me too." I ordered as I grinned. Unable to stop myself as I pulled my own dick out from my pants, stroking off as I looked over the proud female wrestler in front of me.

"My ass? OK!" She said, nodding as again didn't see an issue with me jacking off right in front of her. Turning around so her back was to me as she took a hold of the top of those tight ring tights. "You like my ass?" She asked, looking back over her shoulder with a smile. Her actions then making me smile as she slowly eased her clothing downward. Showing off her backside a little more with just small but plain blue panties which showed off a little of her part-Latina ass. Bending over as she lowered them to deliciously make that underwear ride up a little as she even took the time to undo her boots so she could slip them off before her pants were properly removed. Just giving me more time to stare and jerk off looking at that big old butt of hers.

"Who the fuck doesn't?" I chuckled in reply as I slowly stroked myself while Bayley stepped out of her pants. "But those panties got to go... And I mean not just right now." I told her as she looked back at me again. "You gotta rock thongs when you're out in the ring. Doesn't matter if it's under your gear for matches, or for fun bra and panties matches. That ass is a work of art baby... You gotta show it off more!"

"Sure! That sounds good, Boss!" Bayley agreed without question. Her fingers then slowly peeling those panties down her smooth, thick cheeks so I could see that stunning ass in all it's glory. All that flesh jiggling just from the brush of her fingers, never mind being freed from that tight enough covering of the underwear.

"Fuck..." I said, unable to hold myself back as I just stood up just as Bayley was bending over and sticking that butt out even more towards me. Moving over so I could grab her cheeks, making her gasp as she stayed leaning forward and again stared back at me. Diving straight into that stunning ass and making her moan out as I applied my mouth onto her tight asshole. Squeezing her rump as I kissed across her entrance before flicking my tongue out. Her groans continuing as I helped myself to her backside without her permission as I kneeled behind her. Not even letting her step out of her panties now around her ankles as I began eating her thick ass out.

"Mmmmm!! Oh wow!! Mmmmm..." Bayley moaned out, obediently staying bent over for me with no idea it's because I've controlled her mind to act this way. Holding onto her own ankles now so she can stay in place as I work my tongue across and around her asshole. My fingers easily digging into her plentiful butt cheeks as I dine on her stunning backside inside of my own office. "Guess... MMMMM... You really do love my ass!" She adds with a laugh that she clearly wouldn't be giving out if she had her own brainpower to herself. Moaning again as I flicked my tongue against her butthole with a quick round of licks. The former Raw Women's Champion starting to lightly rock against my less than handsome face as her body responded to pleasure I was giving her from my tongue work.

I was just focused on enjoying what many a red blooded wrestling fan would kill to do. Sticking my tongue nice and deep into all that ass of The Hugger. Already getting her entrance nicely wet with my hungry action as I probed around and inside of her tight hole. Adding to the occasion by raising my hand to give her booty a firm spank that alone made her groan out with her new, enhanced lust. Twisting my tongue around inside of her to work my saliva in deep to that tightness. Lifting away briefly so I could spit onto her asshole before I moved back in. Using my tongue to shove it into her backdoor to keep her moaning. Her pushes back helping me not just to get her ready, but letting me taste her a little deep than if I was just working her over without her 'aid'.

"MMMM!! Oh gosh... OH!! Mmmmm... That's so good!! Mmmm..." The California born beauty groaned out as I continued to assault her backside with my tongue like my life depended on it. Her juicy rump grinding against my face as she shifting herself slowly back and forth against my tongue as I kept it stuffed between those massive cheeks. My hands still roaming across her backside with the odd grope just because I could. "AHHHHH!! Oooooooohh!! Mmmmm... I'm really gonna... MMM!! Show off my ass now... If this is what I can get for it!" She added with a cute giggle. Her words and her reaction to me eating her out not truly her own as she doesn't see the reality of how wrong this all is. Almost fully naked, bent over, with the tongue of a man that isn't her boyfriend stuck into her tight asshole while a WWE Network taping is going on.

I groaned into her backside as I started darting my tongue in and out of her rear entrance. Quick in and out motions that left her moaning out with a pleasurable gasp as she, in another sign of how strong the mind control I had on her was, pushing that ass back into me with perfectly matched timing. Allowing me to fuck her butt with my tongue in a way. Accompanied not just by her groans, but the sound of me giving that thick ass a sharp spank every once in a while. Eventually having to pull out to draw in overdue air as I groped her booty once again. Looking down a little to see, to my grinning approval, that her pussy was already wet - having gotten off on her ass being eaten out. No doubt something unlikely she'd be into if not for the power of the Diva Changer I'd used on her.

"Bayley... You ever let any lucky bastard fuck this ass?" I bluntly say to her as I stand up from her. Not even waiting for her reply as I moved to my desk to fetch out the faithful bottle of sex lube from the drawer.

"Never!" She honestly responded with a smile as she now finally stepped out of her panties before standing up as she watched me approach. Not seeing anything wrong with telling a man she isn't dating about her sex life. "I'm not, you know, into that... Or I guess I wasn't before just now!" She said with an adorable laugh. "I don't know what's gotten into me!"

"Well, let's fucking change that, shall we?" I said, as I put my hands onto her in order to put into the position I wanted her in. Classic doggy style, with that huge ass sticking right out towards me as she offered zero resistance. Allowing me to pop the lid off the lube and pour it down onto that thick rump.

"Ooooooh! Mmmmm..." She groaned out, feeling the lube flowing down her crack and over her asshole. Made to further gasp out as I briefly used a finger to plunge into her rear hole for a couple pumping motions to work the liquid in for good measure. "Guess we will, Boss!" Bayley said, smiling again as she looked back at me like a good, controlled and stripped of free will whore should.

"Damn fucking right we will..." I said, taking a moment to lube my own big, fat cock up with a couple strokes before I closed the bottle up. Shifting in as I pressed the crown of my length against that well licked and more than readied hole. Groaning as I forced my way past her vice-like asshole before I fitted into her. Making us both moan out as I invaded her stunning ass from behind. "Oh shit!! MMMM... You weren't fucking kidding... Tightest fucking ass yet!" I said with a grin as I took a hold of the hips of The Hugger. Starting to work my shaft in and out of her backside with a series of slow and steady pumps. There was no point in racing into things. Savouring being the man who popped her anal cheery, even over her own boyfriend as I watched my dick start to vanish forward into that magnificent rump.

"MMMM!! Oh shit Boss... Ahhhh!! F-Fuck!! That's big!!" Bayley gasped as she stared back. Eyes locking onto her own backside to witness my cock entering her. Her mind altered so that she didn't see a thing wrong with me, the man who is supposed to be her Boss in WWE, tapping her gorgeous booty inside of my office in an extremely unprofessional way. "AHHHHH... Oh fuck!! That's... MMMM!! Wow! That's... That's good!! Mmmmm..." She said between moans. The settings of increased lust I've forced onto her making her feel pleasure even from this first anal invasion. Despite how under normal circumstances even with the lube she'd be feeling pain from how tight her back passage is along with the fat size of my rod.

I just grinned as I stared down, watching that thick, part-Spanish ass jiggle erotically already as I pumped smoothly in and out of her backside. Knowing full well how non-consensual his anal sex is on the former Raw Women's and NXT Women's Champion. If not for the mind control I had on her, she wouldn't look at me and my out of shape self twice. Here and now however? She was all mine. Pumping my shaft in and out of her tight asshole as I moaned out in delight from her anal walls being clamped around my manhood. Using my grip on those wide hips to start to pull her nearly naked body back against my dick. Helping to work it further into that built to be fucked rear of hers.

"UHHHH!! Oh shit!! MMMM!! N-Never knew... AHHHHH!! It could f-feel this good!!" She said, with words not actually her own as she moaned out from having to take my big dick up her ass doggy style like this. The shifting motion I was making her do causing her breasts to sway even within her bra while her side ponytail swung from the back and forth rocking her gorgeous frame was doing. "MMMMM... Oh yeah... Oh FUCK!! MMMMM!!" She groaned out, acting in a way that's a complete contrast to her sweet and innocent personality the wrestling world knows her for. The higher state of lust she's in further shown as she slides a hand down under her toned midsection. Reaching her already wet pussy and starting to rub herself without even being told to, such is the pleasure she's been made to feel from this anal sex that she hasn't actually properly agreed to.

"MMMM... Damn right it feels fucking good... My dick... AHHHH!! Feels real fucking good in this... MMMM FUCK... Big fucking ass of yours..." I said as I watched her backside shake and bounce in response to my stiff thrusts. Keeping my pulling rhythm going so I could work my fat inches further into her booty to give a taste of the kind of fucking this one-of-a-kind ass really deserves. "You fucking love this... MMMM!! Love getting fucked in the ass... AHHHH!! By my... FUCK! Big fucking dick!" I told her but with the mind control I had on her, I was basically just giving her another order to follow. After all, she had no choice at this point but to enjoy and take my dick into her juicy backside from behind. As I treated her not like the sports entertainer she's supposed to be, but like a cheap slut as I stuffed her rump over and over with my length. Groaning with approval myself, but allowing her to feel pleasure too even though if I wanted to, I could make her feel nothing but pain with just a change of the App I was using on her.

Thankfully for her, I was in the mood to make her give up that ass like she should have been doing long before now. If only now just for me to enjoy. With a groan, I pulled out of her ass and gave her a firm spank for good measure to make her gasp from the strike that left her cheeks jiggling to my further smirking approval. "OK now Bayley, up you get." I ordered as I stood up and turned. Walking over to the couch in my office as I sat down. "Let's see you put the work in. After all, if you want to be a top Diva around here? You've got to show me you can use that ass for what it's good for!" I said in very insulting terms. Showing no respect to the woman I'm only getting a piece of because I'm controlling her mind.

"No problem Boss! I've got this!" Bayley said, getting up with a smile and a nod. Seeing nothing wrong with my rude remarks about her as she walked forward, and even finally pulled her bra up and off from her so I could watch those nicely sized and rounded tits bounce with each step she made. Soon reaching me and without hesitation, as if she had any free will now to actually think about resisting, she mounted my lap. Reaching back as she gripped my dick to line up with her asshole again. Not even having to be instructed to do so, but her newfound enjoyment for a kind of sex she'd never experienced before now guiding her to take my rod back into her juicy, full booty with a loud moan.

"Oh SHIT!! MMMMM... Oh fuck!!" The Huggable One moaned out as she stared down at me as she placed her hands on my shoulders. Adjusting to feeling my big dick once again in her back passage before she started to get to work. Riding me with that fantastic, fat ass of hers as she started to raise and lower herself onto my fuck-stick. For a woman doing anal sex for the first time she seemed a natural at this, groaning out as she smoothly moved up a few inches before dropping downward. "MMMM!! Oh yeah!! FUCK!! Real... Real f-fucking big, Boss! MMMM!!" She gasped between using the sort of filthy language her fans would be shocked to hear. It's another sign of how strong my mind control is on her to turn her from that sweet, girl-next-door personality into already quite an anal-loving slut as she rode my cock with her stunning backside.

"MMMM!! Fucking ride it Bayley... Fuck that big fucking dick with your ass!" I ordered between my own moans, even though she was doing just that. Not that she had any mental power to actually object or say no to anything I asked of her at this point. Hence why she was bouncing away in my lap but taking my dick up into her backside instead of the more traditional way of her snatch in such a mounted position. "AHHHHH... Fucking big fucking ass... MMMM SHIT... Your ass was fucking made for anal!" I said as I grinned. My hands lazily holding her sexy, toned midsection as I 'let' her do all the work. Sure, I could easily thrust up into that thick ass if I wanted to. Instead I just decided to let the mind control do the job for me so I could just take in the sight of the stunning female wrestler riding my cock like she was born to butt-fuck.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck yeah!! MMMM!! Feels... UHHHHH!! Real fucking good!!" She said with a big smile, like the idea of having her ass fucked was the best she's ever heard in her life. Keeping the steady pace of her bounces doing as her thick rear cheeks started to smack against my fat thighs when she dropped into my lap with a groan. "MMMMM... Can't believe... AHHHHH FUCK!! I waited this long... MMMM!! T-To try this kind of stuff!" Her breasts jiggling away deliciously as she rode me with a purpose. Sweat starting to form across that stunning body of hers as she put that ass to maximum work. The slap of her booty hitting off of my body now ringing out as she took my dick deeply into her rear tunnel. Looking more like a seasoned anal pornstar with how swift and smooth her motion is. Despite having never even thought about engaging in anal action until I forced the idea into her mind.

"Don't worry baby... MMMM FUCK... I'll fuck your ass any time..." I said to her, even though I fully intended to use my mind control to ensure I'd be the only cock her ass ever took, despite her having a boyfriend. Moaning as I felt the pleasurable grind of her anal walls sliding up and down over my rod as she kept on this stiff riding motion. "How's that sound Bayley? MMMM!! This cock... Fucking your big, thick fucking ass... AHHHH!! Any fucking time I feel like it?" I added between my own groans of approval. Reaching up for a moment so I could squeeze those bouncing tits of the former Raw Women's Champion as she rode my fat and long dick. Taking my dick in and out of her still pleasurably snug asshole in such a way that any normal woman would find it hard to walk straight for a week long before reaching this point of the action.

"MMMMM... Oh yesssss... Sounds... MMMM!! Fucking good, Boss!" Bayley almost purred in her lust-drunk, mind altered state as she stared down at me and licked her lips to further show the desire that I had forced into he now far from pure brain. Her side ponytail swinging away as she speeds up her bounces on my cock to make us both moan louder than before. The slap of her booty hitting off my tubby thighs ringing out around my office along with our cries of pleasure. "AHHHHH FUCK... You can... UHHHH!! F-Fuck my ass... A-Anytime you want to, B-Boss!" She grunted out between her gasps. Finding herself having to pause as she closed her eyes. Mounted on me as she rocked her hips back and forth to grind all that juicy ass down against my crotch. Soon resuming the motion with a long moan as she tilted her head back. Acting like anal sex is her favourite kink to act out, even though until I'd applied the Diva Changer onto her she'd never taken any cock, even that of her boyfriend, into her backside until tonight.

"MMMMM... Good to hear Bayley..." I said with a laugh. Knowing those words weren't actually her own. And now I had her under my control, she didn't really have a choice in if she wanted me to fuck her not. One push of the App and she'd be begging for my dick like the rest of the women in WWE. "Here, get off of me for a second... Let's really stuff that big fucking ass of yours..." I ordered, and soon groaned when, like a good obedient whore, she quickly lifted her ass all the way up and off of my big cock.

I soon turned her around but stayed seating, so her back was resting against my far from muscular chest as I reached down to raise her hips up. Pushing my dick once again back into that already well fucked, but still pleasurably tight asshole of hers to make us both groan out. That alone would be enough for most men to be deep within such a juicy rump, but I had the cake here and I was going to feast on it. Lifting her legs up, I made her groan but from how I was making her body curl as I brought her legs back so her knees were against her breasts. My arms slipping back so I could lock my fingers behind her dark haired head to trap her in the Full Nelson position.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! B-BOSS!! AHHHHH OOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!" I then made the gorgeous wrestler scream out in delight as I began ramming my cock upward into her half-Latina ass. The slap of my crotch hitting those full cheeks ringing out as I didn't hold back. Grunting myself as I pounded upward with swift and hard thrusts to drill one of the hottest, thickest asses to ever grace a WWE ring. "UHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! AHHHHH SHIT!! MMMMM FUUUUUUUCK!!" She gasped out with closed eyes. Sweat now dripping from her pretty face as her body was made to jolt in response to my pumps. Her side ponytail swinging wildly as I drilled her backside from underneath as I held her in place, mounted on my shaft. Truly using and abusing her previously virgin booty like it was just my own property. Which she was, considering how I was only getting to ram in and out of her butt like this because I had full mind control over her.

As non-consensual as this sex was, I was making the most of it and then some. Sweating myself now as I drilled that much lusted after rear of the woman more known for being sweet and wholesome than acting like some dirty, anal craving whore. That slap of my fat body hitting off her stunning, curved frame ringing out like a machine working at full speed. Accompanying the sound of both out moans as I enjoyed the snug feeling of my fat, white rod sliding in and out stiffly of her darker toned, half-Spanish ass. The woman I had locked in place, curled up with her butt impaled on my rod only calling out in apparent delight because I'd warped her mind to believe that anal sex was the greatest thing that's ever happened to her.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! YESSS!! AHHHHH MMMMMM!! FUUUUUUCKKK AHHHH!!" Screams of shameless, loud lust escaped the beautiful woman mounted on my pounding shaft as I ravaged her ass with the kind of hard pace that even seasoned porn starlets couldn't handle. Her curled up frame still jolting against my body as I pumped her, so even with her knees pressing into her those rounded tits still bounced away as I kept her trapped in the Full Nelson. "UHHHHH!! FUCK!! YES!! AHHHHH!! F-FUCK MY ASS BOSS!! FUCK ME... FU-FUCK ME!!" She squealed out as she gasped for air, not caring (or in fact able to care) that I'm not actually her boyfriend. The sweat pouring off that stunning, curvy body as I thrusted balls deep into her ass over and over again to drill that juicy booty like it deserves. Not a single moment of this sex being actually willing but the moans she's letting out would fool anyone otherwise. Acting like she's more used to hugging cocks with her anal walls than dishing out proper hugs with how she's taking the hard and fast pumps from my fat cock.

To my pleasant surprise as I pounded away at that massive, thick ass of hers it set Bayley off into a loud, squirting orgasm as she shook and jolted on my pistoning member. A grin on my face as I saw juices fly out of her snatch to land on the floor of my office just across from the couch I was fucking her on. The Hugger of WWE with her head tilted back and a wide smile on her face as she came. That side ponytail still swaying as her frame roughly rocked back while still curled up ever time I delivered a thrust up into that already more than just deeply pumped rump of hers. Giving her no doubt the hardest orgasm she's ever felt from her first, intense anal experience.

"MMMMM SHIT... Fuck yeah!! What a... MMMM FUCK!! Fucking ass!!" I grunted, feeling that back passage clamping around my shaft as she came. Finally having to break the grip of my fingers to release the Full Nelson as I softened my pace so I could enjoy that big ass some more. Allowing her to sigh with relief as she fell back against me. Still moaning as I continued to pump in and out of her booty but just with a far less harder and speedy motion than what had brought her to orgasm. She didn't seem to mind - more accurately, she didn't have the free will to even try and object to anything I was doing. So I delivered another few pumps before I finally pulled out of that stunning booty, leaving her asshole nicely gaping from the repeated ramming I'd given her.

"Atta girl Bayley..." I mockingly congratulated her for handling that anal sex. Knowing full well I'd only gotten to fuck that ass because I was using a powerful, mind control App on her. "We ain't done yet though..." I told her as I lifted her off my lap, and moved her to kneel on the ground of my office in front of me as I stood up.

Not even granting an illusion of free choice here as I helped myself to her mouth. Gripping her by the signature side ponytail as I pushed my fat and long cock into the mouth of the former NXT and Raw Women's Champion. Forcing her to engage in ass-to-mouth as I began to pump my rod back and forth into that oral hole. Easily making myself moan as I felt how nicely damp and soothing she was without too much care for if she was ready for it. Let alone if she could handle a cock of my great size as I fucked her face without getting true consent to actually use her mouth for my twisted pleasure.

"HHHHRRRLKKK!! MMMPHHH!! HHHHRRRRKKK..." I soon got my answer as it wasn't long into my taking of her mouth that The Huggable One starting to gag around my cock. So I couldn't even get a read on if she objected to tasting her own back passage of my inches as she had to deal with taking my dick far deeper into her mouth than she can handle. A sure sign that her boyfriend wasn't packing even half the man-meat I was feeding her. "UUHHHLLLKK... GAHHHHH!! HHHRRRKKKK!! MMMMPHHH..." She coughed around my tool as I pumped in and out of her soothing mouth. Soon my dick getting nicely coated with her saliva from the gags as she stared up at me like a good, but not truly willing, whore. The mind control I have on her making it impossible for her to object or even pull away from a face fucking that's clearly more than she'd happily take if she had her own free will.

That was just too bad for her, as I had a craving to get off after fucking one of the finest, thickest asses in wrestling history. Moaning loudly and without shame as I plunged my fuck-stick back and forth into her mouth to force her to gag and groan every time I pushed past her lips. My grip on her side ponytail tight but just as a show of my control over her since I wasn't even bothering to use it to pull her into my thrusts. Watching as her eyes started to well up. The discomfort clear from taking my inches into her throat unlike anything she's had to do before when she was consensually blowing someone. But just like when I'd fucked some of her fellow female wrestlers already, I wasn't even granting her a shred of mercy, let alone respect. Using her mouth just as roughly as I'd done to her backside just a couple minutes before. Just another hole of hers to use for my pleasure, however I wanted to use her.

The woman loved around the world for being the smiling, happy girl next door type was right now looking anything but that. Tears starting to roll down her gorgeous, already sweat-coated face from the pain of being made to deep throat the biggest cock she's ever been fucked by. Naked and on her knees as I, a guy she's not even dating, hold her trademark side ponytail as I pump my now pulsing manhood in and out of her mouth. Her saliva not just dripping of my inches, but down her chin to land onto her own tits from both the repeated pumps deep into her oral hole I'm giving as well as her constant gagging from it. Looking like she'd be far more suited to be used in a back alley, or on the set of a porno shoot than competing in the squared circle.

Thankfully for her sake, I was finally reaching my limit as my dick throbbed within that warm and damp oral hole. Giving her another deep pump to leave her gagging before I pulled out. Gripping my meat and stroking off as I aimed that oral hole I'd just been using and abusing. Helping Bayley keeping it open for me as I began to unload into her. Giving her a thick, creamy treat as I filled her mouth up with my spunk. A couple stray little ropes catching on her lips and chin but for the most part hitting the target as the sweating, tear-stained beauty kept on staring up at me still with a look of lust, that wasn't actually her own, in those watered eyes. Obediently waiting until I'd let go of my softening pole before she pressed her lips together and swallowed down my load with a single, rather greedy gulp.

"Yeah... I knew you had it in you Bayley..." I chuckled as I looked down at her as she gasped, showing she'd drunk all my jizz down, before she gasped for much needed oxygen. "You're gonna be a perfect fit here in my Divas Division..." I added with a snigger. Knowing full well I was only talking about how fuckable and easy on the eyes she was, rather than the wrestling ability she was known for.

"Th-Thank you, Boss..." Bayley said, a smile reappearing on her fact. Completely contrasting the tears that have run from her eyes, the saliva dripping off her chin onto her naked tits, and the drops of my spunk hanging on her lips. "I... I can't wait to be a part of the show!" She said. Those words not actually her own thoughts, but just those I've implanted into her mind through the Diva Changer App.

"So, you don't mind being in say, a Pool Party Match next week?" I 'suggested' to her. "Putting you in a bikini or a swimsuit, and fighting another Diva in a swimming pool?"

"Sounds awesome, Boss!" She quickly agreed with a nod and a smile. An idea she would have never, ever agreed with if she had her own free will. "I'll do an awesome job, I promise!"

"I bet you will..." I chuckled, looking down at her as I glanced to my watch. "For now honey? Go get dressed then hit the showers, this meeting is over." I bluntly told her. Having finished with her now that I'd gotten off. Pulling my pants back on as I scooped up the Diva Changer App. Adjusting the settings applied to Bayley to revert her back to how she'd been before she'd walked into my office, just will her objections to be in the Divas Division now almost non-existent.

"R-Right, Boss!" She agreed. Moving to collect and then put her clothing back on. Not even considering what was wrong with having a bit of spunk on her lips, let alone dressing herself in front of a man who is eyeing her up the entire time.

"And remember! Wear nice, tight and small thongs out there from now on!" I gave her as a last, for now, order.

"No problem, Boss!" Bayley said with a bright smile, despite the drying tears on her face. That idea sounding absolutely perfect to her - a thought she would have never had considered before I'd used mind control on her.

Once she'd left my office, I took out my regular phone to double check the list of tonight's matches. Soon it'd be time for the main event and I wanted a good view of the jiggling action of the first bra and panties match in many years in WWE. The new Divas era truly beginning just as I'd planned it out. I might even stop by the women's locker room and give the winner a congratulatory fuck... Even if she didn't want it... I was just one tap of the Diva Changer away from making any woman offer up their holes for my dick. No matter if they were a Goddess, a Hugger or even a Billion Dollar Princess. The only question I would have to answer, especially on a night like this, was which set of holes I wanted to use next...

* * *

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