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Double Bangin' Baby
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown live event, Deuce and Domino, SmackDown's resident
1950-styled greasers are leaning against a 1958 Chevy Biscayne Hot Rod,
dressed in black jeans, white t-shirts and black leather jackets and are
looking at their copies of the March 2007 edition of Playboy, which features
WWE's 'Dirty Diva' Ashley Massaro. "Hot damn! She is one hot screamer..."
Domino says with a smirk as he turns the magazine long ways to look at the
photos at different angle.

"Yeah... she can play some back seat bingo with me any day of the week...!"
Deuce replies as he licks his lips.

Domino looks at his friend and tag team partner and raises an eyebrow,
"Whoa... you ain't ditchin' my sister..."

Deuce smirks, "Whoa Domino... I ain't ditchin' Cherry...she's my girl... and
their ain't anythin' wrong with lookin' at that screamer..." Deuce replies.

Domino pauses and grins, "Oh yea... I would love to agitate her gravel with
my hot rod, ya hear?"

"Yeah I hear ya..." Deuce laughs, "Hey we should go check out he real thing
up close, ya follow?"

Domino smirks, "Oh yea... We've done a lot of thing but we ain't seen a
Playboy Bunny up close..." Domino says as he tosses his copy of Ashley's
Playboy in the back seat of the car.

"Then lets go... maybe she'll be in for some fast action..." Deuce says as
he rolls his copy of Ashley's Playboy and flips it into the driver's seat of
the car. The pair of Greasers then head away from their car and walk through
the arena, heading towards where the WWE does special photo-shoots for all
the beautiful WWE Divas. When they arrive they see the smoking hot Ashley
Massaro finish up a photo shoot. Deuce elbows Domino and grins, "Whew...
she's hot up close..."

"Yeah... I swear... she's a damn hottie..." Domino laughs just as Ashley's
Photo session ends. When the photographer walks off with his digital camera,
Deuce and Domino approach the 'Dirty Diva'. "Hey baby... what's the word?"
Domino asks as he and Deuce clearly check Ashley out.

The 'Dirty Diva' of SmackDown, Ashley Massaro, turns around to face the
Greasers of SmackDown, Deuce and Domino as she lightly tosses back her blond
with black streaks hair "Hey guys what's up?" Ashley says with a smile as she
places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips while dressed in a hot pink and
black short plaid skirt and a tight-fitting black top, as she wears a black
baseball cap turned backwards on top of her head.

"Not much of nothing..." Deuce says as he opens his leather jacket up and
pushes it open so that he can place his hands on his waist.

"Yeah... we're just checkin' out the scenery..." Deuce adds with a smirk on
his face.

Ashley nods her head and laughs a bit "" Ashley says as she
raises an eyebrow while glancing at Deuce and Domino as the two greasers
noticeably check out SmackDown's hot, feisty 'Dirty Diva'. Ashley laughs
again as she cutely waves her hand to break Deuce and Domino's stares "Umm...
can I help you to with anything?"

"Oh no baby..." Deuce replies.

"We're just seeing... how sharp are those curves of yours..." Domino adds
with a wide grin on his face.

Ashley blushes a bit and glances down at her own hot, smoothly toned and
tanned body "Umm...thanks guys..." Ashley says as she scrunches her nose up
before glancing back up "So you a girl with curves?" Ashley asks
with a brief pauses "Because I'm not one of those uptight bitches...I like
things down and dirty..." Ashley says with an adorable smirk.

Domino nods his head, "Oh we know you like it like that...we've seen that hot
spread of yours..." Domino says with a smirk.

"You totally got a real down and dirty look with ya..." Deuce adds with a
grin before licking his lips.

Ashley nods her head and presses her lips together as she glances at Deuce
and Domino while she casually examines the bulges of the crotches of their
slightly tight-fitting black jeans with her lingering eyes "Can you two bad
boys get down and dirty?" Ashley asks as she seductively flicks her tongue
against her lips.

Domino nods his head, "We're all about getting down and dirty..." Domino says
with smirk as he and Deuce step towards the 'Dirty Diva'.

Ashley smiles as seductively bites down on her bottom lip before she reaches
up with her left hand and lifts her black baseball cap off of her head and
tosses it to the side as she smirks while Deuce takes a step towards her.
Ashley raises an eyebrow "You better be able to get down and dirty..." Ashley
says before the hot down and dirty Diva kneels down on the floor of the
backstage area in front of Deuce and she places her soft hands against the
crotch of his jeans and smoothly rubs her hands against the bulge of his

"Oh baby... we got the tools..." Deuce says with a smirk as he starts to
slip off his leather jacket, "And we sure as hell got the talent..." Deuce
adds as his jacket hits the floor behind him.

Ashley presses her lips together and laughs a bit "Ok...we'll just have to
see about that..." Ashley says as she raises her soft hands up a bit on
Deuce's slightly tight-fitting black jeans and places her hands against his
belt before she starts to unbuckle the belt around Deuce's waist.

Ashley presses her lips together and laughs a bit "Ok...we'll just have to
see about that..." Ashley says as she raises her soft hands up a bit on
Deuce's slightly tight-fitting black jeans and places her hands against his
belt before she starts to unbuckle the belt around Deuce's waist.

Deuce grins as he takes off his white t-shirt, "Trust me... we know what
we're doing when it comes to getting down and dirty..." Deuce replies as his
smooth, toned upper body is exposed.

Domino smirks, "Hey baby we're gonna see if you're really all about getting
down and dirty too..." Domino says as he takes off his leather jacket and
white t-shirt.

Ashley smirks and nods her head "Oh fuck yeah! I'm the Dirty Diva...I always
get down and dirty!" Ashley says in a proud, energetic tone as she tosses
Deuce's belt over her shoulder and begins to unzip and unbuttoned his jeans,
before pushing them down from his waist.

Deuce licks his lips as his thick, hardening ten inch cock pops free from his
jeans when Ashley pushes them down far enough, "Then what are ya waiting for
baby?" Deuce says with a laugh while Domino unbuckles his own belt followed
by undoing his own jeans.

Ashley tosses her blond and black streaked hair back as she lifts her head up
and smirks at Deuce "You sure you're ready to get down and dirty?" Ashley
asks with a playfully smirk as the 'Dirty Diva' places her soft hands around
Deuce's shaft and teasingly strokes his hardening cock at a slightly quick

"Ohh yea baby... we're always ready..." Deuce says as he steps out of his
jeans and lets out of a moan as Ashley strokes his stiff, thick dick. Domino
lowers his own jeans, freeing his ten inch cock. Domino licks his lips and he
walks behind Ashley and starts to lower her black and hot pink short plaid
skirt from her smooth round hips. Ashley raises an eyebrow and smirks before
she leans her head down to Deuce's greaser cock and gently slaps her soft,
hot wet tongue against the thick head of his cock before she starts to
roughly circle her tongue around the tip of his cock. "Mmmmm yeah..." Deuce
moans as he places his right hand on Ashley's head and slides his hands
through her blond hair as she swirls her tongue around his shaft.

Domino tilts his head a bit as he sees Ashley's hot ass become exposed as he
lowers her skirt, "Mmmmm now that's a hot piece..." Domino says as he slides
Ashley's skirt down her legs. The black haired Greaser then starts to feel up
Ashley's ass cheek with both of his strong hands.

"Mmm...yeah down and dirty's the way to be..." Ashley says proudly as she
slaps her wet, hot tongue against the head of Deuce's cock, splashing it with
her warm and wet saliva. Ashley twirls the tip of her tongue against Deuce's
piss-slit before she opens her hot 'Dirty Diva' mouth and lowers her head as
she takes his cock into her seductive, hot mouth.

Deuce tilts his head back as Ashley starts to bob her head on his stiff, fat
cock after taking a few inches into her mouth. "Ahhhh yea... mmmm yea... work
that stick..." Deuce moans as Ashley sucks on his cock. Domino licks his
lips and smirks as he slides his right hand towards Ashley's ass crack and he
begins to slide his middle and fore fingers between her ass cheeks.

"Mmm... mmm..." Ashley moans against Deuce's shaft as she smoothly bobs her
head on his cock, sucking at a gradually increasing pace as her hot saliva
drips against his cock. Ashley keeps her hot, seductive eyes locked with
Deuce as she presses her lips tighter around his shaft as the 'Dirty Diva'
begins to lower her head further down on Deuce's cock while she feels Domino
slide his hand and fingers against her hot, tight ass.

Domino licks his lips as he keeps moving his fingers of his right hand up and
down Ashley's ass crack before slapping her ass with his left hand, "Mmmm
damn... she's got a loaded package back here..." Domino says as he takes his
hands away from her ass and stands.

Deuce licks his lips, "Oh you won't believe it... she can lube it up like no
one else..." Deuce moans as Ashley keeps bobbing her head at a solid, quick
pace on his cock before Deuce pulls his cock out of Ashley's warm, wet, dirty

"Hey!" Ashley says with a laugh as she raises an eyebrow and smirks up at
Deuce "I was getting busy with that!" Ashley says as she sits on her knees on
the floor of the backstage area in front of Deuce as she seductively flicks
her tongue against her left lip piercing.

"Yeah?" Deuce laughs, "Well I want to get busy with ya... and Domino has
something you can get dirty with..." Deuce say as he and Domino trade places,
with Domino standing in front of Ashley, and Deuce standing behind her. Deuce
pushes Ashley onto her hands and knees and easily thrusts his cock into
Ashley's pussy, making her jolt forward slightly.

Domino smirks as he sees his cock hanging right down where Ashley can get it,
"Hey baby... let's see how dirty you are..." Domino says as he points right
at his dick with his right hand.

"Ohhhh shit...I'm so fucking dirty!" Ashley says with a laugh as she firmly
pushes back against Deuce's cock almost immediately after her thrusts his
cock into her warm, tight pussy. The latest WWE Diva to pose of Playboy
focuses her attention on Domino, in front of her, as she opens her mouth and
easily takes his cock into her hot, dirty mouth before pressing her lips
tightly around his thick shaft and she begins to smoothly bob her head as
she sucks on Domino's cock and rocks back against Deuce's cock inside of her
hot, dirty pussy.

Domino places both of his strong Greaser hands on Ashley's head and he begins
to thrust his cock in and out of Ashley's hot, dirty mouth, "Ahhhh... ohhhh
yea baby... mmmm that's it..." Domino moans as he feels Ashley's lips moving
on his cock.

Behind Ashley, Deuce has his hand on Ashley's smooth round hips and begins
to thrust his large thick cock in and out Ashley's warm, tight pussy, "Mmmm
yeah... nothin' like some good bangin'..." Deuce moans as he deeply drives
his cock into Ashley's pussy.

"Mmmm... mmmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Ashley manages to moan around Domino's cock as
she roughly slaps her hot, wet tongue against his shaft while she quickly
bobs her head along the length of his cock, taking the greaser's cock deeper
into her dirty mouth. Ashley closes her eyes as she easily and smoothly
pushes her hot, tanned 'Dirty Diva' body back against Deuce's hard, thick
greaser cock as her slams his cock deeply into her tight pussy.

Domino tilts his head back and licks his lips as Ashley quickly bobs her head
on his long, thick cock, "Ahhhh... yeah... mmmmm yea..." Domino moans as he
feels Ashley's warm, wet saliva drips down his cock and down to his balls.

Deuce keeps drives his cock in and out of Ashley's warm, wet pussy and his
balls smack against her smooth skin, "Ahhhh oooo yea... mmm... slam it back
baby..." Deuce groans as Ashley's ass slams back against his waist as Ashley
pushes herself back on his hard, thick cock.

"Mmmmm....mmm...ohhh...ohhhh..." Ashley moans as she twists her lips against
Domino's cock before she slowly lifts her head off of his cock that drips of
her hot, wet saliva. Ashley Massaro slowly licks her lips as she glances over
her shoulder and smirks back at Deuce "Mmm...I love getting dirty..."

Deuce smirks as he pounds Ashley's pussy with his large, hard, greaser cock,
"Ahhhh... yea... let's really see how dirty you can get..." Deuce says as he
pulls out and stands up, "When you get some double bangin'...." Deuce says
before he looks at Domino.

"That's a killer idea... nothin' like a whole lot of bangin' goin' on..."
Domino says before he and Deuce bend down to pick up Ashley from the ground.
The two greasers work together to hoist Ashley up and lower her pussy onto
Domino's cock. Just as Ashley is wrapping her legs around Domino's waist,
Deuce lines his own cock up with her ass and pushes it in.

Ashley grits her teeth together as she arches her back slightly against
Deuce's smooth, toned muscular chest as she starts to lightly bounce up and
down on both of the hard, thick greaser cocks of Deuce and Domino "Ohhhh
ahhhh fuck yeah! Down and dirty! Fucking right!" Ashley moans as she grinds
her pussy against Domino's cock, while she starts to roughly rock back and
forth in between Deuce and Domino.

"Ahhhh yea... mmmm fuck yea..." Deuce groans as sweat starts to drip down his
toned, muscular body. He rocks his hips back and forth as he drives his large
cock as hard as he can into Ashley's tight asshole. The brown haired greaser
grits his teeth as he puts his hands underneath Ashley's smooth sexy legs and
gives her added support as she bounces and rocks between him and Domino.

Domino grinds his teeth together as Ashley grinds her hot pussy on his fat
cock, "Mmmm... ahhh yea... you're really fuckin dirty baby..." Domino groans
as rams his entire cock into her pussy with every one of his thrusts.

Ashley closes her eyes and tilts her head back as the 'Dirty Diva' sharply
slams down hard on Deuce and Domino's hard cocks, roughly forcing them deeper
into her hot pussy and tight asshole "Ohhh fucking right...yeah bang that
ass!" Ashley moans as she grinds her pussy and ass against both of hard
greasers cock while rocking and bouncing on both cocks as she begins to

Deuce and Domino continues to ram their large, thick cocks in and out of
Ashley's tight ass and hot pussy respectively. "Mmmmm ahhhh yea... ohhh
yea... mmmm this is it baby..." Domino groans as he starts to shoot his hot
load deep inside of Ashley's pussy.

Deuce tilts his head as he lets out a long, loud grunt as he begins to pop
his load in Ashley's ass, "Ahhhh... mmmm damn... ohhh fuck..." Deuce groans
as he and Domino fill Ashley up with their warm cum.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah spray that dirty cum in me!" Ashley moans loudly as she
grinds her hot, sweating body down against both of the cumming greaser cocks
of Deuce and Domino. Ashley slowly licks her lips as she opens her eyes and
smirks " I dirty enough?"

Deuce and Domino both smirk as they keep their cum spent cocks inside of
Ashley's pussy and ass as Deuce says, "Baby... you're more than dirty...
you're a dirty... double bangin' baby..."

Ashley nods her head and smirks "That sounds fuckin' awesome!"


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