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This story is fictional. I know it is because I'm writing it in the first
person and telling you it is fictional. Enjoying the story is fine, but
actually doing it is bad and probably illegal wherever you are. Warning
over, onto the story.

Dominating The Divas: Part 1
by Underdog

This is the story about how I took what I wanted out of life, and in this
case that happened to be some of the WWF Divas. I planned this for awhile,
even went on the Internet looking for ideas and came across a few but was
mostly disappointed. Sure, the stories were nice but most of them were
fantasy-land, big time. Being a WWF stagehand? A Diva's poolman? Happening
to be their pizzaboy on a horny night? How likely is THAT? Forget the fact
you ain't one of those, how likely is it that you'll show up in front of
them and they'll be the least bit interested in fucking you? Want something
a lot more likely? How about how likely is it that beyond showing you a
smile, an autograph and a few kind words that they'd be just as happy never
seeing you again? Sorry, but that is the facts. Want another? If it is you
who want something, and it ain't something that they'll be inclined to give
you, then you either take it or do without it. I was going to take it.

The most important thing with planning, simple is best. Get in and out
fast so there isn't much time for shit to go wrong. If your plan depends on
more than you and your victim, you are already in trouble because that's at
least one person too many. The next most important thing? Don't play fair.
Play to win.

So like I said... I planned this for awhile but I always knew who my
first victim would be, Chyna. No dummy, it's not because I thought she's
the hottest. It's because you only get the full element of surprise once.
After that, the law of diminishing return hits you like a freight train.
So if you want a shot in hell of pulling this off, like I did, you go for
the biggest, toughest, most difficult trophy first because you won't get
a better chance later! By sheer size, that made the choice easy.

Of course, fate was kind to me... and so was Chyna. By the time I was
ready, she'd left the WWF. Fired? Quit? Whatever. What that really meant was
I could bag her and none of my other victims would know it. That's about
as close as you can get to having a second full element of surprise. Chyna
made things even one step easier. She invited some TV show into her home to
show it off. Not only did I find out where she lived, but I even got a
preview of some of the rooms I'd be visiting. Not that it would matter, I
would have done my homework anyways. I know, you want me to get to the good
stuff. Like how'd I get inside, and how did I get her. I'll warn you now,
it's a bit 'anti-climatic'... but it's because I'm that damn good.

I waited until late one evening and went over to her home and found her
security system. Here's something you may not know about most alarm systems.
When one of the sensors is tripped, it sends a signal back to a control box,
the control box sends a signal back to some security company's control center
and they raise all hell. For the good ones, the security company tests a
signal every few hours from the control center out to the box to make sure
it's functioning. See a problem with that? No? Then I'll spell it out for

If someone 'cuts' the wire between the control box and control center then
enters the house, the sensor's information doesn't get back to the command
center. And they won't know something is wrong until they run the next test
to see it is down which could be hours. Someone (like me) could cut the wire,
go inside and do some business come out and re-attach the wires... and no one
even knows it was ever down. That's how I got in.

Yeah, I had all the brains to figure that... so imagine how pissed off I
was when I picked my way through her front door and discovered the alarm
system wasn't even on. Some people must just be asking for it.. So I go back
outside, re-attach the damn wires since it won't matter one way or the other
and I head back inside determined to make her really suffer for this!

Ok, so I'm ticked but I'm not stupid. I wasn't interested in her brains
anyway, it is her 160+ pound Amazon body I was looking for... and that was
still the main threat. So I went back inside, got my temper under control
and let my eyes adjust to the dimness. I had a small pen light with me that
I used to slowly move around her place. Alarm wasn't a problem anymore, I
*wanted* her sound asleep, so the longer it took me to get to her was
actually better. So, let's skip the part of me being quiet and carefully,
moving through her living rooms, hallways, etc... and get to what you want
to know next.

I came by her bedroom pretty easily, thanks to her sleeping. I won't say
she snores, but she can breath loudly. In an environment where everything is
dead silent, where the slightest sound is your mortal enemy... you can pick
up even light breathing from a fair distance. So I get to her room, and the
entranceway is conveniantly open. In fact, even the window shades aren't
drawn in. She must like waking up to the sunlight or something... whatever.

A heavy breather can imply a deep sleeper, but I keep my movements and
breathing quiet all the same. I avoid casting any moonlight shadow over her
either just in case. Using the pen light, I slowly pan the bed, avoiding
direct contact with her face. Let me tell you, watching a big, strong, and
fairly beautiful woman sleeping quietly... helplessly... vunerably... damn,
it turns me on. But I digress. I was looking at how she slept, and for
reasons other than my hormones. She was sleeping on her back, her right arm
upraised slightly draping over a pillow with an open hand and limp wrist.
Her other arm was also outside the covers, but it was resting downwards. It
should also be noted that her arms were bare, she might even have been naked
underneath... I couldn't tell but I'd soon find out.

Moving closer to her, I withdrew a tazer from my pocket. There is an
irony here. When I bought this on the Internet, it was advertised as a self
defense product for women. The kind that could render a male attacker
unconscious within 2-3 seconds. It is even helpful enough to list some
recommended spots. While I'm sure you can guess an OBVIOUS one, it mentions
that direct physical skin contact is best... and close to the neck happened
to be one of them. So with my wonderfully angelic sleeping target... the
base of the neck, next to her shoulder is exactly where I struck.

Being a perfectionist, and wanting nothing to go wrong, I had tested this
tazer on yours truly. First, there's no guarantee your victim will scream.
It's as if their body is shutting down. If they happened to see it coming and
were about to scream... then odds are they'll give a hell of wail. But if
they aren't expecting it, and aren't reflexively 'startled', it's just as
likely their motor muscles will clamp down and they'll fold up like a puppet
with its string cut. So which was Chyna? Not quite either, but she was also
typical in her own way.

The good news is, she never saw it coming. I gave her a good, strong zap.
Her eyes flew open like a shot, and the tree branches she thinks of as arms
flung into the air, with the rest of her body as she woke up in full stride.
Funny thing though... the manual book covered that. It mentioned that keeping
the current connected to the skin for 2-3 seconds isn't easy, most times it
isn't even possible. You jerk, the victim jerks (like Chyna did), whatever.
In such instances, they tell you to wait a moment, and re-apply it. The
initial jolt is such a shock to their system... their muscles are in shock
and on the verge of shutting down, not coming to life. If you wait a moment
or two, you will see them fall back down, probably giving you another (maybe
even a better) opportunity to zap them again. So whether it takes one shot,
two shots, three... pick your spots. Great book, great product... I should
really recommend it to my friends.

So Chyna awoke... rather violently, but also silently. You could almost
sense her brain at work. The instant the tazer's current made contact with
the skin, there was a instant tensing of her body. Very slight, like she just
found out she was getting a leg cramp. About a second later, it hits her that
this isn't a cramp, it's pain, and it isn't stopping so up came the eyelids,
and her arms in defense. I pulled my hand out fast and got clear of the
frenzy... but it only lasted a moment.

Her eyes stayed open, but couldn't focus. Her arms flopped down and they
moved slowly, lazily, almost without purpose. Someone would think her
exhausted or drunk, it'd be more accurate to say her brain was temporarily
short circuited so all the captain's orders weren't translated down to the
troops if you get my drift. Hell, the orders were probably coming down in a
foreign language now too.

In her new position, she had rolled up on oneside. We're not talking fetal
position, but definitely more guarded. I was feeling new found courage... I
could take the bitch now. Did I mention I was gripping the tazer just in
case? Ok, so I'm brave... but not totally stupid. Even so, I jumped on the
bed from behind. I planted both hands on her shoulders and pushed her further
over until she was lay flat on her breasts. Hearing something between a grunt
and a moan, I deduced she hadn't a clue what was going on, but didn't like
her new position. Good!

I grabbed one wrist, then had to struggle a bit with the other to get them
behind her back. I said noise was the enemy, well there was two sets of sound
I was waiting to hear all night. It was the distinct *click* noise I heard as
my handcuffs wrapped around both her wrists. No more worries, she was mine
now. I tried to roll her back over on her front now. Holy shit, that wasn't
easy. It was a lot easier pushing her down with her weight on my side,
instead of it being against me. With both hands, and a lot shoving, I finally
got her over though.

It was time for the finale and I *so* wanted her to see it. I brushed her
hair away from her face, slapped her cheeks gently, side to side. She was
barely with it. You know the phrase 'The lights are on, but no one's home?'
Well... in this case, the lights were flickering, and they were about to burn
out. Finally her eyes began to focus. Not well mind you, but you could see
them centering. Maybe it was the tazer, the darkness, maybe she wasn't sure
if it was all a dream... it was like she knew something was out there, but
couldn't see it yet.

Then, just as I saw her facial reaction pale, at what I took as the first
hint she could sense some kind of tangible danger, I struck. Bound as she
was, her chest made for an inviting target. I could tell she wasn't naked
after all, but whatever she was wearing didn't cover the upper chest much. I
took the tazer activated in the air a moment so she could see it, then pushed
down and applied it to her chest, just above her breasts for her second jolt
of the night... and two was all it would take.

As she was slowly struggling to figure out just what was going on, tazer
number two hit her squarely on the chest. Probably by reflex again, she tried
to recoil from it, but it is not like she could sink into the mattress. This
time her arms wouldn't rise to her defense. A moment later, she shut down.
She was out cold.

What? You want to know what I did with her once I had her this way? There
is a reason why this was called Part One.

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