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Dominant Persuasions
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

In the fabulously furnished home RAW's 'A-List' stars, Johnny Nitro and Melina, the
egotistical couple are casually watching the live webcast of the ECW December to
Dismember press conference. Nitro rolls his eyes, "What a bunch of losers…. ECW has
nothing except a bunch of overweight guys who aren't even has-beens, they are a bunch
of never-weres…" Nitro says.

Melina smirks, "And they have a bunch of never-will-bes'…" Melina starts to say just
before she sees on the computer screen, Matt and Jeff Hardy, the duo that makes up the
Hardy Boyz, also known as Team Extreme. "Wait… wait… what is this…" Melina says
as she turns up the volume on the computer speakers to hear what The Hardys are saying.

"We are issuing an open challenge to any team to face us at ECW December to
Dismember…." Matt Hardy says.

"BULLSHIT!" Nitro yells as he grits his teeth, "Those fucking posers issue an open
challenge when there's no one to even face them! Bad enough that wanna-be Jeff Hardy
has my Intercontinental Title… but now they fucking issue a challenge… when the
greatest Tag Team in the modern era isn't even together!"

Melina glances at her hot 'A-List' boyfriend and she smirks a bit, "Hmmm…. You know
that's an interesting idea…. Maybe for one night only… the greatest team to burst onto
the scene will reunite…." Melina suggests as she smirks a bit as she pictures the amount
publicity her plan will generate for her and Nitro.

Nitro raises an eyebrow, "Not a bad idea…. Just one problem…."

Melina glares at Nitro, "What problem?!"

"The other half of that team ain't exactly on speaking terms with us…. He won't ever go
for it…." Nitro replies.

Melina smirks, "Johnny…. Babe…. Trust me…. All that's needed to reunite the greatest
tag team of the modern era… is a little… dominant persuasion…."


Two Days Later at the Ohio Valley Wrestling training facility, Joey Mercury is in his
private locker room in the small building, getting changed after an intense workout. He
uses a white towel to wipe off some sweat from his chest and he's wearing a pair of silver
colored workout pants and a black tank top when the door to his locker room is opened.
Mercury looks up with a raised eyebrow and when he sees his former associate Melina
standing in the doorway, Mercury grits his teeth, "What the hell do you want?" Mercury
asks bluntly.

" that anyway to talk to an old friend?" Melina replies with a slightly
arrogant laugh as she steps into the locker room of Joey Mercury at the OVW training
facility. Melina raises an eyebrow and the "A-list" Diva smirks slyly "Is it?" Melina asks
as she folds her arms and slightly narrows her eyes in the direction of Mercury as the
locker room door closes on its own. Melina is dressed in a short jean skirt and a tan-
colored sleeveless top.

"Old friend? Old friend?!" Joey stands up from the chair he's sitting on and throws the
towel he has in his hand down the ground. "Last time I saw you, you and Nitro fucking
kicked me to the curb after those screwballs Kendrick and London took the Tag straps!"
Mercury says in an angry tone.

Melina laughs slightly and defensively raises her hands up in an arrogant "Whoa...whoa
Joey...calm down now...we wouldn't want you to go back to...REHAB!" Melina snaps
before she grits her teeth and narrows her eyes into a harder, fiercer glare.

Joey Mercury grits his teeth and balls his hands into fists, "Listen up you backstabbing
bitch...." Mercury says, "I would've have gone if you and Nitro didn't fucking pushed me
over the edge!" Mercury snaps.

Melina sighs and arrogantly rolls her eyes before the egotistical RAW "A-list" Diva
glances down at her perfectly manicured nails. Melina presses her lips together "Listen
Joey!" Melina slightly snaps before she points at Joey Mercury "I didn't come here to
cause a problem...I came here...because well...maybe...just maybe you could be of some
use to Johnny and myself..." Melina arrogantly states.

Joey Mercury raises an eyebrow and he folds his arms over his sweaty black tank top
covered chest, "What do you want? Cause I got a lot of stuff on my plate...."

Melina raises an eyebrow "I'm sure you do..." Melina replies with an arrogant laugh "In
case you're unaware...since here in..." Melina pauses and shakes her head as she makes a
disgusted face "In...OVW..." Melina pauses and again smirks "While...Johnny Nitro is
busy on RAW, where he belongs,...those stupid Hardy Boys...made some challenge for
any team at ECW December to Dismember...and while we all know MNM is the most
dominant tag team in WWE history!" Melina says as she slightly grits her teeth.

Joey Mercury pauses for a long moment before answering, "A match up like that will
sure make a lot of headlines...." Joey says as he seems a bit interested, "But what the hell
is in it for me?! I already got an invite from Teddy Long to come back to SmackDown,
since he didn't fire me when he fired you and Nitro...." Joey says with a smirk.

Melina rolls her eyes "What's in it for you?!" Melina snaps and then shakes her head "See
that was your problem...MNM...was all about you, wasn't it?" Melina says as she takes a
step closer to Mercury and slightly gets into his face "Isn't that right, JOEY!?" Melina
says as she grits her teeth, before she takes a deep breath to calm herself down and she
then clears her throat "What's in it for you?" Melina smirks and slightly shrugs her
shoulders "The most dominant tag team, back on the scene...with lights and cameras...and
of course action! MNM...back on the scene...Melina, Nitro, and Mercury!" Melina says
proudly before she gently places her dominant hands against Joey's black tank top "We
did have a lot of fun back then...didn't we?"

"Yeah we did.... and MNM sure as hell wasn't about me... if it was you two wouldn't
have blamed me for everything...." Joey Mercury replies as Melina slightly moves her
dominant hands over his black tank top covered chest. "But I still see no reason for me to
hook up with you and him...."

Melina raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "You don't Joey?" Melina says in a soft,
unnatural voice "Joey..." Melina releases a laugh "You remember the old times.." Melina
says as she nods her head "You know THOSE old times...our all night on the scene"

Joey Mercury slightly licks his lips a bit and he nods his head, "Yeah I remember those
all night parties... tearing up the clubs and everything...." Joey says, "So... basically you're
trying to make headlines by offering some of those hot nights?"

Melina nods her head and smirks "Yeah...and just think of this Joey, MNM as the WWE
Tag Team Champions once again!" Melina says with a fierce look in her seductive,
dominating eyes as she slightly grits her teeth. Melina keeps her eyes locked with
Mercury's eyes as the dominant "A-list" Diva removes her left hand from his tank top
covered chest and gently presses her hand against the crotch of his silver workout pants.

Joey grits his teeth slightly as he feels Melina's left hand pressing against his crotch,
"Hmmmm.... you know... I'm open for.... some persuasion.... but... I have to know things
are going to be straight.... before I agree to anything...."

Melina presses her lips together "Oh...of course..." Melina smirks "It'll just be like old
times..." Melina says as she firmly presses her dominating left hand against Joey
Mercury's crotch, she then glances up and nods her head as she sees the look on
Mercury's face "Just like old times...all the wild parties..."

Melina presses her lips together "Oh...of course..." Melina smirks "It'll just be like old
times..." Melina says as she firmly presses her dominating left hand against Joey
Mercury's crotch, she then glances up and nods her head as she sees the look on
Mercury's face "Just like old times...all the wild parties..."

Joey licks his lips and he nods his head a bit, "Mmmm well... I don't want you to be just...
all talk.... so let's.... see if you really mean it...." Joey Mercury says as put his hands on
his waist and he thrusts his pelvis a bit to push his crotch against Melina's left hand.

Melina smirks and raises an eyebrow "Mmmm...oh...I'm not all talk..." Melina says as she
shakes her head as the self-proclaimed most dominant Diva licks her lips and lowers
herself down onto her knees in front of Joey Mercury, sliding her gentle, but dominating
hands against the bulging crotch of his silver workout pants. Before Joey Mercury has a
chance to reaction, the dominating Melina begins to pull down his silver workout pants
from his waist.

"Oh shit..." Mercury says in surprised tone as Melina tugs his silver workout pants down
his muscular legs all the way to his feet, and Mercury's thick, semi-hard twelve-inch cock
hangs between his legs. Mercury then pulls off his black tank top to reveal his smooth
muscular toned upper body as he steps out of his pants. Melina lifts her head up and grits
her teeth as she locks her eyes with Joey Mercury's eyes as she reaches forward and
wraps her dominating hands around Mercury's semi-hard cock. Melina tosses her soft,
wavy "A-list" hair back as she starts to smoothly move her dominating hands up and
down Mercury's gradually hardening shaft.

"Mmmm... awww... fuck... been a while since I felt that...." Mercury moans as Melina
strokes his hardening fat long cock with her hands. Mercury slides his hand through his
black braided hair and licks his lips as Melina slightly twists her right hand around the
base of his dick.

" like that! Don't you Joey!?" Melina says as she grits her teeth together and
slightly narrows her dominating eyes as she continues to stroke both of her dominant
hands smoothly against Mercury's now rock hard, thick cock. Melina licks her soft and
dominating lips as she slowly leans her head down and flicks her wet, dominant tongue
against the large head of Mercury's hard cock, before she starts to circle her tongue
around the large head of his cock.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck yea... mmmm now that's like old times...." Joey Mercury moans as he
feels Melina's wet, dominating tongue move around the thick head of his cock, and he
can feel Melina's saliva dripping down his cock.

"Mmmmm… mmmmm..." Melina softly moans as she circles her wet, dominating tongue
around the head of his cock before she opens her warm, "A-list" mouth and lowers her
head on his cock as she takes his cock into her mouth. Melina presses her lips tightly
around Mercury's thick shaft and begins to easily and smoothly bob her head on Joey
Mercury's cock as she starts to suck on the cock of her former business associate.

"Uhhhhh damn.... ahhh yea...." Joey Mercury places both of his hands on his waist and
leans his head back as Melina bobs her head back and forth on his meaty cock. "Ahhhh....
ohhh damn.... fuck.... you sure can suck...." Joey Mercury groans.

Melina raises an eyebrow as she bobs her dominating head quicker on his large, thick and
hard cock while she gently twists her head on his cock as she lowers her head further
down on Joey Mercury's cock, taking him deeper into her warm, wet mouth
"Mmmmm....fuck..." Melina groans as she starts to lash her fierce, wet tongue against his
hard, thick cock.

Joey Mercury grits his teeth slightly as Melina takes a large amount of shaft past her
dominating lips. "Ahhhh.... ohhh yeah...." Mercury moans as he moves his hands and
places them on Melina's head as she continues to bob her head on his shaft while
whipping her tongue against it every chance she gets. Melina opens her hot, wet mouth as
wide as she can before she lowers her dominating head all the way down on Joey
Mercury's hard, thick cock and starts to deep throat Mercury's cock as she quickly bobs
her head, causing his large ball sack to slap against Melina's chin while her warm, wet
saliva drips against his cock.

"Awww.... ohhhh shit.... fuck!" Joey Mercury moans as he starts to instinctively move his
hips in order to thrust his dick in and out of Melina's warm, moist dominating mouth.
"Ahhh yeah.... ohhh damn.... fuck.... Melina.... this is a lot better than old times... so
far...." Joey groans as Melina clams her lips down against his cock before she lifts her
head off of his saliva covered dick.

Melina licks her lips as she narrows her dominating eyes into a soft, sly glare as she
stands up and tosses her soft "A-list" hair back "Oh...just like old times, right?" Melina
smirks as she pushes her short jean skirt off of her smoothly, rounded hips to reveal a
black thong underneath. Melina steps out of her black skirt "Just like old times Joey..."
Melina says as she grits her teeth together before she walks over to the wooden bench in
the locker room and removes her tan-colored top to expose her hot, large and rounded

Joey Mercury nods his head, "Yeah.... just a lot better...." Mercury replies as he follows
Melina over to the smooth wooden bench and he stands behind her. As if he's done it
millions times before, Mercury kneels down behind Melina and uses his teeth to grab
onto the string of Melina's black thong and he proceeds to pull it down from her sexy
waist without using his hands. When he gets her thong down far enough, Mercury then
uses his hands to slide it down the rest of Melina's smoothly shaven, hot legs before he
stands up behind her once again.

Melina smirks and glances over her shoulder as she grits her teeth together "Mmmm...
yeah Joey...just think of it...back with MNM...this can happen all the fucking time!"
Melina says as she slightly pushes herself back towards Joey as she kneels down onto of
the wooden bench's surface.

"I still.... haven't decided yet...." Mercury replies to the hot 'A-List' Diva as Melina
pushes her ass against his waist. Mercury takes a step back and he licks his lips as he
grips his shaft with his right hand and starts to slide it into Melina's hot, dominating
pussy. "Ahhh shit!" Mercury groans loudly as he feels Melina's pussy tighten around his
shaft almost instantly.

Melina tosses her back "Ohhhhhh shit!" Melina groans as she firmly pushes herself
further back against Joey Mercury's hard, thick cock as she feels his cock enter her warm,
tight and dominating pussy inch by inch. Melina narrows her eyes into a hard, slightly
playful glare as she glances back at her former business associate "Mmm...come on fuck
that dominant pussy!" Melina commands.

Mercury nods his head as he lays both of his hands on Melina's slightly round sexy hips
and he begins to pump his shaft in and out of Melina's pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh shit...."
Mercury moans as he starts slowly at first and gradually he starts to increase the tempo of
his thrusts as Melina pushes back against him and adjusts to his ever changing pace.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah Joey....fuck that dominant pussy!" Melina moans as she firmly pushes
her hot, rounded ass back against Joey's smooth, muscular waist as he swiftly thrusts his
cock into her dominantly tight, warm pussy as her hot "A-list" body rocks back and forth
on the bench's surface.

"Oooo... damn.... ahhh fuck.... you like... that cock Melina?!" Joey grunts as he fucks
Melina's pussy with sharp hard thrusts at a brisk pace. His large ballsack slaps against
Melina's smooth skin every time his slams his entire twelve-inch hard as a rock cock into
Melina's hot dominant "A-List" pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah...I fucking love it!" Melina groans as she grits her teeth and closes her
eyes as she hot rounded ass smacks hard against Joey Mercury's waist as she feels his
hard cock slam deeper into her dominating pussy as she sweat starts to drip off of her hot
"A-list" body.

Joey Mercury, who was sweating from his workout, pauses once in a while between his
thrusts in order to wipe sweat from his face. He then pulls his thick hard cock out of
Melina's pussy and smirks, "I wanna fucking fuck you like Nitro does...." Mercury says
in a fired up tone of voice as he turns Melina over on the bench so that's she's laying on it.
Mercury then grabs Melina's legs and spreads them apart before he positions himself
between then in order to roughly drive his stiff shaft balls deep back into Melina's pussy.

Melina grits her teeth tighter together as she arches her back "Ohhhhh fuck yes!" Melina
screams as Mercury slams his hard, thick cock deeply into Melina's tight "A-list" hot
pussy. Melina places hands up against Mercury's strong, slightly sweaty arms while
Mercury starts to thrust his cock in and out of her hot pussy.

Mercury grits his teeth together as he lifts Melina's legs up a bit to where they are almost
looking like a 'V' as he swiftly pumps his cock in and out of Melina's pussy with an
almost wild intensity. The force Mercury uses behind each of his thrusts has the hot
dominant "A-List" RAW Diva scooting a bit on the smooth surface of the bench.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah! Fuck that dominating pussy!" Melina moans as she closes her eyes
as she starts to sharply grind her pussy against Mercury's cock, every time he slams his
hard, thick cock into her tight and warm pussy.

Mercury takes his hands off of Melina's legs, which allows the hot sweating Diva to
lower them down so they hang off the sides of the bench. "Ahhh.... ooooo yea... I've
missed your hot... dominating cunt...." Mercury grunts as he places his strong hands on
Melina's large, hot, firm tits and he squeezes them firmly, which gets Melina's attention
as Mercury feels her tits as he fucks her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yeah Joey...just like old fucking times!" Melina groans as she lifts her
legs up and wraps her smooth, hot legs around Joey Mercury's waist tightly as Joey
Mercury deeply slams his cock into her dominating cunt "Ohhhh...ohhhhh...fuck!"
Melina shouts as she starts to cum.

Mercury licks his lips as he feels Melina's pussy erupt with her warm juices as she cums
all over his thick pistoning cock. "Ahhh yeah.... uhhh fuck Melina.... I'm.... all fucking
for.... putting MNM.... back together...." Mercury grunts, "But... I want... ahhh one....
fucking thing...." Mercury adds as he slams his shaft one more time into Melina's pussy
before he unwraps her legs from his waist and pulls his throbbing shaft out of her pussy.

Melina sits up slightly on the wooden bench and raises an eyebrow as she smirks "Yeah

Joey Mercury licks his lips, "I wanna fucking shoot my load on your tits like Nitro
does.... this is gonna be a new era for MNM... and I want to start it off right!" Mercury
says with a grin as he grips his cock with his right hand and he lightly strokes it a bit.

Melina grits her teeth together and locks her dominating eyes with Mercury "Do it!
Fucking do it!" Melina shouts.

"Ohhh yeah....." Mercury licks his lips as he steps closer to Melina and he smirks when
Melina bends back a bit on the bench so that she pushes her tits out towards Mercury,
making them an even more desirable target. Mercury fiercely pumps his cock with his
left hand and he groans loudly as he starts to cum, "Ahhhhh yea!" Mercury moans as he
sprays Melina's tits with his warm sticky cum. Mercury keeps strokes his shaft until every
drop of his cum is shot out and when he's finished Melina's tits are completely covered
with his load.

Melina closes her eyes and licks her lips as she feels Mercury's warm, sticky cum splatter
against her large, rounded tits "Ohhhh fuck Joey!"

Mercury licks his lips as he lets go of his cum spent cock, "Ohhh yeah.... I've always
wanted to fucking do that....." Mercury says as he watches his cum drips from Melina's
large, firm hot tits.

Melina smirks as she glances up at Joey Mercury and licks her lips "So...what do you say

Joey Mercury smirks, " I say... you persuaded me to.... get back with you and Nitro.... and
it's going to be... the hottest thing... to ever hit the scene!"


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