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Diva Tryouts (nWo Style) Part 2: Chyna
by Alfred Bitchcock

After Kevin had finished talking and telling the rest of the guys about
his unbelievable experience with the so called "pure" Molly Holly, every man
in that room had their jaws to the floor. Kevin had to break the silence.

Kevin: So who's next?

Shawn Michaels was quick to volunteer himself for the next task.

HBK: I am.

Flair: And who have you selected as your diva of choice?

HBK: A very dear friend of mine that I've tried to get into the sack since
day one. Maybe today will be my lucky day.

X-Pac: You don't mean Chyna?

Big Show: Joanie!? Man I tried for almost a year to get into her pants. She
is one uptight little woman!

HBK: Well maybe a few months without any action will have made her go a
little soft. Anyways, I'll soon find out. She's in town on an autograph
session and I asked her to drop by the Arena to meet up with me and "catch
up on old times."

X-Pac: Damn! There goes my choice.

Big Show: Don't worry lil man, she wouldn't have fucked you if you had a $100
bill hanging outta yer zipper.

As the whole room erupted with laughter, X-Pac sunk into his chair and
tried to hide his blushing.

HBK: Don't worry, there's plenty more fish in the sea kiddo.

Big Show: Yeah man, you could ask Stephanie. She used to be in in DX.

Booker T: Or how about your old flame Tori?

X-Pac: Stephanie... please! And Tori looked like my grandma with that hideous

Booker T: That aint what you used to say.

HBK: Anyways, gentlemen back to me. Joanie should be arriving any minute now,
so I best go out and meet her.

Kevin: Have fun bro.

HBK: I intend too Kev.

HBK got up and left the room and headed to the entrance of the arena where
he waited for Joanie.

After a few minutes, Joanie arrived looking as gorgeous as ever; wearing a
tight blue jean skirt, knee-high black leather boots, and a tan sweater. She
was sporting a tan purse, and wearing bright red lipstick. HBK just stood
there in shock. Was this the same Joanie that he used to be in DX with? The
same Joanie, that whenever she walked into a room, would scare small children
with her looks? No way! It couldn't be!

HBK: Joanie? My god is that you?

Joanie: Hey there sexy. Of course its me! Who else would it be?

HBK: I'm sorry, I'm just a little shocked. You've changed a lot since the
last time I've met you.

Joanie: It's been a long time. Aging will do that to you.

HBK couldn't help but stare at her large breasts. Even in her fluffy
sweater, he could still see her gigantic mounds sloping out.

Joanie noticed this right away, of course, and couldn't help but chuckle.
HBK, a little startled, snapped his attention back up to her face.

HBK: Sorry bout that babe.

Joanie: Boy, you haven't changed a bit. Yer the same ol' "Heartbreak Kid" you
used to be. Speaking of that, have you broken any hearts lately?

HBK: Nope, not lately. Its been awhile. But ya know, that's not always such a
bad thing.

Joanie: Oh?

HBK: No. Now I've had time to improve on my grip.

Joanie let out another chuckle at the weak joke that HBK just threw out.
Shawn was so old, but yet so immature. Joanie almost found it attractive.

HBK: But that's enough small talk. Look, I wanna talk about why I called you

Joanie: Well is there somewhere private we can go and chat?

HBK: Actually there is.

Shawn took Joanie by the hand and led her to inside of the building. They
wandered through hall after hall until they came upon a secluded little

They sat down on a nearby bench. As both of them continued to ask each
other questions relating to their family lives, their recent pasts, and
anything else under the sun, Shawn kept his focus on the task at hand.

HBK: What if I told you I could get you back in the WWF?

Joanie: Don't you mean WWE?

HBK: WWE? WWF? What does it matter? But what if I could get you back into the

Joanie: I'd love you for the rest of my life!

HBK: Well, I could pull a few strings with Linda McMahon about getting you a
new contract, but you'd need to do a couple of things for me.

Joanie: What?

HBK: 1) You'd need to Join the nWo and 2) We'd need to have sex.

Joanie (dumbfounded): Say that again.

HBK: Here's the deal, me and the other nWo guys have talked about getting a
woman in our clan and I thought "why not have my oldest chum join me. It'd be
just like old times." Me and the other guys all agreed to pick a diva and try
her out by... well... screwing her. Kevin chose Molly Holly and I chose you.

Joanie didn't know what to say. HBK sat there patiently waiting for her

Joanie: Whoa! Slow down! Look Shawn, I don't know what kind of vibe I gave to
you over the phone, but this is NOT what I expected our meeting to be like.

HBK: But I thought you'd be happy to do it.

Joanie: Happy? You thought I'd be happy??? I'm sorry Shawn, but I have to go.

Joanie started to leave, but Shawn grabbed onto her arm.

HBK: Don't go. C'mon, just stick around and listen to what I have to say, ok?

Joanie: Ok! I'll give you five minutes to make your point. And your time
starts... now.

HBK: You wanna be back in the WWE right?

Joanie: Of course! But why do I have to sleep with you to come back?

HBK: Like I said, me and the other boys decided to vote for who we want in
the nWo by fucking them.

Joanie: But why can't you just tell everyone else that we had sex without
actually doing it? Then you could still vote for me.

HBK: Well, I could do that. But you know me, I gotta play fair.

Joanie: You've never stopped trying to get into my pants have you?

HBK: Nope. And I never will.

Joanie: Are you sure you can't talk to Linda anyway whether I agree to this
or not?

HBK: I never said I couldn't. I just feel if I told her that we voted for you
to be our newest nWo member, it would hold more weight. And besides, you
where the best DX chick we ever had! Way better than Tori and Stephanie put
together. And if you win any of the titles when you return, you get to be on
both Raw and Smackdown. Which means you could get to face Triple H for his

Joanie couldn't deny that she wanted Paul in the ring and she wanted to
beat the living crap out of him for what he done, leaving her for "Steph the
Slut" as Joanie called her.

Joanie: Shawn, if we do this, I want us to make a deal first.

HBK: Ok.

Joanie: You have to promise me that you'll keep your promise. Put your hand
on your heart and repeat what I say.

Shawn humored her and put his hand on his heart.

Joanie: I Shawn Michaels...

HBK: I Shawn Michaels...

Joanie: Do solemnly swear...

HBK: Do solemnly swear...

Joanie: That after me and Joanie have fucked each other...

HBK got caught off guard by her not-so-subtle change in tone.

HBK: That after me and Joanie have fucked each other...

Joanie: Whether she is voted onto the nWo or not...

HBK: Whether she is voted onto the nWo or not...

Joanie: I will do everything in my power....

HBK: I will do everything in my power....

Joanie: To get her back into the WWE.

HBK: To get her back in the WWE.

After a brief moment of silence, Joanie rose to her feet.

Joanie: Remember when I said that you'd been trying since day one to get into
my pants?

HBK: Yeah?

Joanie: Looks like you finally succeeded.

Joanie smiled at Shawn and Shawn smiled back at Joanie.

Joanie proceeded to lead Shawn back to the lady's locker room. But when
Joanie tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge. She yanked as hard as she
could on the door handle, but her efforts were useless.

Joanie: Dammit! Why is it locked??

HBK: Well, since it is still pretty early in the morning, they probably
haven't opened much up yet.

HBK looked across the hallway and spotted a door marked "Custodian."
'Absolutely perfect' he thought to himself.

HBK: Hey, you aren't claustrophobic are you?

Joanie: No, no I'm not. Why?

Shawn grabbed her by the arm and lead her over to the janitor's closet.
Shawn twisted the knob, but once again, the door would not budge.

Joanie: Just frickin' great!

Shawn thought for a minute and then suddenly his face lit up like a
Christmas tree.

HBK: Step back sweetheart.

Joanie stepped a safe distance away from Shawn, because she wasn't quite
sure what he was planning on doing. Stomping his black cowboy boot on the
ground, he readied himself for his plan. BOOM! The Heartbreak Kid superkicked
the wooden door, and it flung open and sending splinters flying.

HBK: After you my lady.

Joanie (sarcastically): Oh, how romantic.

HBK: Only the best for my new slu- ... I mean, my new love interest.

They went into the room and Joanie closed the door. Shawn turned Joanie as
she walked up to Shawn and wrapped her arms around him tenderly kissing him.
Shawn kissed back, sliding his tongue to hers, and wrapping his arms around
her waist.

Joanie and Shawn both removed their shirts and flung them on the ground.
Joanie bent over, picking up the black and white shirt, then slipping it on
over her pink bra.

Joanie: Now do I look like an nWo diva or what?

Shawn: Let me put it this way; you're hot, sexy, attractive and you look
dressed to kill. Of course you're an nWo diva!

Joanie threw the shirt back on the ground and continued her passionate
kiss with HBK. After a couple minutes, HBK broke the kiss and started
stripping Joanie until she was clad in her pink bra and dripping wet panties.
Then she stripped Shawn until he was down to his boxers, with an 8 inch
soldier standing at attention.

Chyna, excuse me... Joanie stared at the throbbing member in front of her.
'Man!' she thought, 'If I knew he was this big I would've done this a lot
earlier.' Disposing of her bra and panties, Joanie kneeled down so that the
pulsating cock was staring her in the face. Given the limited room inside the
little "cubby hole" of a room, both of them were gonna have to get crafty in
their maneuvering.

Joanie began toying with him at first. She would lick the underside of
Shawn's shaft, making his entire body quiver from the sensitive touch of her
tongue, and then stop for a few seconds.

HBK: Oh Joanie, don't tease me like that!

But Joanie continued to toy with his cock, tickling his balls with her
fingers, every once in awhile gently squeezing them. While doing this she
would take the tip of his member into her mouth and blow on it, making HBK
shake all over. She had him eating out of the palm of her hand now.

Knowing that Shawn didn't like giving oral to women, she was gonna have to
find a way to convince him, or rather... make him lick her twat. And she knew
exactly how she was gonna do it.

Joanie: Shawn, baby, your wait is over. I wanna suck your cock right fuckin

HBK's eyes became the size of golf balls.

Joanie: But I want you to lick my snatch too. Ok hun?

HBK, still entranced by her previous words (after all, he was about to be
sucked off by perhaps the hottest diva in the history of the WWE, something
he had waited a long time for), just nodded his head. Joanie, anxious as hell
to get started with their 69, was very disappointed when she realized that
the floor was only about 3 by 3ft. But that wasn't gonna stop HBK.

He leaned so his back was against the wall and motioned for her to go
towards him. Then HBK grabbed her around her hips and flipped her around so
that her pussy was in his face and her face was in front of his cock.

Joanie supported herself by placing her hands on the ground, just in case
she got too heavy for HBK. Then, she moved her lips in and started kissing
the head of his man sausage, leaving lipstick smudges all over. After his
cock was covered in red marks, she began to take part of his prick into her
mouth and seductively sucking it. Occasionally, she would gently bite down
and nibble on the foreskin, causing loud moans to come from Shawn.

HBK: OH shit babe! Yeah! You really know how to suck cock!

And while Joanie was working her magic on "Mini Michaels", HBK was lapping
up her pussy. For someone who didn't like lickin pussy, he sure as hell did a
good job. Shawn would flick away at Joanie's clit, while pinching the outer
lips of her labia. After a few minutes of this tongue torture, Joanie's
muscular body began to convulse, signaling her orgasm. HBK, somewhat unaware
of this, continued licking away like it was a lollipop. He didn't even notice
she was ready to cum until it literally hit him in the face. Sweet cum juice
splashed all over his face and some got in his mouth. He didn't even
recognize the taste of it (it had been that long!) until he opened his eyes
and was staring face to face with a dripping pussy.

Joanie was wide eyed with wonderment. Never in her life had she had such
a good oral job. She never knew "The Showstoppa" had it in him. She would
definitely have to reward him. Climbing down from her awkward position,
Joanie retrieved her fallen, pink bra and put it back on.

HBK: And just where in the hell do you think you're going? You've still got
a job to do!

Joanie: And I intend to do it. I just want to try a little something new.

Joanie, now showing her great back flexibility, kneeled down on the floor,
and stretched herself back so that her chest was proudly staring up at HBK.
Then she told him to go stand over by her head, which he did.

Joanie: Alright, now I want you to follow along, ok?

HBK: Sure. Whatever you want.

Joanie: Stand over my head so that you have one leg on each side.

Joanie was now treated to a view of Shawn's free-swaying balls right over
her eyes.

Joanie: Good, now put your dick between my tits. Its like doing a titty-fuck,
except from a different direction.

HBK hesitated before sliding his 8 inches in between her gorgeous D-cup
breasts. His cock felt like it was encased in her bra, which made for an
extra firm hold. As he forced his way into more and more of Joanie's
beautiful cleavage, Shawn couldn't help but think that this could happen
regularly if she was to be voted onto the nWo.

Joanie: Oh yeah Shawn! Fuck my titties! Fuck my huge melons!

With his cock between her mounds, she started to suck on his balls which
were conveniently located just above her mouth. Tickling his hairy sack with
her long, experienced tongue, she knew that HBK wasn't gonna be able to hold
out much longer. But much to her surprise he held out much longer than she
thought he would.

It wasn't until about 10 minutes of him ravaging her luscious tits that he
erupted with a violent orgasm, sending what seemed like gallons of cum all
over Joanie's tits, stomach and bra. Joanie proceeded to push her breasts up
to her face and lick them clean. And as an exhausted Shawn Michaels leaned up
against the wall, Joanie wanted to see if she could get an answer from him,
now that he was too tired to think.

Joanie: So, do you think you'll be able to get me back into the WWE now?

HBK: I think I'll be able to put in a good word for ya....Chyna.

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