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Do The Dew Part 3: Taking Care Of The Boss
by Erotica Writer (

The two women were quietly watching tv in the small Stamford Conneticut
apartment they shared.

"I can't beleive we have to go back out on the road tommorow," Candice said
glancing over at the woman who was stretched out on the couch.

"Yeah, but at least this time well be together," Stephanie replied reaching
over to get her bottle of Moutain Dew, and taking a long drink.

When she finally set it down Candice smiled at her. "There are so many things
I could do to you with that bottle," she said seductively which which caused
Stephanie to reach over and turn off the tv before sitting up and loking at

"You think you can handle me baby?" Stephanie asked reaching down to untie
her robe.

Candice got up walking over to place her hands on either side of Stephanie.
"I think I have proven just how well I can handle you Ms. Mcmahon," she said

"Handle me some more, baby," Stephanie replied kissing her deeply.

Stephanie moved to untie Candice's flimsy robe,moving to cup her breasts
through the flimsy fabric Candice had on.

"Lay back, Steph," Candice commanded softly helping her slip off her robe and
then tossing it onto the table. The robe slipped efforletlessy it seemed from
Candice's body.

"Do that little dance for me, baby," Stephanie said sliding her hand up to
cup one of her own breasts tugging on the nipple.

"Oh you mean this one?" she asked putting her hand up in the air and dancing
in a circle.

"Remind me to thank whoever came up with that dance," Stephanie said as
Candice moved to stradle her.

"Do you even know how sexy you are, Ms. Mcmahon?" Candice asked sliding her
hands up to cup Stephanie's breasts lightly pinching her nipples.

"Candice," Stephanie whispered closing her eyes.

"Open your eyes, Stephanie Marie," Candice said pushing some hair off her

"You drive me crazy, baby," she said softly, and Candice smiled leaning down
to claim another kiss from Stephanie's very willing mouth.

"I want to hear you moan my name," Candice said moving to kiss Stephanie's
neck. Candice moaned when Stephanie's hands moved to cup her breasts circling
the nipples with her thumbs. "I love the way you touch me," Candice moaned
closing her eyes for a brief second to allow the extremly erotic feelings
time to wash over her.

" please use the bottle on me."

"Ahhh is my baby getting turned on?" Candice asked moving to take Stephanie's
breast in her mouth.

Gasping softly Stephanie thrust her hands through Candice's hair holding her
head still.

Suddenly Candice reached over grabbing the bottle and moving lower between
Stephanie's legs. "Think I'm feeling a little mischevious," Candice said
barely sliding the bottle against the outside of Stephanie's slit which
caused her to arch up off the couch. "Watch me, Stephanie, watch me fuck
your dripping wet pussy with this bottle."

Moving to lean on her shoulders Stephanie watched as Candice slowly slid the
bottle up and downa couple more times before abruptly thrusting it inside of

"Oh yes...fuck me baby oh damn fuck me hard," Stephanie cried as Candice
began to slam the bottle in and out of her.

"I love it when you play the horny little slut, Stephy," Candice said moving
to rub Stephanie's stomach with her other hand, sliding it up to her breast.

"I am...I'm your horny little slut, Candice," Stephanie said as she began to
buck her hips.

Licking her lips Candice leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Then be a good
horny little slut and cum for me."

Stephanie screamed as Candice slipped two fingers inside of her and against
her clit. "That's it Stephy... My sweet sexy Stephy." Stephanie moved to take
Candice's hand kissing the inside as she met her eyes. "Baby...I think I'm
falling in love with you."

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