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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on a recurring fantasy. Do not
read this if you are under 18 and/or offended by the following material.

Pairing: Dixie Carter & Christy Hemme

Dixie's Dark Pleasure
by Number One

For seven years, Dixie Carter been at the helm of Total Nonstop Action
Wrestling as the company's president. She has watched as the once fledgling
company has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, reaching standards so high
that many consider TNA as good as, or even better than, World Wrestling
Entertainment. And she has done so wearing the same demeanor: exhibiting a
quiet show of class and grace, and a sweet smile on her face.

But Dixie Carter is more than just a pretty face -- she is a businesswoman.
And her seemingly innocent demeanor masks a diabolical side to the TNA
president. Dixie wanted to not only compete with WWE, she wanted to crush
them and everything she believed they stood for. Dixie hated many things
about WWE, but the one thing she despised the most were the Divas --
especially former Diva turned Knockout Christy Hemme.

Dixie always thought of Christy as nothing more than talentless "T&A" who
didn't belong in TNA, and she anxiously awaited the very day that she would
no longer be a part of the company. But even a nagging neck injury wouldn't
keep her out of TNA, and Dixie decided to take matters into her own hands.

It was December 3, 2009, and Christy was on her way out of the Impact Zone.
Her surgically repaired neck was in some slight pain after competing in a
grueling gauntlet match -- which Dixie watched from her office. The devious
TNA president saw the pain that Christy was feeling, and saw this as an
opportunity to humble and humiliate the vivacious redhead.

As Christy passed the backstage area, she heard a voice from behind her.


The young redhead turned around and saw an image of Dixie Carter -- on an HD
screen -- sitting at her office, wearing a sinister smile on her face. "You
gave a valiant effort out there," she said facetiously, "but I can't help but
be concerned about your health and well being. Come into my office so we can
discuss your future in TNA."

Without response, Christy did as she was instructed and was on her way into
the office of the TNA president. Christy had been part of TNA since 2006 and
she has enjoyed every day of her tenure. But she sensed that she had her
critics, one of them being Dixie Carter herself. Still, she entered Dixie's
office not knowing what to expect.

"Dixie?" said Christy. "I'm here." She saw that the TNA president was nowhere
to be found. "Where is she?" the young redhead wondered as she walked around
the office. Just then, Christy heard the door slam -- and lock -- and
standing right across from was none other than Dixie Carter.

"Hello, Christy."

Christy slowly walked closer to Dixie, who stared ominously at the nervous
Knockout. "How are you?" she asked. "Are you feeling OK?"

"I'm fine," Christy replied. Dixie shook her head in a small display of
feigned concern. "I don't think you are," she said. "As a matter of fact, I
think that you are in intense pain. I could see it as you were competing."

"I'm not in pain," said Christy. As soon as she uttered that statement, Dixie
grabbed Christy by her throat and tossed her toward the door. The already
apprehensive Knockout was on the floor wailing in serious pain and agony,
while Dixie stood over her, glaring fiendishly at Christy. "Still think
you're 100%?" the TNA president coyly asked. It was clear to Christy that
Dixie had nothing but malice in her twisted mind.

"Please...," was all the red-headed beauty could say in her current state.
Dixie ignored Christy's short but merciful plea and decided to torment her
some more -- by placing her foot firmly on the KO's surgically repaired neck.
"Stop! STOP!!!" Christy screamed loudly as the increasing agony caused her to
burst into tears. After a while, Dixie ceased her torture, but pulled Christy
from the floor by her hair.

"Look at you," Dixie said vemonously. "You are nothing more than a trashy,
talentless, and pathetic WWE reject, and you have the nerve to come to my
company and call yourself a Knockout?! And why? All because you took off your
clothes and posed for Playboy!" The authoritative villainess delivered a hard
slap the left side of Christy's tender babyface.

"I've waited a long time to get you out of TNA," Dixie went on. "Your
numerous injuries were a blessing in disguise. But that wasn't enough. You
kept coming back." Dixie clutched onto Christy's throat and pinned her up
against the wall. The young Knockout was wincing in pain and was also scared
for her life as she was being tortured by her sinister superior.

"Please," said Christy. "I'm begging you. Let me out of here," Dixie laughed
cruelly at her intended victim's pleas for mercy. "Why?!" she asked loudly.
"Why should I be so merciful? As TNA president, I can do whatever I want to
you." She tightened her grip on Christy's throat to the point to she was
nearly choking. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't fire you right now!"
Dixie screamed right into Christy's face before she dropped her on the floor.

"Don't fire me," said Christy. "Please. I'll do anything."

As soon as Dixie heard those words, an evil smile formed on her beautiful
face. "Get up," she ordered Christy. The red-haired bombshell did so, knowing
full well that her boss has something diabolical in store for her.

"You know," said Dixie, "I must admit one thing. You are cute."

"Thank you," said Christy. Her reply was met with a hard slap on her face.

"I did not permit you to speak!" Dixie shouted.

"I'm sorry," a tearful Christy replied. Dixie rolled her eyes at the sobbing

"Stop crying," she said, "and do the one thing you're truly good at: getting

Without protest, Christy did as she was told and removed all of her clothes.
Dixie did the exact same thing, but as soon as she was fully nude, she went
to her desk -- and pulled out a 12-inch strap-on dildo, a thick one at that.

"I just bought this recently," Dixie said as she stared at the object in awe,
"because I knew that I would soon put this to good use." The diabolical TNA
president put the strap-on around her waist and slowly walked towards
Christy, who made one last attempt at escaping, but was quickly stopped by
Dixie. The young Knockout was forcibly bent over on Dixie's desk and quickly
felt the full force of twelve inches going in and out of her tight ass.

"AAAAGHHH!!! AAAAAGGGHHH!!!" Christy screamed in intense pain. But as she was
shrieking and bellowing, Dixie was cackling evilly at the redheaded beauty.

"Shut up, you little slut!" she cruelly snapped. "You're used to this. God
only knows how much went up your ass in WWE!" Dixie began fucking Christy
harder and harder, wanting to cause as much pain and anguish to the bane of
her existence as possible.

"STOP!" Christy shouted. "Please stop, I am begging you!" But her pleas only
angered Dixie, who reached out and grabbed Christy long, red locks as she
continued her sadistic act.

"I told you to shut up!" snarled Dixie. "I am your superior! I can do
whatever the fuck I want with you. And I will stop when I am damned good and
ready...which isn't anytime soon enough for you, my dear." The pain of the
penetration and her hair being pulled caused Christy to burst into tears. Her
loud sobs were music to the ears of the evil TNA president.

"Poor baby," Dixie said mockingly. "Am I hurting you?"

"Yes," Christy said between sobs.

"Have you had enough?" asked Dixie.

"Yes," Christy answered. Dixie pulled her hair once again, tighter than

"You pathetic little bitch!" she snarled. "You speak up when I am addressing
you! Have you had enough?!"

"YES!" Christy shouted. "Please, please stop."

Dixie hesitated at first, but she did finally release herself from Christy.
The damage -- both physical and some mental -- was already done. Dixie looked
down at the once vivacious Knockout--showing tons of pride and very little
remorse for her actions.

"Look at you," said Dixie. "You are truly a waste of not only my valuable
time, but TNA's as well." She kneeled down as close as she could to the
exhausted Christy. "But I am willing to give you just one chance to prove me
wrong." Dixie pulled Christy up -- again, by her hair -- only to send her
kneeling once again.

"Now," ordered Dixie, "you will taste and feast on my glorious and beautiful
pussy as if your livelihood depends on it -- because it does." Without
response, Christy did as she was instructed and began caressing her
superior's snatch with her tongue. Not only did Dixie seem quite unimpressed,
she grew angrier and angrier at Christy's performance.

"You incompetent whore!" the TNA president snapped as she pulled Christy
towards her. "I said feast on my pussy, not pet it!" She tossed Christy down
onto the floor, a small act that put an evil smile on her face. "Now then,"
she said, "I suggest you do a better job this time, sweetie, or I can make
life for you even worse than this."

"Is that even possible?" Christy retorted.

Dixie clutched the throat of the young Knockout in responsive anger. "What
did you say?!" she screamed.

"Nothing," a choking Christy replied.

"That's what I thought," said Dixie, right before she released her. Christy
got her wits about her just enough to assume her original position -- on her
knees licking her boss' snatch. She put a little more proverbial English than
last time, but Dixie still wasn't pleased.

"Harder!" Dixie screamed. "HARDER!" Christy decided to put her tongue to good
use by sampling as much of Dixie's sexual fluids as possible, an act that
required her to actually French kiss her wet and shaved pussy. "AAAHHH...
yes," said Dixie, who was on the verge of orgasmic pleasure. "That's more
like it." Christy continued to deliver passionate and erotic kisses to the
lower lips of her sexy superior, whose shrieks of pleasure grew louder and


Christy was beginning to enjoy delivering oral satisfaction to the same woman
who tormented and berated her. It started out as an unpleasant act to save
her job...


...but as she proceeded on with her act, it became an interesting expierience
for her. But Dixie quickly put a stop to that. "That's enough!" she screamed
as she forcibly tossed Christy off of her.

"What the fuck is your problem?!" snarled Christy. "I did everything you
asked me to do and you still refuse to value me as a loyal TNA employee!"

Before she could continue, Dixie slapped her hard on the left side of her
face. "Value?!" she screamed as she tossed Christy's clothes towards her.
"You have no value! You are an injury-prone, worthless little whore whose
only use in this company is to tend to my whims." As both ladies redressed
themselves, Dixie finished her rant with this statement:

"And that is the ONLY reason why you will remain in this company."

"Are you serious?" asked a stunned Christy.

"As a heart attack," replied Dixie. "You are now TNA's backstage
interviewer." Christy was elated to still be a part of TNA, but her joy was
quickly cut off by an approaching Dixie. "However," she continued, "if you
want to hold on to that position, you will continue to be at my fulfill any
and all of my sexual appetites. At any time and any place, I can and will
summon you, and you better bring your little ass to my office as quickly as

"You are a cruel, heartless bitch," snapped Christy.

"And don't you forget it," replied Dixie. "Now get out of my office!"

Christy, still suffering from her ordeal, gingerly walked out of the office
of the TNA president.

"Oh, Christy," Dixie called at the doorway. "Make sure you get plenty of
rest. Because tomorrow, your ass is mine. Good night."

Christy shuddered of the sound of Dixie's evil cackling from her office. In
contrast, she looked forward to new role in TNA -- and her close and personal
position under the villainous Dixie Carter.

The End

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