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Dominating Lita is a hardcore bondage story. Noone under 18 should read this...

Dominating Lita
by RockNRollSinger (

Lita, AKA Amy Dumas. One, if not the greatest WWE Diva of all time. Amy was
always thought of as a normal woman backstage though. Typical, usual, plain
old, woman. but Amy was far from normal. Deep down in her soul she urned
for her sexual fantasies to come true. She also knew that her breakup with
her boyfriend of seven years, Matt Hardy, was just the chance she needed to
find someone who shared the same sexual fantasies as her.

WWE RAW, June 6th, 2005:

"Hey Amy. Whats been up with you latly?" said one of the stage hands. His
name is Josh.

"Oh, nothing. Same old shit differnt day. How about you Josh?" Amy replied.

"Well, not so good. I got dumped yesterday." Said the stagehand.

Amy grinned. Sshe had always admired Josh. Even when Matt and her were
together. Josh had been employed by the WWE for about 3 years and Amy had
quite frequently had thoughts about what would happen if she had ever had
dumped Matt and started dating Josh, but Josh had always had a long
distance relationship with a woman who always wanted him to stay at home.

"Really. I'm so sorry to hear that, is there anything I can do?" Amy said,
trying to hide her happy grin.

Josh thought to himself for a second. His first thought was "Yeah, you could
fuck me then I'd be great!" but he knew if he said that, he would get fired.
Josh had always had a bit of a crush for Amy, and would do anything for her.
The reason his girlfriend left him was because of jelousy. She was jelous of
Amy. Everytime Josh brought her to a show, Amy would get 5 star treatment,
But there was no way Josh would ever tell Amy that. Josh did muster up some
courage though, So he went for the kill.

"Well, actually, I'd really like to have some company tonight in the hotel.
I don't want to be by myself tonight." He asked, hoping she would say yes,
no, PRAYING she would.

Amy smiled. "Of course, anything for a good friend like you."

Josh's eyes lit up. In his mind he was screaming "SCORE!" but he played it

"Cool, Thanks Amy, heres the key to my room."

Amy walked to her locker room and prepared herself for the nights action.
She and Edge were to share an onstage kiss infront of Kane, her "husband."
Amy knew Josh would be back stage watching. So she picked out a knockout
outfit. A red blouse with no bra, leaving nothing to anybodys imagination.
Her amazing breasts floating freely. "This will knock him to the floor."
she thought as she headed towards the stage entrance.

Josh was backstage watching and it did just what Amy thought it would. Josh
had to hold onto Chris Benoit to keep himself from falling over.

"Sorry Chris. She just looks so amazing in that."

"Yeah man. She does. To bad I'm taken." Benoit laughed.

Amy finished up her skit and her on stage kiss with a former lover of her's,
Edge. She imagined that it was Josh she was kissing, instead of the ugly
Canadian. As Edge and Amy walked backstage. Edge slapped her ass.

"I knew you'd come back to me baby." Said Edge.

"What the fuck are you talking about you arrogant asshole!" Amy yelled.

"Whoa! sorry, thought that kiss ment something, you practically shoved your
tounge down my throat." Edge said walking away, angerly.

Amy went to her locker room and packed. Josh was already out of the arena,
and in his hotel. He decided to take a shower. About 15 minutes before RAW
ended he heard his door open.

"Amy? That you?" He yelled.

"Yeah!" she yelled back "Where are you?"

"In the shower, Give me about 15 minutes."


"Time to snoop around." Amy said quietly to herself. And snoop she did, but
she found nothing out of the ordinary. Which disappointed her. Then she spied
a black bag underneith Josh's queensize bed. She opened it up and immediatly
she was turned on. For inside the bag were the objects of Domination. In the
bag were a set of steel nipple clamps, stained with a bit of blood, rope, a
ball gag, handcuffs, a pussy clamp with a long chain that connected to the
chain of the nipple clamps, Hooks for suspending some leather straps she also
found in the bag from the ceiling. Just looking at all this stuff was making
Amy hornier and hornier, Her jeans had a noticible wet spot on them. She
heard the shower shut off. but didn't care. She heard Josh talking, but
didn't care. She heard the door open, but didn't care.

"AMY! WHAT IN THE HELL!" Josh yelled as he stood in a towel.

"Oh my god Josh. what is all this." Amy turned. As soon as she did, Josh
noticed the wet stain on her blue jeans. Josh grinned.

"So you found my secret bag. I guess i'm going to have to punish you now."

Amy started breathing heavy, she knew, finally, that she was going to have
her fantasy fulfilled. Josh walked towards her, he let the towel drop. Amy
almost came in her jeans at the sight of his above average cock, she could
not tell how long it was but knew she would enjoy it.

"Do you like the look of my cock Amy?" asked Josh.

"Oh god yes I do. And please, don't call me Amy. Call me anything but Amy."

Josh grinned. "You don't call me Josh either, Call me Master you fucking
horny bitch."

"Mmmm yes master." Amy replied in a moan.

Josh sat down on the bed, he smiled as he looked at Amy's body. "How about a
striptease for your master bitch?"

Amy nodded her head "Yes my master." She slowly started to dance. Swaying
her hips back and forth in front of him. She did a slow turn, Her ass moving
slowly, like an ocean wave. She unbuttoned her black jeans, and started to
move them down her legs slowly. A purple and green thong was the only thing
separating her wet pussy from the cold air of the room. Then then turned back
around. Her horny eyes looking down at Josh's cock. which he was stroking
slowly, watching her dance. She licked her lips and pulled her red top off,
her breasts now free, her nipples harder than they have ever been, pointing
straight out. She ran her hands over her breasts, squeezing them in her
hands, she then moved her hands down her body slowly and grabbed the sides
of the thong, she pulled it down slowly, her shaven wet pussy glistening in
the light. Josh smiled as his horny fuck slut was now naked and waiting for
his use.

"Very good my little cunt. Now, reach into that bag and grab that set of
nipple clips."

"Mmmmmm yes master." Amy moaned as she reached into the bag. She grabbed the
clamps and placed them onto her nipples, Her face showed an expresstion of
pain as the cold steel clamps dug into her sensative skin, peircing pain shot
through her body, but she loved it as she placed the clamps on.

Josh smiled as she winced in pain. He motioned for her to get on the bed.
Which she did. Josh rolled over on top of her. His large cock sliding down
her pussy. She moaned loudly as it slide across it. Josh grinned.

"God i want it inside me so bad. Mmmmm" she moaned in his ear.

"I know, but your going to wait for it cunt." he ordered. Then stood up in
front of her, His cock moist with her juices. "Now look what you've done.
You've let yourself leak on my cock. Get up here and clean me off bitch."

Amy sat up quickly, and engulfed his cock, sucking it right into her mouth,
taking as much as she could. She had never sucked a cock this big before so
she could only take in about 4 or 5 inches. Josh grew tired of her poor
cocksucking skills. He took the back of her head and pushed it. Pushing her
down on his cock.

Amy gasped when his hand grabbed her head. She muffled for air around his
cock as he pushed her head farther, and farther down his long pulsating
shaft. His cock makes her gag and almost throw up before it finally slides
down her throat. Her nose burried in his pubic hair, her face purple from
lack of air. He pulls her head back and forth on his cock, not letting her
breath, her eyes watering now, she coughs and gags. Finally he releases
her, she pulls off his cock and gasps for air, coughing and spitting.

"Jesus. *cough* Thank you mas *cough* ter *cough*"

Josh reached into the bag, smiling as Amy was still coughing. He grabbed the
pussy clamp. While she had her eyes closed he placed it on her pussy lips,
then quickly connected the chain to the chain from the nipple clamps. The
chains make a nice Y shape on Amy. She gasps as the clamp connects with her
pussy, she screams as it tightens on her. Josh smiles. Then gets the rope and
handcuffs out.

"Lay down bitch, let me tie you down like a good little whore."

Amy lays down. Josh then handcuffs her to the bed. Amy moans as her arms are
stretched when Josh pulls her feet to the end of the bed. He ties her legs on
the bed posts. Her feet up in the air and legs spread, Her glistining pussy
stretched wide. Josh notices how horny she is, Her pussy is almost a glowing
red. He decides to tease her some more. He gets up on the bed and slaps her
cunt with his cock. Amy screams in pleasure as this is done.

"Oh please fuck me master, God please, I'll do anything you want, fuck me,
let me cum all over you, god please."

"God? I am your master. And now I am your GOD! understand?"

"Yes master! Yes god! Please fuck me, I'm nothing but a worthless little
pleasure hungry whore!!!!" She screams.

As she completes the sentance, Josh rams his cock inside her. On the first
thrust Amy orgasms, she screams madly.

SO FUCKING HARD!" she screamed.

Josh grinned. He started pumping into her hard, His cock going deep into her.
Each thrust is different, he works his hips in slow circles, his cock moving
inside her if all differnet directions, Amy orgasms again.


"Yeah, you like that whore? You like it when I slam my fucking cock inside
you? Do you like it when I fuck you like a jackhammer bitch?" Josh askes

she moans, cumming again.

Josh grins. and keeps fucking her, Not breaking a sweat as she orgasams for
the 3rd time. Then the 4th, then 5th. Amy screams bloody murder as Josh
pounds her. Finally Josh feels his orgasm comming. He grins.

"You want me to cum inside you cunt? Do you want me to coat your insides with
my hot warm milky goo?"

FILL ME UP, MASTER MMMMMMMMMMMMMM." she yells as she cums again.

Josh pushes inside her and releases his load, it shoots out in a jet, and Amy
goes into multiple orgasms. The hot goo sends her over the edge, her body
shakes and sways, she screams.


Josh pulls out of Amy. Breathing heavy, but smiling. He watches as his exsess
cum slides out of Amy.

"Oh my lord. God that was fucking incredible. mmm." Amy moaned.

As she said that, There was a knock on the hotel room door. Josh wrapped
himself up in a towel and answered the door.

"Hello sir. We got a call about noise comming from this room. Could you keep
it down please."

An idea flashed in Josh's head. He grinned.

"Well. I don't know how to Officer."

"What to you mean."

"She doesn't have a cock in her mouth to shut her up."

The end. Comments welcome.

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