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Doing Paige With Flair
by kmr2009

"Say it! You know you want to!"


Charlotte Flair was enjoying the sight before her. Here she had her former friend and one of her greatest rivals, the Anti-Diva, Paige on her hands and knees getting fucked with a 10 inch strap-on. Charlotte had just made Paige tap out in their title match at Survivor Series. They had had a heated couple of weeks leading up to match but the reason for the rivalry was not what was being presented on TV.

Charlotte did have something that Paige wanted, it wasn't the title, it was Becky Lynch. Charlotte had made Becky her personal bottom. Becky had years ago been Paige's girl when they were teenagers wrestling with Paige's mom. Paige thought when Becky was called up that they would have that relationship again. Paige had been hurt when Becky informed her that she was Charlotte's. So in retaliation Paige challenged Charlotte to a match for the title but had requested a special stipulation. Paige won she would get Becky for a night and after the night Becky could decide who she wanted to be with. If Paige lost, Charlotte would get Paige for the night where Charlotte could do whatever she wanted. With most divas this meant anal.

Paige was not one who liked being in this position. She had made this wager many times but only losing twice before to Nikki and AJ Lee. AJ had been the first and the best. In Paige's darkest fantasies she would find herself begging AJ to take her again. Nikki was more about the victory than AJ. While Nikki enjoyed winning and taunting you, AJ made you happy to lose and want to continue to lose to her. It seemed Charlotte was more like AJ. She had won the wager and instead of just claiming her prize, she was wanting Paige to beg Charlotte to take it. Paige promised herself she would never be as weak as she was to AJ again.

However, Charlotte was determined to break the Anti-Diva and make Paige beg for her humiliation. Charlotte was moving in and out of Paige's pussy with slow steady thrusts of the strap-on. The thrusts were deep and hitting at just the right angle. Paige could feel her pussy getting wetter which made the strap-on easier to adjust to. Paige could feel her arousal being kept at a high steady level. She was so close that she knew she just needed a little bit more to go over but Charlotte wasn't giving it to her.

"Ready to beg?"

"Nah...Na...Never! Oh fuck! Shit!" Paige was caught off guard as Charlotte began to play with her clit. Her arousal spiked and she was right on the edge, but Charlotte refused to let Paige orgasm. The added stimulation on her clit along with continuing thrusts hitting her g-spot over and over again were driving Paige insane. It was becoming too much for her. It felt like hours had passed by when it was barely a couple of minutes. Charlotte decided to take a gamble and began to slow her thrusts even more while slowly removing her hand from Paige's clit.

"No, please don't!"

"Don't what?"

Paige wanted to remain silent but her desire to cum was too great and resolve crumbled. "Don't stop, please I need to cum! Please!"

Charlotte smiled as she watched the pale Brit begin to lose all her pride. Her thrusts continued getting slower. She reached up and grabbed the black and blue hair. She pulled Paige up so that Charlotte cold say the next few words into Paige's ear "You know what you have to do. Beg me"

Tears were starting to fall as Paige was getting desperate. Charlotte could see Paige close her teary eyes. "Please do it, Charlotte, please!"

"No! You have to say it, beg for it!"

There was no hesitation as Paige was too far gone now. "Fuck my arse! Please fuck it! Bugger me hard! Please do it! Please C, ruin my arse! I don't care. Just do it, please!"

Charlotte smiles as she pulls out of Paige's pussy. She pushes Paige down and turns Paige onto her back. Charlotte practically folds Paige in half with Paige's ass up in the air. Almost on instinct, Paige wraps her arms around the back of her knees.

"Normally with my sweet Bex, I would lick her asshole to get it ready but you don't get that." Instead Charlotte spits on Paige's asshole. She uses a finger to coat the rim of Paige's back hole. Charlotte teases it for a moment before she pushes the finger into Paige's ass.

"Oh fuck!" Paige moans as her asshole is stretched by one than two and finally three fingers.

"Wow you are loose back here. I guess the rumors of you being passed from being AJ's anal slut to Nikki's were true. I was going to enjoy breaking you in but since I can't, I think you need to work for your own orgasm." Charlotte pulls her fingers out of Paige's ass and then shoves them into Paige's open mouth. Lost in her own lust, Paige wraps her lips around Charlotte's fingers tasting her own ass. Once Charlotte is satisfied, she pulls her fingers out. Charlotte pulls Paige up before she herself lays on her back. "Get up on ole Space Mountain."
Paige understands what Charlotte wants as she straddles Charlotte's body. She grips the strap-on before slowly lowering herself onto it. Her asshole stretches until she finally bottoms out while letting out a wail.

"That's it scream for me!" Charlotte watched as Paige began to move on the strap-on. She reaches up begins to squeezes Paige's breasts. They fit perfectly in Charlotte's hands. She squeezes them making sure to hold on as Paige is moving faster. She moves her fingers and begins to twist Paige's pink nipples. Paige tosses her head back as she screams out again.

"Fuck yes! Make it hurt! Please I am so close!"

"Keep begging for it." Charlotte is twisting as hard as possible. She is almost afraid she may rip the nipples off Paige's breasts. Almost, Charlotte doesn't care about hurting the Brit anymore after everything Paige has said and done. She just wants to humiliate her.

"Please! Hurt me! Twist my tits! Fuck my arse!" Charlotte is having a hard time holding onto Paige's nipple as the pale Anti-Diva is bouncing erratically as her orgasm is getting closer.

"You want it. I want you to woo for me!" Charlotte gives Paige's nipples an extra hard twist.

"Woo! Oh fucking woo!!! Wo..." Paige's body goes rigid for a moment as her orgasm finally hits her. Charlotte can feel her stomach being coated in Paige's wetness. She watches as Paige's body is now flailing about as her orgasm racks her body. Finally Paige collapses on top of Charlotte with a pop as the strap-on exits Paige's ass. "Woo, woo, fuck woo"

Charlotte laughs as she pushes the weakened Paige off of her. Paige rolls over on her stomach as she is barely able to look over at Charlotte as the blonde gets out of bed.

"Well this was fun but I am going home to my girl, Becky. Now you know why she is mine now and always because I am just genetically superior."

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