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Diva College Series Part 1: Trish & Torrie
by Roseli

College and she didn't know anyone there. And then she walked over the dorm
room manager office and she asked her if she got a dorm room.

Manager: Yes it's at the second building third floor and the last on the

Trish: Thank you.

So she went in the second buliding and up to the third floor and she walked
all the way down the hall and she said the last on the right. So she knocked
on the door and voice told her to come in. So she walked in and there was a
woman about 19 and she was sorting out her bra's and panties.

Trish: Excuse me, hi my name is Trish Stratus and I'am going to be you

Torrie: Hi, my name is Torrie.

They shook hands and torrie grabbed her head and gave her a kiss. But she
didn't do anything she just stood there in shock.

Trish: Uh, um... what are you doing?

Torrie: I'am sorting out my bras and my panties what does it looks like I'm

Trish: Okay, so where do you want to sleep?

Torrie: I'll take the left.

Trish: Okay, I'll take the right.

And she placed her briefcase on the bed and she opened it and she took out
all of her bra and panties and she her skirts and her halter tops and her
shorts and her pants and her 6 pairs of sweat pants. And she floded them and
she put them up. And torrie then grabbed her by the waist and she asked her
what she was doing?

Torrie: What are you doing?

Trish: Uh I'am folding my clothes and I'm putting them up.

And Torrie let go of her waist and it was about 5:00 and she asked her if she
wanted to get something to eat.

Torrie: Trish do you want to get something to eat?

Trish: Sure I would love that.

And she the and she took a towle and her red panties and her red bra and
her black skirt and her red halter top and she was about to put it in the
bathroom with her but torrie stopped her.

Torrie: Uh, Trish can you leave them here?

Trish: Why?

Torrie: Because you can get dressed here.

Trish: Why?

Torrie said quetly: I want to see you naked.

Trish: WHAT?

Torrie: Uh Uh Um I-I said that so you can use the bed to put on your clohtes.

Trish then left her stuff on the bed and took a towel and headed to the
bathroom. She turned on the water and she turned on the shower and aboujt 20
mintues she came out. And she had a towel on and torrie was gone. She took
off her towel and she put on her red bra and matching panties and she put on
her black halter top and her red skirt and she put on some makeup and her
shoes and she tired to find torrie put before she go to the door torrie was
standing at the door.

Trish: Woah! Shit Torrie, you scared me.

Torrie: Sorry Trish, I didn't mean to scare you, well we have an hour before
we can eat dinner so what do you want to do?

Trish: Well I don't know torrie so what do you want to do?

Torrie: I just wanted to hang out for a while and watch T.V.

Trish: That sounds good to me.

So they took off their shoes and Torrie laid on her bed and Trish laid down
on her bed and Torrie called her.

Torrie: Trish.

Trish: Yeah?

Torrie: Uh do you want to get in bed with me?

Trish: Uh why?

Torrie: No reason just asking.

Trish: No, that's okay I'm fine here.

Torrie: Please?

Trish: No that's okay I'm fine where I am.

So Torrie got up and she walked over to Trish's bed and she got under the
covers and she pulled Trish under the covers.

Trish: Torrie what are you...

She got cut off torrie started kissing her.

Trish tried to pull away but she could because Torrie had her arms and she
wouldn't let go. Trish then finally got free and she slapped her.

Trish: What are you doing I didn't say that you can do that.

Torrie: I'm sorry Trish I shouldn't have done that.

Torrie was saddened.

Trish: No, I'm sorry, it's okay.

Torrie then got out of her bed and she went in her bed laying down thinking
about that slap.

Trish: Are you okay, I didn't mean to slap you it was an accident and I'm

Torre: That's okay.

She went to the bath room got a cold washing cloth and put it on her face and
she layed back down on the bed.

Then Torrie fell asleep and Trish was nervous but she got up and she took off
her clothes and she got under the covers and she started to kiss Torrie. She
the was rubbing her breasts but she was careful not to wake her up. She then
was kissing on her neck she went down to her breasts she was sucking on her
nipples she went from right to left. She kissed down her stomach and then she
came back up and started kissing her again. And torrie woke up and she pushed
her off.

Torrie: Trish!!!!

She said surprised.

Torrie: What are you doing.

Trish: Oh I'm sorry about that I won't do it again I'm...

She got cut off my Torrie's lips engulfing hers. And they started kissing
Torrie then pinned trish down on her bed and she took off her bra and panties
and Trish's bra and panties and she positined herself on top of her and she
started rubbing their pussies together. She went slow but then she picked up
the pace she went faster and faster. And they cummed at the same time. Torrie
then kissed her and she went down her neck to her breasts and kissed them she
went from right to left and she went down her stoamch and she reached her
pussy. And she ate her out for 2 hours and...


Then Torrie then licked up all of her cum and she got off the bed and but
Trish stopped her.

Trish: Torrie what about you don't you want me to you know.

Torrie: That's okay you can repay me tommorw.

Then Trish got up and she took a shower and then Trish got dressed and they
put their shoes and they left holding hands. And they got back about 12:00
they took a shower together and they put there bra and panties on and they
went to sleep. Trish kissed Torrie on the lips good night. And she was
thinking about what she did and how she will repay her she was happy shocked
and disguted at the same time but she was happy it happend she never been
with another woman before. She was happy and she was thinking about what she
is going to do to her tomorrow.

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