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Divas Do Porno
by TrishBelongsToMe

"I have a package for you," a well built man in his mid-twenties slyly said.

"Really? I hope it's large..." a large breasted and beautiful woman replied.

"Believe me, you will be satisfied with the delivery."


The director buried his face in his hands and shook his head.

"Sasha, for the last time...all you have to say is 'Yeah', then you rip off
your top and have sex with him! I've said this about fifteen times already."

Sasha rolled her eyes and took a large gulp of her bottled water.

"It's not as easy as it looks! Besides, this idiot is holding me down."

Mark, her co-star, looked at her and smiled as if she was a complete idiot.

"If you ask me," Sasha continued, "we should consider firing him immediately.
Maybe you could get that Orlando Bloom guy."

The director signaled for everybody to leave for the day. As the set was
being taken down, the director caught up to Mark.

"Mark, I need you to find me another girl for this part."

Mark replied, "But what about Sasha?"

They both looked at Sasha from across the room as she slapped one of the crew

"You call this 'bottled water'!" Sasha eyed the two men looking t her. "What
the hell are you two looking at!"

As she stormed out of the building, the director frowned at Mark.

Mark looked back at him and nodded, "Yeah, I'll go."

* * *

Mark sat backstage at RAW , just shooting the breeze. He met with a couple of
the superstars and got autographs, but he wasn't too impressed. He was into
wrestling in the 90's but now he just didn't seem too interested. What did
catch his eye was a match involving Trish Stratus and Jazz. He watched as
Trish entered the match first and taunted her opponent on the microphone.
Mark seemed to like the way that she spoke in front of the large crowd, and
obviously her voluptuous body. She was incredibly sexy. He could hardly keep
his eyes off of the screen.

"I think I found my girl." He said to himself.

Victoria watched Mark from her locker room. She had slowly crept up behind
him and rummaged through his things until she found his companies' business
card. She walked quickly walked away before Mark even knew what happened.
Trish walked into the back, breathing hard from her match. Mark fixed his
hair a bit and approached the blonde bombshell.

"Hello, I'm Mark."

"Trish." she said while shaking his hand.

"I caught your match out there, it was great!"


They both stood there, nodding there heads in silence.

"...well, I think I have to go..." Trish said breaking the silence.

Mark nodded. But before Trish got far, he called back to her.

"Wait! Actually, I wanted to ask if you would be interested in acting in my

Trish looked surprised, "Really? What kind of movie?"

"'s a porno movie..."

Trish rose her eyebrows. "Well, I guess it's about time people saw the real

"The only downside is that I would be your partner in the movie."

Trish looked Mark over and stopped at the bulge in his pants.

"I don't see the downside..."

Trish took one of the cards from Mark's pocket and smiled. She turned around
and continued walking through, while Mark stared at her ass.

* * *

Mark decided that he would leave about forty-five minutes early. He headed
for the outside of the building until he felt a hand upon his shoulder. He
turned around and met eye to eye with Victoria.

"Whoa!...I mean, can I help you?" Mark shouted out.

Victoria smiled seductively and replied, "I think you were right the first

Mark took a long glance at Victoria. She was wearing a tight black tank top
that really showed off her perfectly shaped tits and her tight black biker
shorts that cut off just under her ass cheeks. Victoria grabbed him by the
hands and walked him to her dressing room.

"I figure I should give you a test course before I we do it on television."

Mark snapped out of his trance.

"Wait, I already gave the part to Trish."

Victoria frowned, "Then take it back."

Mark felt completely trapped by the situation. Victoria would probably kick
his ass if she didn't get the part, and Trish seemed perfect for the part.
Mark had an idea in the back of his mind but he wasn't too sure if he could
pull it off. It worked in the porno business, but so did the line, "I have
a package for you".

Mark hesitated but replied, "Maybe we should have a threesome at my house
tonight. The diva who can pleasure me the best wins."

Victoria seemed to buy it.

"Sounds good. I'll call Trish and tell her about the situation. Oh, and I
don't like to loose, so be prepared to fuck."

She walked off and Mark took a deep breath. Out of nowhere, he started to

"I'm the luckiest man in the world."

* * *

It was now 11:00 and Mark sat on his couch watching the front door. The
doorbell rang and he jumped up.

As he swung upon the door he yelled, "Show me your tits!"

He was shocked as he stared at a male Jehovah Witness. Mark stepped backwards
expressionless and shut the door in his face.

After another thirty minutes, there was a knock at the door. Mark slowly
opened the door, careful about not yelling something else. Trish and Victoria
walked into the house in bathrobes. They told Mark to sit on his couch while
they stood up and face him.

Trish spoke out, "We have both agreed to fuck you one at a time. We have also
agreed that each of our sessions ends when you cum twice."

Mark smiled, "Who's going first?"

Victoria rose her hand and stepped towards Mark. Trish sat down on a nearby
chair and prepared to watch. Mark had prepared for the occasion by wearing
his tight pair of jeans and no underwear. He wore a tight white tank top to
show off his muscularity to the divas. Victoria slowly walked up to Mark and
placed her hands on his chest. She slid her fingers along his nipples. She
untied her robe's belt and opened up her robe, exposing her small tight
purple bra and matching thong. Her thong was so small that her pussy was
clearly visible. She rubbed her index finger along her yet pussy and moaned
softly. Mark slid his finger into her pussy and it drove her crazy. She
moaned even deeper and threw her head back. Mark quickly stood up kissed her
deeply. Victoria answered back with her sexy tongue while she slid her hands
into his jeans. He undid his pants and threw off his jeans while Victoria
kissed him. Victoria pulled his shirt off of him and kissed his chest. She
licked all over his chest until she got as low as under his belly button.
She got down on her knees and Mark's dick smacked into her face. Mark was
incredibly proud of his 10 incher, but was afraid that after tonight, it
would lose a couple inches. Victoria grabbed his dick roughly, and jacked it
off hard. Mark groaned as Victoria jacked off his dick while she sucked hard
on his balls. Mark bent down until he was able to smack her ass hard. Trish's
fingers slowly crept under her bathrobe and she started fingering herself as
she watched the action.

"Fuck, your hardcore Victoria!"

Victoria shoved his huge cock into her hungry mouth and sucked and slurped on
it. She bobbed her head back and forth getting most of his dick in. Victoria
deep-throated his dick until she was able to get all of it in. Mark held the
back of her head so she could hold it in for a couple more seconds.

"Yeah bitch, take it all!"

Victoria finally drew out and coughed loudly. Mark asked if she was okay but
Victoria just grabbed his dick and sucked on it even harder than before.
Victoria stuck her finger deep in Mark's ass and he almost screamed as his
cum shot out deep into Victoria's mouth.

"Oh shit that was great!" Mark said out of breath.

"And it's not over yet..." Victoria said as she licked all the cum off her

Mark bent down to Victoria and laid her on her back. He slowly took off her
bra and her thong. He spread open her legs and licked her inner thighs.

Victoria yelled, "Don't play with me!!"

She grabbed his head and shoved it between her legs. Mark shoved his tongue
into her pussy and jammed it in deep. He slammed her pussy hard with his
tongue while he grabbed onto her bra covered tits. He smacked her tits hard
while he attacked her pussy.

"Yeah! That's how I like it! Stretch my pussy!!"

Victoria wrapped her legs around his head and threw her hips up and down.
Mark was completely licking up her entire pussy with Victoria's hard thrusts.
Mark felt that his dick was recharged so he withdrew his tongue and turned
Victoria on her stomach. Mark stuck his dick into her tight asshole and
immediately attacked it. His dick tore into her ass with every thrust. His
balls slapped against her great ass which just made him groan even more.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Victoria yelled as she was being rammed hard.

Mack laid on top of her so that his stomach was on her back, and he continued
to jam his dick in her ass as far as it would go. He shoved his fingers in
Victoria's mouth and she sucked hard on them. Finally, Mark released his hot
cum into Victoria's even hotter asshole. It leaked deep into her ass and just
barely leaked out of her ass.

* * *

Mark sat back on the couch with an erect dick, just ten minutes after he had
fucked Victoria. He still had Trish to go. Victoria sat on the chair Trish
had previously sat on. Trish stood in front of Mark with her bathrobe.
Victoria smiled, figuring that she obviously had this one in the bag. Trish
took off her robe and revealed a red leather body suit. Except the leather
was cut off around her tits, her pussy, and her ass. Not to mention that it
was skin tight. Mark's jaw dropped as he saw this. Trish turned around and
bent all the way to the floor giving Mark a full view of her incredible ass.
She turned back around and stood on the couch, with her pussy pressed against
his face. She rubbed her pussy up and down against his face and Mark full
tongued her wet and juicy pussy. He grabbed onto her huge ass and rubbed it
as he stuck his tongue into her pussy. He swished his tongue around her pussy
as deep into it as he could. She had been masturbating previously when
Victoria was fucking with Mark, so it was easy for Mark to get her near

"Oh fuck Mark! I'm going to cum!! Unhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Trish poured her tasty pussy juice into his awaiting mouth. Mark took it all
in and drank from her delicious pussy. Trish got off of the couch and bent
down. She took a hold of Mark's dick and took long gentle strokes. She licked
along his huge shaft and then sucked on the head of his dick.

"I wanna do something a little bit different." Trish said.

"She held her breast together and put Mark's dick in between them. Not only
did Mark feel Trish's plump tits close around his dick, the leather rubbed
against the bottom of his dick causing even more excitement. Mark's dick was
large enough to be tit fucked and sucked at the same time, so Trish took
advantage of that. Soon enough, he exploded all over her face and tits. Trish
continued sucking his dick until she got all of the cum. Trish laid on her
stomach on the floor, and her ass was exposed. Mark instantly licked her
large ass and chewed on it. Her ass was so round and big. He couldn't help
but to spank the hell out of it while he ate out her asshole. Her ass tasted
great. Mark bobbed his head up and down while taking full licks off her ass.
He ate at her ass until he was hard again. He pulled his tongue out of
Trish's ass and laid on the couch. Trish went over to him and slowly jacked
of his dick while she placed his dick into her pussy. Trish hopped up and
down on his large, meaty cock. She moved her hips back and forth, really
making Mark groan. Mark grabbed onto her ass as she moved her hips as if she
was dancing on his dick. Trish leaned forward so that she was laying on top
of Mark. They deep tongued as he slammed into her pussy. Victoria stood up
and licked Trish's ass.

"Wait," Trish said, "I thought it was supposed to be one-on-one?"

"I don't care anymore! I just want that ass!"

Victoria fingered and licked up Trish ass, while Trish rode Mark's cock.

"I'm gonna cum!!" Mark yelled.

Trish got off of him and knelt on the floor with Victoria. Mark stood over
both of them and had them lick and suck his dick. Victoria sucked hard on his
balls while Trish slurped on his cock. Finally, Mark came on both of their

* * *

"Mark," The director screamed, "did you find a girl?"

He smiled and answered, "Well, not a girl...but, I'm sure we can fit two in
the script."

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