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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Maryse (WWE)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral.

Diva Changer Part 7
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

The taping of the first few episodes of the new WWE Divas show was done and dusted. With plenty of skin shown mixed in with wrestling matches as well to give a taste of what was to come in the future. I had spent most of the show backstage in my office having 'talent meetings' with those women who had voice their concerns about the direction the company was heading in. A simple tap of the Diva Change was all I needed to mind control them and force them to see things in a far different light. After I'd taken advantage of them of course to enjoy some red hot sex with some of the finest women on the planet.

Obviously just controlling anyone in my sight to get what I wanted out of them was plenty of fun. Too easy in fact. So there was a subtle joy in implanting thoughts or ideas into someone, even if they were completely untrue and were not possible, and then seeing the results of that come into a twisted reality. Now I had plenty of plans for certain women in the WWE already, but I had my eye on one certain woman for the night. I spotted her just as the show was being packed up and the talent were leaving for their hotels and flights.

Maryse. The stunning French Canadian blonde, a certified MILF and a former Divas Champion. I knew for a fact she was less than happy being on a 'different brand' than her husband now. Especially as she was clearly now more of a manager (and a great, eye candy one she was at that) than an in-ring performer. Of course, just like the rest of the women, she wasn't able to argue or protest the booking made by me now. Whether she could put on a match or not was really irrelevant to me. She was fine as Hell with a smoking hot body, and that's what I cared about.

"No babe, it's so stupid!" I heard Maryse complaining as she spoke on her cell-phone. No doubt talking to her loving husband. "I shouldn't be here... We need to talk to someone, and get this fixed. I don't know what's going on here... I know! OK... I'll see you soon babe. Love you." She said, finishing the call as she put her phone away. Wearing a nicely form fitting dark dress that nicely showed off that Playboy quality curved frame of hers with high heels.

Then, she was rendered frozen on the spot. That look of annoyance fading in a second to being blank and expressionless. Staring ahead, but not focusing on anyone or anything. The result of me activating the Diva Changer App to put her mind on pause as I seized my chance, even in this hallway. After taking a second to look over the body I intended to enjoy later on, I began to change the settings on her. Some mental manipulation, the usual enhancement of lust and desire, but with her I also increased her devotion to her husband. Now that might sound strange, but what I was doing was making it that she cared for the love of her life so much that she'd go to any lengths for him. Even if they were morally corrupt, and would make her do things she'd never dream of if she had her own mind to herself.

I activated the App once more, and watched the settings take a hold now as she blinked into life, looking briefly dazed before she shook that platinum blonde haired head of hers. I smirked as I moved forward, so that she would now see that I was around. Using that special smartphone the Diva Changer was on as I faked that I was actually mid-conversation with someone.

"Yes, I know! It's sad really with The Miz being such a big star and all..." I said as I faked a conversation. Seeing that Maryse instantly was looking at me, hearing my words about her husband. "No no... But times are tough, we have to make cut-backs. Especially with how the ratings went down, and the films didn't sell well... I guess I have no choice but to wish him well in his future endeavours..." I said, and even as I was pretending I that didn't see her I could spot the shocked look on her face. The App making her believe everything I was saying - that I, even with me being in charge of just the Divas Division, could fire a male Superstar. "I mean, I don't want to... I could find someone else to fire... But I would need to really, and I mean, really need to be convinced to not let him go..." I said, planting the bait as the stunned Maryse stood by and heard me speak.

"No no, I'm just heading to the hotel where the other Superstars are staying at... Yeah, I'll uh, send you the e-mail when I get there..." I further lied as I walked away, continuing my pretend phone call as I used the reflection on the off phone to see Maryse staring at me. In fact, looking me over as if she was - as I'd planted in her mind to consider - forming a plan to save her husband from a firing that would never be likely to happen. She just didn't have the free will any more to realise the reality of this all. Smirking as I walked off to get to my limo, knowing what would be in store for me later on that evening.

* * *

Later that night, after some good eating and setting up a very interesting, and potentially roster boosting meeting for the week ahead, I was relaxing in my hotel room as I killed some time watching TV. Completely naked with all my out of shape, far from attractive body laying on the double bed. Unless the App was about to fail me for the first time, which I doubted, I wouldn't need any bothersome clothes on at all.

The knock on the door I heard had me smiling as I turned the TV off. Moving off the bed and putting the remote away as I went to the door. Checking the peep-hole to see indeed Maryse standing there, with a coat on over her body that gave me a clear signal the mind control had done it's job. So I simply opened the door up, greeting the married blonde with just a smile as I saw her eyes widen at my naked, and to any normal woman unattractive body. Tellingly, her eyes going right down at my thick and long cock as I saw already a little lick of her lips being done.

"Please, come in Maryse." I 'invited', even though I knew she couldn't stop herself from doing so. Closing the door after she was in. "What can I do for you tonight, Maryse?" I said, basically just playing along with the 'game' I'd created and planted into her mind at this point.

"Forgive me for stopping by like this, Boss..." Maryse said in her thick, sexy accent. Made even hotter by that obvious, seductive tone in it as she looked me over. Also not finding it odd that she isn't fazed by me being without any clothing and inviting her in like this. "But I heard something... That you were considering firing my husband?" She questioned as she stepped forward, toying with the front belt of her coat.

"There... Have been conversations about that." I lied. No such things had been said, and even with the mind control powers I possess, I certainly couldn't make any Superstar be fired easily or without majorly effecting my plans. "Why?" I asked, even though I knew what Maryse was here to do in order to try and 'save' her husband's job.

"I can't have that, Boss." She said as she locked eyes with me. "I love my husband so much... I can't possibly see him fired from the job he loves. And I would do absolutely anything... And I do mean, anything, to make sure he stays here in WWE."

She proved her words to be true in the next moment. The coat dropping to the floor as she stood before me only wearing a pair of sexy high heels. So her gorgeous, round and large tits were on full display along with her smoothly shaved pussy. Exposing the body that's even hotter, and thanks to motherhood more curvy, than when she went nude for Playboy many years ago, to a man other than her husband.

"You'd do anything?" I questioned with a grin. Seeing how the Diva Changer had turned a loyal wife into a woman ready to offer herself up for sex in order to get what she wants. My cock already starting to harden from the sight of her in her naked (heels aside) glory.

"Anything." She said bluntly and with lust as she came forward and placed her hands on my far from muscular chest, sliding downward with a sultry smirk.

"Would you suck my dick?" I bluntly 'asked', but considering she was doing this only because I was mind controlling her? It was an order.

"Anything..." She repeated, before slowly squatted down in front of me. Taking a hold of my dick in her hand and placing the other on my flabby thigh for support. "I'd happily suck your cock... For my husband." Maryse added, giving me a wink as she tossed that long blonde hair back.

I watched with a grin as the stunning former Divas Champion parted her lips, taking my cock into her oral hole with a groan. Staring up at me as she started to slowly sink down with a low moan of her own. Slurping on me to give me a sample of her soothing, warm mouth as she started to bob away onto him. Using her hand to firmly pump along the lower portion of my rod as she sucked me off. Her look up at me appearing to be one of desire, but her actions were not truly her own as she was really unwillingly sucking off a cock that didn't belong to the man she was married to. Yet blowing me she was, making me moan out with approval as she moved back and forth along the upper part of my member.

"Mmmmm yeah Maryse... Suck that fucking dick..." I told her as I stared down to watch her work that hot mouth up and down on my rod. Feeling the slight flicks of tongue against my underside as I passed in and out of her soft and full lips. Seeing how good the woman more known for her looks than her wrestling skill handled a big cock like mind. "Ahhhhh fuck... Show me... Mmmmm... How much you fucking love your husband... By sucking my fucking dick!" I added between my own moans. Knowing full well this twisted situation was because of the mind control I had on her. Forcing her to blow me to 'save' her husband's job that was never in jeopardy in the first place. Yet she was smoothly sucking me off like we had been lovers for years, rather than minutes with how energetic she was with her motion. Hearing groans muffled by my shaft as she pushed along my thick inches.

"Mmmmphhh!! Hhhhhrrrrkkk!! Mmmmmphhh!!" She let out cries as her mouth sank further along my inches, with her hand now moving to hold my other thigh as she let her head bob away at a firmer pace. Her platinum locks falling out of place with the rocking of her head, and even her tits were jiggling sexily from the effort she was using to try and 'convince' me not to fire the love of her life. "Hhhhlllkkkkk... GAHHHHH!! HHHHRRRKKKK!! MMMMMM!!" The French Canadian stunner started to gag when she moved downward onto me. A sign that her man wasn't packing quite the size of man-meat I was as she began choking as she blew me. Helping to get saliva layered over me but at the expense of making her feel more than just a bit of discomfort as she had to take more cock than she can handle into her mouth.

I wasn't letting her ease off from things however, not that she had the will power currently to resist even if she wanted to. A hand on the back of her head to keep her in place as she slurped and choked on my fuck-stick. My other hand brushing her hair out of the way so I could see that gorgeous face clearly sliding up and down towards my crotch. The sight of her make-up starting to get ruined from her forming tears a delicious sight to me. Along with the saliva now dripping from her lips and down her chin. Landing on her shaking titties as she continued to make herself gag again and again as she serviced my cock. Fooled into thinking she was doing this for a greater cause other than just my sinful pleasure.

"AHHHLLLKKKK! GAHHHHHH!! GAAAAAHHH HHHRRRRKKK!!" She gagged again in raspy fashion now as her nose pressed into the jungle of pubic hair I had down below. Eyes closing briefly before they opened as the black tears from her messed up eyeliner rolled down her cheeks. The mind controlled beauty unable to stop even with this pain as she fucked her face on my cock with repeated, quick bobs. "GAHHHHH!! HHHHLLLKKK!! HHHHMMMPPPHH!!" She whined around my dick, the vibrations making me moan further along with the feeling of her damp oral hole and all her spit now coating my length. Looking more like a common big breasted, blonde haired porn star as she blew me. Despite being happily married to another man, and having no idea she was doing all of this because of a powerful, mind altering App I'd used on her.

I allowed her to suck on my a couple more times as she gagged every time. Before I finally used the grip on her head to pull her away as with an audible 'POP' my cock sprung free from her mouth. Maryse gasping with a cough as she took in long overdue air as she stared up at me. Still looking fine as fuck even with those dark tears now staining her face from the deep throating.

"Get your fine ass up." I told her. Watching as she nodded before standing up without hesitation in front of me. "Bend over. Let's see how much you love your husband." I said, grinning at how sick those words truly were. Especially since not only was her man's job not in danger here, but she was only fucking me because her mind had been warped to think this was acceptable to do.

"I really do, Boss..." Maryse said as she moved. Placing her hands onto the frame of the door into the bathroom of my hotel room. Bending over forwards at a 90 degree angle since the door into it was open wide, but the lights not even on. "I love him so much, I'd do anything for him..." Leaving her shapely, thick ass sticking out and letting me see that her pussy was already wet. Another effect of the Diva Changer App I'd used on her to make her offer her gorgeous body up like this.

"Yeah? Even let yourself be fucked by another man?" I said with quite a mocking tone as I moved forward and pushed my dick, without even bothering to put on a rubber, into that damp French Canadian snatch of this stunning female. Moaning out, as did she, as I felt how lovely and tight her box was as I pushed in. "Mmmmm! You're one Hell of a wife... To fuck someone else to save your man's job..." I said as I gripped those wide hips of hers. Starting to take advantage of this situation as I pumped myself back and forth into her snatch with approving groans. Loving how snug her walls were all around my rod as I pushed in and out. The thrill of fucking another man's wife leaving me grinning, even though I knew I was only doing this thanks to the power of mind control I had on a woman who was completely out of my league, even if she wasn't married.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Oui!! I love him... AHHHH!! S-So much!" The former WWE Divas Champion moaned out. Not able to see how wrong and non-consensual this sex is as I fucked her from behind in this standing doggy position. Already my thrusts making her rock forward as her large tits swayed back and forth in time with her body's motion as I pumped deep into her twat. "MMMM!! I'd... Ooooooooh! MMMM!! I'd happily fuck another man... MMMMM!! To keep him employed with you, Boss!!" She added with a gasp as she looked back over her shoulder at me with quite a lustful look. Despite her thinking that she was only doing this for her man. Her inner walls having to part to accept my length as this hole, much like her mouth, isn't looking like its used to taking such a fat and long cock like mine into it.

I let out a laugh at her words and moans. I wasn't even really tricking her at this point. I'd controlled her mind from the start to come here and offer that stunning, curvaceous body up based on lies that I could fire her husband from the WWE. Instead of the reality that his job was very secure, and that I was fucking her from behind without her true permission. Moaning as I enjoyed her wet love tunnel with pump after deep and stiff pump. Her snatch surprising tight for a woman with certified MILF status, and I certainly wasn't complaining. Staring down to watch my rod vanish into her pussy before a few inches reappeared before I did the motion all over again to make her groan out in delight as well.

"AHHHH!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! B-Boss!! You're... MMMM!! So fucking good!!" The Montreal, Quebec, Canada-born beauty moaned out with more words that were not her own. A slight shine of sweat beginning to form across her tanned and flawless body as she rocked back and forth against my thrusts. Helping me to get balls deep into her already as the smack of her rounded backside connecting with my fat stomach starting to ring out around this hotel room we were banging in. "MMMMM!! Don't stop, Boss... AHHHH!! I won't... MMMM!! I won't be happy... Until my husband's job is... AHHHH FUCK!! Is secure!!" She said, but her moans making her sound more like a dirty whore than a loving wife. Her large tits still swinging away as they hang underneath her and even her long hair was moving back and forth as her body shifted. All as she continued to stare back at me with a look of red hot desire despite how clearly, to any woman with their free will, ugly and out of shape I truly was.

"MMMM!! Keep this up babe... AHHHHH... And you might just do that..." I lied as I groaned. Keeping my steady and stiff thrusts coming to fuck the wife of another man as she stayed bent over in front of me. Watching that sexy body push in and out of the open doorway as I took her from behind. Her full booty rippling from the contact with my tubby gut each time I pumped forward into that snug and wet twat. While she shifted right back to meet me, ensuring every fat inch of my member was stuffed into a snatch that, if she hadn't been mind controlled into fucking me, would only be enjoyed by her husband. "FUCK... MMMM!! But I think... I might need some more convincing... MMMMM SHIT... For you to prove that you love him enough..." I added to twist the knife some more. Blatantly changing the terms of this indecent proposal that in reality was fruitless, and doing so was I banged her snatch with another couple of deep pumps just because I could. Even giving her stunning ass a hard smack to make her gasp out, showing little respect to the woman I wouldn't be getting a piece off if not for the use of a mind altering App.

"I... Oooooooooh MMMM..." Maryse groaned as I pulled out of her snatch, her gaze still locked onto me as she looked over her shoulder. "I do love him! I'll prove it!!" She begged in almost desperate fashion as she stared at my big dick once again.

"Then get onto the bed, and let's see if you really mean it." I ordered as I stepped back. Grinning as I heard her footsteps following me as I moved towards that spacious double bed.

"I'll do anything for my husband... Anything!" She repeated with a determined look as she ditched her footwear. Now completely naked as she climbed onto the bed and moved to lay on her back. Already spreading those legs inviting, but not actually willingly, wide for me.

"Of course you will... You're a good, loving and faithful wife after all..." I mocked her, knowing that this situation was really the opposite of that as I moved up and got between those smooth, tanned legs of hers.

"MMMMM... I am... I so fucking am!!" She claimed despite lusty moans to the contrary as I slipped my big fat cock back into that wet snatch. Her body telling a different story to her words as her legs quickly wrapped around, as best they could, my out of shape body. The grip making me go deep into her snatch with the first thrust, so I was easily fucking her with all of my inches quickly in this new position. "OH FUCK!! MMMM!! I'm such... UHHHH!! A good fucking wife!! MMMM!! The fucking best!!" The veteran sports entertainer moaned out with more words that were not really her own as she got fucked without having given her real consent for me to do so. Her stunning frame shifting against the bed sheets as her breasts began to bounce as I stuffed my cock in and out of her soaking box to both our groaning approval.

"MMMMM... Yes you fucking are! MMMM!!" I laughed at her cries, knowing the truth of this situation. I wasn't going to the facts get in the way of some fine sex however as I pumped deeply into her snatch as my balls slapped off the bottom of her rounded ass each time I dipped down into her folds. Her hips just slightly raised off the bed as I thrust away into the wife of another man. Watching the sweat now start to pour off her gorgeous, Playboy quality body as she squirmed in delight in response to my pumps. "AHHHHH FUCK!! You're quite... MMMM!! A good fucking slut too, aren't you?? Huh?! AHHHHH..." I added between my grunts. Not even showing the woman I was fucking against her will a shred of respect. Staring down to see my cock vanish forward into her wet snatch as that smack of my body hitting off of her tanned and curved frame sounded out along with our moans.

"AHHHHH FUCK... N-No! No I'm not... OOOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM!!" She groaned as she arched off the hotel bed for a moment as I pounded away into her love tunnel. Filling that tight French Canadian pussy up with my manhood as, despite her claims, she still had her legs wrapped around my tubby frame. Staring across at me with burning lust in her eyes as she took my cock over and over. Her big tits bouncing away as I ravished her snatch to make her sweat and moan. "MMMMM... I'm just... UHHHH!! F-Fucking you for my husband!! I'm just be-being a... AHHHHH SHIT!! A good wife!!" The stunning blonde claimed, thinking in her controlled mind that whoring herself out was for a greater good - not knowing the truth that this was all happening against her will, and her husband's job was never in trouble. Her thick accent making her cries even hotter as the woman nicknamed The Sexiest of the Sexy moaned away like a desperate slut with every thrust I delivered.

"That fucking so?? MMMMM... Too MMMM FUCK! Too fucking bad!" I chuckled again before I let out a deep groan. Starting to sweat a little myself now from the effort into fucking the stunning, cock-teasing blonde. Still loving how her snatch was nicely snug around my fat and long cock as I pistoned in and out of the wife of another man. "AHHHHH... Because if you want your man to keep his job? MMMMM!! You're gonna be... FUCK!! My fucking slut!!" I told her as she locked eyes with me - even though with the power of the Diva Changer App I was using on her, if I wanted to I could just make her my whore any time I wanted to. The illusion of free will that she had, thinking she was fucking me to protect her husband's job just a means for me to get my rocks off. Not that being balls deep in a busty, former full-time in-ring competitor wasn't doing that already from how much I was loudly and shamelessly moaning.

I didn't even grant her the decency of being able to reply, not that any of her words so far have been actually her own. Leaning over to I could plant my lips against hers before the former Divas Champion all too eagerly, especially for a happily married woman, moaned and deepened the kiss herself as I pounded away into her. Her tongue pushing up to give me a different kind of French Kiss than the move she used to do in the ring. Her big tits sliding against my unsightly chest as I pressed against her tanned body. Still working my hips to dip my fuck-stick sharply but firmly in and out of her twat while we swapped spit and groans.

Whether it was that sinful kiss that set her off, or my repeated balls deep pumps doing the trick at long last I didn't know, nor did I really care. In any event, Maryse started to orgasm all over my pumping dick to further coat my inches in juices as I thrust straight downward into her snatch again and again. Allowing her to ride out this intense sexual high that I knew for sure her husband could have never given her (not just from the size of my shaft either) as she fell back to break the kiss, eyes closed and head tilting back in delight. That French Canadian accent making her moans so hot that pornstars would pay cold hard cash to be able to duplicate.

"Heh... You're a good fucking slut first Maryse..." I insulted her again as I forced her legs apart so I could pull out. "Maybe a good wife second, or even third..." I added to further disrespect the beauty I was only fucking thanks to mind control.

"I... I am a good... A good slut..." Maryse gasped out, offering no resistance (as if she actually could) as I rolled her over onto her front. "I'm... I'm a good wife t-too... I swear..."

"You're my good slut!" I told her, giving her backside a sharp spank to make her gasp before I raised her hips up so she was ass up, face down on the bed as I knelt behind her. "You want your man to still have a fucking job around here? Then get it fucking right you fucking hot bitch!" I added, provoking her with the fake threats of firing her husband before helping myself to her snatch as I pushed my dick back into her.

"UHHHHHH!! OH OUI! FUCK!! AHHHHH..." The stunner born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada loudly moaned out as I resumed my non-consensual pounding of her dripping snatch. Already driving in balls deep as I groaned out. My hands holding her hips in place as I gave no concern to how clearly unready she was for another round of dirty action. "MMMMM!! I'm... I'm your s-AHHHHH!! YOUR SLUT!! OH OUI! OUI!!" She yelled out after I spanked her ass once again. Watching the rounded flesh jiggle nicely as I took her from behind. Forcing her to say the kind of shameful things she never would if she had her own free will, let alone to a man that she isn't happily married to. Not even able to open her eyes right now as her face rested on the bed sheets which are now more than just stained from our combined sweat.

"AHHHHH SHIT!! I'll... MMMMM FUCK!! I'll be a slut! A whore!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!" She yelled out in delight as the heightened levels of desire I've forced into her through the mind control was driving her wild as she took my fat dick deep into her pussy. Her position leaving her tits sliding against the sheets as her nipples brushed back and forth across the material. "UHHHH!! For my husband... AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM!! I'LL BE.... OH OUI! OUI!! A FUCKING WHORE!! OOOOOOH FUCK!!" She panted out in that sexy accent, occasionally moaning out in her native tongue to make the occasion hotter than ever. The face down, ass up position leaving her gorgeous facial features rubbing against the hotel bed so her make-up was rubbing off onto it along with her sweat and the dark tears from the prior deep throating. Looking more and more like an escort girl than one of the hottest sports entertainers in WWE history.

"MMMMM... Good fucking slut!! AHHHHH..." I grinned as I watched her body jolt forward each time I rammed home to the hilt into her box. My flabby stomach slapping off her thick booty with every pump forward I gave her. Taking full advantage of the power the Diva Changer App has granted me to turn this beautiful MILF into a desperate, cock-craving slut. Even if she's been mentally twisted to think this will all be worth it to save a job that was never in danger in the first place. "AHHHHH FUCK... You'll be my fucking slut... UHHHH!! Any fucking time I want you to be..." I added as I groaned as I worked all my inches into her snatch. Only pulling a few out before I repeated the motion again and again. Knowing full well that I could make her, and any other WWE Diva now on my roster that I was the Boss off, into my personal living fuck-toy for the nigh just like I was doing to her. The 'story' of making her do this for the sake of her husband just a means to fuel my ego and make this sex more dirtier than it already was.

"UHHHHHH... OUI! OUI OUI OUI!! I'M A SLUT!! A WHORE!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOHHH!!" Maryse near screamed out as she finally opened her eyes, only for them to be rolling back and upward as pleasure overwhelmed her again. Getting fucked silly as her mouth hung open to let the moans spill out and her tongue almost dangle out from her lips as she came even harder than before. Juices flowing out not just around my dick, but down from her lower flaps as the fluids trickled down her inner thighs. If not for the grip I had on her shapely hips she would have likely collapsed onto the bed into the stain of sweat, spit, tears and now juices that had formed across the now ruined sheets. Another sign of how effective the Diva Changer was at turning even a cock-teasing, eye candy manager like her into a dick-loving, sex craving slut.

"MMMMM FUCK... Good fucking shit right there... MMMM!!" I stated as I grunted. Sweating hard as I pumped away into her snatch for another quick, balls deep round into her. Not for her sake or to allow her to ride out her orgasm. This was all about me. Fucking a MILF against her will, without her husband knowing about it and only thanks to a powerful, mind controlling App that I had used to fool her. Feeling my dick start to throb within that dripping wet but still pleasurably snug pussy of hers. Knowing it would be quite dumb to finish inside of her, especially considering how I've been taking her bareback this entire time. So with a groan I pulled out of her well fucked, but not in any consensual form, snatch.

I let go of the worn out Diva so her body slumped down with a filthy squelch when her tanned body met the soaked sheets on my bed. Letting her lay there for a moment before I moved up. Turning her over, and meeting no resistance as I did so, so she was on her back. Seeing her face with a smile on it as her face was caked in sweat with strands of her platinum blonde hair sticking to her.

She was about to be left sticky with something else as I shifted over to be at the side of her. Gripping my rod as I pumped myself in furious fashion with a deep groan. Seeing no reason in holding back now that I had gotten my fill and fucked this gorgeous married woman like so many red blooded wrestling fans would have dreamed to do. Just not in the unwilling, mind controlling way that I've only been able to fuck her and her fellow sports entertainers.

It wasn't long before I grunted and started to shoot my load across Maryse's stunning face to make her groan. Feeling my hot spunk splashing across not just her already sweat covered skin and the ruined make-up from having been rubbed against the sheets and the earlier tears. My spunk also hitting onto her hair that was across her face too, leaving her locks matted from the cum as I empted my balls onto her facial features. Coating her cheeks, her nose, and nearly catching over her eyes before I gave her lips and chin a nice covering as well. Finishing off by deliberately, and rudely, wiping my dick clean with a handful of her hair for good measure to really stain through it so a normal wash wouldn't easily clean it out.

"Good slut..." I commented, taking a moment to look over her sweaty and now cum-covered form as she lay spent on my hotel room bed. "Your husband's job is safe..." I lied, simply because the fact was the same as it had been before this encounter. Her man's job was never at risk to begin with. "For now at least..." I added, just to be an asshole and just because I could.

"Th-Thank... Thank you, B-Boss..." Maryse gasped out, trying to roll her head to look towards me but so exhausted now that she couldn't manage that.

"Just remember babe... Anytime I want to? I'll be fucking you like a slut..." I said as I moved off with bed. Grinning as I knew that with the power of the Diva Changer, I could easily make that happen any time I wanted it to. "If you want your husband to still be employed of course..." I made sure to stick the knife in, continuing the lies just to amuse myself.

Especially since, moving over to pick up the special smart phone from the desk in the room, I activated the Diva Changer. Setting changed to not just lower her state of lust, but actually make her keep this encounter a secret to everyone else, including her beloved husband. She'd just write this night off as another boring night alone, and certainly not once where she'd been forced against her will to be a slut for a man she isn't married to.

"Actually, you stay here tonight Maryse." I told her, putting on one of the hotel supplied bath robes and sliding the Diva Changer into one pocket. Kneeling down to take Maryse's card key for her room out of her coat. "I don't want to sleep in your sweat tonight. I'll pick you up in the morning then you can go get yourself fixed up and head back to your room."

"Y-Yes, Boss..." Maryse said between her tired breaths. Not looking like she had the power to even get up anyway even if she wanted to.

"Have a good night then slut! See you tomorrow!" I said over my shoulder to her, leaving with her key and my own to this room as I headed out the door, leaving the naked, sweat and cum-covered stunner behind in a pool of her juices on my bed.

Smirking, I headed along the corridor to take the lift down to Maryse's room to spend a good sleep. I might use that fake story with her husband's employment to fuck her again. Or just turn the slut setting ups to the max and use that to bang her again down the line. So many options, and plenty of time to do so. For tonight, that would do. Tomorrow? I might go another round with her before breakfast. Then it's off to the office in Florida for more 'talent meetings' And plenty more chances thanks to that handy mind controlling App to fuck whichever hottie from wrestling I wanted to, no matter if they wanted it or not...

* * *

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