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Diva Cop Series Part 1
by Roseli

Torrie Wilson had just graduated from the police academy and was now looking
forward to her new career as a cop the stunning 5' 7" blonde was about two
weeks into her new job when she recieved her first call.

Dispatcher: Attention all units we have a report of a 2-11 in progess at
Steve's Shop N Buy procede with caution.

Torrie: 1L19 responding.

As torrie arrived to the call of the armed robbery she was greeted by her
fellow police officers Jack and Mike.

Torrie: Hey guys what do you have here?

Jack: Lone suspect armed with shotgun.

Mike: How do you handle this Wilson?

Torrie: Can you get me on the phone with this guy maybe I can talk him out
of this.

As torrie made the call to inside the gas station after about 3 rings she
finally heard got an answer.

Suspect: Yeah What!?!

Torrie: Sir, this is Officer Wilson of the Miami PD.

Suspect: What do you want?

Torrie: Who am I speaking to?

Suspect: I'm Tony.

Torrie: Ok tony, do you mind if I come in there to talk to you.

Tony: be my guest officer Wilson.

After slowly entering the store Torrie was greeted by a lone gunman.

Tony: Officer Wilson?

Torrie: Yes

Tony: Ok, you're in. What do you want?

Torrie: I want you to surrender.

Tony: Nothing doing babe.

Torrie: Don't call me that!

Tony: Why?

Torrie: Because I am a police officer and I will not be called that.

Tony: Ok Wilson, I just might surrender if I get something.

Torrie: What?

Tony: Some information like first off what's your first name?

Torrie: Torrie.

Tony: Ok Torrie, why does a fine ass woman like you wanna be a damn cop?

Torrie: To put away crimnals.

Tony: You know what, Torrie, on second I think I will surrender on one

Torrie: Yeah and what's that?

Tony: Take your clothes off.

Torrie: NO!!

Tony: Ok, then I guess were gonna be here all night then.

Torrie: Ok I'll do it.

With that being said Torrie slowly removed her gun belt letting it drop to
the floor then she slowy began to unbutton the buttons on her police uniform
shirt to reveal the largest breasts Tony has even seen in his life.

Torrie: Ok creep, this is as far as I'm going you had your fun now surrender.

Tony: As a matter of fact Torrie, the party has just begun.

With that being said Tony reached in and passiontaley kissed Torrie not
forgeting to use plenty of tongue. At first torrie wanted to fight off her
captor but she suddenly found herself being oddly drown to this man. After a
few minutes of deep tongue action Tony removed the rest of Torrie Wilson but
rembering to disrobe himself as well and then what happended was Torrie got
the best fucking she ever had.

Torrie: Oh my god you are without the doubt the greatest lover I've ever had.

Tony: I know baby.

Torrie: What are we gonna do about the robbery?

Tony: Just say I got away.

After redressing herself Torrie ventured outside to notify the other cops
that Tony had managed to get away. That night on her ride home Torrie still
rembered the great fucking she recieved and to this day she still remembers
the night she got called to her first 2-11.

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