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Divas' Night In
by Mistress

It had started out so innocently. Just a girls night in. Watching old movies, laughing, smiling. They just decided to stay in, hang with friends. Relax after a long day. Just friends. Three women who enjoyed each other's company and really had nothing in common except their jobs but were still good friends.

It started with a comment, game of truth or dare. Silly dares, call up someone and get them hot and bothered. Walk down the hall in only underwear. The truths were cliched and normal. How many men have you been with? When did you lose your virginity? Nothing out of the ordinary really.

Paige looked at the two women in the room with her. She didn't really know how she had ended up there. These two women were friends, that was for certain. They always roomed together, were always seen together. She was the new kid on the block. She still got strange, distasteful looks when she walked into the locker room. But these two women instantly accepted her.

AJ and Layla sat on the floor with Paige in a semi circle. This was fun. It was fun inviting someone knew to hang with. Paige was funny and shy, sweet and innocent really. She was totally different for the persona she was seen as on TV and loved and hated for. AJ smiled wickedly as she eyed the beautiful brunette. "Ok, truth or dare?"

Paige chewed her lips lightly. Either way had the potential to be rather embarrassing. The dares these two women came up with were going to leave a permanent blush on her cheeks and the questions they asked left her stuttering and shy. But she had to choose. At least it was the lesser of the two evils. "Truth."

Again AJ smiled a wicked leer. "Truth, the wimps way out." She smiled at Layla, slipping her a seductive wink, Paige missing the small gesture. "Ok, what can I ask that we already haven't." She pretended to think about it for a minute. "I got it. Have you ever made it with...a chick?" Her smile was positively sinful.

Paige didn't know what to say. She glanced at Layla looking for help, support, maybe a little shock. But the innocent looking blonde had an expression of expectation on her face. Her hands wrung gently in her lap and she looked down. She fidgeted on the pillows below her as the silence drug out. "No."

"Do you want to?"

Paige's head shot up and her eyes widened in surprise. She couldn't believe AJ just asked that. She watched, amazed as Layla, the innocent one, slowly crawled over to AJ. The two women seemed totally enraptured with each other. Their lips met in a tender kiss and Paige gasped at the pure eroticism of it. She was astonished and amazed at the brazen acts of the two women and their hands slowly moved over each other and their kiss deepened.

Finally they pulled apart and they both looked flushed and breathless.

"Well." AJ's voice was full of lust and passion and her fingers seemed to be drawn back to the pale skin of the woman who only moments ago had kissed her senseless. Paige could see the want in both of their eyes and she knew that the whole best friends thing was a cover up. They wouldn't have kissed like that just cause. They were together. And she wanted to be with them, at least one night. Her head nodded slightly and AJ's smile grew wide and dazzling.

The women seemed to stalk her as they both crawled towards her. Layla was like a gentle kitten but AJ like a predatory tiger. they were so different but they were so similar too. It was amazing. Paige could feel their soft touches on her arms, her bare legs. She cursed herself for wearing shorts, the sensations on her legs were distracting and sensitive. a gentle touch and her head turned towards the other blonde and then the feel of soft lips against her own. So delicate and gentle. A soft hand ran up her side, touching her sink but only barely, grazing over her breast, touching her neck. Then she was turned away from that beautiful mouth only to be pulled into a hungrier, needier kiss. This one was consuming and demanding.

Hands seemed to roam everywhere, over her, around her, slipping over and under her clothes. Until finally her body lay bare to the night air. AJ and Layla looked down at her with lust and want and affection. "We'll only do what you want us to." Layla's soft words echoed loud in the room and Paige nodded in understanding. And then it was everywhere, they were everywhere. Their hands traced over every exposed inch of flesh, she moaned and sighed and gasped. Sweat and heat and passion and need all formed around her like a blanket.

A greedy mouth latched on to her small breast and she shouted, arching her back high and panting. Her fingers grasped at long, tangled hair, pulling that wonderful sensation closer to her, needing it. Strong but gentle hand held her, pushed her legs apart and open. A gentle touch on her inner thigh and she moaned. She could feel sure hands running up and down her legs, caressing and teasing. And then a brush of fingertips against her most private part, a soft breathe against her. She screamed out as the touch became bolder, touching and running over her. Shock waves raked over her body as a sure tongue and questing fingers moved slowly into her, passing over her. Her body jerked as she was pushed closer and closer.

Two bodies above her, teasing her, pleasuring her. Driving her out of her mind. And she wasn't disgusted by it. She wanted more. Her own hands reached out blindly, feeling the two bodies over her. She let her hands roam blindly, touching, feeling a body that wasn't her own. Until her hand came across a fleshy mound, a gasp that cut through the air, not her own. And she squeezed, he felt that hard nipple against her palm and she rolled it gently, pulled at it and pinched. Opening her eyes she marveled at the sight in front of her. AJ, head thrown back, buoyant, perfect breast in her hand Layla between her legs, looking up in wonder and hunger. And then the moment was over and the fires burned brighter. Pulling none to gently, she forced AJ down, wanted to taste that perfect flesh in her mouth. It as strange but addictive, the feel of a woman's breast against her, sucking and playing, nibbling on the sensitive nipple.

The three women moved together. Layla's own fingers, her lips and teeth and tongue worked desperately to bring Paige off, her own fingers buried in her own warmth. Just the taste of her was almost enough to send her over the edge. AJ let those unsure, gentle hands roam over her body.

She couldn't remember how clothes had seem to melt away. She couldn't remember how she had let it get out of control, what had tempted her to bring Paige in on her relationship, she didn't care. Her body was on fire. Paige's hands roamed lower and soon found her own heated wetness between her legs. Finger's dipped in and pulled out, played and moved and barely touched.

And the three women lost themselves in the sensations and the smells and the sounds. Bodies writhed together, moved and bucked and strained. And then someone screamed, and the movements became jerked and impatient and then all that was left was silent. Silent as breath was calmed and controlled and heart beats slowed. Bodies cooled and moved closer together. Exhaustion took over and soon they were asleep, curled on the pillows and blankets that had their pallet on the floor. And it didn't matter that their popcorn was going to get cold and stale. It didn't matter that their water bottles would sweat and wet the floor, spill, making a mess. It didn't matter when it was just another Diva's night in.


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