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Double The Pleasure
by Jason

"Two for the price of one... two for the price of one... two for the" I
repeated over and over in a hypnotic trance of sorts. I stared back and forth
between the two bound girls. I couldn't believe I pulled off not one, but TWO
plans. It took a lot of money, a lot of connections, and a LOT of patience.
After months and months of planning, being broke while paying off certain
sources and unidentified people just to play along with certain schemes, the
night arrived. The moment arrived. I glanced back and forth between the two
bound beauties... Stephanie Mcmahon and Britney Spears.

Neither of the girls knew where they were or why they were there. All they
knew was that they were bound. They were also blindfolded and gagged. They
were nearly matching in clothing, or lack of clothing rather. As both women
hovered a few feet off of the ground, suspended by the chains locked to the
ceiling and attached to their ankles and wrists, I looked at Stephanie. Her
body swayed slightly in the air and her black bra and panties looked wet from
nervous sweat. Her legs were spread wide and I looked at the puffy mound of
her pussy that was covered barely by silk. My eyes drifted to Britney who was
bound in the same spread eagle position, only she was swaying a bit more from
her tantrum a few moments before. Her red bra and panties were not as skimpy
as Stephanie's, but the words "yummy" that were written a few inches above
her vagina on her panties, told me that she was just as erotic as Stephanie
appeared to be.

It was rather hard for me to comprehend and take in all at once. This was
not a boner popping nipple slip from Stephanie, not a bikini shot of Britney,
not a topless picture of Stephanie, hell not even a video tape of the 2 naked
celebs. This was a real life, 3-D, hot, sweaty, sexy, reality. The reality
that I was standing inches away from Stephanie and Britney, both bound and
spread, and their bodies were mine.... all mine! Like I said, hard to
comprehend. As I stared for what seemed like hours on end, I came to reality
and shed my clothes, I moved towards the quivering hotties with my staff
ready to go.

When the blindfolds came off, Britney Spears and Stephanie Mcmahon found
themselves bound facing each other, just inches apart, in a dark room they
could not recognize. When the gags came out, they both begin to ramble on and
on as I tried to calm them down some more. When they seemed to have their
wits about them, Stephanie half-demaned, half-pleaded, "What the hell is
going on here? What are you doing with us?"

"It's simple. I am going to have sex with both of you," I said bluntly.
Both of their faces lit up for half of a second, then Stephanie's face turned
angry and she began to yell.


I didn't say a word, just kept grinning and staring at her jiggling body
barely covered up. She sounded like she was trying to convince herself that
she didn't want sex, even tthough she did. "Look Stephanie. I know you are
very sexual. Men can see it when you talk and the way you move. We know you
get horny a lot. Maybe even more than guys do... you too Britney! Both of

Britney had been calm the whole time, like she was listening in school and
taking notes. Stephanie started to be as calm as Britney as I continued.

"Look you two... we can all have fun. I mean, I don't have an ego or
anything, but I am good looking... right?"

After a brief pause as the two looked at my body and especially my goods,
Stephanie licked her lips a little and spoke. "Well... yeah. You look like
you work out and stuff... and your face is cute... BUT STILL! THIS IS..."
Britney cut her off saying, "and your chest is rock hard and firm.... your
abs are so tight... wow...and... nice strong legs... and a nice big..." she

Britney liked me, and she understood what I was doing. I explained that I
was fulfilling a fantasy and giving the 2 girls a chance to escape and just
throw one night out the window. Anything goes. They began to come around.

"So enough talking. Are we all in agreement that tonight doesn't count?"
Britney nodded immediately, and then Stephanie looked at my cock and nodded
as well.

"Good. So let's get started," I said as I moved to Stephanie. She scooted
back as best she could in her bondage as I aggressively kissed her right on
the mouth. At first she was reluctant, but soon she was flicking her tongue
on mine as we kissed for a good minute before I pulled back. She panted and
looked in my eyes with a bit of a smile, face flushed red. I walked around
and looked at her spread legs and already saw a tiny bit of clear fluid
soaking through her panties. She was getting wet already. I moved to Britney
and kissed her the same way. Britney moaned and pushed her mouth hard against
mine, then sucked my tongue and licked it. I pulled away and she immediately
panted "more". I kissed her again and rubbed her breasts through her bra
which made her squirm. Stephanie was still panting and her legs were moving
as much as they could against tthe binds. I pulled away from Britney and saw
she was more wet than Stephanie. Now phase two.

"Britney, I read somewhere that you were ticklish." I said with a smile.

"What? Well... ye... yeah, kinda... why?"

She squirmed in her bonds and looked like she was about to laugh already.

"Oh... no reason really... just that ah, um... I am gonna tickle you until
you are really really horny."

She gasped, smiled a bit, then began to pull her wrists against the

"No don't! You can't! I-I-I... just don't!"

Her face looked so cute, trying to talk me out of it. Stephanie just
looked on with the sexy big evil smile that she does so well. She was getting
horny just watching. I moved towards Britney and put my hand on her sexy
toned calf muscle.

"So, Britney. Where, ah, where are you ticklish at?" I said, moving my
hand down to her tan ankle.

"NO! NO! No.... um, no where. I am not ticklish at all. I don't know why
you are even bothering. I am not ticklish," she said trying to trick me.

"Oh really? So what if I tickled your feet? Huh? Then what would you do?"

She was silent, just grinning, trying to look mean. "Hey, Britney," I said
pointing my index finger and wiggled it at the helpless girl's smooth pink
soles. "Cootchie-cootchie-coo."

Britney's eyes got larger than I would have thought possible and her toes
wiggled. The traces of fear which had shaped her expression exploded into
outright panic.

"No!" she pleaded. "No! Please! Please, don't! No, don't!" I moved my
wiggling finger closer and closer to Britney's bare feet, still sporting a
look as sexy as it was evil.

Britney bit her lip, shut her eyes tight, braced herself, but as soon as
my finger made contact with her smooth arch she jumped. Her cute little nose
scrunched up as she tried desperately to hold in her laughter. Of course, she
had no chance.

I teased again, very lightly wiggling my finger just under Britney's toes.
It was obviously a very sensitive spot on her body. She flailed her head back
and forth, her beautiful hair whipping across her face, as she tried beyond
hope to suppress her laughter. "Stop!" she spat out. "Please!"

I dragged my finger very lightly down Britney's bare sole to her heel then
up to her toes. That broke her resistance for good. A wave of giggles burst
forth from her, loud and explosive at first as all the pent-up laughter was
finally released, then dissolving into a steady stream of girlish tittering.

"EEEEEEEEEE-hehehehehe hehehe heheeeeeeeee!!!! Stop! Hehe hehehehe!

Don't!!!" Britney screeched, but her cries fell on deaf ears. "Aw, poor
Britney's ticklish," I taunted, lightly scratching both feet with all of my
fingernails. "Cootchie-coo Britney!"

"Eeeek!" Britney was swaying from side to side, trying to break free from
her bonds. "No! Sta-ha-ha-ha-hap! Pleee- hehehehe- eeeease!! PLEASE!"

I tickled her cute feet all over. I could have came just doing that to
her. Britney laughed herself into convulsions, squirming and twisting her
sexy little body all over the place, desperate to escape my touch. Stephanie
looked on with a bit of a grin. She was getting horny from watching.

"Hahahaha p-p-please! No-o-o! You are making me...."

"Making you what?" I said, tickling harder.

"Hehehehe no no ah-hahahahaha making me too horny-y-y-y-y!"

"Really...?" I stopped.

She was panting and smiling really big, eyes closed. "Yes... I am so horny
right now oh my gosh!"

"Want me to help you with that?" I asked, looking at her spread eagled.
She paused and got really sexual.

"Please. I need to be touched inside. I am so hot right now."

I moved up to her, and whispered something in her ear. She grinned and
we both looked at Stephanie, who went from smiling, to swallowing looking
nervous. I quickly undid Britney's bonds and we both went up to Stephanie.

"Wait. How come she gets to be untied. Undo me! Come on!"

"Sorry Steph, we have something else planned for you," I said. We moved
to Stephanie's feet.

"See Stephanie, your feet are really big. And I am willing to bet that the
bigger they are.... the more TICKLISH they are," I said as Stephanie's toes
scrunched up.

"It's not gonna work," she insisted. "I'm not even ticklish."

I might have believed her, if not for the way her lip was quivering. She
could keep it together pretty good, but as vulnerable as she was she wouldn't
hold out for very long.

"Oh no?" Britney responded, not much believing her either. "Well, then you
won't mind if I just tickle you here a little bit, will you?"

Her finger made its way down to Steph's ankle and began to draw slow
circles around it, dancing ever closer to her big cute feet. Steph's breath
hitched, and her tight body quivered beneath Britney's fingers. "Ahh!!
Please!!" she breathed, cracking a smile at last.

"Please? Please keep tickling? Whatever you say, dear. Let's try right
here, shall we?"

With that, Britney danced her fingers across Stephanie's toes and right to
her wrinkled feet bottoms. That proved to be the breaking point.

Stephanie erupted into gales of laughter as her body arched forward.

"Ahhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Nahahahahahahaha!!! No!!!"

"Not ticklish, huh?" I taunted almost nose to nose with her.

"Ohh!! Stahahahahap!! Britney, stop, please!! Hahahahahahaha!!" But
Britney just kept tickling up and down the billion dollar princess' size 11

"Cootchie-coo, Stephy," she teased. "Who's ticklish now? Look-at-the poor,
helpless, ticklish girl now! Tickle tickle tickle!"

Stephanie's laughter was deeper, raspier, still a girly giggle but with
more of a throaty, sexy quality. Her breathing was heavier than Britney's as
well, almost orgasmic.

"Oh, Gosg!! Pleeeheheheheh-ehehehease stop tickling!!! No more!! No
hahahahahaha ahahaha more!!"

"Okay fine! I'll stop," Britney said, walking her bra and pantied body up
to where I was. "Ohhhhh... gosh..." Steph panted, "thank you... woooo"

"Stephanie. Stephanie!" I said getting her attention as I moved to her

"huh... what?"

"Britney's done.... but I'm not!" I said, taking both hands and
tickle-attacking both of Stephanie's helpless feet bottoms. She shook
violently and threw her head back in peels of laughter.


"Want me to stop? Huh?"

"Yessss !Pleeeease!!! I hehehehe can't hehehehehehe take any hehehehehe

"What will you give me if I stop?"

"Hahahaha anything!!! ANYTHING! Hehehehe!"

"Are you honry? huh Stephanie? Say it!"

"I swear I am so wet-t-t-t-hahahaha! Ple-e-e-ease!!! Ahahahahahaha!"

I stopped as Stephanie still panted. I gave Britney that look and she read
my mind, undoing Stephanie's wrist bonds. I took the liberty of undoing her
ankle bonds and Stephanie immediately jumped on me. My momentum carried me to
the bed and she landed gently on me, kissing me in a dominating way. I could
feel her wet pussy as she began to grind her soaked panties against my bare
cock. Britney moved next to me and we were all kissing together, licking
tongues and groaning. I laid back and they both stood up over me on the king
size bed. My cock was bouncing with my heart beat, full and hard. They stood
side by side and began to slowly strip tease. First their bras came off.
Britney's breasts were a bit smaller, but still a C cup. Stephaie's were
gigantic! D at least, maybe a Double D. Nice nipples on both. Looked like
big brown pepperonis with pointed nipples. Quickly their panties came off as
well, as they turned around simultaneously and bent over, sliding their
panties down to give me double ass shots. Clean shaven, and very wet they
both were. They turned to face me again and laid on top of me. Each girl
straddled my leg and warm pussy juice dripped on my thighs. They moved up and
smothered me with 4 tits at once. I just hugged them and held on as I licked
and sucked each breast one by one. I couldn't get enough.They began to french
kiss each other and I glanced up from my tit sucking. I wanted them to kiss
my dick like they were kissing each other.

I felt a warm hand on my nuts, gently massaging my sack. Then a warm hand
gripped my cock and began to tug. I couldn't tell who was doing what. All I
could see were breasts. Just breasts. I can't complain. I pulled Britney up
and let her sit on my face, as Stephanie moved down and began to suck on my
dick. I licked Britney's pussy on the outside as her thighs squeezed my face.
I licked up her slit and down to her butt crack, then back up making her
shiver and moan. I tried to concentrate eating Britney out, but it was tough
with Stephanie's warm mouth sucking my cock like a sucker.

I spun Britney around and Stephanie did the same so that her butt was
right in Britney's face. Britney began to eat out Stephanie, who moaned on my
throbbing cock. I reached down and made Steph jump as I unexpectaantly began
to grope and foddle her hanging breasts. She hummed and bobbed on my dick
faster and faster, now jerking me off as well. I felt like I could cum, so I
moved away and changed positions. I put Steph on her back and Britney sat on
her face with her ass right in front of me. I put Stephanie's long legs on my
shoulders and began to lap up her pretty cunt. She moaned and squirmed, her
pussy sensitive to my tongue lashing. She cried into Britney's pussy as
Britney began to sing and moan better than I thought she could. I began to
feel something on my cock as I lapped up Stephanie's pussy insdie and out. I
glanced down to see Stephanie's feet rubbing up and down my cock. It felt
better than a hand job! I sucked on her clit really hard and she moaned
uncontrollably, making Britney do the same. I couldn't take it any more. I
moved up and put my dick right in between Stephanie's spread legs and slid
into her hot wet pussy.

"Ahhhh! Oh yeah! Fuck meeeee!" She cried as I quickly began to move in and
out of her. My hips pumped like a rabbit as I leaned up and stuck my tongue
up Britney's butt. "UHNNNNNNNN!" she moaned, her butt cheeks clamping down. I
planted little kisses on Britney's thick ample butt as my cock was buried in
Stephanie's cunt.

I pulled out of Stephanie and moved up behind Britney. I kissed her face
and neck from behind. She was on all fours and Stephanie slid out from under
her. I moved up behind Britney and grabbed her breasts. I entered her doggy
style. So damn tight! I pumped her hard and fast as she moaned and gyrated.

Stephanie appeared again, letting me suck her titties as she rubbed
Britney's clit fast. Britney started to shake, bucking her hips as I pumped
her pussy. I fucked her so hard that she ended up laying flat on her stomach
with me ramming into her from behind. I pulled out with a POP and laid on my

I positioned Britney on to my face again and ate her out, my nose up in
her clean butt. Stephanie got on me and lowered her pussy around my dick,
riding me. She really started to wiggle and dance, making me want to cum
while she hugged and kissed Britney. My cock was feeling so good from all
this pussy. A threesome seems like a fantasy, but it is realy a lot of work!
Especially with Britney and Stephanie! I knew I would cum soon, so I fucked
Steph a few more strokes, then pulled out.

"Get on your knees... side by side.." I said as the two quickly got into

I moved behind Stephanie's big butt and entered her pussy again making
her moan. I fucked Steph doggy style, taking 2 handfuls of her big ass as I
spanked her and Britney at tthe same time. I stopped pumping her and let
Stephanie back her big ass up in to me. I watched Steph's rump move as I
licked 2 fingers on each hand and began to work my fingers up both girl's
butts. Both were tight as hell and I thought this might be impossible.

I kept Stephanie on her stomach and moved Britney on top of her, same
position. I slowly made my way up Stephanie's butt,still fingering Brit's
ass. I got up her butt all the away and started to fuck her as she whimpered.
I moved my hips nice and slow, making her moan every time I pushed up her
butt. Britney butt was calling me as it wiggled in my face, so i tongued it
and continued to pump Stephanie's butt. I unwillingly pulled out of Stephanie
and moved up a bit, sliding up Britney's little butt hole. She squeeked a
bit and I put it in halfway, then began to move in and out. Stephanie was
reaching under, laying with her own clit, while tickling my balls. I got in
Britney's butt all the way and really began to ram her. She was crying out
and started to rub her own clit. These girls love to masturbate! I pulled out
of Britney, then fucked Stpehanie up the butt again. Then Britney. Back and
forth. Only a few pumps for each girl. I really milked this fuck session as
much as I could. I pushed Britney away, pinned Stephanie with my own weight,
and really fucked her up the ass nice and hard, making her moan and groan.
I quicky pulled out and both girls hurried to their knees and sucked me
harmonica style as I squirted all over the place. They licked it and kissed
it for a few more minutes then made out with each other, my dick getting
kissed in the middle.

Endings suck so I'll end this with them sucking me off.

Story was written by request. If you have a suggestion or request or want to
trade, email me.

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