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Do The Dew Part 1
Written by Angela (

Stephanie McMahon sat in her office watching as Raw played out on the TV in
front of her. Her gaze seemed to linger on that one longhaired diva. She saw
so much potential in Candice if only her father hadn't decided to put her
with Torrie Wilson and Victoria... Maybe she would try and talk to her after
the show went off the air?

After Raw goes off the air, Candice Michelle is heading towards Stephanie's
dressing room after being summoned there by the billion-dollar princess.
Candice is wearing a lacy black top with a matching mini-skirt and heels.
She is also carrying a bottle of Mountain Dew that she was drinking when she
got the message and her trademark wand. Candice arrives at Stephanie's office
and knocks on the door.

"Ummm, Stephanie... it's Candice... Mr. Malenko said you wanted to see me."

Stephanie smiles standing up coming around her desk she is wearing a white
shirt that is practically split in half in the front and a short blue skirt
opening the door she smiles at Candice before moving aside to let her past.

"Hello Candice...yes I did want to see you... very much in fact."

Candice enters the office very nervously, "I'm hope I'm not getting
released... I've been working extra hard to be a value to Raw and to the

"Oh no Candice you are far from being released.... in fact I have a.... how
shall I put this... I want to make you an offer. See the thing is I have
been watching you out there and I think that if I get you away from those
two you could be one of our top divas bigger then Joanie or Rena ever thought
of being so what I am offering is I will share with you some of my vast
knowledge of this company and well how to be a diva that will never be

Candice gets an excited smile on her beautiful face, "I would be honored to
learn from you. I know you're not a diva, but you're the best one here...
everyone remembers everything you did..." Candice's voice is slightly high
as she sucks up to Stephanie.

"Oh I am sure they will Candice... now the first thing we have to do is get
you away from Torrie and Victoria ... I will talk to my father about that
later I mean after all I am the billion dollar princess so I will get what I
want... now let's start with this first," Stephanie takes the bottle of
Mountain Dew from Candice's hand.

Candice bites her lip, thinking Stephanie is thirsty, "You can have the
rest... if you want."

"No thank you, there will be no more of this touching your lips is that
understood Candice?" Stephanie walks up to Candice with a smile on her face.

"Ok... so, no more soda... got it," Candice nods smiles, even though she
totally missed Stephanie's real meaning.

Stephanie moves behind Candice gets really close to her. In an almost
whisper, Stephanie says into her ear, "About your clothes... we must...
examine them very closely."

Candice looks down at her own clothes, "They aren't good?"

"Those are... well there's just a little to much on the top."

"Good... Could we start right now?" Stephanie smiles mischievously.

Candice looks at Stephanie for a bit then shrugs, "Sure, why not, you're
offering to help me..." Candice pulls off her top, revealing a black bra
holding her tits.

"Ohh yes... very nice..." Stephanie moves in front of Candice to slide a
finger between her tits. "I can see this with a very short aqua skirt... it
will drive the fans wild especially the male ones."

Candice smiles, "That will be so hot looking... but... Wouldn't the WWE get
in trouble over me just being in a bra?"

"Honey were back on the USA network remember and besides have you seen some
of the stuff the girls wear around here?" Stephanie suddenly cups Candice's
tits and smirks at her. "Oh yeah this will work out real nice."

Candice slightly licks her lips, "Umm... Stephanie... the... way you're...
touching me..."

"Do you want me to stop Candice?" Stephanie locks eyes with her.

"N-no..." Candice smiles a little, "It... feels good..."

"That's good... I want you to feel good." Stephanie squeezes her breasts,
"Have you ever had another woman touching your tits before?"

Candice shakes her head, "No.... never... I've... I've been curious

"Mmm.... well we can take care of that right now too," Stephanie starts to
slide Candice's bra straps down.

Candice licks her lips again, "Can... can I see yours?"

"Turn around baby... I want to watch your face."

Candice turns around slowly and faces Stephanie. She finishes removing her
bra so Stephanie doesn't have to and looks at her boss excitedly. Stephanie
pulls off her top and instantly lets Candice know she has left the bra at
home this time. Stephanie then cups her face with her hands and kisses
Candice softly.

Candice is stunned for a moment at first mesmerized by Stephanie's beautiful
chest and then by Stephanie kissing her. Candice moans in response to the
kiss as she kisses back and places her hands on Stephanie's arms. Stephanie
looks up at her pushing some hair away from her face. "Are you okay with
this? Do you want me to stop?"

Candice shakes her head, "No.... I... I want to learn... and I want to be the
best..." Candice smiles at her, "And.... I... I kinda want you..."

Stephanie laughs softly "You kind of want me..." She moves to kiss Candice's
neck before taking one of her large tits into her mouth sucking on it softly.

"Ohhh..." Candice moans softly as Stephanie sucks on her breast. "Ohhh
Stephanie... I... I really want you..." Stephanie takes her hand moving
over to the small couch in her office. Steph moves in front of her taking
her breast back into her mouth sucking harder this time. Candice continues
to moan and she places her hands on Stephanie's head and plays with her
beautiful blond hair. "Ohhh Stephanie... that feels... so good... your
mouth... it's so warm..."

Stephanie presses Candice back against the couch as she moves to cup
Candice's nice tits rubbing to rub her thumbs over the nipples.

"Mmmmm." Candice moans as she presses her lips together. She gets a bit
bold and reaches for Stephanie's breasts and cups them with her soft hands.
Candice squeezes both of Stephanie's tits, feeling how perfect they are,
"Ohhh my god... Stephanie... your breasts... are... wonderful..."

Stephanie smirks, "Go ahead and taste them Candice. I want to feel your
mouth on my tits." Candice smiles and she sits up a bit as Stephanie stands
up. Candice takes firm hold of one of Stephanie's tits and takes it into her
mouth. She starts sucking on it softly at first while flicking her tongue
over the nipple.

"Ahh yes that's a good little diva... mmmm use that talented mouth baby"
Stephanie moans as she takes hold of Candice's hair. Candice smiles around
Stephanie's breast before she switches over to the other one. Candice
lightly bites down on the nipple and pulls it with her teeth. She then opens
her mouth and takes as much of Steph's tit into her mouth as possible.

Stephanie gasps softly whimpering as Candice continues to sweetly torture her
breast "I want to touch you Candice.... please let me touch you..."

Candice lifts her head off of Stephanie's breast and smiles. "You're the
boss... do what you want to me... I'm yours..."

"Oh are you now? Go lay down on the couch," Stephanie orders as she gets a
grin on her face.

"Ok..." Candice smiles as she takes off her skirt and panties so Stephanie
can do what she wants sooner. Candice walks seductively over to the couch and
lies down. She looks at Stephanie and licks her lips as she pinches both of
her nipples.

"So you want to tease the boss sweetheart... Candice... forget Hunter... with
me it's a whole different game baby"

"I like games..." Candice smiles as she moves one of her hands down to
between her legs and traces her own pussy with her soft fingers. Stephanie
comes over to the couch and grabs Candice's hand quickly. She brings it to
her mouth and then takes one of her fingers in her mouth. Stephanie sucks
on Candice finger, cleaning them of any pussy juice that's on them.

Candice lightly bites one of her fingers on her other hand as Stephanie
sucks on her finger. "Wow... you're like... giving... head... to my finger...
that's so hot..."

Stephanie smiles placing that finger against the side of her own lips "Wait
till I get to your pussy baby..."

Candice grins, "I can't wait..."

Stephanie lowers her head onto Candice's chest and begins flicking her tongue
against her right nipple before moving her hand to tug on the other one.

"Mmmm ohhh Stephanie..." Candice moans as she moves her hands over
Stephanie's back.

"That's it baby... ohhh I bet your so wet?"

Candice nods her head as she breathes deeply, "I... I am... ohhh Stephanie...
lick my pussy... let me feel your tongue..."

"Spread those legs for me...." Candice spreads her legs for Stephanie as she
moves downward. Stephanie starts licking the outside of her pussy before
gently thrusting her tongue inside of Candice's sweet twat.

"Ohhhh mmmm Stephanie... that's it... eat me..." Candice reaches down and
grabs some of Stephanie's soft hair with her hands. She slightly pulls on it
whenever the billon dollar princess hits a sweet spot. Stephanie lets her
tongue circle around Candice's clit before she begins to move it in and out
of her pussy.

"Ohhh, ohhh fuck... " Candice's body shakes a bit as she cums suddenly.
"Don't stop... please... don't stop..." Steph pulls her tongue out of
Candice's pussy then she slowly moves to kiss Candice's stomach. Stephanie
continues moving up and reaches Candice's chest, and then she takes a nipple
in her mouth.

As Stephanie sucks on her tit, Candice moans softly as she moves one hand
between her body and Steph's. She slowly inches it between Stephanie's legs
and inserts two of her fingers into Stephanie's pussy. Candice slowly begins
to move them in and out of Steph's tight pussy.

"Oh Candice baby... I love your fingers in my wet pussy" Stephanie moans as
Candice skill fully fucks her cunt.

Candice smiles, "I bet... you'll like my tongue... better..."

"You think you can handle my pussy baby?" Stephanie smirks.

Candice nods her head, "I think so..." Candice gets off of the couch and
Stephanie moves to sit on it. Stephanie opens her legs for Candice as she
kneels down on the floor before her. Candice kisses both of Stephanie's feet.
Candice then licks up both of her legs as she places both of her hands on
Stephanie's beautiful waist. Candice lowers her head onto Stephanie's pussy
and slowly begins to lick it.

"Ahhh... my sweet Candice... I should have come up with this idea way before
now" Stephanie slides a hand down to her pussy and uses her fingers as she
tries to open herself more for Candice.

Candice makes use of Stephanie's efforts by sliding her soft tongue inside of
Stephanie's pussy. She starts moving her tongue in several directions while
it's inside of the beautiful McMahon. Candice moves one of her hands up to
Stephanie's mouth and pushes a finger into her mouth as she looks up to see
the pleasure on Stephanie's face. Stephanie takes the finger licking it all
around moving to lightly suck on it before moaning softly as Candice teases
and tempts her.

Candice lifts her head off of Stephanie's pussy and moves upward. She teaks
her finger out of Stephanie's mouth and then kisses her deeply, sliding her
tongue into mouth to slide it against Stephanie's.

Stephanie moves her hand threw Candice's hair as she kissing her back softly.
"You have me mesmerized Candice..."

"We're not done are we?" Candice smiles as she presses her body against
Stephanie's so their breasts are smashed together.

"We are far from done baby... I want you to feel and taste every part of this

Candice gets a huge grin on her face, "Can I... kiss your ass?"

Stephanie smiles as she pushes Candice off of her. She then rolls onto her
stomach and then gets onto her hands and knees while on the couch, sticking
her ass out for Candice. Candice smiles and rubs Stephanie's beautiful ass
before she lowers her head to kiss both of her ass cheeks.

Stephanie moans softly "You are driving me crazy... I want you so much

"I see..." Candice smiles as she spreads Stephanie's ass apart. She begins
licking up and down Stephanie's ass crack and at times dips her tongue into
Stephanie's asshole.

Stephanie pushes back against Candice's tongue and moans, "Oh damn Candice
baby that's good..."

Candice pushes her tongue further into Stephanie's ass and begins moving it
in and out. Candice moves one of her hands between Stephanie's legs to rub
her pussy with the palm of her hand. Stephanie pushes her ass back against
Candice, all the while whimpering as she feels her hand going against her

Candice stops tongue fucking Stephanie and reaches for the bottle of Mountain
Dew. She opens it and pours it almost all of it over Stephanie's ass and
begins to slurp it up.

"Oh yeah baby... come on and do the dew... lick all over my ass Candice,"
Stephanie moans as she feels the fuzzily drink on her skin.

Candice continues to lick up the soda until its all gone, and then she gets
an idea, Candice sits on the floor and leans back and pours the rest of the
soda onto her tits. "There was more in the bottle... I want you to have
it..." Candice grins as the soda drips down her stomach.

Steph slides off the couch and crawls over to her. She begins licking between
Candice's breasts before and licks each breast slowly before going down to
lick her stomach.

"Mmmm I see... you like... the Dew too..." Candice moans

Stephanie looks up at her smiling "I like your dew baby..."

"I still haven't made you cum." Candice smiles, "But I have something to
handle that..." Candice holds up the empty soda bottle.

"Just how do you plan on using that...?"

"Lean back and I'll show you..." Candice smiles.

"Oh I think I get the idea," Stephanie moans.

Candice licks her lips as Stephanie leans back and spreads her legs. Candice
makes sure she has a good grip on the bottle before she begins to push it cap
first into Stephanie's pussy.

"Mmm....come on baby fuck me with the bottle."

"Ok... you asked for it..." Candice grins as she rams the bottle deep into
Stephanie's pussy. Candice begins pounding her cunt, thrusting it in and out
as hard as she can.

"Oh yeah do my pussy come on Candice oh yeah mm... that's good baby..."
Stephanie moans as she grinds her pussy against the bottle. Candice pushes
Stephanie down on to her back. She grips the bottle with both hands to drive
it in and out of Stephanie with more force.

"That's it baby oh damn Candice I'm cumming... ohhh yess here it
cummmssssssssss!" Stephanie screams in pleasure as she cums.

Candice pulls the bottle out of Stephanie's pussy and quickly drops her face
onto her cunt. Candice laps up Stephanie's juices as they flow out of her

"I have to... Candice I have to touch you... I want to do the same thing to
you..." Stephanie smiles as she comes down from her orgasm.

Candice smiles, "Ok... but... first... let's lick the bottle clean... I bet
you'll love how you taste." Candice puts the bottle near Stephanie's mouth.
Stephanie's tongue darts out to lick around the bottle as she reaches over
to pinch Candice's nipple.

Candice moans as she hands the bottle to Stephanie, Candice gets onto her
hands and knees and looks at Stephanie, "Fuck me..."

"Oh I intend to," Stephanie grins as she rubs the bottle against Candice's

"Mmmmm." Candice moans and moves back a bit to press her pussy against the

"Good girl.... I can't wait to watch your pussy close around this bottle."

Candice looks back at Stephanie and licks her lips, "Make me do the Dew..."

Stephanie pushes the bottle inside of her and roughly begins thrusting it in
and out "Come on Candice fuck the bottle baby!"

"Ahhh ahh Stephanie... fuck me... make me... do the Dew..." Candice pushes
back against the bottle as hard and fast as she can. Stephanie moves the
bottle faster as she uses her free hand rub her own pussy while she's
slamming the bottle inside of Candice.

"Ohhhh, Ohhhh Fuck... I'm cumming... I'm cumming!" Candice slams back against
the bottle taking it completely inside of her pussy as she cums.

Stephanie kisses Candice's back, then kisses up all the way to her neck "Now
that was hot baby," Stephanie seductively whispers into her ear.

"Ohhhh... I've never... cummed so hard... in my life..." Candice moans.

"Candice.... make me a promise okay?"

Candice nods, "I'll... I'll promise... anything... if we... can do this...

Stephanie slides a finger down to her pussy, "Don't ever let anybody but me
touch you here."

Candice nods and smiles, "My pussy belongs to you..."

"You better get dressed.... You have an interview scheduled with Maria in ten

"Yes ma'am," Candice smiles, before she pulls Stephanie into a kiss.
Stephanie cups her face while slipping her tongue into her mouth.

Candice taps Stephanie's tongue with her own as reaches between her legs to
pull the bottle out of her pussy. Candice breaks the kiss and smiles, while
holding up the bottle, "Want to clean with me?"

"Of course" Stephanie moves her head to lick the bottle while slowly and
sneakily slipping two fingers in between Candice's legs.

Candice licks the other side of the bottle as she too slips two fingers in
between Stephanie's legs. The tongues of both women touch as they playfully
tongue-fight around the cap of the bottle. Stephanie finds Candice's g-spot
and begins rubbing it slowly with her two fingers.

Candice tosses the bottle aside as she rubs Stephanie's sweet spot with her
fingers. Candice kisses Stephanie deeply and moans into her mouth.

Steph pulls away slowly "Go sit on the couch and spread your legs open."

"Ok..." Candice replies and she quickly moves the couch and spreads her legs
far apart for her lover. Stephanie pounces to get between them Candice's
legs. She slips her tongue deep inside Candice's pussy.

Candice reaches down and grabs Stephanie's hair, "Yess... tongue my pussy...
god you're so good..." Stephanie circles her pussy with her tongue before
moving it to the clit to lick it.

"Ohhhh ohhh Stephanie... you're going to... make me..." Candice sighs in
pleasures as she has a gentle orgasm. Stephanie slides a finger through
Candice's juices as they drip out of her. Stephanie makes sure Candice is
watching before she slowly licks it off.

Candice smiles, "Ohhh I... I need you to make you... cum again..."

"Umm... somebody has an interview" Stephanie laughs a bit. "Would you like
to tell my father you missed the interview cause you were fucking his little

Candice bites her lip, "No..." Then Candice gets a mischievous smirk on her
face, "No... I do... I don't want to leave you..."

"I'll tell you what I have a business dinner with Hunter tonight.... and then
say about nine thirty you show up at my door with a question that's going to
take all night to answer?"

Candice smiles, "What should the question be?"

"Make something up..." Stephanie licks her lips.

"How about..." Candice slides off the couch and kneels next to Stephanie,
"How many times can I make you cum before the sun rises?"

"Oh now that will defiantly have to explored all night."

"And maybe... all day tomorrow too..."

"Mmm.... you better go for Maria comes looking for you."

Candice laughs, "Yeah..." Candice kisses Stephanie softly, "I'll see you
later... at 9:30 sharp..."

Stephanie places two fingers against Candice's lips softly, "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you more..." Candice whispers before she sucks on Stephanie's
fingers slowly.

Steph closes her eyes whimpering softly "Candice... please."

Candice slowly takes Stephanie's fingers out of her mouth and smiles,
"That's... just a sample... of what we're going to do..." Candice then gets
dress and starts toward the door but Steph stops her.


"Yes?" Candice asks turning around to find The Billion dollar princess
licking her lips.

"Make it nine... I'll tell Hunter I need my beauty sleep."

-THE END... For Now-

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