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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE, Impact Wrestling or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Allie (Impact Wrestling)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral, anal.

Diva Changer Part 8
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

Another day at my office down at the Performance Center. Of course, I wasn't really doing any proper work - I let other, mind controlled workers take care of all the boring business side of things so I could focus on what was more important to me. Sampling talents under the falsehood that I was their Boss and wanted to have meetings with them. Which always led to me just fucking them, however I wanted to without even getting permission to do so. In fact I had so many women to pick from to use that I honestly didn't even really need to seek any new WWE Divas out. Then again, I didn't need to force Kaitlyn to resign with WWE against her real will, but I did just so I could fuck her.

Wanting my cake so I could eat it was exactly why I was eyeing up outside talents to bring into the WWE. I was well aware of other promotions and the talent on offer across the indies. Why let them waste away in the 'minor leagues' when I could put them front and centre for the world to see? That, and it would allow me to use them as they properly should be. True women's wrestlers? How about making them sluts begging for cock, then let them loose to show off their hot bodies in bra and panties matches and the like? That sounds like a far better use for them to me. Plus, it would look good on paper if I had snapped up talent from other promotions, hurting them and boosting the WWE as I knew certain backstage power players liked to see.

My target today was a Knockout from Impact Wrestling. Allie. The busty blonde Canadian formerly known as Cherry Bomb in places like SHIMMER. I was a major fan of her sexy, curvy body. A nicely thick and rounded ass, and a set of large and lovely breasts begging to be fucked and played with. I knew full well she was happily married, and no doubt had some degree of loyalty to her current company. But a couple white lies here, and some mind controlled calls there soon had her accepting an unlikely meeting. Hell, if I wanted to I could just have made her promotion release her and forced her to sign there and then. Where would the fun be in that? And fun was exactly what I planned to have with her.

"I mean, don't get me wrong Sir..." Allie explained as she sat opposite me. Smartly dressed in black pants and top that sadly didn't give the full shape of her stunning frame. "I'm really flattered by this offer! Please don't get me wrong. But Impact has been so good to me! They're the reason why I've gotten so many opportunities now and I don't think that right now is the right time for me to leave them."

"I understand." I said with a nod, not really listening to her as I had to keep myself from just staring at her tits. "And I know this must be a difficult decision for you. Now, before you make your mind up for certain, let me explain my feelings about this if I may?"

Allie had barely time to politely nod before her expression snapped instantly to being blank as she stared rather lifelessly at me, but not focused onto me. My hand under my desk tapping the Diva Changer App that was in the open drawer. Its use on her rendering her mind into a paused state, unable to more or think for herself. Only the occasional blink, and the soft riding of her sizeable chest showing she was alive, but not as the rest of the world was.

Sliding into the settings to increase basic obedience, I smirked as I took a long, leering look over her. "Allie, you brought a set of ring gear with you today as instructed, didn't you?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir..." Allie replied in a robotic-like voice without hesitation to my question.

"Good. I'll be having you change into it in a few moments... But first?" I took out some papers from another drawer, sliding them and a pen over. "Sign this please on the dotted line at the bottom." I ordered.

"OK..." She replied as she looked down at the WWE Divas contract and without even knowing what she was agreeing to, signed herself away with her signature.

"Welcome aboard, Allie..." I said, grinning as she finished. Making her legally my property, even though she already was thanks to this mind control I had. "Now... Let's see about giving you your official 'try out', shall we?"

* * *

"Now Allie, don't worry about the camera. It's just here so we can re-study the footage later to see if there's things we can improve on." I lied as I sat on the far edge of the couch in my office, completely naked with my tubby and far from attractive frame in full view. Even with my lengthy and thick to match cock in my hand as I lightly stroked myself to keep it rock hard. Making this rather obvious to any normal thinking person this was a casting couch rather than any proper interview or try out.

"OK Boss! Sure." Allie said warmly with a bright smile. Having no idea I had minutes before altered her mind to render her into this controlled state. Making her not see what was so clearly wrong about this situation. She was dressed in a bright pink with white design and trim one piece ring attire that gave a glimpse of her large tits trough the criss-cross white lacing over her chest, and hugged nicely to her ass at the back. However I'd made her do away with not just her boots and fishnets she'd usually have on, but any underwear under her gear too.

"So, let's begin..." I said as I looked her over. Knowing full well I could have had her be stark naked to kick this off, but enjoying being able to toy and play with the woman who I've changed to be unable to refuse my orders. "So Allie! You're here as part of the WWE Divas division now... Do you think you'll be able to fit in with the other gorgeous and sexy women I have on my roster?"
"Of course!" She nodded as rather than speaking to me directly, she was looking at the camera to answer. "I mean, look at me! I'm proud of my body and I work out. I'd say I'd be right up there with any of the other women you have." She said, her words not truly being her own however. "Plus, I can actually wrestle real good match too!"

"Yes yes, but there's a difference between looking hot as fuck as you do, and actually being able to fuck." I bluntly, and rudely said to the woman who is married to another man. "So can you actually work a dick good?"

"Uh, duh! Of course I can!" Allie said with a laugh, as if the idea she couldn't was sort of insulting to her. Instead of being deeply offended by the question itself as she should be. "I bet I could out-fuck like, any of the other women in the WWE."

"Oh really?" I chuckled, seeing how deep the mind control was already on her. "Then how about you come over here and show me how you suck a mean dick then Allie?" I 'asked' her, even though I knew she didn't have any choice but to follow whatever instruction I gave her.

"No problem!" She happily said as the Impact Wrestling Knockout moved over the couch, crawling over towards me so she could lean over her my crotch on her hands and knees. Letting the camera see that body on display at another angle as I let her take a hold of my cock. "I'll suck this dick real good!" She said to the filming lens. Not seeing anything wrong with stroking off a cock of a man she barely really knows. I wasn't going to point that obvious issue out, especially as she gave me a feel of her tongue when she started to flick against my bell-end. Her tongue piercing rubbing against me to already make this feel fantastic as she swirled around the head, licking around the crown and then down the side. A light dabbing of her spit onto me as that piercing brushed against my cock and over my tip, all as her palm pumped over my lower inches.

"Mmmmm... Fuck! This is a big fucking cock, Boss!" Allie said with glee, her gaze seductive as she looked to the camera that was filming her. The sight of her mouth moving down to take my fat dick inside her mouth being captured as she made me mouth. She was nicely damp and hot, and those full lips were wonderfully soft as they wrapped around me. Her head starting to bob along my size as she groaned, no doubt not used to handling this size of cock in her oral hole. "Mmmmphh!! Hmmmm... Mmmmmphhhh..." She slurped as she sucked at this side position. Her cheek bulging when the tip pressed into her mouth as her long blonde hair started swaying and falling out of place from an already energetic motion. Her hand down below still stroking away, to match the timing of her mouth in a clear sign she's no stranger to servicing a dick before this point. But never in such an unwilling manner like this.

"Mmmmm yeah... Fucking suck that dick Allie..." I moaned my approval as I reached around. Making sure her hair was back behind her so there was an unrestricted view for the camera when I reviewed the footage later. Staring down I just saw her head raising and lowering towards my lap, but I could damn well feel how pleasurable her mouth was all around my dick as she sucked me off. "Ahhhhh fuck!! Yeah... Bet you fucking love that big dick, huh Allie?" I added as I moved my other hand over so I could grope her backside though her ring gear. Making her groan around my cock as she blew me with that steady motion. Feeling how juicy her rear was, before I gripped the material of her one piece and pulled it. Creating a naughty wedgie so I could really see more of those tanned and rounded cheeks.

"Mmmphh!! Hhhhhlllkk!! Mmmmmm..." The Toronto, Ontario, Canada-born beauty responded with muffled words as she stuffed my thickness in and out of her far from novice mouth. Saliva starting to drip down my pole and her hand shifting to now take over the task of keeping her hair out of the way to act more like a pornstar then a pro wrestler. Her body slightly shifting back and forth towards my hand as she responded to my gropes and toying of her ring attire. "Mmmmm!! HHHHHRRRKKK!! GAHHHHHH... MMMM!!" She started to gag as she took my dick deeper into her oral hole. Proving my guess correct that her husband must be packing a pencil compared to my massive size. Yet like a good whore she kept bobbing away onto me. Gagging when the fat crown of my shaft hit the back of her mouth but not letting that distract her. Even making sure to flick her tongue against my length so I could feel that piercing against me as my cock was taken in and out of her.

"Mmmmm!! For a fucking vegan... MMMM... You sure love some fucking meat in you, don't you Allie? Ahhhhh..." I mockingly said. Not even respecting the woman I've controlled to give me this stunning blowjob as I moan away. My hand sliding under her to give her swaying tits a feel up to further make her moan around my rod. Saliva coating my inches as she slurped away nicely deep even as she made herself gag from taking far too much cock than she can actually handle. "Ahhhhh... Don't worry babe... I'll fucking give you all... Mmmmmm! The man-meat your fine ass deserves..." I said in very back handed fashion with a twisted grin to match. Not caring that this was really a non-consensual oral sex act going on, and that the beauty dishing this out had no clue of that fact. Staring down at the head hovering above my lap as I felt her mouth push downward until she gagged just a few inches away from my crotch, before she raised upward and dragged that tongue piercing against the side of my dick along with her lips before she pushed nicely swiftly down once again.

"Mmmmmmm..." Allie groaned as she lifted her head off with a gasp. Letting the camera see how coated with her spit my cock now was from that display of she indeed could suck a 'mean dick'. "You've got good hands, Boss..." She said with a gasp as I groped her tits a little more just for the Hell of it.

"Heh... Think that's good?" I let out a snigger, as this all was playing out as I'd programmed it into her mind to do. "Come get on top of me and feel how fucking good my dick feels in you."

"No problem!" She said with an adorably happy tone, despite how clearly to any normal mind dirty and unprofessional this situation was. The blonde all too quickly moving position to climb onto my lap with her rounded ass facing the camera.

"Atta girl..." I said, helping her as I did the job of lining up my cock with her entrance while she gripped and pulled her one-piece at the crotch to the side. Tearing it a little as she made it create a gap enough for my cock to be taken up into her snatch from below.

"Oh shit!! Fuck!! MMMMM..." The former Knockouts Champion moaned as she felt my cock invading her love tunnel. Similarly I was groaning out at how tight she was as those walls were forced to spread and accept my dick. Going in without even taking the care to put on any protection as she adjusted to my size. "Mmmmm... Oh yeah Boss... AHHHHH... Feels really fucking good!" She admitted, but those words not actually truly being her own as she started to bounce on my cock. Her hands going onto my shoulders for support while I gripped her toned waist. Her motion soon keeping those moans coming out of the mouth I'd just been deep in as she shifted her curvy body up and down already with pace and energy. Like she was more experienced at fucking than being an in-ring competitor.

"MMMM... Feels not too fucking bad... MMMM!! From where I'm sitting either..." I said between my own moans of approval. Staring up and watching her massive rack bounce away inside of her ring gear, making that cross straps over her chest strain to contain those mounds. The smile plastered onto my face as I was making the woman fuck a man she wasn't married to, but had warped her mind to think this was all OK and just some initiation into the WWE. "AHHHHH... Ride that fucking dick Allie! MMMM FUCK... Show me how good a Diva you'll be to me..." I added. Feeling her slick pussy running up and down my length at a smooth and efficient pace. Once more, even with her being mind controlled, she was showing she isn't exactly a novice to some dirty action. Perhaps never before while still wearing an outfit she should be wrestling in instead of acting like a cock-starved whore.

"UHHHHH!! MMMMM FUCK... Oh yeah!! I'll be... MMMM!! A good fucking Diva for you!!" She groaned out as her blonde hair bounced as her body shifted up and down on my fuck-stick. More and more of my inches easily vanishing up into that Canadian twat every time she dropped down onto me. My hands roaming down to grope her covered butt cheeks before moving back up to the waist to keep her straight and in place for the smoothest movement possible as she dished out a fantastic ride. "AHHHHH... MMMMM... Oh fuck!! FUCK!! You're... You're filling me up so good, Boss!" She added between her lusty moans. Enjoying fucking someone who isn't her husband a whole lot more than any normal thinking woman should. The smack of bodies connecting soon ringing out around my office when her stunning, curvaceous body hit off of my far from in shape frame as he let gravity help with the dropping down part of her riding.

I just sat back and moaned, letting this woman who is way out of my league, and not just because she's married, work my dick with bounce after quick bounce like we've been fuck buddies for years rather than the reality of just this afternoon. The fruits of using that powerful mind control App clear to see as I made the beauty who has held titles in Impact Wrestling, SHIMMER and WSU over her career put on a porn awards-winning performance. Keeping me calling out with lusty approval with every up or down motion she gave my fat length. Stuffing herself full with my manhood as her wet pussy walls still remained snug all around my inches. Her ring attire still on that fantastic body of hers but straining at the top from having to hold in her massive, jiggling tits and tearing at the crotch downstairs from being pulled aside to allow me into her snatch.

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! Oh yeah Boss!! MMMM!! FUCK!!" The woman formerly known as Cherry Bomb groaned out, tossing her long hair back as she continued to raise and lower her wet snatch along my fat cock. Letting the camera across from the couch we're fucking on to capture every red hot moment of her clothed body bouncing away on my nude form. The sinfulness of her being forced to cheat, against her will, on her husband as my dick appeared from and then vanished up into her snatch as she rode me. "MMMMM!! So good!! FUCK!! MMMMM YEAH... Fucking fill me up Boss!! UHHHHH!!" She gasped out as the sweat started to form on her exposed skin. Her ass cheeks even while covered rippling away each time she dropped down and that thick ass connected with my fat thighs. The smack of body against body contact sounding out to mix with our shameless moans, but in her case those cries were not truly her own. Merely the effects of the mind control I had placed her under to make herself offer up sex in a way she never would have thought twice about if she had her free will.

"MMMMM... Good fucking shit right there..." I said with a grin, giving the woman on top of me a firm spank on the ass to make her gasp. "Get off me honey. Let's get that pesky... MMMM... Ring gear off of your fucking hot body." I ordered. Groaning as she obediently dismounted me without any hesitation.

"Sure thing, Boss!" She said with a smile as she kneeled beside me on the couch. Reaching up as she slid the straps of her one piece off her shoulders and down her arms. Soon letting those fantastically large and rounded tits fall free from her clothing.

"Fuck... Actually, change of plans..." I said, seeing those titties in full, glorious view as I now stood up. "Come fuck my dick with those fat fucking tits of yours." I rudely ordered, standing side-on to the camera. Mindful that my latest, unwilling conquest should be captured for future enjoyment in every position I can manage with this stunner.

"Of course!" Allie agreed without any second thought. Not that right now anything going on in her mind was really her own thanks to the Diva Changer App. Slipping off the couch with just her gear now around her waist, covering her lower body as she shifted up to me on her knees.

"Like this, right?" She beamed up at me, still having no clue about how wrong and sinful this situation was. Using her hands to cup her huge mounds from the sides. Capturing my cock, still slick from her own pussy juices, into her cleavage. That more than enough to make me moan out from the feeling of all that soft flesh wrapped around my member. The head of my tool just popping out from the top of her valley, that was how big those tits of hers was. "Mmmmm... Fuck! That feels fucking good too!" She added with a cute giggle, acting more like a dick-loving porn starlet than a respected, veteran pro wrestler. Especially when she started to slide her breasts up and down against my cock, keeping my groans coming as she pleasured my dick with her chest. Already just moments into the motion showing that, just like with the other positions I'd made her do, she wasn't a virgin in using her titties to get a guy off.

"MMMMM... Damn right... Just like fucking that Allie... MMMM!!" I moaned my obvious approval. Staring down to watch my cock be like a Whack-A-Mole machine to pop out of her boobs each time she pumped them down to meet my crotch with a sexy smack. Her gorgeous face still wearing a smile as she gazed up at me rather sweetly. Completely unfitting for the reality that she was servicing a man that wasn't her husband with her huge, rounded breasts. Not having any idea that I was only getting this smoking hot titjob from her because I was controlling her mind. Twisting her thoughts to think it was perfectly OK to fuck her new Boss in the WWE, while still being technically an Impact Wrestling Knockout right now, in my office.

"Mmmmm!! Never had... A dick this big between my breasts before!" She admitted without me even having to ask her. Unintentionally insulting her husband in the process. Her adorable laugh at the end making the scene all the more filthy as I got to enjoy her huge rack without having actually gotten permission to use those mountains. Those mounds working smoothly and quickly up and down my cock to make my shaft completely vanish whenever she lifted them upward on my pole. "I think... Ahhhhh! I might really like it around here!" She added, her thoughts twisted to make her think not just that it's good to say such unprofessional things, but that overall it's fine to use her tits to make a slob like me moan out. The talented wrestler who once held the SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes Tag Team Championships and the WSU Championship at the same time reduced to a tit-fucking bimbo. Grinning away as she moaned herself lightly from the feeling of my thick man-meat sliding between her titties.

"I know... MMMM FUCK... I Fucking love it between those fun bags of yours..." I said down to her with a smirk of my own. Showing no respect to the beauty I knew full well I was only getting a piece of because I was controlling her mind. I only cared about my own pleasure, and I was getting plenty of that and then some from this red hot titty fuck she was dishing out. Her breasts even jiggling in her grip, such was the vast amount of tit flesh that she was working me over with. Moving her chest swiftly up and down onto me like this was all second nature to her. Ironic since this whole situation was created from the use of the Diva Changer to alter what she thinks is good and right. Otherwise there would be no way she'd have this kind of action with anyone other than the man she'd happily married to.

"Ahhhhhh... If this is what being a WWE Diva is all about? I'm so glad I came here today!" The beauty born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada said with a slight sigh. Getting pleasure herself from my cock moving back and forth into her cleavage from her own pumping of her titties. That twisted mindset I forced into her not making her see how wrong those words are, considering she'd built a career on being a top not wrestler and not just the eye-candy I'm using her as. It was almost making her increase this titfuck even more as she leaned over me. Making me moan deeper as she used her tongue to swat away at my fat bell-end when it popped out between her breasts. Giving me another feel of her piercing at it brushed against my sensitive crown. A sensation enough that even the more experienced of male porn stars would struggle to handle too much of.

"Mmmmm... Fuck yeah Allie... God you're a hot fucking slut..." I said with a groan, watching that pierced tongue try and swirl around my tip as she gave my dick another couple of pumps with her breasts.

"Ahhhhh..." Allie gave another lick before she looked up at me with another bright smile. "Thank you, Boss!" She said, treating the dirty word like it was the best compliment she's ever heard. "I'm so happy you enjoyed my breasts." She added before letting go of her chest to finally release my dick.

"That I fucking did... Now get the rest of that clothing off." I ordered, before I moved off camera for a moment. Going across to my desk to fish out a faithful bottle of lubricant. "And get up on the damn couch for me."

"Sure thing, Boss!" She happily agreed. Standing up as she started to push down that pink one-piece. Unintentionally bending over forwards so she stuck that thick ass out towards the recording camera to show off not just those cheeks but her still wet pussy. Stepping out of the ring gear, she then as ordered moved onto the couch she's already been fucked on. Resting on her hands and knees with her curvy, now finally fully nude, body on a side-view to the lens.

"I do love a girl who follows orders..." I mock with a cruel laugh. The obvious fact that this sexual encounter is only because I've used mind control on her not escaping me. Just like it's been since the start of this when she foolishly walked into my office, I've only been caring about my own sick pleasure. Popping the lid off the top of the bottle so I could first pour the liquid down onto my own cock. Readying myself with a quick series of pumps before I moved up behind the busty beauty. "Say Allie? Ever let your husband tap this big fucking ass of yours?" I bluntly, and again rudely, asked her before I poured more lubricant out. Now down onto her ass to make her groan before she could respond. Making sure to quickly, since I had no plans on wasting time here, to work the fluid into her back passage using a finger. A brisk round of pumps with my digit helping to apply the sex-aid into her clearly tightest of holes.

"N-Never, Boss... I think that kind of t-thing is... AHHHHHH FUCK!!" I didn't let her finish after pulling my finger out of her backside. Soon replacing it with the thick head of my cock as I first forced it in past her asshole, before making her take my massive cock into her stunning, rounded backside. The feeling already making her jolt forward as she groaned out in a mix of pleasure and pain. Whereas I was just moaning out in delight. Loving how super tight her rear hole was for a sure sign she's rarely, if ever, offered up her backdoor to someone. "AHHHHHH... OH SHIT... B-Boss!! It's... UHHHH!! OH FUCK!!" She struggled to get the words out as I closed the bottle and dropped it to the floor. Allowing me to grip her backside and spread those juicy cheeks. Ensuring the camera across from us could record the sight of me starting to fuck another man's wife up the ass from behind.

"MMMMM... OH FUCK... Fuck yeah Allie!! MMMMM..." I moaned my approval as I started down. Seeing those gorgeous butt cheeks rippling already as I eased my dick in and out of her the final of her holes I've been able to force myself into over this very non-consensual session of sex. Sure, I could have not even bothered to use lube at all, but I wanted the maximum pleasure for me in this. If she was hurting from experiencing anal sex with a real, big cock? That was too bad. "AHHHH... This fat fucking ass... MMMM!! Was made for fucking!" I added between my own groans. Sweating myself now as I starting to use a more firm motion to push in and out of her rear cheeks now that I was used to the feeling of her anal tunnel clamped around my member. Watching her booty jiggle from both my thrusts and how she was shifting back and forth in response to my thrusts into that fine and full rump.

"UHHHHH!! Oh... OH SHIT... AHHHHHH..." The blonde stunner grunted out as her long haired head hung down as she stayed up on her hands and knees in front of me. Clearly she wasn't having a completely fun time, having her inexperienced ass stuffed full with thick man-meat and feeling the pain of it. Even with her higher levels of pleasure I'd altered her mind to feel thanks to the Diva Changer. "OH FUCK... OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH... HHHHHNNNNGGG..." She hissed out. The former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion groaning as she rocked back and forth but in no sort of willing fashion as she took my cock in and out of her juicy ass. Her large tits swinging sinfully as they hung down. Serving as an extra visual treat for the camera to film, and for me to watch back at another time as this was far from any sort of sports entertainment 'try out' that I'd fooled her mind to think was happening right now.

"Hey bitch! MMMMM... Head fucking up!!" I snapped at her as I reached forward. Grabbing a handful of her long locks to force her head not just up, but make it tilt back so she groaned out as I pumped into her ass from behind. "You want to be fucking Diva? MMMM!! Then you'll fucking... AHHHHH FUCK!! Take an ass fucking like one!" I taunted her with a sick grin on my ugly face. My cock forcing it's way deep into her backside as applied more force into the motion now in already merciless fashion. Being fully rough with the woman happily married to another man as I was fucking her stunning butt before he's ever gotten a chance to. Still not showing her even the decency to let her touch herself to take away some of the pain of taking my huge dick so deep and roughly into her booty as I pumped away and tugged her hair. Still making this all about me and what I want from her, even after I've made her sign her career away to a contract she never even got to read a word of.

"AHHHHHH... I'M... AHHHH!! S-Sorry, Boss!! UHHHH!!" She whined out with closed eyes. Gritting her teeth from the discomfort she was feeling at both ends as it were. Her back passage hurting from my cock driving in and out of her still very tight hole, and now her hair being sharply gripped to make her head arch back. Further dominating the woman who isn't even processing her own real thoughts right now and can't do a thing to stop me from violating her gorgeous, thick ass. "I'll... AHHHHH FUCK!! I'll be a g-good Diva! AHHHHH!! I s-swear!!" The stunning Canadian almost begged but I was showing her no mercy. My crotch now starting to collide with her rear cheeks as I fitted all of my inches into her back passage. Already the kind of butt pounding that would render most women unable to sit without feeling pain for several days, if not more. Her cries ans the welling up of tears in her eyes a complete contrast to my constant, loud and shameless moans of enjoyment from fucking that wonderful, rounded rump.

Slap! Slap! Slap! The ringing out of my fat body connecting off her gorgeous, tanned frame was ringing out like a machine working overdrive. Pistoning my rod in and out of her tight asshole again and again as I grunted and the sweat dripped off of me. Staring down to watch my inches vanish forward into her anal tunnel before a portion of my pole reappeared briefly before I repeated the motion. Grunting as I kept this wicked pace up to pound away into the wife of another man. Fucking her from behind and up the ass without having gotten her real consent to do it. Every filthy moment being recorded on camera to make this look like a scene from a cheap casting couch porn site. A far cry from what she had been fooled to think would be a meeting about a potential career in WWE before I rendered her unable to think for herself through mind control.

"UHHHHH... HHHHHHGGGGG... AHHHHHH..." The tears were rolling down her stunning facial features now as even with the state of unquestioning obedience I was making her be in, she was still very much able to feel pain. The effects of having her back passage forced open by a cock far longer and thicker than that of her husband clear to see, especially with her lack of anal experience. Never mind the hard grip of her long blonde hair I was using as I made her endure this unwilling anal sex. I was treating the woman who has won titles in WSU, SHIMMER, SHINE Wrestling and Impact Wrestling like a living flesh-light instead of the talented wrestler she was before today. Making her whine out as the dark streaks of ruined eye-liner ran down her cheeks. Her huge tits swaying away as her body still harshly rocked back and forth in response to my pumps. Only now the strength leaving her as her arms began to buckle after the relentless assault I was doing to her backside.

Thankfully for her, but not because I was finally showing her some mercy or respect, I was approaching my limit. Only able to fuck that thick booty a couple rounds more before I started to feel myself begin to throb within that still tight anal tunnel of hers. Letting out a deep grunt before I let go of her hair and pulled out of her ass. Openly laughing at her as she slumped down onto her front on the couch. Her hips raised up to let me see her now gaping asshole to show the effects of having to take a baptism of fire of her first real anal action in her life.

Moving off the couch, I grabbed the camera off the tripod and returned back to her. Forcing her over onto her back before I started stroking my cock. Now a POV-style shot as I first captured her sweat-soaked body as her chest heaved for air and her pretty face had its make-up ruined from the black tears from her eyes. Soon enough a new mess joined to leave her truly looking fucked like a slut. I let out a deep groan as I started to shoot my load. Spraying my thick spunk onto her huge tits and not stopping my strokes until I milked myself dry. Leaving the tit nearest me more coated as I dropped my load onto her, but the first few blasts landed over onto the far breast. With some even landing down into the valley between those mountains that I'd fucked earlier on for good measure. All in all leaving one Hell of a money shot to finish this sex tape off with. Footage that only I would truly ever enjoy, and that she would have no memory of doing - or the fact I'd made her cheat on her own husband against her will - once she left my office.

"And that... That will do Allie..." I told her, grinning as I gave her body one last scan with the camera, focusing on her now cum-covered tits, before I stopped the recording. "Welcome to the WWE!" I added with a mocking tone as I already turned away from her, moving to my pile of clothing on my desk.

"Th-Thank you, Boss..." Allie gasped out as she lay on the couch, Recovering from the kind of sex she isn't used to at all, especially considering she doesn't even know she didn't consent to a moment of it.

"Now go get yourself dressed, and hit the showers." I told her as I was already pulling my pants back up. "WWE officials will get in contact with you once they've dealt with the boring legal stuff..." I said, smirking as I knew full well that I could easily get Impact Wrestling to release her with the same kind of mind control, just without the sexual elements, I'd used to fuck her with. Even after I'd made her sign to my Divas division already. "That will mean you moving down here to Florida and likely not seeing your husband too much from now on. Is that OK?" I 'asked', even though I knew she couldn't possibly object to such an idea even if she wanted to.

"Y-Yes, Sir. Of course..." She groaned as she started to move off the couch. Moving in tired, shaky fashion as she reached and started to slide her pink ring gear up.

"Good girl..." I mocked as I finished putting on my shirt, and picked up the Diva Changer smart phone. Remembering as always to change the settings I'd applied to her so she'd still obey me at all times, but wouldn't remember a bit of the sexual encounter she just had. She'd just tell her loving husband that she had a really good meeting, and her walking funny was just from the physical evaluation. Soon enough she'd be a proper WWE Diva, and those big curves of hers would be bouncing away in whatever humiliating, skin-showing stipulation match I wanted her to be in. Along with fucking her some more in more 'talent meetings' like this.

I'd bagged myself another stunning, busty blonde and fucked her nice and hard. As I now could whenever I wanted to. Once she left my office, I laughed as I considered the potential options for more new talent to come to the WWE. So many companies, and plenty of holes for me to use. Of course, I couldn't forget the babes already in my range here in WWE and NXT. It would be so rude of me not to fuck them like the sluts they should be all along... And just a tap of the Diva Changer would ensure they lived up to that good potential just like Allie now will be.

* * *

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