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Diva Shag Fest Part 1
by The Serge

I had been watching the world of wrestling for many years now and let me tell
you... I had seen it all...Mick Foley being thrown of the hell in a cell, the
rise and fall of DX and most importantly the WWE Divas! They we all amazing!
All of them! Trish, Lita, Victora, Gail Kim, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler...
all of them were the Hottest things to walk the earth! And I have banged them
all! Not a lot of people believe me when I say that...but its True, its Damn
True! And it all happened when I was 18...

It was a Monday Night and was watching WWE RAW LIVE on the TV when an advert
came up saying about a very special, ONE time only, competition for 1 lucky
WWE Fan to spend a whole week with all the WWE Divas! And as soon as I saw
the advert I was on the internet entering the competition ...the date was
September 5th and the competition last entry date was September 15th. So I
waited and waited until about the 20th of September and I heard nothing about
the competition so I just forgot about it...but the weird thing was they
didn't show the winner of the competition on WWE tv, which they usually do...
but I thought nothing of it and just completely forgot about it...until...

On November 5th I got an email saying that I am the lucky winner of the
competition and there will be a limo coming to pick me up on November 6th at
3pm to take me to the airport, where I would be taken by plane to a secret
location to spend a week with all the WWE Divas! And I went nuts! I had won!
I get to spend a whole Day with the WWE Divas! But...then I thought it could
be a joke and someone that was messing me about...but I had a gut feeling
that it was true and if no limo turned up the following day at 3pm then I
know it was a joke. So I went for it! I rang up my boss I said I was taking
the next 2 weeks off and I got ready to go, the email said that there was no
need to bring anything as clothes and everything else would be taken care I didn't bother packing and went to bed...

The following day it was 2:55pm and I was all ready to go...part of me still
thought that it was a load of balls but I still had a gut feeling it was all
true. Then a beep from a car outside, I looked at my watch and it was 3:00pm
exactly! Then someone knocked the door and I quickly answered. At the door
was a guy dressed in all black and wearing a black hat...(No it wasn't the
UnderTaker...thank god.)

Guy: Your ride awaits sir...

I stepped outside my door and saw the biggest and longest, white limo ever!
I locked my door and got straight into the limo, the guy got in drove me to
the airport where I got onto a private plane and was flown to what seemed
like a tropical island of some kind. When we landed I was taken from the
airport in another limo to a hut that had a mini bar! And the biggest
kingsize bed you could get! It was amazing! Then a bell boy arrived at the

Bellboy: Sir, a Diva will be along shortly...I hope you enjoy your Pleasure
Stay here...

Me: Thanks...I'm sure it will be a great pleasure to meet the WWE Divas

Bellboy: Oh yes sir, it will be...

The bell boy then walked off and I made myself comfortable...

About 5 minutes there is a knock at the door...and when I answered my jaw
dropped...because in the doorway was Torrie Wilson wearing nothing be a silk

Me: Hi..

Torrie: are a Big boy, aren't we...

Me: Thanks!

Torrie: I'm first..

Me: First for what?

Torrie: I'm the first Diva your going to have sex with!

Me: SEX!? Holy Crap! This wasn't part of the deal...but WHO CARES!

Torrie: Come here BIG BOY!

Torrie pushes backwards causing me to fall on the big bed, Torrie shut the
door and came walking towards me. She dropped the silk robe revealing her hot
naked body and I became hard instantly!

Torrie: You like what you see then?

Me: Damn Straight!

Torrie: Good! Now Fuck me!

Torrie then grabs my trousers and rips them off! She also rips off my shirt
and my underwear, she rips all of my clothes off until I am butt naked then
she goes to work on my cock. She takes the whole 7 inches of it into her
mouth and down her throat and starts moving up and down like a jack hammer!

Me: OH GOD! Torrie girl you know howto suck!

Torrie stops and looks up and me and winks, then continues to the suck my
cock. Before I knew I was cumming! I blew my load down Torries throat and
she gulped it all up.

Torrie: let's get you horny again!

Me: wow...I need time to recover!

Torrie: I have a trick to get you hard again!

Me: You do?

Then she lifted my dick up and stuck two of her fingers into my asshole and
begin to finger me!

Me: Hey! What the fu....oh damn!

Before I new it my dick was hard as a rock again!


Me: You bet ya!

I grabbed Torrie and threw her on the bed and flipped her on her stomach and
pulled her ass up!

Torrie: Bang my Pussy baby!

Me: HA! Pussy...HELL NO! I'm a butt man! And your butt needs to be fucked!


I slide my still wet cock into Torrie's Ass and starting to slowly fuck


Me: Oh...OK! I didn't want to hurt you..but if you want HARD you got HARD!

I started to pound her ass as hard I could! Her ass cheeks jiggled every time
I slammed into her ass, my balls slapped against her wet, dripping pussy and
she was screaming in pleasure as my dick pounded her!



I slammed her ass so hard that she hat to lay down on her stomach! I grabbed
her hair and slammed her ass even harder then before! The bitch loved it! She
loved her asshole being fucked!

Torrie: I'm cumming! I'm cumming!

She cummed and stopped and went down to her pussy to lick up her juices...

Torrie: That was amazing Dave...

Me: What? I'm not done yet baby!

Torrie: What?

I pushed Torrie down agiand pounded her ass hole once more! Slamming it
harder than ever! She must of cummed another 6 times and then I felt myself

Me: I'm cumming!

Torrie: Quick! Put it in my mouth!

I got off Torrie and she sat up and jerked off my cock then I blew my load
all over her face and tits! She licked it all up and we both got washed and

Me: Damn Torrie you've got a nice ass!

Torrie: Thank you...oh and I wouldn't bother getting dressed...

Me: Why?

Then Joy Giovanni walked into the room wearing nothing but a silk robe...



To be Continued...

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