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Diva Desires Part 1: The Beginning
by ILikeCSSA2004

After hearing on for the first time from Eric Bischoff on a live episode
Raw that she would have to perform HLA with Trish Stratus on the next
WWE Pay-Per-View, Stacy Keibler set the bar at the hotel where all the
superstars were staying, wearing nothing but a silk and nearly see through,
flower print nighty.

After having a lot of drinks and getting Stacy decided it wouldn't be so
hard, in fact Stacy decided it wouldn't hurt to get in a little practice be
the big night, so she stumbled to her feet and tried the best she could to
drag her self back to her room.

On her way Stacy ran into the head security guard and made him drop his
two pares of hand cuffs and his master keys which opened every door in the
building, as the guard helped her to her feet Stacy grabbed all three items
and stuffed down the top her nighty without him noticing and continued on
her way down the hall.

Stacy ended up in front of a door that wasn't hers, it belonged to her future
HLA partner Trish, she reached into her top, pulled out the keys and unlocked
the door. Stacy tried to turn the nope but lost her balance and fell threw
the doorway.

Stacy crawled on her hands and knees across the floor and up the foot of the
bed. When she got to the top, she was face to face with Miss Stratus.

Stacy rolled the covers down revealing that Trish was wearing nothing but an
oversized Christian shirt, Stacy then took the hand cuffs out her top and
used attach each of Trish's hands to each of the head board posts, then Stacy
took the scrunchy out her hair and used it as a makeshift gag. After Trish
was secure Stacy started kissing her floor head, cheek neck and upper body

After a couple of minutes of this Trish woke up and tried to yell but her
mouth was still gagged, when Stacy heard the muffled screams she reached up
and took the scrounge out Trish's mouth, but before Trish had a chance to
ask, "What's going on?" she cut off by a monstrous French kiss.

Stacy then kissed her way down Trish's neck, through the valley between her
breast, down her stomach then Stacy came back up and planted a huge French
kiss right on her lips.

After about thirty minutes of this Stacy fell asleep with her head on Trish's
breast. The next morning Stacy was awakened by the sound (and feeling) of
Trish spraying whipped cream on her breast, Trish then placed a cherry on
each one and used her tongue to lick it all off, Stacy then flipped Trish
onto her back and gave her a big French kiss.

After the kiss Stacy crawled off the bed and ran out of the room, when she
came back she had chocolate syrup, she the whipped cream, cherry and syrup to
make a "Trish Sundae", then she proceeded to eat it all, she started at her
pussy and ate her way up to her breast and ended the feast with big French
kiss as she past out on top of Trish's chest.

The next Monday after Trish and Stacy were found making out in the women's
locker room, it was announced the HLA exhibition was cancelled. When Trish
and Stacy herd this they whir furious, so on the night of the Pay-Per-View
they came out and stood in the middle of the ring and Stacy got on a
microphone and said, "Mr. McMahon doesn't want us to do what we're about to
do but no one, not even Mr. McMahon tells me I can't get no Stratisfaction!"

With that Stacy grabbed Trish by wrist and spun her around, Stacy then
wrapped her arms around Trish's waist and pulled her closer and planted a
huge frinch kiss right Trish's lips. As they kissed each dive grabbed two
hands full of ass. They groped and kissed each other for about ten minutes,
it took six security guards to pull them apart, as they did every one in
the building could heir as they each proclaimed their love for each other.

The guards took them to separate dressing rooms, but Stacy and Trish kicked
the doors open and attacked each other like animals, security had to break
them up again, this time the guards took the divas to the showers and turned
the water on cold and left them there, when they came back about 15 minutes
later Trish and Stacy were going again with cold water still raining on their

After the shower incident both divas asked to leave so they headed back
their hotel, when they got to the room door Stacy picked Trish up in her
arms, carried her into the room and laid her on the bed, Stacy then
crawled up the foot of the bed and they laid together still in their wet
cloths, after about twenty minutes they where interrupted by the opening,
it was Test, he was rejoining the others after a tour of Japan and had
no idea that the women he love was being Stratisfied in his absence.

When he saw them the only thing he could say was “Stacy, how could you, after
all we've meant to each other” Stacy was about to start yelling back when
Trish stopped her and whispered something in her ear. When she was don they
turned back to Test.

As Stacy said, "Test you know what each of us can do separately." and Trish
finished by saying "Don't want to know what we're like together?"

With that they each grabbed Test by one of his hands and pulled him onto the
bed. They handcuffed him to the headboard, then Trish and Stacy both walked
into the bathroom, they came out each carrying a bucket of steaming hot water
and dumped them in his lap and left screaming in agony.

The next morning when Torrie Wilson came to see if Trish and Stacy wanted to
hang out she found Test still handcuffed to the bed, she also found a note
that Trish and Stacy wrote.

"We're tired of everyone trying to hide us and change us so we're going
to Las Vegas to get married and there's nothing anyone can do about it
especially Test."

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