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Divas & Superstars Part 1: Dawn Marie & John Cena
Layne Michaels (

Paul Heyman was sitting on the couch in his office staring at the sight in
front of him. Dawn Marie was bent over his desk wearing a very short blue
dress that was hiked up enough so that Paul could see the bottoms of her
butt cheeks. Paul asked Dawn to go get John Cena.

Dawn walked out of the room as Paul watched her butt sawy from side to side.
Dawn found John Cena's locker room and entered. She saw John jerking off to
the Torrie/Sable Playboy.

"You think that's hot?" Dawn asked.

"Whoa, Dawn." John responded.

"How about this."

Dawn pulled off her dress as John looked at her hot tanned body. John almost
came looking at Dawn's big tits and shaved pussy. Dawn turned around, showing
John her nice big juicy ass. She started shaking it, making it jiggle. John
jumped up and smacked her ass.

"Ooh, you like my big booty?" Dawn asked.

"Hell yes" John replied.

"Then how about you stick your cock in it."

John grabbed his hard dick and shoved it into Dawn's tight asshole.

"Oh Yeah, fuck my ass!" Dawn screamed.

John was thrusting into her butt fast. He reached forward and started playing
with Dawn's tits, rubbing her hard pink nipples. "I love fuckin this booty so
much." John said as he started spanking Dawn's big ass. He slapped her ass
until it turned a light red color.

Once John finished spanking her, he started rubbing Dawn's thick, meaty
asscheeks. The feeling of Dawn's warm asshole around his cock almost sent
John over the edge. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum."

"Pull out then, I want you to try something." Dawn replied.

John reluctantly pulled his dick out of Dawn's poopchute. He poked his dick
at Dawn's brown anus one last time before laying her on her stomach. John
looked at Dawn's bubble butt and placed his cock between her cheeks. John
watched Dawn's booty jiggle around as he fucked her butt crack. "Oh shit,
I'm gonna cum for real this time."

"Shoot your hot cum all over my big ass!" Dawn screamed.

John shot three streams of cum all over Dawn's butt.

"That was great." John said.

"Yeah it was. By the way, Paul wanted you to go to his office."

"Lets go then." replied John.

They both got dressed and John gave Dawn's booty one more smack before going
to see Paul.

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