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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE, NXT or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Lacey Evans (NXT)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral.

Diva Changer Part 9
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

In between WWE Divas tapings I was either enjoying off time, present at main roster WWE TV events, or down at the Performance Center. More than usually not, I was conducting 'meetings' with some of the female talents. Which of course was just me utilising the Diva Changer App to control their minds, making them have sex with me regardless of their relationship status. Never mind the fact they had no say in the matter and couldn't object or deny any demand I made of them. I just as easily made any male that I came into contact with, be they a Superstar, husband, or anyone else, controlled and gotten out of the way so I could continue to have my extremely wicked way with the women of WWE and beyond.

Beyond being somewhat the correct term this evening as I attended a live event of the developmental brand NXT. I had no interest in the matches or evaluating the in-ring ability of the women on the show - which had been the regular lie I told the staff and WWE personnel. Instead tonight I was more interested in 'evaluating' how good these women were at taking some dick, which is why I was waiting inside of the Women's locker room for, as time sheets indicated, one of the women's bouts on the card was wrapping up.

The sight of me - an out of shape, ugly man completely naked sitting on a folding chair - should freak out any normal woman and have them running to get security. However for the likes of Nikki Cross, Kairi Sane and Candice LaRae (who I was already very familiar with) and the others they were just doing stretches, checking their gear and browsing social media. My appearance not just leaving them unfazed. It was like I wasn't in the room, rather invisible. Merely an effect I'd planted into all their minds from a pre-event 'meeting' I'd had with them all before the doors to the building opened.

Soon enough however, my target for the night soon walked in. Lacey Evans. The gorgeous, generously curved blonde who along with being a former U.S. Marine was a certified MILF. The woman known as the 'Lady of NXT' was clad in a suitable pin-up style gear that honoured her past. Olive green short top with military trimming and stars with an opening over the chest that gave a glimpse of her sizeable breasts. Down below a matching long skirt with shorts underneath along with boots. The long haired stunner with a nice shine of sweat over her from the match she'd been in.

As she walked in, a mental trigger I'd left from earlier snapped into action as she locked onto me. Her body freezing for a moment as her expression suddenly went blank as the mind control kicked in. Soon her red lips curling into a sexy smile as she looked me over - something the happily married woman would never have done normally seeing someone like me in this situation. At the same time, the other ladies such as Xia Li and Aliyah who had been in that match simply walking by Evans. Not 'seeing' me at all as they went to get undressed and hit the showers. While Lacey walked forward with a noticeable sway of her hips.

"There you are Lacey..." I said to her as she stood in front of me. My hand stroking my cock as I began to harden. Leering over that gorgeous body to easily rush me to erection. "I'm glad you're here. I need your assistance with something." I said, letting out a snigger as I didn't need to even play around with this woman, since I could just order her to fuck me and she'd do it. For my own amusement I was toying with my living sex doll for the night.

"Sure Boss!" Lacey replied, still smiling and acting like there was nothing wrong with seeing me jacking off as I sat. "What do you need?"

"Heh... I need you to suck my dick." I bluntly ordered, now letting go off my fat, long and now rock hard cock as I spread my legs.

"That all? Not a problem, Boss!" Evans stated. Her words alone showing how deep the mind control was on her to just say such a thing. Let alone how she moved in, slipping down to her knees without a single hesitation.

I just sat back and grinned. Watching the gorgeous blonde take my cock into her mouth with a soothing groan as her hand gripped my base. Making me moan instantly as those full, coated with bright red lipstick lips wrapped around my tool. Her eyes locked onto me as she started to slide up and down onto me. Giving me a taste of no doubt what only her husband has enjoyed for many years as she started to suck me off. Her hand at my base more to keep my rod straight than anything else, which was just fine by me. The feeling of that damp mouth around my dick was what I cared about as I watched her mouth sink down and raise up as she worked over the upper inches and the fat crown. It didn't feel like she was a novice when it came to sucking dick either, which was another reason why I kept a big smile on my face.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm... Hmmmmm..." She groaned around me as she smoothly pushed her mouth up and down along my rod. Failing to see anything wrong with performing oral sex on not just a man she isn't married to, but inside the locker room with her fellow NXT female Superstars all around. Keeping those full lips firmly pressed around my tool as she sucked me off. Her free hand brushing strands of her long hair away from her face as she used a nicely steady pace to service me. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!!" Lacey softly moaned around my size as she took my fat fuck-stick in and out of her mouth. Still clad in her ring gear to make her look like she was performing in a cheesy, themed porno rather than having just come straight from wrestling in front of a live crowd to sucking dick of a man she barely knows.

"Mmmmmm fuck... AHHHHH... Suck that fucking dick Lacey..." I ordered as I watched on. Not even bothering to check out the undressing females around me as I focused on the one I had the most mind control over right now as she kneeled between my legs. Feeling the saliva starting to be applied to my inches from the repeated motion from the busty blonde. "Mmmmmm yeah... Fuck... Thought you were the 'Lady' around here? MMMM... Not when you suck dick like a slut..." I mocked with a twisted laugh. Showing no respect to the woman who I knew full well was doing this without her consent, all because of the mind control App I'd used on her. Taking full advantage of that fact too as I moaned out from her mouth sliding back and forth along my shaft in that smooth, experienced manner.

"Mmmmmhhhhh! Hhhhrrrssss bbbhhhhhssssss..." Her reply was muffled due to my man-meat being taken deeply into her oral hole. Once again acting in very far from Lady-like fashion by trying to talk with her mouth full. Her beautiful facial features sliding further down onto my cock as she took more of past those full, bright red lips of hers. "Mmmmphhh... MMMMM... Mmmmm..." She groaned as her mouth got further filled up with my inches, yet continued like a good controlled whore to suck away on me like it was the only purpose in her life. Bobbing away steadily as her saliva dripped down to reach her hand still gripping my base but now with just a couple fingers holding me. Allowing her hungry, but not willingly so, mouth to take in more of my size.

"AHHHHH... Fucking hot cock sucker! MMMM!! Suck that fucking cock..." I moaned out, loving the sight of this stunning MILF blowing me again and again. The saliva seeping out of the corners of her mouth and making her lipstick become ruined from the spit drooling down her chin now. Seeing those dirty tell-tell ring marks left on my dick too from where she reached the lowest point on my rod. Just adding to the sinful sight as I made this married woman blow me for no reason other than I wanted her too. "Mmmmm... You should have gone into fucking porn... Ahhhhhh... With a mouth like that Lacey..." I added back handedly. Watching as kept on using her free hand to keep her hair back behind the ears to allow her to bob away without distraction on my dick just like a porn starlet should. Unintentionally giving me that red hot, clear view of her facial features sliding upward and the swiftly back down towards my crotch as she repeated the motion.

"MMMM... OK slut, that's enough..." I ordered, not even bothering to keep up the 'game' that this was some kind of meeting we were having. A glance to the side as the women still in the locker room were continuing on as normal, like nothing out of the ordinary was going on in front of them. "Get that gear off for me. All of it."

Lifting her head away from my tool, showing off the saliva coating my dick and the now tint of red she'd 'painted' onto the top part from her lipstick, Lacey gave me a big smile. "No problem, Boss!" She said without question as she stood up. Giving me more reason to grin as she unzipped and removed her top. Letting her rounded and nicely large breasts bounce free as she tossed the garment aside. Nearly hitting Vanessa Borne in the head with the throw as she sat listening to music - not 'seeing' the sight any normal person would of the woman undressing in front of the man she just sucked off.

"Fuck yeah..." I said with a chuckle as Evans continued to strip off. Soon the skirt and under-shorts being lowered and stepped out of so I could see her thick and juicy ass along with a neatly trimmed pussy. "Come give your Boss a good old ride... Give me a taste of what your lucky fucker of a husband gets." I instructed as she even removed her wrestling boots so she was fully nude.
"Sure thing, Sir..." Evans agreed with a warm, but not truly her own, tone as she moved towards me. Soon mounting my lap as she reached down. Guiding my cock up into her snatch to make us both groan out when the tip of my shaft met her folds.

"Oh FUCK!! Mmmmmm..." The beauty billed from Parris Island, South Carolina let out a long moan when she sank down onto me. Taking the dick she's just been blowing, and left her lipstick all over, up into her snatch. Taking no doubt the first cock other than her husband's since the day she was married. At the same time it allowed me to experience how nicely snug her pussy was, along with her wet she already was just from the act of giving a blowjob moments before. Another show of the power of the Diva Changer to increase the lust of my target so even a dick in her mouth can leave her snatch damp for me. Her tightness making me think that there was no way her hubby was packing nearly half the man-meat I was downstairs.

I soon got to enjoy more than just the simple feeling of being in her, as good as that was. Her hands gripping my shoulders as she started to ride my dick. Her moans clear as she lifted up until just my head and a few inches were inside her, before dropping down to stuff herself full with my member. The motion accompanied by a deep groan from her as her pussy wasn't given much time to adjust to the feeling of being stuffed far fuller than she's ever taken before. Fucking the man who not only is one she's not married to, but is supposed to be her professional Boss in the WWE. Inside of the women's locker room with her peers all around as she bounces away with a steady rhythm on my fat prick. Evans not seeing all the other women around her, and all of them not seeing the sinful action going on right in front of them.

"MMMMM... Yeah... Fucking ride that fucking dick! AHHHH..." I encouraged as I moaned. Loving the feeling of that snug, wet MILF pussy sliding up and down along my cock. My hands gripping her toned midsection to ensure she was staying impaled on my manhood. Staring forward to watch her rounded breasts jiggling away with every riding action she delivered onto my rod. Taking me with impressive (or should that be slutty?) ease deeper into her snatch. "AHHHH FUCK... MMMM!! You like that Lacey? Huh?? MMMM... Like my big fucking dick... AHHHHH... Filling your dirty pussy up?" I asked her between my own moans, but of course I couldn't care less about the response and not just because I knew her words wouldn't actually be her own. This was all about my own pleasure, and if I wanted to I could have forced her to just blow me all night until I busted a nut. Her feeling anything from this was just a by-product of me getting what I wanted from her. Which as me being balls deep inside of a gorgeous blonde by the end of the night.

"AHHHH... MMMMM!! I fucking love it, Boss! UHHHH!!" The former U.S. Marine moaned out. Words of course she would have never said if not for the mind control she was under. Her ass cheeks rippling as she dropped down again and again onto me. Eagerly, but in no way willingly, taking my thick pole straight up into herself to replace the saliva that had been coating me now with a light layer of pussy juices. "MMMMM... Gonna... AHHHH FUCK!! Fuck this cock, real fucking good!! MMMM!!" She added with a gasp as her pussy connected with my crotch for the first time. Her body already glistening now as she was sweating once more to add to the glaze she already had from the match she wrestled what already would likely feel like a lifetime ago, if she had the free will to even remember she's at a NXT event right now.

I just sat back with a big grin on my far from handsome face. Knowing how 'lucky' I was to get a piece of a woman completely out of my league and not just because she's happily married to another man. Moaning myself as I watched that stunning, curved body of the pin-up gimmick Superstar raise and lower onto my shaft over and over. Looking to me like she was indeed more suited for a career in porn than in the ring with how amazing it felt to be taken deep into her tight, damp love tunnel. Stretching her out far more than her man ever could with my huge dick that was making her moan away. All as around us her fellow female wrestlers went about their business, unaware of the cheating sex I was forcing this woman to do without her even consenting to such a filthy act. Not even hearing the sounds of not just both of our moans, but the smack of skin meeting skin each time she dropped down onto my rod.

"MMMM... Not fucking bad Lacey!" I 'complimented' the woman I knew full well was only fucking me because I had control of her mind. "Now get off of me... MMMM... And get down on the floor..." I ordered. Having plenty more plans in mind to enjoy her and her lovely body a whole lot more.

"AHHHHH... Sure, Boss!" Evans said with a groan as she obediently lifted herself up and off from my cock. Not even stopping to catch her breath as she moved down to her hands and knees on the locker room floor. Without knowing it, setting herself up for a more humiliating position as on one side of her was a fellow NXT Superstar in Dakota Kai checking over her travel luggage. The other side on the floor was Rhea Ripley as she was in the middle of a pre-match work-out as she was performing sit-ups in work-out shorts and top.

"Heh... Don't mind us ladies..." I mocked, knowing the other women - just like everyone in the room - had their minds altered to not register my nor Lacey's existence here. So when I moved down behind the naked blonde and pushed my dick back into her snatch with a moan neither beauty even raised an eyebrow at the sight, let alone the sound.

Noise being a key factor as anyone with their free will would have been unable to ignore the sound of the smack of my crotch hitting off of Evans' rounded backside as I pumped into her from behind. Fucking her doggy style and going already balls deep into her wet box like she was just a living sex doll for me to use however I wanted to. My hands gripping those jiggling butt cheeks as I rocked my hips back and forth to feed that 'hungry' pussy my man-meat. Stuffing the married MILF full with my cock so that her gorgeous, curvaceous body rocked forward each time I slammed home into her snatch.

"OH FUCK!! FUCK! AHHHH!! MMMMM..." The sweat was pouring off her body now as she stared ahead but didn't even register the female NXT referee Jessika Carr passing in front of her as she went across the room to speak with the competitors in an upcoming match. Lacey's breasts swaying underneath her as she rocked back and forth, moaning out with every pump she took from my fat cock that was clearly a far bigger size than what she is used to dealing with from her husband. "MMMM!! OH SHIT!! MMMMM... Oh Boss!! BOSS!! AHHHHH..." She gasped out as I fucked her from behind. Acting like she was loving every moment of this sexual action but having no idea her words and moans were not truly her own. Just the result of mind control I'd placed her, and the rest of the women in the room, under to allow me to violate the stunning blonde. Thrusting my dick in and out of her twat to make myself moan out as I enjoyed the snug hole that only the man she's happily married to should be able to fuck.

"MMMMM... Reminds me... Must set up meeting with you sometime..." I said, watching to the side as Rhea Ripley began performing a round of push-ups. Staring at the ass of a woman while I was fucking another just as stunning female at the same time, and showing neither any respect. Having plenty of cake and eating it as I turned attention back to the NXT talent I was actually fucking right now. Giving Lacey's amply backside a sharp spank for good measure as I continued driving deep forward into her soaking wet tunnel. "AHHHHH... Yeah... You fucking love this dick, huh? MMMM FUCK!! Bigger than your husband's... MMMM!! Fucking tiny dick I bet!" Between my groans of delight I further insulted her and her man just because I could. Driving my fat shaft in and out of the stunning MILF pussy I was ravaging thanks to the Diva Changer App I'd used on her. Sweat now running down my out of shape frame from how briskly I'd been taking advantage of the woman on her hands and knees in front of me. Knowing she had no free will of her own to resist or object to my twisted demands.

"AHHHHH!! Ye-Yes!! You are! MMMM!! So... UHHHH!! So much bigger!! AHHHHH..." She shamefully admitted as her blonde haired head hung down low and strands of it started sticking to her pretty face. Her large tits still swaying in time with the back and forth jolts I was forcing her body to do each time I pushed in to the hilt into that dripping snatch. Her thick butt still jiggling each time my crotch connected with her as the slap of my tubby body meeting her stunning, curved body rang out around the NXT women's locker room we were fucking in. Not stopping my non-consensual fucking of her even when some of the women departed from the room to head off for their upcoming match. Not that with the control I have over the roster and staff, anyone who did hear the moans I was making her yell out wouldn't be able to do anything to stop this.

"MMMMM... Good fucking slut!! Gonna have to see about... AHHHHH... Getting you called up to the main roster soon..." I said with a smirk. Not just insulting her some more, but my thoughts more being on how The Lady of NXT would look strutting in bra and panties matches and the like instead of proper, competitive matches. Only caring about her stunning looks, and right now her wet and tight pussy that my fat and long cock was sliding in and out of. "AWWWWW SHIT... MMMM!! Body like this is fucking wasted... MMMMM!! Down here in developmental..." I added with a grunt as I ran my mouth some more. Knowing that she couldn't do anything to stop me just like the other women in the room thanks to that powerful mind control I have them all under. The only reason why I'm able to fuck this married woman from behind and making her cheat against her will, without her having any true knowledge of that fact.

"OH FUCK... Mmmmmm..." Lacey gasped out as I pulled out of her snatch, before making her groan when I gave her backside another hard spank just because I could.

"Some real great pussy here..." I said, smirking as I rolled the already well fucked woman onto her side. Shifting in between her legs as I raised one up high, draping it over my shoulder. "Lemmie give you the kind of fuck your pencil-dick hubby can't give you..." I said, taking cheap shots at her man before I helped myself one more time to her dripping snatch.

"MMMMM... Yesssssssss... Fuck me, Boss! MMMMM!!" Evans begged with words not actually her own. Already her head tilting back when I shoved my dick into her snatch with a single, dominating stroke.

"AHHHHHH... You dumb bitches are missing out on a show here!" I yelled, looking around the room at the other sports entertainers as they packed up and got dressed. Even insulting them despite the fact that they were completely unaware of the sex going on in front of them because of how I'd twisted their minds.

I turned my attention with a twisted grin to the moaning stunner laying in front of me. Plenty more was to come for the Lady of NXT as I used her snatch like I owned her, and thanks to the mind control I really did. Allowing me to thrust deeply and quickly into her wet folds to get us both moaning out loudly. Once again the slap of my fat body hitting off of her tanned and curvaceous frame ringing out. Yet even with those sounds women in the locker room still had friendly conversations unfazed by the added, loud noise. I'd controlled them to not even register the sounds of sex going on in the room around them, never mind the sight. Allowing me to force myself upon the MILF against her will as I made her cry out in delight like we'd been lovers for years. Instead of the reality of her being happily married to another man.

"OH FUCK... AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! M-MORE!! FUCK ME BOSS!! F-FUCK ME!!" The gorgeous blonde moaned out, begging for more as the sweat dripped off her curves. Leaving strands of her long hair sticking to her face. My stiff thrusts making her slide against the locker room floor as her large breasts bounced in time with the jolts. Her eyes closed as she was lost in the sinful pleasure. Her lust far more enhanced than usual thanks to the Diva Changer App I'd used on her to make her love every moment of this. Taking not just a far bigger dick than she's used to, but one that doesn't belong to her husband. "UHHHHH!! FUCK... AHHHHH MMMMM... OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCKK!!" She groaned like a good whore should as she took this pounding. She and her stunning body was built to be fucked, and despite being a mother her snatch was still pleasurably snug even after taking my huge size over and over again like that. My crotch smacking off of the bottom of her snatch every time I drove in to fill her up.

"MMMMM... Fuck yes... AHHHHH!! Nothing like... MMMMM... Fucking a hot, MILF slut..." I bragged to myself, since I knew full well none of the other women in the room could hear me and the one I was fucking would only respond to my direct commands. Letting me drive my member in and out of her dripping folds in this completely non-consensual manner as I started sweating hard myself. "UHHHHH... And banging another man's wife too? MMMMM... Even fucking better..." I added with a long and loud laugh. So proud of the fact I could only fuck a woman like her, totally out of my league, thanks to mind control. Letting my hands grope her leg as I held it up and over my shoulder. My hips swiftly moving back and forth to feed my prick into her soaking hole that I was now extremely familiar with.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! G-GONNA... C-CUM, BOSS!! AHHHHHH MMMMMM!!" She tried to warn me but in all honesty I didn't care if she got an orgasm out of this or not. This was never about giving her pleasure in the first place so she was fortunate that I was allowing her to cum from this sex that she'd never remember after tonight. That snatch impressively tightening around my fat pole as I pumped away, and felt a fresh wave of her juices flow over me. Adding to the puddle of sweat she was already laying in as I fucked her on her side. Her blonde haired head slumping against the floor as she gasped for air. Her breasts still bouncing away while I delivered more balls deep thrusts, forcing her to ride out without question the hardest sexual high of her life. Almost a shame then that it was from unwilling sexual action, and I'd be using the same mind control that got me fucking her to make her forget this all happened in the first place.

"MMMM... Scratch up another fucking notch... UHHHH!! On the fucking bedpost for the Boss..." I said with a chuckle as I kept on thrusting away into that dripping twat of the former U.S. Marine. Even after seeing her tired body resting in her own sweat on the ground in front of me, I wasn't giving her any break. I wasn't finished with her after all. That's why the slaps of my tubby frame connecting with her stunning, perfect for her pin-up girl gimmick body continued to ring out along with my moans. Looking over to see the door opening. The NXT Superstars who had left earlier on had already returning to the locker room. As while I was still fucking Evans, just as I'd did when they'd left, I'd actually spent the length of the match I'd been supposed to be evaluating having sex instead with one of their fellow roster members.

It was only when I felt the telling throb of my cock that I finally pulled out of that more than just well fucked snatch. Leaving her more than just stretched out so that if she had sex with her man any time soon she'd unlikely feel her inside of her pussy. I didn't care much about that fact either as I forced the stunning MILF up from the floor and her sweat puddle to make her kneel in front of me. One hand holding her long, blonde hair to keep her face in place for me as my other hand gripped my length. Rapidly stroking off as I groaned, feeling my own orgasm approaching. Letting out a cruel snigger as I saw the woman I'd mind controlled to make her let me fuck her blink herself awake, coming back to reality after her own sexual high.

She soon had to shut those eyes when I started to paint Lacey Evan's face with my spunk. Sending big streaks of cum across her gorgeous facial features and make it matted into her long hair at the sides and in the strands stuck to her cheeks. Giving a more than generous coating across her nose, her forehead and onto the hair over it, her lips and her chin. Plastering the face of another man's wife who I've taken advantage of to say the least. Stroking out every last drop onto her face. Keeping that grip on her so she had no choice, not that I'd allowed her to have any free will in the first place, but to take my full load. So much spunk that by the end it was dripping off her down onto her heaving tits as she tried to take in long overdue air.

"Hehe... Thanks slut..." I rudely said to her, releasing the grip and letting her slump down back into that puddle of sweat and juices. "I needed that."

"N... No problem, B-Boss..." Lacey groaned out as she lay on the locker room floor. No clue that all around her in the locker room her fellow NXT Superstars have been here (in and out in some cases) since the moment she stepped in and became my latest living sex doll.

"Good whore... In fact, let's hit the showers..." I informed her. Grabbing a leg as I roughly, never mind disrespectfully, dragged her along the cold floor towards the showers. Already hearing running water from women already cleaning up after their match. "I wouldn't be a good Boss if I didn't take care of my Divas..." I stated, before laughing loudly at my own joke. Knowing full well I cared as much for her well being as I did any other NXT, WWE or any woman in wrestling.

After a wash down, and leaving Evans to recover and actually clean up, I got dressed and left the locker room. Ensuring to apply all the right settings through the Diva Changer to ensure that none of them would remember one bit of what had just happened in their own locker room. Another sexual crime committed and no evidence left. I would have to think about bringing Lacey and her fine as fuck body up to my Divas Division properly, especially after that sampling of her. That would be a decision I'd consider at another time.

For now? Now I just had to decide which woman I'd be taking back to the hotel with me for the night... After all, I had made them all not witness one Hell of a show when I'd fucked one of their own in front of them. It would be so rude of me not to give one of them a private, physical showing after the matches were all said and done. And I had just the mysterious and powerful smartphone App to convince one of them to go along with me...

* * *

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