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Diva's Come Back Part 1: Lita
by Charlie (

I'm waiting outside Mr McMahon's office I can hear him yelling at someone,
then his secretary tells me to go in.

VINCE: Charlie look I need you to help me out.

CHARLIE: Yes sir.

VINCE: That a boy, well you know that Eric Fired Lita?

CHARLIE: Why yes sir.

VINCE: That fucking idiot, well I've spoken to Lita about coming back but I
have a meeting with the Board of Directors so could you go to the meeting on
my behalf.

CHARLIE: Sure Vince.

VINCE: That's what I want to hear. Oh, don't come back until she signs her
new contract and anything she wants she can have it cause we need her back,
ok, now go.

So I left the WWE office and went to meet Lita about signing her back with
the WWE, as I arrive at her place knocking on the door, I then went around
back and found her in a bikini sunbathing.

LITA: Hey Charlie I didn't hear come in.

CHARLIE: I tried the door, but nobody answered.

LITA: That's ok, are you here about my come back to the WWE?

CHARLIE: Yeah, sorry Vince is busy and asked me to close the deal with you.

LITA: Really. (with a smile on her face, as if she's glad to see me)

CHARLIE: Yeah well Vince is PISSED at Eric for firing you, I have your new

LITA: It's gonna take more than a new contract if Vince wants me back.

CHARLIE: Well Vince told me to do what ever it takes, as long as you sign it.

LITA: Anything, huh?

CHARLIE: Yeah, anything.

LITA: Alright take your shirt off and clean my pool.

So hey I thought that's not much as Lita asked I removed my shirt and cleaned
her pool, as she was watching me she started to touch herself. As I was
cleaning I kept looking back seeing her touch herself, first of all her hands
underneath her bikini top massaging her breasts, as Lita sees me.

LITA: Keep cleaning pool boy.

So I kept cleaning as her right hand slides underneath her bikini bottom as
she touches herself softly moaning with her eyes closed, so I turn to take a
peek, man their she is out in the open masturbating in front of me in broad
daylight. Then her eyes open.

LITA: You finish cleaning my pool?

CHARLIE: Yeah, I have.

LITA: Good, now get over here.

I walk over as I stand in front of her Lita then sits up as she then takes
her bikini top off and tosses it away.

LITA: Now since Vince told you to do whatever it takes then take my bottoms

So I kneel down as I hold her smooth legs and gently run them up her legs
until I reached her bottoms then pulled them down her legs and tossed them

LITA: Good boy, now lose your pants and toss them away.

So I drop them like Lita asked.

LITA: Good boy now, I wanna watch you jerk off ok, now start pulling.

So as I stood in front of her I began to masturbate in front of her then

CHARLIE: You enjoying the show?

LITA: Uh huh, keep going.

So I managed to make it hard, I mean after all Lita is lying naked in front
of me, then she moves in closer.

LITA: I'll take it from here.

Lita takes hold of my cock jerking me nice and slowly, while her other hand
was holding her tit, as her body was hard from watching me jerk off.

LITA: Fuck your cock's hard.

As Lita kept playing with it for a while.

CHARLIE: Um what about your contract?

LITA: Ssssshhhhhh, pleasure now business later, now Charlie get on your back.

Lita then stands up, gets me down on my back on her poolside chair, as she
sets it flat. She walks around touching herself, teasing me with my hard on
up and ready to go, Lita turns facing away from me, lowering herself on top
of me, holding the arm rests for leverage. As I feel my dick easing inside
of her she gently moans.


Lita continue to jump my dick nice and slowly, her body jumping up and down
but very slowly, as my hands went from her hips and gently up her hard body.
When I reached her tits, I took hold of them with a firm hold of them, as
Lita kept jumping me. Lita then built up the pace and started to ride me
hard and fast, so fast you could hear her body slapping mine. Lita then turns
around facing me, again taking her time going slow, as I sit up with my arms
wrapped around her waist sucking on her tits, while her arms on my neck using
it for more leverage as she bounces up and down. Her head tilt back as Lita
rides me, then I stick my tongue out licking her neck, working my way up her
chin then her lips kissing her passiontly, as she pulls my head back.

LITA: I want you to fuck me in the pool.

Lita grabs me then throws me in her pool, Lita then slowly walks down the
steps of the pool as she sits their legs wide open, as I swim towards her,
Lita then takes hold of my cock stroking it making sure it's still hard.
Then sticks it in as I hold her close pressing her against the pool fucking
her, in her own pool, boy it felt so good. Lita then rests her elbows on
the edge of the pool with her head leaning back as I still kept fucking her.

LITA: Charlie take me from behind.

As I pull my dick out Lita goes up a step with her tight ass in front of me
so I go up a step then began taking her from behind. As I hold her hips then
began to spank each ass cheek while fucking her up sweet ass of hers, then I
could feel it.

CHARLIE: Fuck Lita I'm cumming.

I pull my cock out of her ass, Lita then sits me down as she took my cock and
jerked every last drop of my load on her breasts, Lita kept jerking it until
their was no more, once she had every last drop all over her tits, she began
teasing my cock again rubbing the tip against her hard nipple. Then the other
nipple, then stuck it between both breasts rubbing her tits all over my hard
dick teasing me, but in a nice way, moments later.

LITA: Ok, lets get down to business, come on.

Lita leads me back to her house, walking in front of me holding my cock, then
we get to the table were her new contract is, Lita picks it up reading it.

LITA: Wow, I like it, but there's one other thing.


Lita turns to me looking me right in the eye.

LITA: Before I sign, I want you to do just one more thing for me.


Lita whispers in my ear.

LITA: Eat my pussy and taste my juices.

I immediately drop to my knees and ate out her pussy like their was no
tomorrow. Fuck it tasted good, as I held her ass cheeks while eating her
out. As I kept eating her out her body got so hard she took hold of her
tits, then ran her hands through her hair moaning.


As I made her come, her juice splat all over my face, as I licked up every
last drop of her sweet juice. Lita fell back in the chair behind her with my
head still between her legs, she takes hold of my head.

LITA: FUCK, that was awesome!

CHARLIE: Well, I do aim to please.

LITA: You sure do.

Lita then take the contract and signs it.

LITA: It's been a pleasure doing business.

Lita then pulls me in kissing me.

The End

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