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Doing Hard Tyme
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"The Following Video is performed by trained criminals Holla, home boys,
things are looking up for Shad Gaspard and JTG as they prepare for their
debut on RAW. And this time, they are going to show how they work on their
stamina." The announcer of the Cryme Tyme videos says as the Parental
Adversary logo switches to a highlight package featuring the two hot black
studs that makes up Cryme Tyme before switching to a dance club, and a
plump white guy, dressed in an purple leisure suit is hitting on WWE Diva
Torrie Wilson. "Oh look, home boy here is trying to show off his game..."

Home Boy bobs his head from left to right, Roxbury style, as points at
himself and Torrie, "Hey baby... come on what you say we blow this pop
stand... and do a little bumping..."

The stunning two-time Playboy Playmate and RAW Diva, Torrie Wilson, looks at
Home Boy with an unimpressed look on her face "Ummm...I think not..." Torrie
says as she slightly rolls her eyes before folding her arms and turning her
back to the ridiculous Home Boy, while she's dressed in a short black skirt
and a black tanktop-style top.

"Aw come on baby... let's make a perfect alphabet and put you and I
together..." Home Boy says as the scene freezes, and the Announcer speaks

"Bad move Home Boy... rejection and no follow up... let Cryme Tyme show us
how much game they have."

The scene unfreezes and Shad Gaspard, dressed in baggy black jeans and a
black tank top, with dog-tags hanging from his neck, and JTG, wearing black
jeans and white tank top, a backwards black baseball cap and a loose black
opened up button shirt, come into the scene. Both men step between Torrie
and Home Boy.

Shad looks at Torrie, "Hey Baby, what's happening?" "Damn girl you are fine!"
JTG says as a flustered Home Boy stands behind them.

The stunning Torrie Wilson turns a bit so she is now standing in between Shad
Gaspard and JTG. Torrie sweetly bites down on her bottom lip as she blushes
"I'm doing fine..." Torrie pauses and then licks her lips as she casually
takes glances at Shad and JTG "What about you two fine ass are
you boys doing?" Torrie asks with a playful wink.

Shad smirks a bit, "We're just looking for a hot white chick who's looking to
get down with a couple bad boys..."

JTG nods his head, "Yeah? Whatcha say baby... you down with getting some hot
chocolate with your vanilla?"

Just as JTG finishes asking his question, Home Boy taps him and Shad on the
shoulder, "Excuse me, I was talking to her first."

Shad and JTG both look at each other and then back at Home Boy as the scene
freezes and the Announcer speaks again. "Uh oh Home Boy, you've really
stepped into it now, here's how Cryme Tyme deals with interruptions."

The scene resumes, and Shad and JTG turn and grab Home Boy by his suit, "Hey
listen Home Boy... why don't you go buy us some drinks?!" Shad says in an
intimidating tone.

"YEAH!" JTG adds. Home Boy gets a terrified look on his face and he faints.
Shad and JTG let him go and Home Boy hits the floor.

"Shit... he ain't go no game..." JTG says with a laugh.

Shad turns and looks at Torrie, "So baby... about what we were saying..."

Torrie blushes sweetly as she bites down on her bottom lip and slowly nods
her head "Yeah...and I might be interested..." Torrie says as she presses her
lips together and places her hands on her hips as she stands between Shad
Gaspard and JTG.

JTG smirks, "Yeah baby like we were saying... you want to get down with us
two big hot black studs?"

Torrie presses her lips together and smirks as she exchanges glances between
Shad and JTG "After what you did to that white bet I do..." Torrie
says in an impressed tone after watching the two black Cryme Tyme studs make
quick work of the ridiculous Home Boy.

"Aw right baby..." Shad says as he and JTG both reach behind Torrie and
squeeze her ass.

"Don't worry about the tab... Home Boy will pay it..." JTG laughs just as the
scene freezes, and the announcer's voice speaks again.

"That's right JTG, you tell it like it is and keep it real... and now that
Cryme Tyme has worked on their Game... now they work on their stamina." The
scene transfers from the club to room of a semi-run down building in the
rough side of town, and it resumes as Shad Gaspard, JTG and Torrie Wilson
are entering the room. The two hot black studs that make up Cryme Tyme look
at Torrie with smirks on their faces.

"All right baby... you're going to get more meat in ya hot body than
ever before..." Shad says as he lifts up his black tank top to reveal his
muscular, smooth, black chest.

"Yeah! We're gonna get it on..." JTG adds as he does a gang sign with his
right hand as he pulls off the open black top he's wearing, followed by the
white tank top he's wearing, leaving his black baseball cap on.

Torrie licks her lips as she smiles, standing between Shad Gaspard and JTG
"Mmmm...I sure hope I have enough meat, cause I am definitely in the mood..."
Torrie says with a playful smirk as she places a hand on each of their smooth
black, muscular six-pack stomachs once both Shad and JTG remove their tank
tops. Torrie licks her lips as she moves both of her hands against the hard
stomachs of Shad and JTG, until she casually lowers herself down in between
to two standing black studs.

JTG licks his lips, "Oh baby... you're going to get a lot big dark meat..."
JTG says as he quickly unbuckles his belt before he unbuttoning his black

Shad nods his head and looks down at Torrie, "You're going to be in for
some... Hard Times... with Cryme Tyme..." Shad says as he undoes his baggy
black jeans and he and JTG lowers their pants down from their waists,
followed by their boxers shorts. After they step out of them, the two
muscular black studs stand in front of Torrie, with incredible, big thick
black cocks hanging between their legs. Shad's cock is a slightly
intimidating fourteen inches long, while JTG's is eleven inches long, but
slightly thicker than his partner in crime.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as her soft, seducing eyes instantly
lock on the hard, thick cocks of Shad and JTG "Mmm...Gee...I wonder what I
should do with this big black dicks?" Torrie asks in a playful tone with a
soft laugh before she smiles and tosses her blonde hair back as she reaches
with her right hand, taking Shad's cock into her hand while she takes JTG's
cock into her left hand. The two-time Playboy Playmate begins to smoothly
move her soft, gentle hands against the hard, thick black shafts of Cryme

Shad puts his hands on his waist as he licks his lips, "Oh I bet you know
what to do with two big black dicks..." Shad says.

"Yeah Home Girl... ya know what to do with them..." JTG says as he flashes
more gang signs with both of his hands as he thrusts his hips forward,
pushing his cock against Torrie's left hand.

Torrie presses her lips together and blushes as she pushes her shoulders up
slightly "Well...I may have had some experience with a black dick before..."
Torrie says with a soft laugh as she exchanges her glances between Shad and
JTG as she smoothly moves her hands, up and down, against the hard black
shafts of JTG and Shad Gaspard. Torrie gradually tightens the grip of both
of her hands as she begins to stroke their cocks at a quicker paces before
she leans her head towards Shad's cock and places her tongue against the
head of his cock and begins to gently circle her wet tongue around the large
head of Shad's black cock.

Shad moves his hands and cracks the knuckles of his powerful black hands, "Oh
yeah girl... you probably got more than some experiences with black dicks..."
Shad groans as he feels Torrie repeatedly move her wet, soft tongue around
the thick head of his black shaft. Torrie turns her body slightly towards
Shad Gaspard as she gently taps her tongue against the large head of his
black cock while she lifts her soft eyes and locks them with Shad. While
Torrie is gently working her tongue around and against Shad's big black cock,
she smoothly moves her left hand up and down JTG's hard, solid thick cock as
she occasionally rubs his large black ballsack.

JTG nods his head as he thrusts his own black shaft against Torrie's left
hand, "Awww yea girl... jerk that big black dick!" JTG groans as he licks
his teeth.

Torrie slowly lifts her head away from Shad's cock and looks over her
shoulder with a soft smile, back at JTG "You want some tongue
big, stud?" Torrie asks as she licks her lips while locking her
eyes on JTG's hard shaft while she continues to stroke Shad's cock with her
right hand.

JTG nods his head and slaps his smooth bare chest, "Yeah girl... get that hot
tongue on my big black snake!" JTG replies with an eager look on his face.

Shad smirks a bit, "Fuck man, you got to take a damn chiller..." Shad says
as Torrie continues to pump his shaft. The large, powerful black stud leans
down and starts to pull up Torrie's black tanktop-style top. "Come on girl...
let those dogs out!" Shad says as he makes Torrie lift her arms up so that
he lift her top up and off of her gorgeous Playboy Playmate body. Torrie
laughs a bit as she's forced to remove both of her soft, gentle hands from
around JTG and Shad Gaspard's shafts, as Shad removes her black
tanktop-styled top, exposing Torrie's large rounded and firm tits.

JTG looks down and his eyes nearly bug out of his head, "Oh SNAP! Those are
some big fucking titties!" JTG yells as he licks his teeth before adding,
"Those ain't no little puppies, those are some big fucking great danes!"

Shad laughs at JTG's off the wall way of saying things, "Shit man... I'm glad
I'm let them out..." Shad says before he looks down at Torrie, "Damn home
girl, you got some great fucking tits for a white girl..."

"Yeah home girl... go for it..." Shad says as he puts his strong hands back
on to his hips.

"Yeah girl, get back to what you were doing... cause I got four words for
ya..." JTG says as he moves his shoulders and arms a bit before pointing
right at his thick black got with two fingers from his right hand, "Suck
that black dick!"

Torrie licks her lips "Don't worry...I won't protest..." Torrie says with a
soft smiles before she leans her head over towards Shad Gaspard's cock once
again and spits some of her warm saliva on his cock as she begins to gently
stroke Shad's black cock once again as he warm saliva drips against his cock.
While Torrie is stroking Shad's cock with her right hand, she turns on her
knees and face JTG, locking her eyes on his hard black cock, the Playboy
Playmate Torrie Wilson lowers her head and gently places her tongue against
the head of his cock. Torrie circles her wet, soothing tongue a few times
before she opens her mouth and lowers her head down in his cock.

"Aww yea... now that's how it's gotta be..." JTG groans as he puts both of
his hands on Torrie's head and he pulls her forward so that all of his big
black dick enters her warm wet mouth. "Aww fuck yea... suck that black cock
girl!" JTG groans as he starts thrusting his cock in and out of Torrie's
mouth before she even begins to bob her head. Torrie gently moans against
JTG's hard, thick black cock as she smoothly bobs her head on his cock,
sucking at a gentle but quick pace as she continually lifts and lowers her
head on his cock, spraying her warm saliva on his cock as she sucks. While
Torrie is sucking on the big black cock of JTG, she adjusts her grip of
Shad's cock behind her with her right hand and begins to rub the palm of her
hand against the skin of his shaft, working her hand lower and lower down
his long, meaty black shaft until she reaches his ballsack and begins to
massage his large black ballsack.

"Ohhh fuck yea... Yo Shad... home girl is a fucking pro at sucking on some
black meat!" JTG moans as he slides his fingers through Torrie's golden blond
hair as she bobs her head on his thick shaft.

"She looks like it... Yo girl... show me what you got..." Shad says as Torrie
handles his large, black balls with her right hand.

Torrie slowly lifts her head up from JTG's hard black cock as it drips of her
warm, wet saliva. Torrie tosses her golden, soft blonde hair back before she
turns on her knees to face the strong, powerful black stud known as Shad
Gaspard. Torrie smiles up at Shad cutely " got some black meat for
me too?"

"Damn straight I do... and it's right here..." Shad smirks as he reaches down
and grabs his heavy black cock and angles it up as if to give Torrie a close
up look of his incredible black cock. Torrie licks her lips as she closes her
eyes and leans her head down, opening her warm and wet mouth. The stunning
two-time Playboy Playmate accepts Shad's large, thick and hard black cock
into her saliva dripping mouth as she wraps her lips around his meaty black
cock and begins to smoothly bob her head on his cock, instantly taking inch
after inch into her sweet mouth. Shad Gaspard licks his lips and he puts his
hands behind his head as he rotates his hips slightly to move his shaft back
and forth a bit as Torrie works on getting his hot black cock past her sweet
lips. "Yeah girl... take that dick... you know how to work it..." Shad says.

"Yo... Yo... Shad... I gotta question to ask bro..." JTG says as he brushes
his hands together.

"Yeah what man?" Shad asks as Torrie sucks gently, but quickly on his shaft.

"You think her carpets match her drapes?" JTG laughs as he asks his question.

"Fuck man... a hot home girl like her is probably bald down there..." Shad
replies with a groan.

"Yeah... only one way to find out!" JTG smirks as he kneels down and starts
to pull down Torrie's short black skirt from her hips when Torrie sits higher
up on her knees to better suck on Shad's shaft.

"Mmmm...mmmmm..." Torrie groans against Shad's cock as she's pulled onto her
feet by JTG as he pulls down her short black skirt. The stunning, hot Playboy
Playmate remains bent over as she continues to smoothly bob her head on
Shad's cock as she slaps and smacks her tongue against his shaft, coating his
cock with her warm saliva as she casually works his black hard cock deeper
into her wet, warm mouth.

"Ahh... yea... ohh damn... girl... you sure can suck!" Shad groans as he puts
both of his hands on the back of Torrie's head as he pushes his cock into
Torrie's mouth until the thick head of his dick hits the back of her mouth.

Meanwhile behind Torrie, JTG has gotten her short black skirt down Torrie's
smooth, tanned legs. "Ohh yea... no damn panties..." JTG licks his lips as
he tilts his head downward as if to look in between Torrie's legs. "Fuck!
She's like that BABE-watch chick... she's fucking bald down here!" JTG says,
sounding like he doesn't believe it as Shad lets Torrie ease her head off of
his cock.

Torrie moans softly against his cock as she slightly lifts her head up on his
shaft, however his cock is still inside of her mouth, just not as deep, as
the hot Playboy Playmate slowly and smoothly bobs her head on Shad's black
cock as she lathers the head of his cock with her warm and wet saliva. Shad
Gaspard looks at his tag team partner in crime and smirks, "So what are ya
waiting for man? Give home girl some hot meat!" Shad groans as Torrie
continues to bob her head on his shaft as her saliva drips down his cock.

"Shit yea! I'm gonna, don't ya rush me!" JTG laughs as he gets himself in
better position in order to sharply ram his fat black cock all the way into
Torrie's pussy with one stiff thrust.

"Ohhhh...mmm...fuck yeah!" Torrie moans around Shad Gaspard's cock as her
teeth gently press against his hard shaft, as her hot and stunning body
begins to rock forward, causing her take Shad's cock deeper into her mouth
once again while JTG swiftly slams his big, fat black cock-piece of meat in
and out of her hot, tight pussy.

JTG slaps his hands down against Torrie's hips as he moves his cock in and
out of her hot, tight pussy with sharp, deep thrusts. "Awww fuck... shit
she's got a pussy built to take black gangsta dick!" JTG groans as his heavy
black balls smack against the inside of her thighs.

"Shit man... if she can take your dick... you know she's gonna love bounce
on my black pole..." Shad groans he starts pushing his cock forward into
Torrie's mouth again as he and JTG literally drive their cocks in and out
of Torrie's mouth and pussy at the same time.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...fuck yeah...mmmm..." Torrie releases a muffled moan around
Shad's cock as his meaty black cock slams deeply into her mouth, causing the
stunning, blonde Playboy Playmate to gag on his cock as her warm saliva drips
on his cock. At the same time as Torrie is sucking on Shad's cock, her hot
and stunning body smoothly rocks back against JTG's cock as he thrusts and
rams his black piston cock deeply into her tight, wet and warm pussy.

Shad soon pulls his saliva soaked cock out of Torrie's hot moist mouth,
causing some of her saliva to spill out of her mouth and drip down her chin.
"Yo dawg... I want to get some of home girl's pussy..." Shad says as he licks
his lips.

"Sure man... no prob..." JTG grunts as he gives Torrie another sharp thrust
before pulling out of her hot, tight pussy.

Shad then walks over to a beat-up sofa, sits down and leans back, "Yo home
girl... get over her and get fucked!" Shad says as his huge thick cock points
straight up.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip shyly as she stands up straight and looks
over at Shad Gaspard sweetly " that nice...big black dick just for
me?" Torrie asks with a soft laugh as she begins to walk over to the beat-up
sofa that Shad is sitting on with his hard, meaty-thick black cock pointing
straight up into the free air.

"Yeah that's right home girl... this big black dick is for ya..." Shad smirks
as puts his hands behind his head and licks his lips.

JTG runs up behind Torrie and smacks her ass, "Yo home girl... get on him and
look at me... I want look at those big dogs of yours..." JTG laughs and licks
his teeth as he takes off his black baseball cap for a moment and puts his
back on.

Torrie smiles and licks her lips "Anything for you new friends...
my new black studs..." Torrie says with a cute laugh as she approaches Shad
Gaspard and then turns around with her smooth back and hot, round ass facing
Shad Gaspard "You ready black stud?" Torrie asks before sitting down on the
lap of the powerful, strong black stud Shad Gaspard as she instantly sits
down on top of his cock, taking him into her tight pussy "Ohhhhh...shit
you're so big!" Torrie moans.

"Fuck yea... I know I'm big... I'm fucking swoll!" Shad groans as he Torrie
lowers herself totally onto his big fat black cock, which fills up her pussy
almost completely. Shad puts his hands on the sides of Torrie's waist and
starts to lift her up and down on his cock before she even gets settled.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she begins to gently rock back against
Shad's cock as Shad thrusts his cock up into her tight pussy, causing the hot
Playboy Playmate to bounce smoothly on his cock. "Ohhhh...mmmm...ohhh yesss I
love black dick!" Torrie moans as she closes her eyes and slams down sharply
on Shad's black, meaty cock.

"Aw yea home girl... fucking ride it!" Shad groans he helps Torrie bounce
faster and harder on his cock, which causes her to come down sharper than
Torrie is expecting.

As Torrie bounces up and down on Shad's big, hard black cock, JTG is looking
right at Torrie's large, round tits as they bounce up and down. JTG nods his
head up and down as he looks at Torrie's tits, "Shit... those dogs can
fucking move! Better than some chico's low rider!" JTG says as he quickly
brushes his hands together.

Torrie grits her teeth together as she sharply slams down on Shad Gaspard's
cock "Ohhhhh fuck yeah! Slam that dick in my pussy!" Torrie moans as her
tanned, stunningly hot body begins to drip of sweat.

Shad Gaspard adjusts his position on the sofa and holds Torrie up slightly
so that he's able to start slamming his big black cock up into Torrie's
tight pussy. "Ahh... uhhh yeah home girl!" Shad grunts as he gives Torrie
some powerful thrusts.

JTG licks his lips as he continues to watch Torrie's big tits move up and
down as she bounces on Shad's cock, "Shit... hey dawg man... we got to work
on some tag team shit," JTG says as strokes his own cock a bit to keep it
rock hard and ready for action.

"Yeah... you're right..." Shad replies as he suddenly, and easily lifts
Torrie off of his cock with such ease it shocks the gorgeous two-time
Playboy Playmate.

Torrie laughs cutely as Shad Gaspard eases Torrie on top the cushion of the
beat-up sofa, next to him. Torrie presses her lips together as she tosses her
soft, golden blonde hair back and smiles "Mmmm...what do you black studs have
in mind?"

JTG and Shad both smirk at each other as they nods their heads as if knowing
what the other is thinking. "Home girl... you're gonna get some real HARD
times right now..." JTG laughs as he moves towards Torrie and spreads her
legs so he can impale his cock deep into Torrie's hot tight pussy. Before
Torrie can even adapt, JTG rolls over on the beat-up sofa so that Torrie is
on top of him, and then Shad stands behind her and slams his entire cock
black cock into Torrie's extremely tight, hot asshole.

Torrie's eyes widen as she moans loudly "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Torrie closes her
eyes as she rocks forward on JTG's hard cock as Shad slams his cock into her
tight asshole and begins to swiftly thrust his cock, making the beautiful and
stunning Playboy Playmate to begin to ride JTG's cock.

"Aw ahh ohh yea damn home girl... you must love a lot of black meat!" JTG
grunts as he pumps his cock up into Torrie's hot, wet tight pussy. He sits up
a bit and he puts his hands on Torrie's large tits and he flicks his tongue
against her left nipple before going to suck on her right tit. Shad grits
firmly has his hands on Torrie's waist and as he starts to sweat, he jerks
Torrie back towards him so that his cock deeply penetrates her asshole with
every hard thrust he delivers.

Torrie tilts her head back and groans as she pushes herself back against
Shad's hard, black meaty cock as she bounces on JTG's hard black cock "Ohhhh
mmmm...ohhhh yesss mmmm...I love serving hard time!" Torrie moans as she
slams down hard on JTG's cock before Shad thrusts her hot, sweating body back
against his own cock.

Shad pumps his cock sharply in and out of Torrie Wilson's hot Playboy
Covergirl ass with increasing force, "Ahh yea home girl... you're serving
hard time... with Cryme Tyme!" Shad grunts as he each of his thrusts makes
Torrie jolt forward, causing her large round tits to slam right against
JTG's face. JTG buries his face between Torrie's tits as he repeatedly
shoots his black cock up into her hot, tight pussy. Torrie closes her eyes
as she breaths heavily while being sandwich-fucked between JTG and Shad
Gaspard as the two hot, Cryme Tyme black studs repeatedly slams their hard,
meaty black cocks in and out of Torrie's hot ass and tight pussy, causing
the sweaty body of Torrie Wilson bounce, rock and grind against the two
sweaty, muscular bodies of JTG and Shad Gaspard.

JTG moves his head away from Torrie's tits and licks his teeth "Ohhh yea boy!
Home Girl loves getting black dick!" JTG groans as his shaft goes all the way
up into Torrie's tight pussy as sweat rains down his smooth hot black body.
Shad pulls his cock out of Torrie's tight asshole and then rams it back into
her so hard that she almost jumps off of JTG's cock.

"Ohhhhhh fucking yesss... Give me a hard time!" Torrie moans gritting her
teeth as she slams down hard on JTG's cock after the powerful, quick thrust
to her tight asshole from Shad Gaspard, lifted her hot, sweat soaked body
off of JTG's cock slightly.

Shad Gaspard wraps his arms around Torrie's waist and lifts her totally off
of JTG's cock and stands her up. "Bend over home girl!" Shad says as he puts
a hand on the back of Torrie's head and makes her bend forward so that her
mouth is inches above JTG's throbbing black shaft. Shad keeps ramming his
cock in and out of Torrie's hot ass and he reaches around her waist in order
to jam two fingers from his right hand into her hot wet pussy.

Torrie closes her eyes "Ohhhh yeah..." Torrie moans before she opens her
mouth and wraps her lips around JTG's hard, throbbing cock and the sweaty
Playboy Playmate begins to bob her head on his cock, while she moves roughly
against his cock as she's standing and bent over on top of the beat-up couch
with Shad Gaspard behind her, ramming his cock in and out of her tight

"Ahhh... ohh yea girl... suck that big black dick..." JTG groans as puts
his hands on Torrie's head while leaning back on the couch. JTG holds onto
Torrie's sweat soaked hair and lifts her head up and down on his cock,
while the powerful black stud known as Shad Gaspard continues to assault
on Torrie's hot ass, giving her sharp thrusts as he roughly finger fucks
her dripping pussy as well.

"Mmmm...mmmmm" Torrie moans against JTG's cock as she begins to cum against
Shad's fingers that are thrusting into her tight, warm pussy. Torrie's sweat
soaken body weakens slightly, however the hot Playboy Playmate skillfully
and smoothly bobs her head on JTG's hard, throbbing, meaty piece of black

"Ahhh... ahhhh oh yea... oh fuck yea home girl!" JTG groans as he lifts
Torrie's head off of his throbbing cock. He holds her head right above his
shaft with his right hand, and he wraps his left hand around his cock. He
quickly strokes his quivering black shaft and with in moments his cock
erupts shooting his hot white cum upward and it splatters right her sweaty
face as Shad continues to deeply penetrate her asshole with his cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah...cum in my face...give me that black cream!" Torrie moans as
she holds her tongue out and some of JTG's warm cum lands on her tongue as
she swallows it, happily. Torrie's hot, sweating body continues to rock back
and forth against Shad Gaspard's cock as he slams his meaty black cock deeply
into her hot, tight ass.

Shad breathes hard as his black balls smack against Torrie's ass cheeks,
"Ohhh you want more black jizz home girl?!" Shad grunts as he pulls his huge,
throbbing black cock out of her ass so that he can spin Torrie around to face
him. Torrie smiles and nods her head as she opens her warm mouth while JTG's
warm, sticky cum drips off of her sweaty face. Shad Gaspard wraps his left
hand around his big black cock and starts stroking his cock. "Awww... yea
home girl..." Shad grunts as he starts to spray thick streams of cum into
Torrie's mouth and onto her sweaty, cum covered face.

"Mmmmm...ohhh yesss..." Torrie moans as she feels and tastes some of Shad's
warm cum land in her warm, wet mouth. The sweaty, hot RAW Diva swallows
Shad's cum before she licks her lips as his and JTG's cum drips down her

"Aww shit girl... damn... you're one fine ass hot fuck..." Shad says as he
catches his breath.

"Yeah girl! You're like all that!" JTG adds as he remains seated on the
beaten-up sofa.

Torrie bites down on bottom lip and blushes "Mmm...well what can I say...I
just love two hot black studs...who know how to give it good"

The scene freezes and the announcer's voice is heard, "That's right Home
Girl... and no one gives it better than Cryme Tyme, tune in next week for
more adventures of Cryme Time."


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