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Diva's Domination
by RecklessAllStar

"Ready?" The beautiful Australian said to the powerful bodybuilder.

"Oh Hell yeah!" Dana answered back as she started stretching and getting ready for the divas tag match. It would be the dangerous, but beautiful team of Emma and Dana Brooke against two other Aussies. Their music started and the paring walked out to the roar of the crowd.

The blondes walked to the middle as Emma turned around and started to shake her ass a bit.

"YEAH!" Dana shouted as the crowd shouted back. The crowd was absolutely in love with Emma's tight body and Dana knew it because she was in love with it too. It wasn't just her great accent or her perfect personality, it wasn't that tight stomach or those perky big titties, and that fucking amazing ass. It was her actual in ring action and her work ethic in the gym. Dana couldn't have picked a better partner, but in the end, she didn't think she would end up so attracted to her now best friend. They made their way down to the ring. Now came the entrance which got all the guys excited in the arena.

Emma walked behind the bodybuilder and watched at Dana got in the middle of the ring. Dana lifted her arm flexing for the people at home and even giving all he guys a wink and a kiss. The Aussie was always amazed by Dana's strength, Dana's muscles, and her fucking amazing figure. She bit her lip when the Ohio native did it. The two watched as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. The duo was on a big run and it was now time for two dominate divas to take them down. Emma chose to start against Billie. Emma took her down and got down on top of her with her as in the air. Dana looked dead at her ass. It turned her on so much, it almost made her water at the mouth. It was so firm and tight. Emma took Billie in a headlock and put it on tight. There was no way she was ever getting out. Peyton knew her partner was in trouble and went for the save, Dana hops in the ring and pushes Peyton on to the outside as Billie taps out. Emma gets up and cheers then hugs Dana.

"WE WON!" They both say hugging each other. The crowed cheers and applauds the lovely ladies. They exited the ring and went to the back to change clothes, then hop in a car and head to Emma's place.

"You drive." Emma tossed Dana the keys, put her stuff in the back and got in. Dana did the same, starting the car and started to drive away from Full Sail.

"Wow ... I can't believe we actually won! WOOOOOOO!" Emma cheered again as she went over and kissed her cheek.

"And I have the world greatest partner to thank for it." Emma complimented her then sat back in her seat.

"I think I'm gonna take a shower first." Dana commented. Emma nodded her head.

It wasn't long before the two were at Emma's place and got in. Dana pretty much bolted to the bathroom. She stripped herself and turned on the water. Her body felt really hot and her pussy was tingling. Being in the car with Emma must have gotten her pretty worked up. Her pussy needed to be touched and loved right now. She got under the hot water and started to feel her huge titties. She pinched her nipples which gave out a low moan. She made sure Emma couldn't hear her. She played with one of her nipples as her other hand moved slowly down her nice toned stomach. Dana started with teasing her clit, she let the water run over it and patted it a few time which really got her dripping wet (in more ways then one). Once she was really going she rubbed her clit slowly ensuring her a nice slow orgasm. Ms Brooke rubbed her clit a little quicker picking up pace as she started to grope herself more. She moaned louder.

"Oh fuck Emma, eat that pussy. YES! YES!" Dana slightly shouted as she grew closer to her treat.

Emma was in the kitchen making some food when she heard her name. She walked to the bathroom to see the door slightly ajar and with that was the surprise of her best friend masturbating. She watched Dana and started to get turned on. The former dancing diva moved her hand to her panties. She slowly slipped her fingers over her clit and into her pussy. Emma bit her lip not wanting Dana to know she was there.

"Yes, rub that pussy." She got turned on even more watching Dana, wanting to encourage her to finish. Emma continued to rub herself looking at her, it got very hot in here and Emma started to feel very "dirty". She took off her top and bra, feeling on her breast and making her nipples rock hard.

Dana shouted even louder, "OH FUCK EMMA YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!!"

"Fuck yeah I am!" Emma said in a quite voice as she stripped off the rest of her clothes.

Emma walks over to the shower and got in. She got down right under Dana's pussy, moved her hand out of the way and started to lick Dana up and down. Dana's eyes opened in surprise as she felt the warm tongue of her best friend on her clit. She quickly grabbed handfuls of her friends hair.


Dana was already on the edge and this sent her right over. Dana squirted her juices all in Emma's mouth and on her face. Her legs felt weak, which never used to happen, now the dominate diva was down in the shower. Emma moved up to her and started to make out with her. Dana held the Australian close and made out with her as furiously as possible. The Ohio native moved her hand lower before reaching Emma's wet tight cunt. Emma pulled away from Dana's mouth.

"MMMMMMM you dirty bitch, I didn't know you wanted..." She cut herself off as Dana entered a finger into her.

"FUCK!" Emma yelled. She laughed as Dana pulled it in and out.

"Make me cum dammit!" The Aussie commanded her.

"Okay." Was what he dominate diva replied.

She inserted 2 more fingers in her and started to finger her as fast as possible.

"YES!" Emma moaned trying to encourage Dana again. Dana was damn determined to finish what was now started. She fingered her faster and faster even getting to the point where Emma started bouncing on her fingers.

"FUCK, I'M SO CLOSE!" She screamed as her g-spot was hit by Dana's middle finger. That most made her cum right there, but she held on and started to rub and play with Dana's huge tits.

"I fucking love you bitch!!" Emma kissed Dana again as she came.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I'M CUUUUUMMMMINNGGGGGGG!" Emma came all over Dana's hand, completely soaking it with her cum. Dana slowly removed her hand from Emma and started to lick up her cum.

"Mmmm this is so good, thank you baby." Dana kissed Emma back and smiled at the Aussie as she turned the water off.

"That was good Dana, I didn't even know you were into me like that." Emma looked at Dana with a huge grin on her face.

"Well, you know me." Dana laughed and laid back in the shower still not steady after Emma made her cum.

"I think I do now." They both laughed then kissed one last time.

Emma got up and grabbed her clothes, "When I come back you better be clean, slut." Emma laughed and walked off with a huge smile on her face and now a very satisfied expression on her face.

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