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Diva Tryouts (nWo Style) Part 1: Molly
by Alfred Bitchcock

Kevin Nash, the returning leader to the nWo called a meeting of all of his
fellow members to discuss a priority in the group. As most of you may have
noticed, there has been a lack of a female presence in the nWo, and an
overwhelming amount of testosterone. In fact, the closest thing to a female
the nWo has had in years is X-Pac.

As the members of the notorious group filed into the crowded locker room
and sat down in folding chairs around a long table, Kevin Nash called their

Nash: Gentlemen, I've called this meeting of the nWo to talk about us finding
a new member.

X-Pac: Awww man, not another new member! Kev, c'mon, we're already crowded
with guys as it is. You can't expect us to keep makin room in the group for
people, when half the men on the roster can't even wrestle.

Big Show: Yeah man, I thought we were supposed to be an elite group here.
What kind of message are we sendin to the rest of the guys in the back if we
keep lettin any peace of crap with a face join?

Nash: Guys, guys, calm down. Look, we're not putting a new guy on the team.

Booker T: Well then what da hell did you call this meetin' fo?

Nash: I didn't call this meeting to put a new man on the nWo. I called this
meeting to put a new woman on the nWo.

Shawn: A new woman?

Nash: Yeah, I think it's about time we had some female companionship in this

Big Show: So who'd you pick? I hope it wasn't somebody ugly.

Nash: There's the problem. We've got so many top class Divas in the WWE, I
can't decide which one to go for.

Flair: Easily solved my good man. What we do, is we try them out.

X-Pac: What do you mean?

Flair: I mean we each choose a diva, and try her out as only a man can (Flair
says winking). And then we take a vote and who ever gets the most votes is in
the nWo.

Big Show: I'm all for that.

X-Pac: Free pussy action? Count me in!

HBK: I'm in too.

Booker T: You got it sucka!

Nash: Ok, well I've already made my choice.

The gentlemen turned their attention as they heard a knock on the door.

Nash: And here she is now.

Nash went over to the door and opened it as the others looked to see who
it was.

Nash: Gentlemen, let me introduce you to my choice as the first female member
of the nWo....Miss Molly, come on down!

The door opened and in walked the current companion to William Regal, the
so-called "Pure" diva of RAW, Nora Greenwood aka Molly Holly. Standing at
about 5'4" and weighing roughly 140 pounds, this fiery 25-year-old woman was
exactly that...a woman. One of her high qualities was that she knows exactly
what she wants and when she wants it, which is something valued in the nWo.

Molly: Hey boys. How are you?

Booker T: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You gotsta be kiddin right? I mean, Miss Pure and
Innocent? There's no way she could ever fit in with the vibe of the nWo.

HBK: Ya know, he's got a point Kev. After all, the nWo is all about being
free-spirited and out of control! And, well, she's more about gardening and
all that other Martha Stewart crap!

Molly starts to open her mouth to object, but Nash responds first.

Nash: Hey, that's for me to decide, all right?

Flair: Ok guys, if he wants to waste his vote on trying to get her in the
sack, then that's fine with me. All I can say is that I'm gonna make a more
reasonable choice. Someone who's gauranteed to wanna have sex.

Molly: Wait just a darn minute! Kevin, you never said anything about us
having relations!!! If that's what it takes to be in this club, then I guess
I'll be on my way!

She marches out the door and Nash runs after her.

Nash (trailing off): Wait up! C'mon Molly! Don't be such a bad sport.

Molly: Kevin I am not some piece of skirt you can just walk up to and ask to
have sex with you know!

Nash: I know, but listen, the boys and I talked about it and we're gonna
interview a few divas nWo style. And I chose you because I know that with the
right touch and back up you could be the purest woman's champion ever.

Molly thinks about this for a moment before she responds.

Molly: Really think so?

Nash nods his head.

Molly: So nWo's style of interview is by screwing the divas huh?

Nash: I think Flair said it was "the only way a man could try a woman out."

Molly smiles.

Molly: Let's go to my locker room and we can discuss the try out in more
detail Kev.

With that Molly walks off, this time swaying her ass, making Kevin slowly
get a hard-on in his jeans. Kevin never one to pass up an opportunity,
follows Molly into her locker room.

Molly instructs Kevin to shut the door behind him, and he complies. She
leads him over to a small couch and tells him to sit down, and once again he
complies. Molly stares Kevin up and down, as if scanning him for possible

Molly: Ya know Kev...Mr. Nash, I'm not as pure as everyone thinks I am.

Nash (puzzled): Yer not?

Molly: Of course not! That's just what I tell people so that they don't get
the wrong impression. I want them to think that I'm pure so that I can keep
they're interest. I mean, after all, what guy doesn't dream about bangin a

Nash laughs to himself and responds "I sure as hell do."

Molly: And do you really think that I could go 25 years without any sex? It'd
be impossible! I'd probably be crazy by now if I would've held out.

Nash gets up off the couch and starts to make his move by putting his
hands on her ass.

Nash: Well all right then, what're we waiting for?

Molly pushes him back onto the couch and waves her finger at him.

Molly: Nuh-uh-uh. Not so fast their mister. I'm still not sure if I want to
do this quite yet. I think I need to check out the merchandise first.

She gestures for him to get up and start taking his clothes off.

Nash, who is now following his second head, does as Molly instructs: gets
up and takes off his vest/jacket followed by his shirt and then he takes off
his boots and socks and then his jeans.

Molly's eyes widen with shock when she sees a 9 inch uncut cock standing
tall in Nash's boxers.

Molly: "What the hell gets that thing up? Diesel?" Molly joked referring to
his old WWF name.

Nash smirked.

Nash: No, just hot sexy women, blood and hormones.

Molly: We'll I've seen what you've got to offer now I'll show you what I have
to offer.

With that she walked up to Kevin, pushing him down on the sofa and
purposely rubbing her midsection against his hard dick.

Molly took a step back from Nash and began to rub her small hands all over
her toned body. She ran her fingers through her hair with one hand while she
rubbed her gorgeous breasts over the thin, black polyester tank top she was
wearing. She slowly brought her other hand down across her other breast, then
her midsection, and then to her "pure pussy." She ravaged her fingers over
her sleek, black spandex pants and Nash could now clearly see the wetness
starting to appear on the material.

Nash was now working his hand up and down his thick prick as he watched
the sexy show that Miss Molly was putting on. He watched as she turned
around, and showing some of her gymnastic skills, bent over and touched her
toes so he could get a good view of her incredible ass. Sure, she had a
little junk in the trunk, but Nash liked a woman with a little meat in the
seat (it gave him something to hold onto.)

Now Molly showed some more of her moves by doing a handstand, making her
plump rump jiggle a little bit. Nash watched, to his surprise, as Molly's
tits popped out of her polyester top, showing her tremendously firm knockers.
But to his greater surprise, she did absolutely nothing to conceal them.
Instead, she started walking over towards him, while still on her hands,
forcing her firm pumpkins to bounce uncontrollably.

Molly: Hey Kevin, I bet you've never had this done to you like this before.

Molly balanced herself on her hands so that she was staring down directly
into the head of Nash's prick. She then lowered herself down, doing a push-up
motion, so that she took the head into her open mouth.

Kevin was very impressed. Wait till he told the guys about this, they'd
never believe him. Hell, he wasn't sure he believed it was happening. That
is, until he slowly felt his balls begin to tighten.

Molly seemed to sense it as well as she slowed down the pace. She didn't
want the big bad nWo member to cum until she was ready. She wanted to have
some fun with her "try out" tutor first.

Kevin watched as she continued to suck him off taking more of his big
thick dick into her mouth untill she had the full 9 inches in.

Kevin Nash could not believe what was happening to him right now. Here was
Miss Molly Holly, supposively the most pure and innocent diva in the WWE,
deepthroating him in the women's locker room. What more could a man ask for?
And just when he thought the situation couldn't get any better, Molly took
her mouth off his cock and told him to take her free-swaying tits and
tit-fuck him with them.

Not being one to object to a lady, he grabbed her incredibly firm mounds
and pushed them together over his man meat. Molly's tits weren't exactly the
biggest in the business, but they sure as hell felt good around his hard
cock. Molly aided him in his efforts, and started bouncing herself up and
down so that her tits acted as hands and began rubbing up and down his 9
inches. And she did all this while STILL ON HER HANDS (What a woman)!

Nash sat back and enjoyed the service that Molly was giving him. As he
pinched her erect nipples, he knew now, more than ever, that she would make
a perfect addition to the nWo. But Molly could once again feel Kevin about
to cum, so she got back on her feet and took her melons off his dick.

Molly: Now hun, since I don't want you cumming too quickly on me, what do you
think about me giving you another show?

Nash: Sounds good, I guess.

Molly: Great!

Molly went over to her locker and started going through it, looking for
something. After a minute or so of searching, she found what she was looking
for. It was her best friend in the whole world, her 12-inch dildo.

Kevin then watched as Molly sat, legs stretched out, slowly playing with
her pussy with the 12 inch dildo. Slowly she slid the dildo into her pussy.

Molly: Mmmmmmm. Imagine this being your cock Kevin, slipping into my "virgin"
pussy and fucking me senseless.

Kevin slowly began to beat his meat as he watched Molly continue to slide
the dildo into her pussy moaning more and more, turning Kevin on and making
her pump faster.

Molly then took the dildo head out of her pussy. It was covered with her
slowly flowing juices and then she took it into her mouth and sucked the
dildo dry of her own juices.

Kevin sat in amazement. He didn't care who the others picked, because he
was glad he'd picked Molly and in his eyes no woman deserved to be in the
nWo more than her.

Molly then saw Kevin smiling at her and put the dildo down and crawled on
her hands and knees over to him. Then she then turned around so her ass was
facing him.

Molly: How about a good ass fucking as well as a good spanking?

Molly then waited for Kevin to make his move.

Kevin didn't hesitate one bit as he got on his knees behind Molly and
aligned his cock with the entrance of her tight ass. As Kevin tried to push
his tool into her back door, he found that it was quite tight, almost too
tight to the point that he couldn't get it in.

Nash: Hey Molly, you may not have a virgin pussy, but I'm damn certain that
you have a virgin ass!

Molly: Yer right on that one. Yer actually the first guy to ever fuck me in
the ass, is it that easy to tell?

Nash: Lemme put it this way, I don't know if you could fit a toothpick up
there. I think we're gonna have to lube ya up.

Molly told him to wait a minute while she went back to her locker and
started searching again. This time she pulled out a bottle of baby oil and
walked back over to Kevin.

Molly: Will you do the honors?

Nash: Hell yeah.

Kevin walked grabbed the bottle from the sexy (and slutty) diva in front
of him and began to squirt it all over his mammoth hand. He then poured an
extra amount onto his index finger and started sticking it between her lovely
buns. Then he took his hands and rubbed them all over her plump booty, making
for an extra slickness. When he had finished his lube job, he once again
aligned himself with her opening and gently pushed himself into her, inch by

Molly: Kevin, what the hell are you doing? Why are ya being so damn gentle?
Its not like I'm gonna break. Now slam that cock into me hard!

Nash: But babe, yer a virgin in there, I don't wanna be too rough the first

Molly: You heard me! Now don't be a pussy and FUCK ME HARD!

Kevin was oddly turned on by the proclaimed "sweetie" 's nasty attitude.
He couldn't believe that such an innocent looking farm girl could like it so
rough. But Nash, being the lady's man that he is, obliged to her demands and
began slam fucking this homegrown hottie.

Kevin then gave Molly exactly what she wanted... a good hard ass fucking
without mercy as fast and as hard and as deep as he could go, pulling out
until only his cock head was in her ass and then ramming all 9 inches right
back in.


Kevin plowed her ass and Molly screamed, begged and demanded more.


Molly begged and Kevin was definitely going to deliver. With one final
thrust, he rammed his 9 incher all the way in and shot his load into her ass.
Or, at least he called it a load but to Molly it was a river and she loved
the feeling she had as it slowly leaked out of her now well and truly popped,
cherry ass.

Molly collapsed onto the couch with her ass still dripping with cum. Kevin
started to clean himself up and put his clothes back on when Molly stopped
him, grabbing onto his arms and pulling him closer.

Molly: Where do you think you're going??

Kevin just smiled, because he knew what Molly had in mind and was more
than willing to follow orders. Molly grabbed ahold of his now flaccid penis
and started to take it back into her mouth to get it rehardened. It didn't
take much for Kevin to get his little soldier back to attention. Without
saying a word, Molly sat on the couch and spread her legs as far out as they
could go. Kevin had to admit that he loved the new, sluttier Molly Holly.

Kevin: Damn Molly, I never knew ya had it in ya.

Molly: Yeah, well right now there's only one thing I want in me, and that's
your huge cock!

Kevin pushed his big dong into her opening, and without warning, started
ramming away with reckless abandon. He would shove himself as far into her as
he could, and then he'd pull himself all the way out, and then keep repeating
the process, forcing Molly to let out wails of pleasure.


Molly's moans only made Kevin speed up the process, which caused even
louder moans to escape from Molly.


Kevin grabbed onto Molly's firm tits and squeezed the life out of them
while he continued rocking the couch with his powerful thrusts. Since he had
just cum a couple minutes ago, it wasn't long until he was ready to erupt



Kevin was the first to unload his juices in Molly's aching pussy, but
Molly wasn't far behind. She had an earthshaking orgasm that could easily be
heard throughout the building. It was music to Kevin Nash's ears.

Kevin: Now that's the sound of a winner.

Kevin slowly withdrew his now shrinking cock out of Molly's well fucked
(and still leaking cum) pussy as they both got they're breath back. Kevin
slowly began to get dressed, as did Molly.

Molly: So Big Sexy, am I nWo material?

Kevin just grinned at her.

Kevin: Oh yes, you're definatly nWo material.

Molly: Great!

Kevin: Unfortunatly, that doesn't mean your in.

Molly: WHAT!?

Kevin: The guys and me agreed to try out a diva of our choice and then report
back and then vote on who should be in.

Molly (scornfully): Well make sure you vote for me.

Kevin: Oh don't worry, I'll put both hands up.

Molly: Good, because Kevin if I get in to the nWo what happened just now
could happen between us on a regular basis.

Kevin swallowed hard and his cock began to get hard.

Kevin: I best go and report back then.

Molly: You do that. And I hope to see you again soon.

Kevin then left the room and as he headed to the nWo locker room, he
thought about Molly's offer. Then he walked in and reported back on his
activities with Molly and him to his fellow group members in great detail,
not leaving out a single thing.

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