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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction depicting impossible, dark fantasies. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. I do not endorse, support or encourage the actions described within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own the WWE, NXT or any of its current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Codes: Non-Con, MF, mc, oral, anal, inter.

Starring: Sasha Banks(WWE)

Diva Changer Part 10
An erotic WWE fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 (

Of course, since forcing my way into the WWE and taking control of its women's division far from everyone was happy about it. Those who had worked so hard for the 'Evolution' and to be taken seriously weren't too pleased I was now making the majority of them Divas and focusing on looks and bodies instead of wrestling and matches. To be honest, I could have easily just altered their minds completely from the start to make them unquestionably obedient and loyal to me. Rather than just the base control I had on them so they they believed they were in control of themselves and their own thoughts, but never once considered quitting this company.

I did it mostly for my own amusement as well as a bit of a kink. I got off on the fact that I could get a sour or disappointed look from a Diva, and then five minutes later have them sucking my dick in a bathroom. That I could turn a female coming into my office with a pitch to go back to the wrestling side of things only to fuck them over my desk, and then I'd send them on their way without any complaints. Sure, I could just walk into the women's locker room, take my pick, have some fun (at least on my end) and then leave, and just repeat that over and over. Where's the fun in that? There was something special about a woman walking in and leaving themselves open to be controlled, thinking that they deserved better than what they were doing.

Case and point being the woman known as The Boss in the WWE, Sasha Banks. The multi-time former Raw Women's Champion, The dark skinned beauty with bright, dyed purple hair stormed into my office without even a knock. Clad in a black version of her bra top and booty shorts ring attire which nicely showed off her athletic frame, especially that thick backside, with matching boots and pads. I could tell she was pissed off, and it had me reaching for the Diva Changer as soon as she burst in.

"The Hell is this?? A bikini tag team match??" Sasha complained, clearly unhappy with her match on the card for tonight's Divas taping. "No way! Not happening! I have worked far too long, and far too hard to have all the work us women - key word: women! To be reduced back to a damn skin show of the Divas Division! OK?! We are..."

Tired of her rant, I hit the activate button on that special smartphone. In an instant, Banks was frozen on the spot. Barely blinking, with just her perky chest raising and lowering to show there was some life in this now statue-like woman. The mind control having its full effect to render her powerless - not that truly she has her full free will when she first stormed into my office of course. That aside, I went about changing some settings to make her far more agreeable to my now sudden needs with her. That is, making her be my fuck-toy for the next hour or so. I of course reduced the objections to the lowest and made her forget about why trying to complete in a bikini was so degrading to her, while raising the desire and lusty to the highest. With her however I decided to increase her worry and concerns. Making her be far more desperate and willing to do anything (and yes, by that I mean offer up sex) that the proud and confident 'Boss' she is in the WWE.

Another press of the 'Activate' button and Banks was blinking back into life and reality, just not as she thought it was. Locking onto me, she was instantly confused like she'd forgotten why she had come here in the first place. "Ummmm... S-Sorry, Boss..." She apologised, and it made me smirk hearing the woman nicknamed The Boss calling someone else that title. "I... I think maybe I lost my thoughts there?"

"I'm afraid that's why I've called you here Sasha..." I lied, putting the Diva Charger down but staying in my seat behind my office desk. "You see, with your attitude and your recent performances in the ring? I'm afraid that I've had to make a tough decision. That decision is that Sasha Banks? I'm wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavours." I explained, telling the made-up story that I knew would trigger the seeds I'd just planted in her mind.

"Wh-What?!?" Sasha gasped with wide, shocked eyes. "N-No! No no no!!" She said with panic, coming around the desk to face me as I slowly turned in my chair. "You can't... You can't do this! Not to me! No no no!!" Her worry was clear as she looked at me with already pleading eyes.

"I know it's a tough choice Banks, but as your Boss... Or should I say, former Boss?" I taunted as I grinned. Loving the desperation all over the once proud, verging on egotistical beauty.

"No! Pl-please Boss! Sir! I need this job!" Banks was begging, rather deliciously for my tastes, at this point. Literally dropping to her knees as she reached up, grabbing my hands. "Please! I'll... I'll do anything! Any storyline, any match you want. I'll wrestle in a bikini for you!! I mean it! Anything!!" She said, bargaining and having no clue that she was no trying to offer up the exact situation that had caused her to barge into my office in the first place.

"...Anything?" I seized on the words I knew she'd say, since I'd put them in her head to begin with. "So... If I told you to suck my dick right here, right now? You'd do it?" I basically ordered her as I grinned. My dick already hardening in my slacks as I stared down at the Diva between my legs.

"Of course!!" Banks agreed without hesitation, and showed her desperation as her hands went right to my waist band. I helped her by lifting my hips a bit so she could haul them and my boxers down to my ankles. So her hands going right to my manhood for a round of quick stroking off. Her heightened need to do whatever it takes to save her job making her not question how wrong it was to accept such an indecent proposal, never mind with no guarantee of her career being save. "I mean, what guy doesn't love a blowjob, right??" She said with a nervous laugh as she pumped me to get my dick rock hard. Seeing a chance now to 'convince' me here and seizing it, no matter how much this act is already doing far worse damage to her credibility than any skin-show match that she'd be in from now on.

"I'll suck your dick real good, I... I promise!!" She vowed, before finally putting actions behind those begging words. Not holding back either as she wrapped her full and soft lips around my fat cock. There was no way I wasn't going to moan not just from the sight of one of the 'Four Horsewomen of WWE' starting to blow me. The actual feeling was top notch already as her mouth slipped down my pole a few inches. "Mmmmm... Hmmmmphhh... Mmmmmm..." She stared up at me as she started to bob, letting me see that look of strong worry in those usually bright, confident eyes. One hand still at my base to stroke me once in a while as her mouth did the main work of pleasuring me. Letting me see already that she wasn't exactly a stranger to sucking cock. Just never in this truly unwilling situation.

"Mmmmm! That's a fucking good start Sasha... Mmmm..." I said as along with my moans I voiced my enjoyment for this oral sex display. Not that I needed to tell this now desperate beauty how she was doing - she'd only act under my orders so any other words were unnecessary. Staring right down at the raising and lowering purple haired head at my lap as my length vanished up a bit into her mouth before soon reappearing. "Ahhhhh... Your husband is a lucky fucker... Mmmmm! To get to enjoy this mouth..." I said back handedly, noting the fact that she was a happily married woman to another man. Another reason why without the assistance of mind control I'd never get a shot at this kind of lewd act with a woman completely out of my league. Yet all the more reason why I was moaning out whenever that mouth either pushed down or smoothly lifted up over my man meat.

"Mmmmmm... Hmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!" Whether she was too busy with the task at hand to properly respond, or more likely to fearful of angering me if she stopped, the former Raw Women's Champion just kept her mouth full with my dick. Blowing my steadily and deeply as her gorgeous face moved downward a little more with each repetition of this sucking motion. Using her free hand to brush her long hair away from her facial features as she bobbed back and forth onto me. Her lips staying tightly wrapped around my rod as she applied the saliva onto me. Looking now like she was more used to being down on her knees like this than using her knees as her signature offensive move in the ring.

"Mmmmmm yeah... Fucking suck it Sasha... You love that big fucking cock, don't you?" I mocked her as she blew me. Not even showing her any respect for 'agreeing' to orally pleasure me, even though I knew full well she hasn't had any choice in the matter. My mind control reducing the popular in-ring competitor to just a cock sucker. A sight even dirtier because she still has all her ring gear on as she's made to service me. "Mmmmm... Bet you never had your mouth filled... Ahhhhhh... Like this before from your man..." I added, to even insult a man not even around here as I took another cheap shot at her husband for no reason other than I could. The proof was there however as Banks began to choke when she pushed her mouth down onto my rod as her hand changed to just have fingers around the base. The head of my dick hitting the back of her mouth causing her to gag but me to keep moaning. It's not like I cared if she got any pleasure out of any of this anyway.

"GAHHHHH... HHHHHLLLKKKK... MMMMPHHHH!!" Despite the gagging, she couldn't stop herself from working her head like a lift up and down on my fuck-stick. The beautiful face of the black woman impaled on my fat and long white cock as she slurped and choked away. Ensuring saliva was dripping down my inches from the repeated motion even as her eyes started to water. "HHHHHLLLLKKK... MMMMM!! GAHHHHHH... HHHHRRRRRLLLLLKK..." She was looking even far from being a Boss right now as her make-up began to run. Spit dripping off her chin onto her wrestling top and those covered perky tits. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she gagged and gagged again when she slid downward towards my crotch. Yet even with this clear pain she was still making sure to use her open hand to brush her dyed hair back like an experienced porno slut. Going that extra mile to protect her job, despite the reality that she was never at risk at all of being fired even if she hadn't stepped into my office tonight.

"MMMMM... Good girl... Guess you suck cock Like A Boss!" I said, before openly laughing at her for my corny joke. Once more disrespecting the beauty I was forcing to suck me off.
Programmed now to not take offence to such a clearly rude remark, she lifted her head up and off my dick with a gasp. "Th-Thank you, Boss." Sasha said to me as she gazed up. Letting me see again the contrast of the streaks of ruined eye-liner now down her cheeks from that near deep throating.

"Heh... Want to thank me? Get your ass up and bend over my desk." I ordered as I pushed back in my chair so I could stand up. "And get those shorts down too."

"Yes, Sir." Banks agreed as she stood up without any objections. Moving to position herself as she bent over my desk. Hands back for a moment to slide her tight shorts down to reveal her stunning, rounded backside in just a tiny blue thong. Her hands going to the desk to lean forward and stick that ass out as she looked back at me.

"Usually I love a girl with big tits too... But I can't turn down a fucking ass like this..." I spoke my thoughts aloud as I hauled her thong down to her boots to go with the shorts there already. My hands eagerly clamping onto her rounded, thick cheeks as I squeezed and toyed with them, making her gasp as she stuck her booty out towards me. "After all, that's all you're good for, right? Bitches like you are curves and nothing more..." I said to further insult the woman I knew was powerless to do anything against either my words or my actions. Proven when I spread her rear cheeks apart and buried my face into her. Causing her to groan as I just motorboated her backside, rubbing my face against the flesh for a few moments just because I could.

Soon enough I got down to business. My mouth applied to her asshole for a long kiss that made her groan again, but this time with noticeable pleasure. Another display of the Diva Changer's enhanced lust settings on her having an effect. I worked around her entrance with a couple smooches before I started to flick my tongue out. Again for more teasing, even though I could easily just dive straight into her. Running my tongue around the outside clockwise a couple of times. While groping away at her booty as well for good measure. Finally pressing my tongue against her for a moan out of her. She felt, not surprisingly, very tight. No doubt she never even let her husband tap her back door before. Giving me another reason to smile into her butt as I started to work over that asshole with my hungry tongue.

"Oh fuck Boss! Mmmmm... Oh shit!!" She moaned out without even needing to be prompted. Obediently staying in place with her backside pushed out towards my far from handsome face as she looked back. Her mind altered to think it was all OK to let a man other than her husband have his wicked way with her booty like this, if it meant saving her from being fired from WWE. "I... I'm not used t-to this, Sir..." She informed me before she groaned again. Just confirming my suspicions but it didn't encourage me to go at her any more than I felt like. Taking my time tasting and probing her booty as I starting to twist and turn my tongue against her asshole. Already more than coated her there with my saliva as I looked to further invade the woman I was only getting to rim because I was controlling her mind.

Soon enough my tongue fought past the resistance and entered into her rear tunnel to her moaning, but not true, approval. Feeling her rump pushing back against me so further help my tongue get inside her as I continued the task of readying her for what's to come. Then again, if I wanted to I could have just slapped some lube on myself and into her then just slammed into her. I wanted to savour this. Making this woman who is usually proud and confident be lowered to just a moaning whore, ready for a butt stuffing. My hands still gripping her cheeks for the occasional grope. My main focus being licking and probing around inside her clearly tightest of holes, even though I haven't even touched her pussy yet. Working my saliva around into her rear tunnel with licks to any spot I could reach.

"MMMMM!! Fuck!! Oh shit... Mmmmm Boss! Ooooooooooh..." She groaned out like it was straight from a porn script. Loving (more accurately, mind controlled to love it) every moment of me giving her stunning backside the rimming treatment it and her whole body deserve. My hand lifting up to give her backside a sharp spank too, causing her to groan sinfully while I tongued away at her asshole. "Ahhhhh! MMMM... If this will keep my job? MMMMM... You can eat my ass all night..." She said with another moan as her eyes remained locked over her shoulder down at me. Her hips lightly pushing back towards my mouth as she felt my tongue darting in and out of her back door. Easily getting my spit worked into her ass despite her obvious tightness. I'd almost forgotten about the lie that I was planning to fire her, making her in desperation offer her body up to me even though I'm not the man she's married to. At this point I'd probably been more than happy to just fuck her without all that 'story' going on leading to this so it was nice that, like a good mind controlled bitch, she was there to remind me.

I lifted my head away as I stood up. "Oh I'm sure I could..." I said with a chuckle. Opening up the drawer in my desk so I could take out a bottle of sex aid lubricant. "But where would the fun in that be?" I stated as I poured out some of the fluid onto my own dick. Making myself groan as I stroked it over my inches.

Banks just gave a nod as she looked back and stared at the dick she'd been choking on many minutes before I started eating her ass. "You going to fuck my ass now, Boss?" She asked as she stayed bent over for me.

"No shit!" I mocked, before I poured a bit of lube out down into her ass crack. Making her groan when I used a finger to push lube into that already well licked rear of hers. "You got a problem with that?"

"Ahhhhhh... N-Not at all, B-Boss..." Sasha groaned as I worked the lubricant into her backside with a couple strokes from my finger before I pulled out.

"You'd better not... If you still want a fucking job around here that is..." I said to lay off those mental triggers I'd placed into her to make this once confident often to arrogance beauty become so timid and afraid. I'd had enough fun messing with her though, so now it was time to get down to business. Pushing the fat head of my cock against that well licked and now lubed up asshole of hers. Making her groan out as I invaded that incredibly tight hole as I moaned myself. Loving the grip all around me as I forced the head in and a few inches too. Taking a moment to just stare down at see my big white cock stuck in that juicy black ass as I grinned. A sight I could easily now, with the help of mind control, make her offer to me any time I wanted to now.

"F-FUCK... AHHHHH!! Ahhhhhh!! B-Boss!! Oooooooooh!!" The beauty hailing from Boston groaned out as she stared back at me. Obediently, but not consensually, staying bent over my desk so that sexy ass was pushed out for me to fuck. The odd hiss of pain coming from her as I forced my fat inches up into her backside but because of how I'd made her body's lust be raised to the max the pleasure was more than outweighing her discomfort. "Oh yeah! MMMM!! Fuck my ass, Boss! MMMMM... Make me earn my job around here..." She added, sounding like a cheap slut from a tacky porno as she took my dick. Still half dressed in her ring gear with her shorts and thong hauled down as I started to pump into her asshole smoothly. Working my rod in deeper into her stunning backside as I banged her from behind.

A grin was plastered on my far from handsome face as I stared down, watching her ass cheeks ripple as I gradually picked up both the pace and the force of my motion once I was used to her tightness. Not really caring that this was clearly the most cock she'd ever taken in her backdoor before, so not even her husband had ever tapped this far into her ass if even at all. I just moaned as I watched my dick pump forward into her rump before soon reappearing. Using her as just a living sex toy rather than the respected in-ring competitor she's supposed to be. Not even needing to hold her hips as she did the work of keeping her sexy, toned body in place for me to fuck. Only needing to rock my hips towards and away from that booty so I could keep myself moaning from this anal action.

"Oh fuck... AHHHH!! MMMMM!! Oh shit... FUCK!!" The former NXT Women's and WWE Raw Women's Champion moaned out as the sweat started to form across that semi-clothed body of hers. Her rear cheeks now more profoundly jiggling from the force of my thrusts as I stuffed my prick deeply into her anal tunnel over and over. From how well, even if not truly willingly, she was taking my dick I wondered if she should have ventured into a career in porn instead of in sports entertainment. "UHHHH!! OH FUCK!! So... UHHH!! So fucking big!! MMMMM..." She got out between groans. Reminding me that I was giving her a whole lot more man-meat than her husband could offer her. Her gaze locked down at my crotch to watch my member sliding in and out of her backside. The pleasure on her face contrasted by those drying stains of her ruined make-up from the previous cock sucking I'd made her do.

"MMMMM... Fuck!! Yeah... Show me how bad you need this job..." I taunted her, knowing full well there was no way I was going to fire one of the hottest female wrestlers in the modern era. Wasn't going to stop me from tapping her wonderful, rounded ass like this however. My crotch now slapping against those dark cheeks as my white cock plunged in to the hilt into her back passage. "AHHHHH... Let me fuck this fat fucking ass of yours... MMMMM... To show me how much you want your job..." I continued to insult her as I fucked her up the ass. Even reaching down to give that rump a spank just because I could while I pumped back and forth into her. Moaning myself of course as even with fitting all my inches into her, she was still very tight all around my thickness like a good, mind controlled whore should be for their 'Boss'.

"MMMMM... Anything you want, Boss... UHHHH!! Yo-You've got it..." Sasha said in a lusty, but submissive tone that was more that just the total opposite to how she was acting when she had free will when she first burst into my office.

"Anything?" I let out a snigger at that word, not that I needed any reason to call her out on it at this point. Still, it gave an excuse to switch things up as I pulled out of her ass and made us both groan out. "Well then... Come give the real Boss around here a ride with that sexy ass of yours..." I ordered as I took a seat back down in my executive office chair. My cock pointing right up and ready for more of The Boss of the WWE (just not the Boss of things here and now any more).

"Of course!" Banks agreed without a moment of questioning as she moved from the desk and mounted my lap. Reaching back to guide my cock one again into her asshole before she rocked back to get us both moaning, even with her desire not being real at all. Her hands going to the back of my chair for support as she started to bounce that gorgeous body on my dick. "AHHHHH... OH FUCK!! MMMMM... MMMM!!" She moaned out loudly, even without her wet snatch actually being touched at all, as her heightened state of lust made her get off on being fucked in the ass. Something she no doubt would have never been into before today. Already making the smacking sound of skin meeting skin ring out around my office when she dropped down firmly into my crotch.

"MMMM... Fuck!! You're fucking built to fuck, Sasha..." I 'complimented' my newest sex slave as I just rested back and let the former multi-time Raw Women's Champion do all the work on my cock. Her perky tits, still covered by her wrestling top, bouncing in time with the motion of her body while her long, dyed purple hair swayed behind her as she rode me. "MMMMM... Fucking ride that dick! Like the real slut you are!" I demanded as I mocked her. Still showing no respect to this beauty I was only getting a piece of because I had controlled her mind. Moaning as I felt her back passage sliding up and down over my white cock as she expertly worked her juicy, black ass over my rod. Acting like this was second nature to her, even though I could tell she'd rarely if ever offered up her asshole to any man before, including her husband.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! OH YEAH!! MMMMM... I'll... I'll be your fucking slut baby! MMMM!!" She all too easily said in her lustful state as she moaned out. The sweat making strands of her dyed hair stick to her face as she raised and lowered her body on my cock. That firm slap when our bodies met sounding out along with both our moans as the chair I sat on slightly rocked from the energetic, but not willing, motion she was using to pleasure my cock. "UHHHH!! I'll suck your dick!! MMMMM!! Get my ass fucked!! AHHHHH... Wh-Whatever it fucking takes... UHHHH! To keep this fucking job!" The controlled stunner said in desperation even as she bounced away on my dick with that full and rounded backside. Taking me up near balls deep each time she dropped down hard onto my crotch before lifting back up a few inches to repeat the sinful motion. Moaning away as I'd made her into already a big cock, anal loving whore despite this being the first massive insertion she's ever had in her rear.

Who was I to deny this beauty of her newfound needs? Even if they were actually only ones I'd sneaked into her mind without her actually knowing about it thanks to the powerful Diva Changer App. Her riding motion on my dick easily making me sweat as I sat. Staring up to watch her gorgeous moaning face, then down a bit as her still top-covered breasts jiggled away. I didn't need to see the anal going on to enjoy it - I was loving her still very snug to say the least her back passage was all around my pole. A performance that made me think she would make a killing doing interracial skin flicks instead of just being a wrestler. Lucky for me that I get to have her utilise this killer body to its proper potential, even in such a clearly non-consensual fashion like this.

"OH FUCK! OH BOSS! BOSS!! I... GONNA!! AHHHHHH MMMMMM!!" The Boss of the WWE tried to warn me but she was already driving herself into a powerful orgasm as she tossed her long purple hair back. Not just cumming, but squirting from how high I'd made her love getting her big black ass filled with fat white cock. Making me groan not just from that rear tunnel clamping around my prick, but the feeling of her fluids splashing all over my tubby stomach. Leaving me laughing as I watching the once proud and respected Superstar ride herself silly on my dick with her backside. Her squirt dripping down my gut to my crotch, but off the sides a little onto the chair she was fucking me on too for an added mess she'd need to deal with soon enough.

"FUCK... Get your fat ass of me, slut!" I ordered with a grunt. Feeling my limit approaching as I throbbed inside that vice-like back passage. "And get sucking my fucking cock!" I added as I grinned.

"Ye-Yes, Boss!" Sasha gasped as she shakily did as ordered, dismounting me and needing to use my desk for support before she slipped down to her knees in front of me. Just like how this whole unwilling encounter first began.

The mind control so strong on her that she didn't hesitate for a moment to take my cock, that had just been straight up deep in her backside, now into her mouth. Tasting her own ass off my inches as she wrapped those full lips around me and started to slurp. Even after cumming so hard, she still had impressive energy to service me like a good whore should. Making sure to properly engage in this ass-to-mouth as she replaced the taste of herself with her saliva as she started to bob away on me. Staring up through her dyed hair as she took my inches deeply into her talented oral hole which felt just as good as the anal one I'd just been balls deep in.

"MMMMM FUCK... Fucking suck it you Boss Slut! Boss Bitch!! MMMM!! Whore!!" I insulted and mocked her even as she made me easily moan from her slurps. Even after all this, I refused to give her even a bit of respect as she bobbed back and forth over most of my rod. Not making herself gag again like last time, but as I pulsed between those lovely, soft lips I was long past caring at this point. I'd fucked her wonderful, thick ass nice and deep and now it was time for me to give her a treat for her efforts, even after the orgasm that I'd allowed her to have. My eyes locked down to her as I watched her black, pretty face sink down deep over my white pole before lifting up to show the saliva already leaving a shine over my inches.

I could only last a few more bobs of this hungry pace before I blew my load straight into her. Making her gag as her mouth was soon flooded with my thick, hot seed to the point that she humiliatingly choked while on my cock. A small strand of cum appearing from out of her left nostril from how much I'd fed her along with the gagging. Wisely she started gulping me down in loud, sinful fashion as she still slurped on me. Being a good cock-whore and milking me dry even though I wasn't the man she was happily married to as I pulsed between those full lips. Soon the final drops sucked out of me before I started going limp and she pulled off of me with a gasp. Staring up with desire as that bit of spunk dripped from her nose like this was an aftermath of a blow-bang to go with that ruined eye-liner streaked down her cheeks.

"You ain't done yet, Boss Slut..." I told her as I smirked, pointing to the mess of her juices from her squirting on my overweight stomach. "Clean this shit up!"

"Sure, Boss..." Sasha agreed without question as she shifted up a bit. Leaning over so she could start to use her tongue to lick up her own pussy juices from off my sweaty, out of shape frame. Moaning herself at her own taste as she worked across me without any care not just for the shame of this act, but that she's doing to such an ugly, nowhere near her league man.

"Heh... Good fucking bitch..." I 'complimented' her as I gave an insulting pat to the top of her purple haired head as she cleaned me up. "Your job is safe for now... And you're still doing that bikini match as well." I told her as I reached to my desk and scooped up the Diva Changer. "I was going to have your team win out there... But I think you'll be the loser in that one tonight." I informed her, further adding to the disrespect as she groaned and ran her tongue across my gut to remove her fluids from me. "...Oh, and after the match? Have you and your team drop by here to my office. I want a... Personal shoot, of your bikinis before you go change." I decided, as I grinned at the idea.

I allowed Banks to clean me for a couple minutes more until I'd gotten bored. Soon sending her out of my office to clean up and fix the make-up before going for her match. After I'd changed her settings back to what they'd been before but just with her being that much more agreeable to the idea of reducing her career down to being a Diva. Not forgetting to make her not remember having been fucked up the ass by me in my office for the past hour or so. Sure, no doubt there'd be another week where she'd be furious about whatever gimmick match I'd forced her into. It'd just give me another excuse to use some mind control and make her into a slut for an hour one more time. Just like I'd do to any other chick dumb enough to get in my line of sight.

After all, what kind of a better Boss than her would I be if I didn't give her, or the rest of my Divas, the fucking they all deserved?

* * *

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