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Don't Cross The Boss
by Thug It (

(It was about an hour after the taping of RAW is WAR had ended. Some of the
WWF Divas were just finishing changing. Trish, Ivory, and Debra were in the
women's locker room talking. They were already fully in their street cloths
and were all sitting around talking.)

Debra- "I'm just glad they're actually putting me back at ringside, that's
where I belong. I mean that Lt. Commissioner thing, it was great working with
Mick, but I did nothing. I don't even know what the point of having me there

Ivory- "Tell me about it, how long did they have me float around? They dumped
off the real wrestlers and tried to put in valets against each other. It just
doesn't work that way! At least now I'm on TV, all the time, even if I do
have a dress like an old lady."

Trish- "You girls are lucky you at least like your gimmicks. The WWF has put
me out there as a big chested whore. After a while it kinda gets to you. The
McMahon men are pigs! They're just doing it for their own jollies."

Ivory- "Don't worry Trish, they do that to everyone in the beginning. After a
while, you'll get your respect. I gotta head back to the hotel, anyone need a

Debra- "No, I'm gonna go find Steve."

Trish- "I'm sticking around a little longer, I'm going to try to talk to JR
or something. See you two later."

(The ladies say their good-byes and Debra and Ivory leave the locker room.
Trish gets up from her sit on the leather couch. She walks over to her gym
bag, which was placed on the floor next to the chair. She begins to look
through it when she feels a large hand on her shoulder. She stubbles and
turns around. She looks up and sees Shane McMahon standing behind her with
his arms crossed in front of him.)

Trish- "Oh, hi Shane! I didn't expect you here."

Shane- "Of course you didn't, if you did then you wouldn't have been running
your mouth like that."

Trish- "You heard that? I didn't mean anything...."

Shane- "Listen Trish, you're still a rookie here. Debra can trash on this
company all she wants, Ivory can trash on this company all she wants, any of
the ladies can, except you. You haven't earned your respect here yet. If the
WWF wants to protray you as a whore, it's because you are one. You're nothing
but another whore in the locker room, and unless you apologize for those
harsh comments you made, you're ass is fired!"

Trish- "I'm sorry."

Shane- "I said apologize, not say I'm sorry."

(Trish looked at Shane confused. He rolled his eyes as he noticed her
stupidity. He looked Trish up and down, and then looked down at his crotch.
She got the point and her mouth dropped. She had no idea what she should do.
Either fuck him, or get fired.)

Trish- "You want me to give you head?!"

Shane- "Blow me, and I fuck you! Start working you dirty whore."

(Shane grabbed Trish by her golden locks. He pushes her down to her knees
with all his force. Her eyes were dead locked with Shane's crotch. She was a
bit excited, she had a little crush on Shane, but she was also scared and
hesitatent. She watched as Shane took off his belt and unzipped his pants. He
dropped his pants to his ankles and wasted no time taking off his boxers.
There, right in front of her, was Shane McMahon's semi-erect 10 inch cock.
With the grip he had on Trish's head, he pushed her towards his prick. Tears
began to gather up in Trish's eyes as she grabbed the shaft of Shane's cock.
If she was going to do it, she was going to do it right. She began to tease
Shane with her tongue. She circled the head of Shane's cock with her tongue.
Round and round she went and Shane's cock began to rise to full force.)

Shane- "You better make this good you little slut. I know you have a lot of
experience at this kind of stuff."

(Trish nodded her head and moved her tongue up and down Shane's dick. She
began licking it like it was a lolly pop. She then began to swallow the head
of his cock, taking it in inch by inch. Without any notice Shane jerked her
head towards him, pushing his cock deep down her throat. She didn't gag or
anything, she took it all in, just like a pro. Trish began to bob her head,
back and forth, taking everything in. Shane began to moan and she went at it
faster, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Each time she tried
to get his cock deeper down her throat. Shane began to move his hands down
from her hair to her chest. He slipped one hand down the front of her
t-shirt. He began to grope her massive tits. He held on tight to them as he
felt he was about to drop a load.)

Shane- "Of fuck yes, you little whore. I'm CUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!"

(Shane shot out a load of cum down Trish's throat. She tried to move away
from it but he quickly moved his hand back to her head and made her swallow
every drop of it. Shane pushed Trish back and she fell on her back. She
looked up at Shane and smiled. She got up to her feet and stared straight
into Shane's eyes. He wasn't sure what was happening and then he fell back
onto the leather couch, Trish had pushed him. She began taking off her top
while Shane began to understand what was going on. She tossed her shirt aside
and her enormous fake breasts popped out. Perky, from all the stuffed in
silicon, they stood up straight. Trish had no bra on and her nipples were
completely hard. She then bent down to pull off her pants. She was bent in
front of Shane, and when she went down he got a full view of her ass. She
had on a tiny little black thong. Instead of getting back up Trish stayed
bent down in front of Shane. She moved a bit closer to him and rubbed her
bear ass up and down Shane's cock. It didn't take long until Shane was stiff
again. He looked at her panties and they were completely wet. He grabbed
her by the hips and jerked her towards him. She fell on his lap and he began
to pull down her panties. They fell to Trish's ankles and she stood up to
her feet. She shoved Shane down and stood on top of him. She lowered herself
down on Shane. The head of his cock pressed against her clit and she began
moaning. Shane grabbed Trish by the hips and pushed her down on his dick.
Trish let out a huge moan as she bucked her hips onto Shane. He held her hips
tight as she grinded her cunt into him.)

Trish- "Oh God yes! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!! Fuck me good."

Shane- "You want it don't you bitch?"

Trish- "YES! Oh yes! I'm a dirty whore! Treat me like one.

(Trish grinds herself into Shane deeper and deeper. She begins to speed up
as she rides Shane's prick. She throws her head back and grabs hold of her
tits as she begins to moan louder. Trish begins to orgasm as she cums all
over Shane's cock. Just after she finishes Shane shots a load in her. Trish
falls on Shane's chest and the two lay there together.)


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