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Don't Mess With Little Miss Bliss
by RaineMaker

You work at one of the best hotels in the city, it's not unusual to see lower level celebrities come through or just generally well-off members of society. You weren't sure how well it would go at first but you've gotten used to it and started to enjoy it as of late.

You work the graveyard shift and are at the front desk all alone most nights. Very few people ever actually check in throughout the night and it allows you to have a pretty peaceful time.

Tonight had gone just about as every other one did. Once it started to get late into the night and early morning it was essentially just you sitting in the lobby by yourself left to watch TV or read a book.

At around 2am though that changed, you saw a small figure approach the front door and come barging through with what seemed like four times it's body weight in luggage. As it got closer you could hear it talking, it was a girl. She was complaining and swearing about something you couldn't make out just yet. When she approached the desk you quickly realized that the girl was a stunning blonde, very petite but she had amazing curves. Slowly as the wheels in your head started to turn you remembered that she looked just like the girl you had seen on that bus that went by on your way to work yesterday, she must have been one of the wrestlers in for that show this week.

"Hello miss, are you looking to check in?" You say composing yourself.

She drops all the bags making a large thud on the tile floor and looks up at you with a disgruntled look on her face. "What the fuck else would I be doing here?" She says in a rude tone. "And don't you guys have someone to like, I dont know, help someone like me with my luggage as soon as I get here? Like ughhh I can't stand you people" She says now looking down at her phone, typing viciously.

You are amazed at the level of arrogance this girl has, she clearly thinks she is god's gift. But you ignore her vitriol and try and move things along.

"I am sorry for the inconvenience miss, here is your key to the room" You say plainly and hold your hand out to present the key.

She snatches it quickly without averting her gaze from the phone for even a second. Once she has the key in hand though, she doesn't move a step. You sit there wondering what she is doing just sitting in front of the desk, surely she must be exhausted having to check in this late. Why isn't she heading off to her room?

"Soooo?" She says, clearly annoyed.

"So...?" You respond back confused.

She looks at you blankly, like a deer in headlights.


"Ah no...I am not a bellhop I just work the front desk, there's not really anyone else on duty right now as people don't usually check in this late." You say to explain yourself.

She once again just looks at you in disbelief, like a spoiled kid who just heard the word "no" for the first time. After a moment she laughs bitterly and replies "Do you think I give a damn about any of that? I am not some normal person, I'm a goddess, I am Alexa Bliss, how dare you disrespect me" She says incensed.

Now you are the one caught in the headlights and you manage to stammer out a reply "Look I wasn't trying to be rude, I-I am just the only one on duty right now and I don't think I can leave the desk in case other guests check in"

"Other guests? Wha? What? Are you joking? Who the fuck cares about other guests, i come before them!" The girl says as she stomps on the floor.

"Fine if this is how you want it, I'll just have to call your manager in the morning and tell them how incredibly rude you were to me, a loyal customer here." She sneers as she starts to pick up her stuff and walk to the elevator.

You quickly realize how bad this situation is and try and find a way to backtrack.

"Ugh, well I am sure there is no need to go that far, It's probably fine for me to leave the desk for a brief moment to help you out" You say getting up and trying to quickly get out behind the desk stumbling.

She turns around on her heels abruptly and smiles at you. "Actually, you know what? I got the bags, it's fine. But how about you show up to my room in about an hour? I think i'll need some assistance" She says with an evil grin.

Before you can say anything she turns her back to you and walks off as if you never even existed. The spectacle of her walking away in undeniably captivating. For such a tiny girl she has one of the best asses you've ever seen. She probably is in a hurry to go take a shower after her long day. You can't help but imagine the sight of the petite but curvy girl inside the shower washing herself, but you soon snap out of it.

"She was a complete bitch" you mumble to yourself as you get back to waiting at the desk aimlessly. it's obvious no one is showing up this late at night.

After what feels like a century you start to fade a little and when you wake up you look at the clock and see it's been about 50 minutes since the blonde had left to her room. You debate with yourself on whether to go or not. "She doesn't deserve special treatment just because she's pretty and famous" you think to yourself, "it's what has made her that spoiled in the first place."

You mull it over for a few more minutes but finally decide that it isn't a good idea to piss someone like her off. Having her complain to your manager the next day about the service would probably result in you being fired or harshly reprimanded at the very least.

You get up with a sigh and head to her room.

When you reach her room at the top floor you are pretty relieved that the walk up is over. You hesitantly go to knock on the door and lightly hit it three times. Within seconds the door is opened and behind it the surprisingly perky young girl, completely different from her previous attitude.

"Hi, thanks for showing up! I was worried you would back out." She says with a bright and bubbly smile with none of the previous vitriol or wickedness in her voice.

"I always have issues in these huge rooms, I just can't reach so many things it becomes quite the hassle" She says while guiding you over towards the bedroom.

You're pleasantly surprised that the girl actually is looking for some assistance as you had previously expected just to have to take a brow beating by her to save your job.

"See" She says as she points up at the mounted TV on the wall.

"They always leave the remote in an impossible to find spot and I can't ever reach the TV, can you please get it on the news for me?" She exclaims with the sincerity that even makes you question whether the previous encounter was a simple misunderstanding.

You think to yourself that the remote must be here somewhere, they always just leave it placed somewhere out in the open. As you look around though you quickly realize that it is nowhere to be seen.

"Y-yeah sure that's no problem at all." You say as you reach up and start searching for the buttons on the sides.

Then in a split second you feel a sharp pain in your left knee and collapse.

"Aghhh!" You scream out in pain

As you lay on the floor you start to regain your senses putting together that the bratty girl had blindsided your knee from behind when you were busy with the TV. Then you hear it, a click, then another one. You struggle to try and get up but you can't, your arms are stuck behind your back. Then you realize it, you're handcuffed.

"What the hell are you do-" you're interrupted by the girl sitting you upright and covering your mouth until she gets you all the way up on your knees. Then she goes and sits at the edge of the bed right in front of you.

Despite the situation you are in you can't help but register the beauty you see when looking up at the gorgeous blonde in front of you. She is wearing tight yoga pants a loose crop top and a choker along with sporting her favorite pig tail look.

"Now listen here, for your incompetence earlier you are going to be taught a lesson by Little Miss Bliss" She says with her legs crossed and her head tilted.

"As a goddess I like to be serviced by...lesser beings like you. So tonight that is what you are going to do and I will teach you your place. I'll make sure you never talk to me like that again." She says firmly with intense anger in her voice.

"What the fuck" You say in astonishment. "Like hell I'm going to do that" you say as you try and stand up.

As soon as you do you feel a hard pressure bring you back down in agony, it's her foot on your crotch.

"Not so fast there, little boy." She says as you grimace at the humiliating comment.

"Now you better think about this, you really want to piss me off some more and see how this works out for you? I can assure you that you won't be working here anymore if that's the case" She giggles as she mocks you.

She is right though, no matter how infuriating it is to here she really does have you in a bad spot.

"So you are gonna sit there and service me to my hearts content and treat me like the goddess I am, isn't that right?" She says as she grabs you by the hair.

It hurts but you are much more focused on the embarrassment and the choice you have to make. You think to yourself and try one last time to pull your hands apart but to no avail, these aren't some cheap plastic cuffs these are the real deal, you are stuck.

"Yes" you say softly looking away from her gaze.

"Yes, what?" she growls and steps harder.

"Agh! I don't know" you shout.

"Yes, MISTRESS" she emphasizes.

"Yes...mistress" you say reluctantly, feeling the humiliation of having found yourself the victim of this tiny but vicious girl.

"Good" She says happily as she brings both her feet up onto your chest and slowly brings her socks up to your face.

"Smell them" She says matter-of-factly.

You're shocked by the request and slightly grossed out. You expect it to be an awful experience. To your surprise the girls feet smell fine and almost...nice...but that can't be, it's just that you have to do so, there's no choice in the matter.

You smell them and you can hear the girl giggling at the foot of the bed.

After a few minutes she suddenly pulls them back which almost breaks you out of the trance you were in and you quickly come to your senses. She starts taking her tiny socks off and sticks her right foot in front of you "Kiss it" she says.

The girl has beautiful and petite feet. You've never really thought of feet as "beautiful" before but this girl quite possibly really was a goddess as every last inch of her just oozed a sensual nature. You hesitated for a moment but then slowly leaned down and kissed the top of her foot. You kissed it hundreds of times and she would switch them every so often. Then you started to get more bold and would lick them and started to suck on her toes almost without realizing it.

"Wow, I didn't even need to tell you, you must really enjoy being my slave huh?" She says condescendingly.

"Of course not, I just don't have a choice." You say with false confidence. .

"Oh really" She says, raising her brow. "It seems like your little guy down there feels otherwise" As she moves both her feet down to your upper thighs and you look down to see you are fully erect and it surely shows. You feel your face get red with the embarrassment of the situation.

"But that's okay, I like devoted guys like you, once you learn your place I am sure you will be a fun toy." She says with a glimmer in her eye.

"No! I am only doing this for my job, I can't lose it. How would I ever enjoy doing this, you're disgusting" You say and you immediately regret it as you see "Mistress Bliss" get her mean streak back.

She jumps up and you lose sight of her for a second as you can't turn and then you slowly feel her getting behind you and sitting down. Before you can say anything you feel her hand come over your mouth and she arches your head back.

You feel her unzipping your pants and your hard member immediately pops right out.

She laughs and looks at you right up close "Alright, well lets find out how long you can keep that defiance up for."

The sight from an onlookers perspective would be unbearably humbling.

The small girl was sitting behind you, with you practically in her lap as she had your mouth covered with one hand and her legs entwined into yours. You were completely and utterly trapped and at her mercy. With her other hand she had opened your zipper and now had your hard member in a vice grip.

Most girls were too scared to grab a penis hard enough to give a proper and fulfilling hand job, Alexa certainty didn't have that issue. In fact she gripped it even a bit harder than would be wanted just to emphasize the control she had over you.

"Now listen, for that last impudent comment I am going to forcefully drain these balls of yours and make you cry out and whimper like a little girl, understand me?" She says seductively as she removes her hand for a split second off your mouth as you desperately try to say something.

"Sto-" you try to call out before she immediately clamps her hand back down.

"Alright, I'm happy we're in agreement" She says with a vicious smile.

With this she starts to slowly stroke you over and over.

"Mmm" You moan into her hand.

"When i called you a little boy before, I didn't realize you actually never turned into a real man down here. Usually I wouldn't settle for something this small but I think tonight I can make an exception." She mockingly states.

You weren't really that small at all, in fact you were quite average around five and a half inches and an okay girth. This didn't stop Alexa from continuing the humiliation by taking shots at your size.

As you looked down you saw the sight of your throbbing member fully erect being completely controlled and restrained by this girls tiny hand, which was quite indicative of the situation as a whole.

She sat there for what seemed like hours teasing you and stroking slowly then speeding up incredibly fast for a few seconds and stopping as soon as you were close to climax. It was unbearable and you couldn't help but start to whimper underneath it all.

"You really are starting to sound like a little girl, how pathetic." She says openly as she takes her hand off your cock and slowly drags her nails lightly up your chest.

She then brings her hand back down but this time grabs your balls lightly. She fondles them for a bit and then starts to lightly knead them sending you into a sudden spasm at the slight pain and deep pleasure.

"Now I think it's time for you to admit defeat here, that is if you want me to let you drain those balls all over my hand?" Bliss says in a high pitched voice, knowing just how to control a man.

"Fine, you win, please just let me cum Alexa" you say without any thought.

You feel a hard squeeze on your balls and yelp out in pain.

"Mistress!" She says once again in a growl.

"Yes, yes I am sorry! Mistress please let me cum" you cry out.

"Alright I can do that...once you tell me what got you this hard?" She says with an impish smile. "Come on tell me how worshiping my feet made you this turned on, tell me how being forced to your knees and dominated by a girl and humiliated made you go crazy." She says so close to your face you can feel her breath.

"I am sure if I left you right now and kicked you out of my room you'd jack off to this fantasy of me domming you every night for the next twenty years" Her words holding too much truth to them you weren't sure what to do.

You couldn't admit that, how could a girl have made you this hard just by letting you kiss her feet?

But you needed to could still feel her playing with your balls and the warmth of her breath. which was surely on purpose by her. She even starts playing with the head and your urethra, poking into it gently and rubbing all the glands on the head.

"Ahh! Alright yes kissing your feet turned me on, you win. Please let me cum Mistress you are right you are a goddess and I loved being your slave." You cry out with your eyes closed of the embarrassment not being able to look her in the eyes.

"Good boy" She says as she kisses your cheek and starts to stroke you again, this time at a medium pace, bringing you right to the edge.

"Now show me your true submission and cum more than you ever have. Cum from me holding you down and milking you dry." She says in a demanding tone as she grips you even harder than before and strokes you faster and faster and arches your head back once again and starts to kiss your neck as you cum more than you could ever imagine possible. She continues stroking as the white liquid is all over her hand and the floor in front of you and you spasm again in the greatest pleasure you've ever was pure...bliss.

As you lay there in her arms you see her hold up her hand which is completely drenched in your cum and bring it to her face and you hear the sound of her sucking each finger clean.

"Well I hope you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?" She says to your shock and she pushed you back up to your knees and says "Get on the bed, NOW"

You struggle to your feet and fall onto the bed exhausted.

As you lay there staring at the ceiling still handcuffed you hear the sounds of her clothes falling to the ground. You fully expect her to still be in her lingerie when she climbs up just to tease you and abuse you more, but to your pleasant surprise she is completely naked from head to toe. To describe her as beautiful truly would be a massive understatement as the girl barely 5 ft tall has the figure every man fantasizes about on a woman. She has incredible curves, not too big and not too small. She has large C-cup breasts and probably one of the best asses you've ever seen in your life.

She immediately mounts you and says "I'm not satisfied with that, I want every last drop do you understand me? How dare you cheat me out of that?"

She then reaches down and positions your still hard cock inside of her.

"Wait, I'm really sensitive there n-" You try and get out before having her put her hand on your throat and dropping herself onto your cock. She immediately took every single inch up to the hilt, completely swallowing you up. Thus signifying who was the dominant one here. You were no issue for her to control completely.

You out of pure instinct start to try and buck to get pleasure and to fuck her. She quickly grabs the side of the bed and holds herself down onto you not allowing you any such pleasure. You groan and shake your head in agony.

"Now this is where we seal the deal for real" She speaks in an evil tone.

"I can see how desperately your cock is trying to pound away at my pussy. You want to ravage me but your tiny cock just isn't strong enough is it?" She pouts in a condescending tone.

"That's how this is gonna work, you don't fuck me, I fuck you and if you want to earn even that, you better beg for it." She demands.

You almost in tears from the stimulation and denial quickly submit and beg the goddess.

"Please Mistress fuck me, I'm yours, your pussy owns my cock, please just fuck me I need it." You cry out.

"Good, but there's more, you are MINE. We come back through this town pretty often, this isn't gonna be a one time thing, this is any time I want it. Every time we come back through here I want to know I have a dedicated foot slave. Show your devotion to me, Do you agree to this?" She calls out to you as she tightens her insides on your cock sending a shock up your spine.

"Ah fine! I submit, anytime you come here I will service you. I promise, I will." You say looking right into the girls eyes on top of you.

"Alright, just one last thing until I'll let you feel the pleasure of a goddess. In my bag over there I have a chastity device, you are gonna put it on and where it and I am going to keep the key" She says wickedly.

"WHAT? No, I can't do that there's no way. That's too much!" You say the pain clearly in your voice.

"You think so huh?" She thinks to herself and then seemingly has an epiphany and smiles. Then she slowly picks herself up and drops herself back down on your cock and puts her hand back on your throat. "Well I guess we'll see about that huh?" As she start to pick up speed and bounces up and down on your cock. You've never felt anything like it before, it's like each inch of the girls vagina was meant just to stimulate a man and she teases every bit of you and tightens in the perfect spots. Not to mention her rhythm in incredibly, she switches between up and down and back and forth and grinds you all against her walls. She can feel you tense up and realizes how close you are and then clamps back down on top of you refusing to give even an inch.

"Now isn't that unfortunate." She giggles "So...change your mind? Cause I can do this All. Night. Long." She says as she once again gives you that innocent yet horrifying smile.

You pant and try with all your strength to buck into the girl and she almost seems to enjoy your attempts at resistance and licks her lips. "Your hands are tied and your dick isn't even big enough to hit my cervix, you aren't strong enough to get out of this" She bluntly states. "So give up"

You swallow deeply and know what the only choice is.

"Fine...i'll wear it." You say admitting defeat.

"Hahaha this is great" She whines sadistically as she starts to fuck you hard. You feel the girl bounce up and down even quicker than before and looks down at you as she completely swallows you whole and fucks you senseless until you scream out and spray your seed all inside of her with your cock twitching uncontrollably at the pleasure.

You can barely feel your own body after the ecstasy you just went through. She hops off of you and goes to her bag and you expect the worst.

Once again she surprises you and comes back with something unexpected, you can't say it's much better though. Instead she comes back with some sort of gel penis or something.

The girl notices your gaze "Oh you look confused, remember when I said you couldn't reach my cervix well this isn't all just for you to have your fun, I gotta have mine as well. So you are gonna wear this. It's a cock extender, it will turn your little boy cock into a real mans for a bit and let me get off" She says.

She puts it on you and she proceeds to ride you for hours while you receive very little stimulation, but just enough through the sleeve to make it feel like torture throughout the rest of the night.


As you sit at your desk having the memories of last night swirl around in your head endlessly you are abruptly taken out of your own thoughts by a guest who walks up to the desk.

"Oh I'm sorry" you say "Let me get your key ready" as you turn back to them and help them get into their room.

Once you finish up with them you turn to see a small, scary and gorgeous girl walking up to the desk. Alexa Bliss.

"Hey loser" She says as she walks up digging through her belongings.

"I'm checking out, hopefully you'll be alright for a few months in your cage?" She says softly as she grabs your crotch to feel the device on you and gives you a wink.

You panic and look around, luckily the lobby is seemingly empty and no one has heard any of this.

"Look Alexa I am not sure if I can do all this" You reply back to her in a whisper.

"Oh don't say that, you can and you will" She says as she looks right into your eyes very close to you.

You lean in to kiss her and she grabs you by the chin.

"You still don't get it? You don't kiss me, I kiss YOU" She says confidently as she leans in and kisses you deeply for a few brief seconds. Then she pulls away and heads off to the exit with a wave.

You sit there for a moment reflecting upon how insane the past night had been and go to sit down to continue your day of work when you feel a small balled up thing in your pocket. You take it out and see that it's a little strip of paper that has a phone number on it and has "Text me" written after it.

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