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Double My Pleasure
by JCP

It all started earlier in the day about 9:30 AM. Stacy Keibler was already
out jogging while Torrie Wilson was still sleeping. Torrie then awoke from
her slumber then got up and took a hot shower. After her shower she gets
dressed. First her white lace bra and matching thong, then a pair of black
suede pants, a sexy pink blouse and to top it all off stilletto heels. By
the time Torrie was dressed, Stacy comes in after her morning jog and is

STACY: Hey Torrie what gives? Why are you all dressed Up?

TORRIE: Stacy last night I got a letter from this guy named JCP and he says
he wants to meet us for lunch at GoodFellas (A bar in Tampa, Florida).

STACY: He sounds like a pretty nice guy for a guy you and I don't know about.

TORRIE: Don't worry Stace. After today we'll remember his name.

Then around 12 NOON Torrie and Stacy, wearing a leopard skin short dress go
in GoodFella's where I was at the bar drinkin beer.

JCP: Ladies I'm glad you arrived. I'm JCP and you two are.

TORRIE: Torrie Wilson and this here is by best friend Stacy Keibler.

JCP: I'm charmed to meet you.

I take both of their hands and kiss them.

STACY: I rephrase to you Torrie that he sounds like a HANDSOME gentlemen.

JCP: Do you ladies want a drink?

TORRIE: A Scotch and Soda.

STACY: Ditto for me.

So I go ahead and order two Scotches for two beautiful blondes. LATER after
we left GoodFella's I took the girls to my place. We go in the house and into
my bedroom.

STACY: I like your bedroom JCP It is so UNIQUE.

JCP: Thanks Stacy I took me years to decorate. Not only here but my whole

TORRIE: Sweet. Does this place have a swimming pool?

JCP: Yes, and a hot tub too.

STACY: It's a shame though we didn't bring your bikinis with us.

JCP: Ah that's alright. The next time you're ever here in Tampa and have your
swimsuits, you are welcome to use my hot tub. But for right now there's
something that I want you two to do.

Torrie and Stacy look at each other and they know what's coming and they had
a BIG smile on their faces. So I put on a CD playing to R. Kelly's "Bump and
Grind". And the next thing I knew Torrie and Stacy were giving me a lapdance.
Torrie turned Stacy around and pulled down the straps of her leopard skin
dress and pulls the short dress down to her ankles, Stacy is now topless (no
bra) but is wearing a blue lace thong she then unbuttons Torrie's revealing
the white lace bra. Stacy then kisses Torrie on the lips,then down to her
breasts. TW lets out a whispering moan "oh that's good" Stacy then unstraps
Torrie's bra exposing her bare tits and then they both engage in a passionate
kiss as I watch on in amusement and delight. I then get up and come from
behind Torrie and put my hands on her breasts and squeezes them tight, while
I was behing Torrie licking the side of her neck. Stacy undoes her pants and
takes them all the way off including her thong. Stacy then pushes Torrie down
on the bed spreads her legs wide open revealing her soft pussy. Stacy licks
her lips getting ready to eat her best friend's cunt and starts to do so. I
leave them alone for a minute to go get some whipped cream and some
strawberries out of the fridge. I come back and Stacy continues licking
Torrie's pussy.

TORRIE (sigh and moan): Don't Stop Stace. Keep on going. OOOOOOH oooooooh

I sprayed the whipped cream on Torrie's breasts and then I started licking
her whipped cream filled tits. Torrie felt an erection on her nipples after
I licked the whipped cream off her.


Then Stacy took off her panties and laid on the bed, now it's Torrie's turn
to lick Stacy. I then sprayed the whipped cream on her long sexxy legs and
whatever was left of the whipped cream I sprayed onto her tits. Then Torrie
began licking the whipped cream off Stacy's legs,then went into her cunt.

STACY (softly moans): MMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOH Torrie.

Torrie continued eating Stacy alive I fed Stacy a strawberry. She took a bite
out of it and swallowed it, I then gave Torrie one and she took a bite out of
it and swallowed it. Then I teased them with the strawberry, they both
approached it and put their lips on itthen they both chew on the strawberrry
and once again engaded in a passionate kiss. Now they got a hold of me they
pushe me down on the bed Torrie strips me of my pants and boxers while Stacy
rips my shirt off. Torrie with her hungry eyes looked at my dick and it was
long enough for her to suck,while Stacy covered my face with her pussy in
which I gladly decided to lick. Stacy puts her hand to her clit and she can
feel my presence.


Torrie made the switch this time I was eating Torrie's pussy, while Stacy was
sucking on my cock. I put one of my hands on Torrie's ass squeezing the cheek
real hard, while the other hand as busy crammin Stacy's throat with my cock.


So I kept on going until Torrie got up off my and got on all fours. Then
Stacy got infront ot Torrie and Torrie held Stacy's tit's and began sucking
on them I come from behind Torrie with my dick already lubed goes into
Torrie's sweet ass,then comes out, back in, and back out I continued until
my dick went in easilly. Then I picked up the pace, Torrie started moaning
real loud. So I continued fucking that ass at full speed. Stacy puts her two
fingers in Torrie's cunt and can feel my dick pressing hard on the ass.

JCP: How do you like that?

TORRIE (moanes): I love it.

Then I let out a moan of my own.

JCP: I'm cumming.

I pulled my dick out and squirted cum into Torrie's pretty face. She can
feel the warmth of my cum going down her throat. Stacy helped by licking
the remainder of the cum off. Then I collapsed on the bed, Stacy in no
time spread her legs out and sat down on my cock.

STACY: AAAAAAAH SHIT! That feel's awesome.

Stacy would bounce up and down as I looked on in loving every second of it.
She continued and then went faster and harder I see her tits jiggling as she
continued dickfucking me. Stacy went as fast as she could moaning LOUDER than
Torrie was when I buttfucked her. Then Stacy gets off.

TORRIE: Hey Stacy I think it's about time we satisfy him.

What they did was sandwiched my cock with their breasts. Torrie and Stacy
with their hands on their tits and trapping my cock pulled up and pressed
down. What they were doing was tit-fucking my cock viciously. They wanted
the THICK HOT CUM to splash into their pretty faces. They continued
tit-fucking my dick HARDER and FASTER and without disappointment I splashed
a BIG load of cum onto Torrie and Stacy. Yeah I came alright I came onto
their lips down to their breasts. Torrie and Stacy licked eachother off
cleaning off the cum. They collapsed on the bed as I collapsed in between
them and then fell asleep in each others arms.

I wake up hours later and they were still sound asleep so I showered and got

JCP: Torrie, Stacy wake up.

STACY: Wow, that was fun we oughta do it again sometime.

TORRIE: Yeah, you name the time we'll be there.

Torrie and Stacy quickly got dressed and left my house.

STACY: As of tonight Torrie we will NEVER forget his name.

TORRIE: I'm not forgetting him. He is so DAMN good in bed. Let's go and see
what KIDMAN and TEST are doing.


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