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This is entirly fiction and has no ounce of truth what-so-ever so don't sue
me! The begining is how the main charachter got to his position of C.E.O in
the WWE so just skip it if it's boring you. enjoy!

Rob Cusak joined the British Army's Parachute Regiment at the age of 16 -
straight from school - and quickly made his way through the ranks to
sergeant. Rob's brain, brawn and courage made him the perfect soldier. Rob
left the Army after only 5 years much to the batallions dissopointment.

After leaving the Army he moved to the United States and began looking for a
career in wrestling. His career began when a talent spotter saw a preview of
his skills at late night fight club. His career as a wrestler began in ECW
before being hired into the WCW. Here his athleticism, imporovisation and
raw talent made him a big hit and not long after the WWE were looking at a
possable young new superstar.

Rob's career was on an up as he managed to hold the WWE Heavyweight title for
6 months running. But then the shit hit the fan. Rob was permantly injured in
a fight agianst long-time enemy Triple H. Rob's knee injury caused by HHH had
put him out of the WWE for good.

In late 2004 Vincent Kennedy McMahon died in a car crash. The WWE looked to
be going into the hands of Shane O' Mac but Mr. McMahons will stated that
full owner ship would go to ...

Rob Cusak.

Diva Fuckin'
by Torrie's Tits

Trish Stratus gasped as Rob's large member filled her tight love tunnel. She
smiled and wrapped her legs around his waist as she thought how naughty it
was to be fucking the new C.E.O and booker of the WWE in a store cupboard.

"Do ya like that?" Rob asked seeing Trish smile.

"Oh yes" Trish said as she put her arms round his neck pulling them closer.

Rob ran his hands down her fine body to her ass as he slowly began to fuck
her wet pussy.

Thrish Stratus moaned as Rob's large cock began building up a pace, thrusting
in and out of her wet hole. The diva gasped as Rob gently but her nipple
sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"OHHHHH MY GOD! ... THATS IT! OH YES!" Trish moaned in extacy pushing Rob's
head between her breasts and holding him there.

Rob then took hold under Trish's thighs and pushing her agianst a wall he
roughly fucked the WWE womans champion.

Within minutes they both felt their orgasms near and as Trish called out in

A powerfull orgasm took her body. The beautifull diva's energy gone as Rob
still thrust himself in side her. Trish's climax had made her pussy seem much
tighter and with a grunt Rob cummed deep into her tight, wet love tunnel.

The couple relaxed in each others arms as Robs cell phone bleeped.

"Fuckin' hell, can't I have one minuite?" Rob cursed as he read the message.

"Sorry darlin' duty calls." He explained to Trish.

"I understand." she smiled, "You go and sort yourself out, but you gotta make
it up to me or there'll be no more of this" she said cupping her breasts.

Rob smiled and said "I'll make it up to you, I promise." He then kissed her,
the couple got each other changed and left the cupboard.

"So I'll see you next..." Trish asked.

"Drop by my office some time and I'll give you a good goin' over." He replied
looking down her body.

"K, bye babe" Trish said and wiggled her ass down the corridor.

Rob turned and made his way to his office to see the lovley Torrie Wilson

* * *

Rob Cusak walked into his office to see a beautifull looking Torrie Wilson
sat at his desk wearing a dark khaki mini-skirt and white shirt showing lots
of cleavage.

"Hello Miss Wilson, what a pleasent surprise." Rob said with a grin as he
made his way in and sat down behind the desk.

"Hey, I was told to come her by Stacy Kiebler, apparently there's something
you want to talk about?" Torrie said.

"Yeah it's about your boyfriend Billy Kidman. Look I don't wanna be the
bringer of bad news but he's using you." Rob explained

"What, how'd you mean." Torrie asked a look of shock on her face.

"Well Billy's currently been fucking you and Molly Holly." Rob said looking
sorry "I didn't wanna say but I don't wanna see one of my top divas being
emotionaly hurt."

"NO! your lieing! Billy wouldn't hurt me!" Torrie said looking horrified,
a single tear running down her cheek. "Billy loves me!" She went on, "He
wouldn't" She sounded like she was trying to convince herslef.

"GOD DAMN IT TORRIE!" Rob exploded, slamming his fist down. "YOU DARE

Rob paused.


Torrie couldn't take anymore and stormed out crying.

Rob grinned to himself "Now all I gotta do is make a call" he thought picking
up the phone.

* * *

Rob admired the sexy Molly Holly's work (her hair now long-blonde as it was
before the Mighty Molly saga) as she bobbed her head up and down, giving him
her most expert blowjob.

"YEAH!" Rob moaned with a smile. "Thats soo damn good Molly ... I'm gonna
make you my next champion!"

Molly began to quicken up while using her tounge on the underside of his
shaft making him moan more.

Rob placed his hands on the back of her head as he felt himslef cumming. He
grunted as a huge splurt of cum shot into Molly's mouth which she swallowed
expertly. When Rob finished Molly stood up and threw all of the stuff from his desk,
scattering paper and pensacross the floor. He sexy blonde layed back over
his desk, her legs spread wide.

Rob climbed onto the table and taking hold of her hips, he slid himself into her clit.

"OHHHHHH YEAH!" she moaned a Ron began to fuck the blonde diva. Rob ran is
hands over the diva's body as the couple fucked wildly her gips gyrating in
time with his.

Rob stopped his thrusting and knelt up. He put Molly's legs over his
shoulders and began his thrusting again. The new position was more
slitulating to both and Molly's giggling tits looked sooo good.

"OHHHHHH ROB YES! YES! YES!" As his long shaft made her yell out in pleasure.

Molly and Rob then changed position, Molly on top, riding him.

"MOLLY! YEAH BABE! OHHH!" Rob called.

Molly's hands moved round to his waist as Rob took hold of Molly thighs, rubbing her tanned legs
as she rode him.

"OHHHHHHHH YEAH! UH, UH, UHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHH YES!" Molly called, throwing her head back as she came.

Rob followed and blew his load into her. They collapsed in a heap on the table, their sweaty bodies
gasping for breath as they lay together.

they lay there in each other arms for a while before a horn blast outside let Rob know his
limo was waiting.

"Gotta go babe." Rob said softly. Molly and Rob climbed off the table and began to get changed. When they
were bothdone, Rob kissed her neck and said.

"I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Sure" Molly replied and with that she left the room.

* * *

Later that night, Rob gently flicked his tounge over Gail Kim's wet vagina much to her delight.
Rob repeated the motion getting more moans and gasps from the oriental beauty
laying on his bed.

"OHHH YES! ROB EAT ME OUT!" Gail called.

He obliged and pushed his tounge into her wet snatch making different motions with his tounge.
Rob's tounge delacatly touched Gail's G-spot making her coo and quiver.

"OH ROB! PLEASE FUCK ME!" She called sprading her legs wider.

Rob licked her one last time and lowerd his cock into Gail's wet pussy
feeling his 9-inch hard on slip inside her.

Gail's mouth lay open in pleasure as Rob began to trust his member inside
her. Rob lent foreward to kiss the diva's neck causing her more pleasure.

Rob's thrusting motion picked up speed and he was soon thrashing his way in
and out of her tight body. Gails moaning became louder and louder as her body
was pleasured.

her orgasm neared.

Rob, sencing this, carressed Gail's small but sexy breasts making her orgasm
more intence.

Gail wrapped her legs round his body and rolled them over so she was in
control. She then began riding his member cow-girl style. Rob could only
stare as he watched her tight oriental body ride his cock as her breasts
bounced up and down.

Gail threw her head back as she climaxed over Rob's member causing him to
blow his load inside her. Gail Kim fell foreward onto Rob's body as he
reached round and grabbed her fine ass cheeks.

"Wow!" Gail panted. "You were the best, I've never cummed so much!" She said
with a smile. "What was the favour you wanted?" She enquired.

"Well, Miss Wilson dosen't believe that Billy Kidman is cheating on her, so
we make her believe." He explained.

"I see..." Gail awnserd. "...I know just the girl" she said with a grin.

Gail then stood up, taking his hard member out of her pussy. Then she turned
around and slowly inserted his rod into her ass...

* * *

Brock Lesnar walkd down the corridor with dressing rooms on each side as he
was told to do, keeping a watchfull eyeout for Billy Kidman.

The short-ass cruserweight walked out from his dressing room and nearly
walked into Brock.

"Whoa! slow down dude!" Brock said with a little shove.

"Sorry" Billy apologised "I just gotta go and see Torrie"

"Well, O.K." Brock smiled "Give her one from me."

Billy walked away with a smile. "I'll fuck her ass too" he thought.

Suddenly a searing pain shot through the back and lower neck of Billy
Kidman. He dropped to the floor with a dull thud as his mind was enveloped
in darkness.

Brock Lesnar smiled and dropped the steel chair. "All too easy" he thought
as he lifted the knocked out Billy Kidman over his shoulder. Turning around
he carried him a short way down the hall to a dressing room labeld "Molly

* * *

Rbb sat on a steel chair, arms tied behind him, watching a firey red-haird diva
bob her head up and down on his shaft, expertly giving his head.

"YEAH!!!" Rob moaned. "Ohhhh, your good at this, dont stop!"

The sexy diva sucked one last time, running her tounge stud up the underside of his shaft before
standing up and striping in front of him. The diva rubbing her hands across her naked body, teasing him.

She then took her thong and ran it over his face, chest and cock before throwing it
over her shoulder.

"Stop playing Lita, I need you soo bad!"

Lita put her finger over Rob's lips, silencing him. She then straddled him, lowering
herself down onto his hard rod.

"UHH! Ohhhhhh yes!" Lita gasped as her clit took all of Rob's cock inside her. Rob also
moaned, feeling her tight pussy.

Wasting no time, Lita began to ride his shaft, her hot, tanned body grinding away on his cock
as she ran her hands over her curvy breasts.

Rob wanted to touch her perfect body, but he was tied up so he made the most of being pleasured
by a diva so many others wanted.

Lita had such a good technique that within 15 minuites both were sweating profously and about to cum.

"Lita..." Rob gasped "Im gonna cum"

"Meee tooo!" Lita replied feeling her body close to climax.

Taking robs head in her hands, Lita pulled his head between her massive, heaving breasts letting Rob run his tounge
between her breasts. Lita climaxed, her body bucking under the pleasure. She threw her head back as
the orgasm took her. Rob broke fre of the bounds and grabbed Lita's ass. With a grunt, he came into her.

* * *

Brock Lesnar gently knocked on Molly Holly's dressing room door to hear her
sweet voice say.

"Come in."

Brock pushed the door open to see a chair set up in the middle of her room
with handcuffs and a gag laying beside it.

"I see your set up already." Brock grinned seeing Molly standing naked by
the chair.

"I've been waiting, just leave him naked on the chair." She instructed. Brock
striiped Billy and sat him on the chair as the sexy blonde hand cuffed Billy
Kindman's arms around the back of the chair and gagged him.

"There" She smiled "All done" Looking at the clock she said. "Torrie will be
here any moment."

Brock began to leave as Molly said "Wanna join me?" in a very sultry voice.

The WWE heavyweight champion gave a smirk and strripped off as Molly Holly
began to get Billy hard. Despite beign out-cold Billy's rod was soon rock
hard as Molly rubbed it.

"Ready to go?" Molly asked Brock

"Sure" Brock replied allready taking position behind Molly.

The diva got down on her hands and knees and took Billy's rod into her mouth.
Meanwhile Brock knelt behind Molly and pushed his member into her tight
pussy. The champ quickly got a pace going and he was soon pumping the diva's
pussy hard.

Molly gasped and began bobbing her head up and down on Billy's cock as Brock
fucked her hard from behind.

A knock on the door meant that Torrie was outside and with a mouthfull of
cock Molly called. "Come in Torrie!"

Torrie Wilson walked in to see her fiance tied up on a chair being sucked
off by Molly Holly who in turn was being fucked by Brock Lesnar. Billy Kidman
was out cold his eyes closed and mouth gagged, it looked like he was enjoying
his blowjob.

Torrie burts into tears and ran out of the room.

Molly smiled as Brock got up to close the door. "Job done" Molly said.

"Not quite" he replied inserting his cock into Molly's ass.

* * *

Rob admired the beautifull ass bent over his office table. He ran his hand
down one of the cheeks and then took hold of the hips. Rob's member touched
Stacy Kiebler's walm clit making her giggle.

"You gonna put it in there?" The leggy blonde asked?

"It's so fine, I'll gladly put it up there." Rob said as he pushed his
hard-on deep into her.


Rob felt Stacy's clit tighten around his cock as he pulled part-way out of
her then he pushed back in enjoying the feeling.

"That is amasing Stacy" Rob whisperd as he lent forward and kissed her neck.

Stacy gave her ass a wiggle and smiled "I thoght you would."

Rob stood back up and said "I'm gonna enjoy this." with a grin.

He then began the trust his cock in and out of Stacy Kiebler's sexy, walm
clit making her moan and call his name.

GOOD!" She gasped.

Rob's pace quickend as she called his name and moaned in pleasure, he looked
down at the sexy diva and watched his rod thrust inside her. Stacy began to
gyrate her hips as she felt her orgasm near.

YEEEEEEEESSS!" She called as an amasing orgasm ripped through her body.
He watched as the leggy blonde orgasmed while he ran his hands down her
trademark ass. Rob, grunted and came into the diva.

Rob stopped his humping and slowly he slid his cock from her and sat back
into his chair.

Stacy turned around smiling, she then gently lowerd herself down onto his
throbbing member. The sexy blonde began to ride his cock much like Gail had
done the night before. Stacy wrapped her long legs around his waist and began to build
up a pace.

Rob could only admire this beauty as she worked her magic. Minuites later neither could
hold it any longer. Stacey kissed Rob passionatly, their tounges rolling around in each others
mouthes as they came.

"You were fantastic." Rob said, kissing her sexy neck.

"Thanks." Stacy replied running her hands through his hair. "So
you'll see about me getting a boob job?" The leggy diva asked sweetly.

"I'll see to it personaly." He awnserd.

Stacy Kiebler got dressed, gave her ass a wiggle and left his office cupping her soon to
be 32DD chest.

Rob got out of his chair with a smile and wlaked naked into the shower room.

* * *

Torrie Wilson ran down the corridoor towards Rob's office. The slightly
vindctive blonde had calmed down and desperatly needed to be screwed. She
would have joined in the 3-some but after Lesnar had tried to rape her on
her first night, she didn't think she would.

The blonde diva ran up to Rob's office and let herself in to find no-one
but a pair of Stacy Kiebler's pink panties laying next to his table. Torrie
looked around the room to see steam coming fom the shower room. Torrie became
aroused as she slid down her skirt and took off her skin-tight top revealing
her massive tits and perfect, tanned body behind a black bra and panties.
She now wonderd if Stacy might be in the shower wth him, but hearing of his
skills in bed she decided and as there was no moaning that she wasn't in

Torrie Wilson walked towards the shower room and quietly stepped in, closing
the door behind her.

* * *

Rob stood under the water, a bottle of shower gel in one hand and the other
rubbing the stuff into his skin. Fucking diva's made him very sweaty so he
liked to keep himself clean and smelling fresh. Rob was thinking of how tight
Torrie Wilson must be when the curtain was roughly pulled back letting clod
air rush over him.

"FUCKIN' HELL!" Rob cursed spinning around to see who had startled him. The
lovley diva Torrie Wilson stood before him with a sexy smile over her face.

"Hope i'm welcome." Torrie asked sexily as she got into the shower with him
letting the hot water run down her body.

"You certainly are." Rob said as he lent froward and kissed her.

The couples tounges moved into each others mouths as they made-out under the
hot water. Rob was now hard-on as the tanned Torrie Wilson wrapped her arms
round his neck pulling their bodies close together. Rob could feel her
heaving chest pressed against him and instinctivly moved his hands from her
hips to her bra strap undoing it and letting it fall to the floor of the

Rob ran his hands over Torrie's now exposed breasts making her moan slightly.
He cupped her breast with his right hand and ran his other down her tight
body to her ass. The pair began to grind their hips together.

Torrie broke the kiss and turned around. She gave her ass a wiggle as she
bent over and pulled down her panties. Torrie stood up, still sticking her
ass out to see Rob's hands move forward and run around her body to cup her
breasts. Torrie giggled as Rob kissed her neck and push his hard rod against
her ass.

Torrie turned to face him.

Torrie wrapperd her arms around his neck once more as Rob slid his hand under
one of Torrie's thighs, pulling it up. Without hesitation Rob slid his 9-inch
rod into her waiting pussy.

The pair gasped as they enjoyed the feeling of each others bodies. Pushing
Torrie against a wall, Rob began to fuck her tight body.

The sexy, blonde diva began to gyrate her hips in time with Rob's thrusting
making her body tingle. Torrie became weak at the knees as her body was
stimulated like never-before. Rob admired her tanned body as he leaned back,
still fucking her pussy. Torrie moaned loudly as her body shook slightly.

ROB!" She called feeling her body full of cock.

Rob's pace increased as his hands explored her ass, hips and thighs.

"Your sooo hot." Rob whisperd into her ear.

"UHHH!! OHHH YES!" Torrie gasped, "Fick me from behind."

Rob slid his member out of her tight hole as Torrie turned around. Torrie
stuck her ass out as he slid his shaft into her pussy from behind.

Torrie loved this and called, "OHHHH YEAH! FUUUUCK MEEE! ... FUCK ME NOW!"

Rob kissed her neck and pumped his rod into her tight pussy from behind. The
new postion turned Torrie on so she moved Rob's hands over her tits once more
and began to ride his cock in time with his thrusting.

The couple continued fucking, getting more and more intence. Torrie
felt as if fire works were being set off between her legs and her pussy tighten
around Rob's thrusting member. Seconds later she came over his shaft sending him into an

Despite cuming, both Torrie and Rob still fucked, reaching another climax.

"OHHHH MY GOD! YES ROB!" She called as another orgasm went through her.

Rob looked at his beautifull, blonde bombshell and couldn't take anymore. He came deep
into Torrie.

"Rob ... You were amasing ... I've never had it sooooooo good." Torrie said

"No, you were the best." he replied, kissing her soft lips gently.

Rob slid his rod from her as the couple walked from the shower. Rob grabbed
a towel and began to dry Torrie Wilsons hot body leaving no-where dry.

"You were right, I saw Billy in a threesome with Molly and Brock." Torrie
said looking used.

"I know whats going on in my own bussiness darlin" Rob replied kissing her breasts.

"I felt so ... used, I needed to get it out of me." Torrie went on.

Rob looked into her eyes. "Wanna go back to my apartment and screw some more?" He asked.

"Sure." Torrie said smiling. "But first..." The blonde diva knelt down in
front of Rob and took his shaft into her mouth.


Hope you liked it, it took me a while to decide which diva my character would
fuck but as you see he had most of them! Torrie Wilson HAD to be the last
though as I've wanted to get a bit of wet in her since her debut.

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