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Do The Dew Part 2: One Wild Night
by Angela (

Stephanie walks into a restaurant and finds Hunter sitting at a table by the
wall. She already wished she could get away from him and go find a certain
diva that had occupied her thoughts since she had left her earlier.

Hunter smirks at his beautiful wife, "Hey, you're a bit late... Big Daddy
kept you late again?"

Stephanie glares at him, "No I had some business to take care of and besides
you're not my damn mother. Let's order now."

"Fine by me... although I bet what you want isn't on the menu..." Hunter
laughs as he refers to his penis, which is something Stephanie tells him that
he shouldn't brag about. "But seriously Steph, it's been so long baby how
about we get this to go and go up to the room and well you know... play the

"This is a business meeting Hunter remember?" Stephanie replies as she
glances at her menu.

"Yeah well... so what... that never stopped us before..." Hunter smirks.
"Besides we're here to just to and get Sable to sign back with the WWE, it's
not like it's a die hard emergency."

"Personally I don't care if she signs or not... we have a lot of fresh new
divas that can do so much more then she even dreamed of, like Mickie and
Candice," Stephanie pauses as she tries to hide a smile that forms after she
mentions Candice's name.

"Candice? Are you kidding... sure she has nice big fat tits... and is built
for fucking, but she's not a big name..." Hunter counters, "Besides, I think
she's gone lesbian."

"I suggest you watch your mouth because my father does still run this

"Since when do you care about the skanks we call divas?" Hunter laughs.

"They are not skanks Hunter... they're women and they have feelings too."

"Christ almighty..." Hunter rolls his eyes, "Look... with that attitude,
Sable's not even going to consider signing... I can handle this... and

Stephanie eyes him while smirking a little "I'll just bet you can... you are
the game after all right Hunter?"

"Are you going to be spending the night with Sable?" Stephanie asks secretly
hoping he says yes.

"That's the plan," Hunter smirks, "She may be old, but she's a fucking sex

"There's more to life than getting fucked by a bimbo who couldn't fight her
way out of a paper bag with both ends open," Stephanie replies with a bit of
anger in her voice.

"Yeah... there's also fucking a bimbo just to stay in the main event," Hunter
laughs a bit.

In a flash, Stephanie slaps Hunter across the face. Her violent reaction
causes the people at the next table to look over, and Stephanie is
embarrassed. She leans in closer to Hunter and in a hissing at tone, "You
make one more comment like that and the only event you'll be in is the
unemployment line event."

Hunter grins at her, "Someone's frisky... I might just save a little for
after I'm done with Sable tonight for you tomorrow morning."

"It's going to be a long wait, you have a contract meeting with my father
tomorrow remember?" Stephanie asks getting up and smiling at him as she slams
some money down on the table.

"Oh yeah... well I'll get you back in Greenwich," Hunter grins as he looks at
Stephanie's ass.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you."

Stephanie leaves the restaurant and walks to a nearby corner market smiling
to herself. She goes and inside and buys a bottle style six-pack of Mountain
Dew. "This is going be a long night baby," Stephanie says as she leaves the
market and heads for the hotel across the street. She makes her way up to her
room and sets the bottles on a table before she heads to the bathroom to take
a long hot bubble bath.

Stephanie takes careful care in washing every inch of her beautiful body
while resisting the urge to play with her pussy. Once she's down with her
bath, Stephanie leaves the bathroom to slip into a short lacy teddy. She
puts on a white robe to match it and as soon as she puts it on, there's a
knock on the door. Stephanie immodestly opens the door slowly and smiles
when she sees Candice standing there in a red halter-top and a pair of
skintight white jeans. Candice also has a small book back draping off of
her shoulder.

"How did the interview go?" Stephanie asks as she reaches for her hand and
pulls her into the room.

"It was all right," Candice smiles, as she takes the book bag off of her
shoulder, "Maria is so dumb..."

"Candice... what did we talk about earlier... your clothes, right?" Stephanie
asks as she quickly pulls Candice's halter top off making sure her hands rub
against her breasts.

Candice smiles at Stephanie, "I know we did, but I wanted you to strip me..."

"I got a surprise for you in the fridge go look" Stephanie says smiling as
she imagines Candice's response when she sees the six-pack.

"Oh I got a surprise for you too... look in my bag..." Candice smiles as she
goes to the fridge. She opens it and gets a big grin on her face, "OH fuck...
6 bottles..."

Stephanie walks over to Candice's bag unzipping it slowly and opens it up.
Stephanie smiles as she looks inside it and sees a strap on dildo, two
bottles of Mountain Dew and a pair of handcuffs. Stephanie looks up to find
Candice watching her with a grin on her face.

"You certainly came prepared didn't you?" Stephanie asks. She speed walks up
to Candice and immediately cups her large breasts in her hands.

Candice moans as Stephanie squeezes her tits, "Yes... I did... and you
prepared too... six bottles... we're going to be so sticky..."

"That just means more for us to lick off..." Stephanie leans down and begins
sucking on just the nipple of Candice's right breast. Candice whimpers in
pleasure as Stephanie sucks her right tit. Candice places a hand on
Stephanie's head while using the other to push Stephanie's robe open. "Not
to ruin the mood baby but have you talked to Hunter lately?" Stephanie asks
as she licks around Candice's nipple.

Candice makes a face and nods, "Yeah... I ran into him on my way here... he
wanted me to fuck me..."

Stephanie looks up quickly "He did what...?"

"He... he came up to me... with this other lady... and asked if I wanted to
party... he grabbed my ass..."

"Was she blonde ...kind of old looking?"

"Yeah..." Candice nods, "She was kinda sexy too... not like you... but she
was all right..."

"You stay here, I'll be right back..." Stephanie leaves the room and storms
down the hall to Hunter's door. Stephanie balls her fist and begins pounding
on the door.

Inside of Hunter's room, Sable is sucking Hunter's cock. Hunter hears the
knocking and sighs. "Sable... go tell whoever that is to fuck off..."

Sable lifts her head off of Hunter's dick and smirks, "No problem stud..."
Sable walks over to the door, buck-naked and opens it and yells, "Fuck off!"
before she realizes Stephanie is there.

"Bitch you better go take some remembrance drugs so you realize who your
talking to. Now go take your surgically enhanced self back in there and go
tell him he has five seconds to get out here and that I have my father on
speed dial!"

Sable looks at Stephanie and smirks, "Someone's gotten bitchy... it suits
you... wait here..." Sable goes back inside and a moment later Hunter stands
in front of Stephanie.

"You want to play the Game Stephanie?"

Stephanie folds her arms, "I've played it and it bores me very quickly
remember? No I'm here with a message... you stay away from Candice."

"Give me one good reason why I should?" Hunter asks with a smirk on his face.

"Because I said so and besides Hunter you wouldn't want to make plastic place
Barbie jealous right?"

Hunter grins, "Just so you know... Sable was the one who wanted Candice to
play the game... I just offered the bitch the chance, and she turned me

"She is a very smart woman."

Hunter shrugs, "Or she's a dyke..."

"Maybe she just has good taste? Just remember.... you and," Stephanie points
at Sable, "Her better stay away from Candice..."

"Whatever..." Hunter steps back and close the door. A moment later, Sable
opens the door. Sable looks at Stephanie as she licks her lips.

"You wouldn't want to get together later would you? You're attitude has
gotten me hot..."

Stephanie fights the urge to laugh in her face "Oh really baby?" she asks
moving to cup one of Sable's tits rubbing her thumb around the nipple.

Sable closes her eyes moaning "Yes, Stephanie."

"Sable... I would rather be bitten by a rabid dog then to screw you."
Stephanie pushes Sable away heading back to her room and Candice. Back inside
of the hotel room, Candice has stripped off her clothes and is wearing the
strap on. She sits on the edge of the bed and waits for Stephanie to return.

Stephanie walks into the room and immediately drops her robe; she looks at
Candice and smirks, "Hey there, sexy."

Candice grins as Stephanie as she strokes the strap-on dildo as if it was a
real cock. Candice giggles a bit as she sees the look on Stephanie's face,
but seductively says, "Hey foxy... I've missed you..."

"Had some business to take care of," Stephanie replies as she sinks to her
knees. She moves Candice's hand way from the dildo and then takes it in her

Candice grins down at Stephanie, "Oh yeah... suck it..."

Stephanie's hand goes around the dildo her tongue working it as she moves it
in and out of her mouth Candice watches as Stephanie sucks on it as she moves
her hands through Stephanie's hair. Candice begins to moan and whimper as
Stephanie deep throats the dildo.

"Ohhhh Stephanie..." Candice moans, "You look so... sexy with my dildo in
your mouth..."

"Yes, Stephanie, you do," a voice suddenly says from the doorway. Stephanie
and Candice quickly look over to see Sable standing they're rubbing her
already soaking wet pussy.

"How did you get in here?" Stephanie demands.

"I have my ways, now I do believe I see something I want?" Sable closes
the door and moves quickly to cup Candice's breast squeezing the nipple.
Stephanie gets up from her knees and slaps Sable's hand away.

"I thought it was my attitude that got you hot? Doesn't matter, since you
better get out before I call security."

"Oh Steph... I'm here to make a deal... you either let me join in or I can go
and spill this whole sordid story to Hunter," Sable licks her lips as she
traces a finger around Stephanie's lips.

Candice looks at Sable with a bit of lust in her eyes, then she looks at
Stephanie, "I... I don't want you to get in trouble with your husband..."

"I can handle Hunter... but you want to screw her don't you?" Stephanie asks
seeing the look in Candice's eyes.

"Yes... I do but not as much as I want to be with you."

Stephanie was now torn between what to do. She wanted to make sure Candice
was happy but the thought of Sable touching her made her almost sick suddenly
she gets up walking into the other room needing just a minute to think
through things. Sable looks at Candice and eyes her voluptuous body, but then
she looks at the door where Stephanie went. Sable gets a smirk on her face
and follows Stephanie into the other room.

"Act like the bitch you were earlier..." Sable says as she moves to Stephanie
and places her hands on Stephanie's waist. Stephanie pushes her hands away
before turning to face her.

"You want to see me act like a bitch? Put your hands on me again."

"Look, Stephanie, it's so obvious she wants me and you just want
to make sure she gets whatever she wants... besides she does excite me a
little, but it's you that I want on that bed wet and screaming, Stephanie."

Stephanie looks at Sable with a suspicious look on her face, "You want me on
that bed, wet and screaming?"

"If I didn't do you think I would be here? I want your billion dollar body
with your legs spread and my very talented tongue mmmm... going all over your
sweet pussy." Stephanie can't help but moan as Sable's hand snakes around to
cup her tit. "Are you getting wet Steph? If you are then were halfway

Stephanie licks her pouty lips, "If... you want me... that bad... then...
you're going to have to experience something first..."

"Just what would that be Stephanie... I can get very kinky in the bedroom
just ask your husband."

"The less contact with Hunter I have the better off we all are," she said
and Sable laughs.

Stephanie then takes Sable's hand and pulls her out into the main room, where
Candice is masturbating while looking at a copy of Sable's first Playboy she
found in Stephanie's open suitcase. Stephanie smirks at her lover then looks
at Sable, "Have you ever... had a Dew Shower?" Candice drops the magazine
smiling at Stephanie.

"What's that?" Sable asks looking between the two women.

"Well, that answers my question," Stephanie said slipping Sables dress straps
down moaning softly when Sable's tits come into view. Candice gets off the
bed and runs to the fridge to take out the bottles of Mountain Dew. She opens
each one and sets them on a table while Stephanie takes off her teddy.

"Hey Candice baby... why don't we go get the handcuffs so we make sure Sable
enjoys her first Mountain Dew experience?" Stephanie says as she pushes Sable
onto the bed.

"Ohh, I do love the way you think," Candice replies and she immediately goes
over to her bag and gets out the handcuffs. She then quickly moves to the bed
where Sable is now laying and slides them over her bare breasts.

"Ohhhh, they are so cold..." Sable moans and she raises her hands towards the
headboard so Candice can handcuff them to it. Candice handcuffs her to the
headboard sliding her tongue out to lick her lips as she imagines getting a
taste of the woman next to her.

Sable opens her mouth and flicks her tongue out at Candice as Stephanie goes
to the table and picks up two bottles. She comes back to the bed and hands
one to Candice. Stephanie looks down at Sable, "Get ready..." Stephanie grins
as she starts to pour her bottle all over Sable's luscious body.

Sable moans and gasps as the cool liquid flows all over body and she can
only watch as Stephanie leans down slowly sucking the liquid from her breast
circling the nipple with her tongue as if she always knew she could drive
Sable crazy by sucking on her breasts.

Candice gets a playful look on her face and she dumps her bottle of Mountain
Dew down on Stephanie's head as she sucks on Sables breasts. Candice hurries
to the table and comes back with two more bottles and sits down on the
nightstand. She soon gets the other four bottles, two from the table and the
two in her bag and brings them closer to the bed.

"Oh, you will pay for that, Candice," Stephanie promises smiling as she wipes
Mountain Dew from her eyes.

"Be gentle with me, Stephy?" Candice asks as she tries to give Steph an
innocent look.

"Don't plan on it...I know how to make you scream remember?"

"Hey.... there's still more Mountain Dew..." Sable moans as she licks her
lips. She doesn't try to pull her handcuffed hands from the headboard; in
fact she just lies there. "I thought... I was going to get a Dew Shower...
not a dew bath..."

"Were not done yet," Stephanie says as she moves to take another bottle and
open it. "Hey, Candice, how about we concentrate on a certain part of Sable's
body?" she asks while dumping her bottle all over Sable's breasts.

"Hmmm good idea..." Candice smiles as she opens two bottles and pours both
all over Sable's chest. "How's that Sable?" Candice asks as Stephanie moves
to rub Sable's breast, focusing around the nipple.

"More... please ohh that's so good... I need more," Sable moans as she moves
her body a bit.

Stephanie smirks and looks at Candice, "Get the other bottles... dump it all
her body..."

"Hey, Steph, I got an idea... how about I'll hold her pussy open and you pour
some all over it on the inside, too?" They both turn when they hear Sable
whimper softly.

"Yes, Sable?" Stephanie asks smiling.

"Do that... pour it on my pussy... please..." Sable moans.

"Mmm.... Candice, she's begging."

"Why yes she is," Candice replies as she moves between Sables legs. Candice
spreads her pussy wide open just as Stephanie turns the bottle over to let
the soda flow down directly onto Sable's pussy.

Sable moans and squirms as the liquid hits her pussy, "Ohhhh... it feels...
so... good... like... a water hose..."

Stephanie glances over at Candice, "Do you think she's ready for the second
part?" she asks and Candice nods eagerly.

"Can I do it, please?" she asks. Stephanie nods and hands her the bottle.

"What's going on?" Sable asks just as Candice slips the bottle gently inside
her pussy. "Ohhhhh.... fuck... me..." Sable moans as her pussy stretches to
let the bottle enter her. Sable slightly moves her hips to push against the

"Should we accommodate her, Candice?" Stephanie asks, as she licks her lips

"I don't know what do you think?" Candice asks teasingly moving the bottle in
and out of Sable's cunt a few times.

"Ahhh please... fuck me... take off the handcuffs... use my body...." Sable
pleads as she whimpers in ecstasy.

"Oh, no way, Sable, we're having too much fun right, Steph?" Candice teases
Sable that she's going to take the bottle out of her pussy.

"Oh yeah, baby," Stephanie replies as she tugs on both of Sable's already
aching nipples as Candice resumes to teasingly fucks Sable's pussy with the

"Ahhhh ahhh I'm... going... to cummmm...." Sable suddenly moans as she
thrusts her hips against the bottle as a quick orgasm rips through her body.

"Did you like that, Sable?" Candice asks as she eases the bottle out of her.

"Oh yes I did..." Sable moans softly.

"Oh no she's not done yet... make her lick it," Stephanie commands taking the
bottle from Candice and placing it against Sable's lips, "Lick your cum off
you little slut!"

Sable sticks her tongue out and begins licking the bottle clean. Stephanie
pushes the bottle into her mouth and Sable slurps on it as if sucking a fat
cock. Stephanie pumps the bottle in and out of her mouth as Sable slaps her
tongue against it.

"So you like my attitude do you, Sable? Mmmm... well lick the bottle clean
and then you're going to suck Candice's sweet pussy and you better make her
cum and cum hard. Do you understand me slut?"

Sable nods with the bottle still in her mouth, Stephanie pulls the bottle out
and throws it away. Candice then hands Stephanie the strap-on, "I bet she'll
love it if you fucked her while she eats my sweet pussy." Candice then mounts
Sable's face.

Stephanie puts the strap-on on and then kisses Candice deeply. Stephanie then
moves between Sable's legs and slams the dildo into her tight cunt. As she
begins to fuck her, Sable begins to lick Candice's pussy. Her moans are
muffled by Candice's cunt.

"Come on Sable..." Stephanie grunts as she fucks her, "Suck her pussy... you
know you love to suck pussy..."

Candice's pussy muffles Sable's reply as the big-breasted diva grinds her
cunt against Sable's mouth. Sable flicks her tongue out wildly, licking every
inch of Candice's pussy.

"Ohhh fuck... she's... got... a incredible tongue..." Candice moans as Sable
moves her hips to push back against Stephanie as she fucks her.

Steph moans while watching Candice ride Sables face. Stephanie moves with
Sable slowly at first, but she soon speeds up, thrusting the dildo in and out
of Sable rapidly.

"Oh yeah, Candice, her pussy is so wet baby! Mmmm, so good, come on, Sable,
show us all that talent you have."

Sable moans loudly as she grinds her hips to get Stephanie to fuck her
harder. She then sticks her tongue deep into Candice's pussy when Candice
comes to stop over her mouth. Candice whimpers in surprise please as Sable
does her best to move her tongue in and out of her pussy, and Candice helps
out some by moving up and down on her face.

"Ohhhh ohhh god Stephy... Sable's got me... she's going... to make me... cum.
Ohhhhh!" Candice pulls on her own hair as she cums all on Sable's beautiful

"That was pretty good, Sable," Stephanie replies as she doubles her pace of
thrusting the strap-on until she is almost slamming it inside Sable's pussy
Candice gets off of Sable and lays next to her. She then reaches for Sable's
tits and begins rubbing her nipples. "Come on, Sable..." Stephanie grunts as
sweat drips down her body, "If you want back in daddy's company... you'll do
what I say... so cum for me."

"Ohhhh ohhh, Stephanie... I... I don't... want back... in the... WWE.... I
want... I want youuuu!" Sable screams in pleasure as she cums harder for
Stephanie than with any man she's ever fucked.

Stephanie pulls out of Sable and sits there for a moment a look of confusion
on her face.

"What's wrong, Steph?" Candice asks laying her hand on her arm.

Stephanie locks eyes with Sable. "When I was with Hunter tonight...he was
talking about trying to resign you to the company?"

Sable is breathing hard and looks at Stephanie, "I... never... had... any...
intention... of resigning... I... saw... an opportunity... to... be... with
the one... I've always desired..."

"Alright.... I will have a talk with him later, but right now I want to have
some more fun with you two. How about we all go get cleaned off in the
shower?" Stephanie asks with a smile.

"That's a wonderful idea," Candice says as she removes the handcuffs from
Sable's hands. Sable shakes them to get the blood flowing to them, and
suddenly she grabs Stephanie. She kisses her deeply, forcing her tongue
into the younger woman's mouth. She then breaks the kiss and smiles at

Sable smiles at Stephanie, "I knew I made the right choice in using Hunter
to get to you..."

Stephanie laughs out loud, "Oh please, let me be there when you tell him
that." She takes both of Candice and Sable's hands, and the lusty trio walks
into the bathroom. Stephanie turns on turning on the shower and grins at her
friends. "Okay everybody in," Stephanie commands as she steps inside the
shower, while pulling Candice and Sable in with her. As soon as the shower
door is closed, Stephanie turns to Candice and cups her breasts while looking
into her eyes. "Want some help taking care of those pesky water drops?"

"Mmmm...I would defiantly like some with them..." Candice moans as she
reaches down between Stephanie's legs and rubs her pussy. Stephanie couldn't
stop the moan as she feels Candice's fingers touching her pussy. Candice
smiles as she uses two fingers to thrust them back and forth while Sable
moves behind Stephanie and wraps her arms around Stephanie to cup her tits.
Sable squeezes Stephanie's tits and nibbles on her ear lobe. Stephanie moans
lowly as Sable pinches her left nipple.

"You like that Stephanie?" Sable whispers.

"Yes... it feels so good" Steph whispers as she slips her hand around to try
and get at Sable's pussy. Sable catches her hand bringing up to her lips to
suck on each one of her fingers slowly.

"Mmmm..." Stephanie moans as Candice releases her hands from her tits.
Candice then kneels in front of Stephanie and moves her head toward her
pussy. Candice slides her tongue out and into her Stephanie's love box.
The lovely dark haired diva begins to tongue fuck Stephanie and the
Billion Dollar Princess responds by pressing her pussy against her face.

"Oh yeah Candice baby...that's can turn me into a little tongue
slut can't you baby?" Stephanie moans as she places her hands on Candice's
head. Sable stands right behind Stephanie for the moment, continuing to
stroke Stephanie's breasts and getting very turned on by the sight of
Candice's tongue going in and out of Stephanie.

Sable gets a wicked grin on her face and kneels behind Stephanie. She spreads
her ass cheeks apart and begins licking her asshole. Sable darts her tongue
in and out of Stephanie's butt as Candice slurps on Stephanie's pussy as the
water comes down on all three women. Stephanie didn't know which way to turn.
Candice was torturing her with her very talented tongue but Sable was doing
things to Stephanie's ass that made her squirm. Stephanie knew she was going
to have fun playing with the older woman later on, and she was going to make
her do things that would please Stephanie.

Sable stops licking Stephanie's asshole and smacks her ass cheeks. "Mmmm
you got such as nice ass Stephanie..." Sable moans as she lightly bites
Stephanie's right butt cheek. Candice stops licking Stephanie's pussy and
looks up at her lover as she pushes her fingers into Stephanie's pussy.
Stephanie closes her eyes as she tries to force Candice's fingers trying
to go in deeper.

"Candice...fuck me with your fingers baby...make me cum for you!" Stephanie
moans. Sable watches intently as she reaches down to rub her own pussy. Sable
gets very turned on just by Stephanie's commanding tone.

"Ok..." Candice licks her lips and she turns her hand a bit to push in four
of her fingers into Stephanie's pussy. Candice starts jabbing at Stephanie's
pussy as Sable sits on the shower floor. Stable extends her leg out a bit to
get her foot between Candice's legs. Candice suddenly jump a bit as Sable's
toes brush against her pussy.

"Mmmmm." Candice moans softly as she grinds her pussy against Sable's foot.

"Yes..." she starts crying out suddenly "Yes...yes... Candice, it is
happening baby I'm cumming for you..." Candice watches in excitement as her
lover give into the sweet pleasure that she has just provided for her. Sable
reaches up and holds Stephanie's hips to keep her from falling if her climax
is too intense for her.

Stephanie smiles at Candice while stroking her hair. "Now let me give both of
you some intense attention" she says as she turns before kneeling down next
to Sable. Stephanie takes one of her tits in her mouth using her teeth to tug
on the nipple. Stephanie moves her hand over to rub the other one before
lightly tugging on it.

"Ohhhh ,Stephanie..." Sable moans as she leans back a bit. Sable moves her
foot that's still brushing against Candice's pussy so that it's now totally
rubbing it. Candice takes hold of Sable's ankle so she can begin using her
foot as a dildo. The shower starts to steam up in a combination of the heavy
breathing of the women and the heat of the water.

"You like this, Sable? You like me sucking your big tits?" Stephanie asks
before she forcibly claims Sable's lips by kissing her.

"Yes, Steph... your mouth... and hands feels good my tits... they are so
ready for your sweet mouth." Stephanie smirks as she reaches over for the
soap. Stephanie begins rubbing it around Sable's tits before sliding the
soap down her stomach.

"Ohhh you look so hot, Sable..." Candice moans as pushes Sable's foot into
her pussy. Candice throws her head back and has a quick orgasm as Sable
wiggles her toes once they are inside of her.

"Mmm....hey baby why don't come down here and help me play with thee big
beautiful tits of hers?" Stephanie asks as she lets the soap get dangerously
close to Sable's pussy. Stephanie jerks it back up over Sable's nipples,
making Sable squirm a bit. Slowly Candice moves next to Sable and she pours
some water on Sable's breast before taking the nipple deep in her mouth.

"Mmmmm. I love both of you..." Sable moans as she moves both of her hands to
between Stephanie and Candice's legs. Sable begins to rub both of their wet
pussies by pressing the palm of her hands against them. Candice moans around
Sable's tit as she sucks on it like a baby.

Stephanie smiles at Candice while slightly glancing at Sable, "Candice, why
don't you get between her legs and fuck her with this bar of soap while I
get on her face and force her to lick my pussy?" Candice lifts her head from
Sable's breast and smirks.

"That's a great idea..." Candice pushes Sable back, so she's lying on the
floor of the shower and takes the soap from Stephanie. Candice moves between
Sable's beautiful legs and pushes the soap into Sable's cunt.

"Mmmmm. Baby fuck me..." Sable moans as she rotates her hips to make Candice
stick the bar of soap in deeper.

"Oh shut up and lick me..." Stephanie grins as she straddles Sable's face and
drops her pussy down. Sable immediately sticks her tongue inside Stephanie's
pussy, flicking it in and out until Stephanie grabs a hold of her head.

"Do it like you mean it slut.... or no reward for you!"

"Yes, ma'am," Sable replies by pushing her tongue deep inside Stephanie while
Stephanie holds her head there. Candice reaches out and sticks two fingers in
between Stephanie's ass crack. She hooks them a bit so she can get them into
Stephanie's asshole so she's able to fuck Candice with the bar of soap and
Stephanie's ass with her fingers. Stephanie cries out as another orgasm
crashes over her. She sits there for a moment, trying to catch her breath
before she slowly moves down next to Candice. Stephanie holds Sable's pussy
lips open for her so Candice can have an easier time working the soap in and
out of Sable's pussy.

"Ohhhhh ohhh Candice... ohhh Stephanie..." Sable tries to voice her approval
of what they are doing to her. Candice pumps the bar of soap in and out of
her cunt until Sable screams as she cums.

"That was incredible, Sable," Stephanie says smiling. "Why don't we get out
of here and maybe get something to know to keep our strength up,
unless you guys aren't hungry?" Stephanie says as an idea forms in her
seductive mind.

Sable and Candice both grin as they can tell Stephanie as something in mind.
"I'm not hungry for food..." Candice licks her lips.

"Neither am I... although I'm hungry for a cock or better yet... your pussy,"
Sable smirks as she traces her finger over her own tits.

"A cock hmm? Any one's in particular?" Stephanie asks as her eyes are drawn
to what Sable's doing with her fingers. Candice moves behind Stephanie
caressing her stomach sliding her hands up to cup her breasts.

Sable smirks, "As long as it's not Hunter's 3 inch dick... I don't care...
maybe you can order someone to come here... someone young..."

"Maybe ... how would you girls feel about getting fucked by a champ... let's
see John or Dave... decisions... decisions." Stephanie smirks, "Okay let's
vote. I vote for John." Stephanie says smiling.

Candice grins, "I vote for John too..."

Sable licks her lips, "Both are hot... but John is younger... I vote for him

"Okay... you girls wait right here and I'll go get the champ. While I'm gone
think up some sexy delicious things we can do to... I'm mean with him,"
Stephanie says as she laughs a bit. She gets out of the shower and heads to
the main room and quickly gets dressed as Sable and Candice come out of the
bathroom kissing each other. Stephanie then leaves the room and hurries to
where John Cena is staying. Once she's there she knocks on the door and waits
for him to answer.

After a moment, the reigning WWE Champion, John Cena opens the door wearing a
pair of jean shorts and sneakers, but is not wearing a shirt. John smiles at
Stephanie when he sees her, "Hey Stephanie... looking hot... what can t do
to... I mean for you," John asks with a grin.

"May I come in?" she asks giving him that smile that usually gets Stephanie
her way with her daddy and just about every other man she comes into contact

"Sure" John answers as he moves aside to let her enter.

"John... if you don't have any plans for tonight, and I'm hoping you don't,
I want to invite you to a party."

John looks at Steph's body, which is somewhat exposed in the clothes she's
wearing, "What type of party are you talking about?" John asks.

"Well, a party that would benefit both of us," she replied sliding a finger
down his well-muscled arm.

"So who all is going to be at this special party?

"You and me... and Candice and Sable... come on John we all want you to cum,"
she replied moving to nibble on his ear.

John thinks about it for a moment before cupping one of Stephanie's breasts,
"The Champ will be there..."

Stephanie smiles and takes his hand off of her breast. "Not till we get down
to the party champ and John... don't be late you have thirty minutes to get
ready," she smirks as she leaves from his room and heads back down to her

Back in Stephanie's room, Candice and Sable are in a sixty-nine, eating each
other out. Candice is on top and is grinding her pussy against Sable's face
as she cums. "Ohhh, ohhh Sable... you eat pussy so good..."

Stephanie is almost at her door when a hand reaches out and grabs her arm.
Stephanie looks at see it's her husband.

"Have you seen, Sable?" Hunter demands.

Stephanie fights the urge to laugh in his face. "Sorry, it's not my day to
watch her," she replies as she reaches for the doorknob.

"That bitch said she wanted to talk to you and that she would be right back."
Hunter says angrily, "God I hate some of these women, so fickle... no wonder
your dad was happy to see her leave with Lesnar."

"Maybe she thought you just didn't have a lot to offer her?" Stephanie

"Is that so?" Hunter asked grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her up
against the wall before kissing her roughly. Hunter rips open Stephanie's top
and cups her breasts as he presses his body against hers.

"Gee, Hunter, I am sure this hotel will appreciate you doing this right in
the middle of the hallway," Stephanie moans as she watches Hunter's hand slip
inside of her bra. Hunter begins to tug on her right nipple.

"Don't tell me you don't want me to fuck you right here till you can't move?"
Hunter smirks.

Stephanie looks at Hunter and gets an idea, "If you fuck me... then you leave
Sable alone... and I'll make her earn her new contract... deal?"

"Deal..." He replies as he picks her up and takes her toward and into his
hotel room. Once there, he sets Stephanie down and he locks the door. He
moves quickly to pull off what remains of her top, then reaches behind her
to unhook her bra. He lowers his head to whisper in her ear "Come on Steph...
time to play the game."

"You need a new catch phrase..." Stephanie says as she looks over his
shoulder at him and smirks. Stephanie moves her hand between his legs and
rubs the swelling penis in his shorts.

"I didn't ask for play by play, this ain't ESPN," Hunter replies as he
watches her hand for a moment before he spins her around to take one of her
breasts in his mouth. Hunter begins swirling his tongue around the nipple
until she moans his name softly.

"Oh Hunter..." Stephanie moans as she pushes down his shorts and boxers. She
takes hold of his cock and begins to stroke it. Stephanie smirks a little as
his cock grows in her hand to a decent size. Stephanie makes a mental note
to definitely have a talk with Sable about her description of him. Stephanie
gets down to her knees and begins she licking the sides of his cock before
moving to the head. Stephanie grins a bit as she lets her tongue circle
around the tip before she quickly and easily deep throats him.

"Oh yeah, suck that cock Stephy... suck it like the McMahon you are..."
Hunter moans as he grabs two handfuls of Stephanie's blond hair. Hunter lets
go her hair for a moment to rip off his t-shirt, revealing his well toned
upped body.

Stephanie begins to move him in and out of her mouth, sucking on him as hard
as she can. Stephanie moves one hand to play with his balls until he throws
his head back closing his eyes "Damn Steph... keep going baby."

Stephanie takes her head off of his cock and spits on his shaft. She grips
his cock with her left hand and pumps it smoothly before taking his dick back
into her mouth. Stephanie squeezes his balls firmly with her right hand as
she bobs rapidly on his dick. Hunter's eyes fly open and he looks down at
her. He rips her head from his cock, picks her up and throws her onto the
bed. Hunter grabs the bottom of Stephanie's skirt and pulls it off, followed
by her panties. Hunter gets onto of his wife and plows is cock into her pussy
with a mighty thrust.

"Ohhh... yes baby come on Hunter fuck that pussy baby," Stephanie cries as
she moves against him. Stephanie grabs her breasts and begins to play with
them while moaning, "Come on Hunter slam that big cock in my pussy..."

"You got it!" Hunter grunts as he throws all of his weight and power into
each thrust. Hunter concentrates as hard as he can; keeping each thrust slow
and hard, making Stephanie squirm for more. "Yeah... you fucking missed this
didn't you..." Hunter grits his teeth as he drives his cock sharply into her
cunt to where his balls slap hard against her.

"So much baby...oh damn Hunter you're so good..." Stephanie moans as he moves
to rub the top of her pussy trying to give her some added feeling. "I need
you Hunter...need you to make me cum....I'm ready now baby!"

"You better be..." Hunter grunts as he pulls out of Stephanie and flips her
over. Hunter pulls her up to her knees then inserts his cock into her tight
asshole. Hunter pulls her back against him as he fucks her beautiful ass.

"AAHHHH Hunter!" Stephanie screams name as she cums from the way he pounds
her ass. Stephanie was so close to cumming a moment ago, that it only takes
a mater of seconds for her orgasm to rip through her body at lightning speed.

"Who's the game Steph?! Who's That Damn Good!" Hunter asks as he drills her
ass for a few moments more before pulling out of her. Hunter turns her over
and mounts her chest as he strokes his cock to prepare to cum on her face.

"You are," she whispers as he starts to cum. Stephanie loves the feeling of
his cum landing all over her face. She opens her mouth and tries catching
some of it. Hunter smiles when he sees her tasting his cum as it fills her

Hunter gets off of his wife and closes her mouth with his hand, making her
swallow what's in her mouth. Once she's swallowed, Stephanie opens her mouth
to reveal that it's empty. "Now I remember why I married you," Hunter grins.

"Ozzie and Harriet we are not "she replies as she gets up and reaches for her
clothes, which she puts on.

"I would say I'm sorry about ripping your top but hey I was in a moment of
intense and extreme excitement...I didn't know what I was doing," Hunter

"Yeah right...well I hope I don't have to see you again anytime soon," she
responds as she heads for the door.

"Yeah sure... you'll be back..." Hunter says as he lays back on the bed. "I
think I may give one of those red heads, Lita or Christy a call... for some
extra fun..." Stephanie shakes her head and leaves. When she arrives at her
room, she tries to keep her shirt together with one hand and open the door
with the other. Stephanie is grateful when the door swung open to reveal a
very surprised Sable.

"Don't ask questions... is John here yet?" she asks as she walks into the
hotel room.

"Ohhhh ohhh the Champ is HERE!" Candice screams as he John fucks her. John
has the busty raven-haired beauty bent over the mini-fridge and is fucking
her hard from behind. John's body slightly shines from him sweating, but
Stephanie can tell he's not even close to being tired. Sable closes the
door and helps Stephanie remove her tattered clothes.

"He arrived 20 minutes ago... and he's already made Candice explode twice..."
Sable licks her lips.

"Well let's say we go enjoy the show?" Stephanie asks as she takes Sable's

"Actually baby... I was hoping we could join in the show." Sable smiles as
she lowers her head and lightly begins sucking on Stephanie's left breast.
Sable smiles as she hears Stephanie whimper softly.


As Stephanie moans from Sable gentle oral manipulation of her breast, John
Cena pulls out of Candice and moves her to the bed. Before he can lay her
down, Candice takes some control and pushes him down. "The champ is down..."
She smiles as she climbs on top of him, and then mounts herself on his cock.
Candice begins to slowly ride his cock, moving up and down slowly but
gradually picks up speed. John moves his hands and cups her large tits as
they bounce wildly.

"You want my big tits champ... you want to suck them.... mm tell me how bad
do you want my big beautiful tits..." Candice moans as she comes down on his

"I want them so bad baby... get them in my mouth... so I can suck... on
them... I want you moaning as you feel my tongue sliding around them...
flicking my tongue over your nipples just like I'm gonna do to that sweet
little pussy..." John moans in reply.

Candice smiles as she leans forward and presses her tits into her face.
John begins to suck on her breasts, licking both of them wildly. Meanwhile,
Stephanie now has the strap-on dildo on and fucking Sable doggy style on the
floor near the bed. Sable slaps Sable's tanned ass as she thrusts into her.

"Ohhh Sable... you're so fucking sexy... bet you wished I was John don't
you..." Stephanie says as she fucks Sable with the dildo.

"Ohhh Stephy... you drive me crazy baby" Sable replies while thrusting her
body trying to get total pleasure "I can't wait to touch you Steph, to feel
your big tits in my hands rubbing them over and over and then while I go
down and lick your pussy."

"You want my tits baby..." Stephanie pulls the dildo out of Sable and turns
her over, Stephanie then sits on Sable's body and takes her hands to put
them on their tits, "Rub my big beautiful tits Sable..." Sable rubs circles
around her nipples lightly tugging on them at first, and then harder when
Stephanie's head falls back and she moans softly. Suddenly Stephanie gasps
when she feels Sable's mouth take one of her breasts inside.

Over with Candice and John, Candice is laying on the bed with her legs spread
as John eats her pussy. He reaches up and places his strong hands on her
breasts, squeezing them firmly as she slides his tongue all over her pussy.
John lifts his head and looks at Candice face for a moment, then lowers his
head to lap up her juices flowing out of her pussy.

"Third times a charm baby isn't that what they say? You're going to cum so
hard this time," John says as he lifts his head to taunt Candice.

"Ahhhh John...." Candice cries, whimpering as she does feels herself going
toward that wonderful release and this time it's much more intense. John
grabs both of her legs to keep Candice from squeezing his head with them.
John continues to use his tongue to over stimulate her pussy.

"Yes baby I'm cumming so hard just for you...mmmm...yes John yes!" Candice
cries out almost arching off the bed as the pleasure goes through her body.
John stays between her legs licking and sucking her until she's almost
crying out for him to stop.

Meanwhile, Sable and Stephanie are watching Candice and John. Stephanie looks
back at Sable and smirks, "She's one lucky bitch ain't she."

"We could be that lucky" Sable says as she wraps her arms around Stephanie.

"Yeah, we could," Stephanie replies. Stephanie moves over to John and slides
a hand around him and gently starts tugging on his nipple. John lifts his
head from between Candice's legs and looks at Stephanie.

"Don't worry Steph... the Champ has got plenty for you." John sits on the bed
and pulls Stephanie between his legs.

"I hope so, Champ," she replies while wrapping her arms around his neck as
she kisses him deeply. John reaches up to cup her face moving his fingers
through her hair "John.... I want you," she whispers softly as he gently
lays her down on the bed. John leans down a bit to take a nipple in his

John gently sucks on Stephanie's breast as he moves a hand between her legs.
He pushes two fingers into her pussy and slowly moves them in and out of her
skillfully. Sable comes over to John and Stephanie and takes hold of John's
cock, gently stroking to keep it hard for Stephanie.

"Yes John..." Stephanie whimpers moving her head back and forth in pleasure
from the things he was doing to her. She moves her hands moved to hold his
head right where it was so she can keep watching him tug on her nipple with
his teeth as if he if he was playing with it.

John starts pumping his fingers in and out of Stephanie's tight pussy faster.
Candice rolls over and kisses Stephanie's cheek before moving her head to
take her other breast into her mouth. Candice sucks on Stephanie's tit
gently, tapping the nipple with the tip of her tongue.

"You're so beautiful, Candice," Stephanie whispers as she watches her suck on
her breast. John then leans up and once again kisses Stephanie's mouth. He
slips his tongue inside of her mouth, before breaking the kiss

"You are beautiful, very beautiful," John smiles.

John moves on top of Stephanie as Sable lets go of his cock. John slips his
cock into her pussy and slowly begins to fuck her. He puts both of his hands
on her hips and pulls her against him. Sable lays on the other side of
Stephanie and joins Candice in rubbing Stephanie's beautiful body. Both
Candice and Sable move their heads and begin nibbling on Stephanie's ear
lobes, then at the same time licking them.

"This feels... so good ohh it's... incredible... Candice come here baby so I
can lick that sexy pussy," Stephanie moans. Candice smiles and quickly climbs
on top of Stephanie and spreads her pussy lips open. Candice moans as she
looks down to watch Stephanie's tongue almost slams inside of her drenched

"Ohhhh ohhh, Stephanie... lick that pussy..." Candice moans softly as she
grinds her cunt over Stephanie's face.

"John, honey.... let me eat Stephanie..." Sable says with a seductive smile.

"Sure..." John pulls out of Stephanie and Sable moves in between her legs,
and then dives into her pussy eating it wildly. John gets behind Sable and
pushes his cock into her perfect ass, causes Sable to press her face against
Stephanie's twat. Stephanie pushes her tongue deeper into Candice holding her
hips so she just about can't move. Stephanie's body reacts quickly to Sable's
sweet seductive tongue, and Steph speeds up her erotic torture on Candice
hearing her moan softly as she continues to eat her.

John grunts as he holds onto Sable's hips as he fucks her ass, making her
moan into Stephanie's pussy. John's Adonis like body is covered in his sweat
as he feels that he's about to cum, but he holds off by slowing down his
thrusts. Stephanie removes her tongue from Candice licking around the outside
of her pussy while rubbing her legs and looking up into her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Candice asks.

"Relax baby.... I'm letting it build up again... you'll feel so erotic."

John can't keep himself from cumming for much longer and he pulls out of
Sable's ass. "Hey... ladies... who wants... the Champ's cum." He asks as he
holds his cock.

"I want to watch Sable take it down her throat" Stephanie says as she uses
her fingers to quickly spread Candice's pussy open and resumes thrusting her
tongue deep and hard inside of her.

"You heard her," John smiles as Sable gets down on her knees in front of him.
She opens her mouth wide and he slides his cock inside of it. Sable closes
her lips around his cock and uses her mouth to milk his cock until he
explodes. John's cum starts to spill out of the sides of Sable's mouth even
though she tires to swallow it all.

Stephanie looks at Candice smiling "Come on Candice baby it's your turn I
want to watch you cum baby give it to me, Candice!" Stephanie reaches up to
cup her lover's tits and begins squeezing them hard.

"Ohhh, ahhh, Steph! I'mmmm Cumming!" Candice screams as she cums all over
Stephanie's face. Candice cums so hard that she falls off of Stephanie's face
and almost passes out.

"Are you okay, baby?" Stephanie asks moving to stroke her hair

"I'm just fine," she replies as she catches Stephanie's hand and bringing it
to her lips to kiss it.

"My sweet little diva," Stephanie says leaning down to kiss her deeply.

John and Sable both lie on the bed next to Stephanie and Candice. The trio
of women changes positions so that John is the middle. Stephanie and Candice
each lay a head on his chest as Sable scoots up close to Stephanie.

"This was one hell of a night..." Stephanie says to her self as she closes
her eyes.


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