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(This story is set back in early 1988, between Wrestlemania's 4 and 5.
Randy Savage was the heel WWF champion and Hulk Hogan was the face chasing
his title. Savage was with Miss Elizabeth but would soon transition to
Sensational Sherri. The move came admist rumors of a possible relationship
with Hogan and Elizabeth.)

Double Trouble
by D.J. Salinger

The lovely Miss Elizabeth walked the long corridor back to her lover's
dressing room. It was rare that she and the "Macho Man" had much time alone,
and she looked foreward to spending a night with her man. It wasn't just
Randy's championship status that had forced the pair apart. Elizabeth was
possibly even more in demand that Savage. The fans loved the beautiful valet
and Liz was one of the hottest performers in the WWF without ever wrestling a
match. Despite this professional success, Liz could feel the strain in her
and Randy's relationship and was troubled by it.

Elizabeth slowly approached the door. She thought she could hear some soft
moaning coming from inside the dressing room but was unsure. Liz turned the
doorknob apprehensively and entered the room. What she saw forced the
beautiful valet to stop dead in her tracks. Randy Savage was sitting down,
his head back and eyes closed, while Sensational Sherri's head was buried in
his crotch! The raven-haired valet moved her lips up and down Savage's long
shaft as the world champion enjoyed the feeling. Neither one had noticed
Elizabeth who stood in the doorway in shocked silence. Sherri's mouth began
to speed up as she worked the champion's cock. Savage softly moaned, "I'm
gonna cum". At this, both bodies shook with the explosion. Savage shot his
load down Sherri's mouth. She swallowed what she could, but some spilled
down onto her pink dress. The sensational one squeezed Savage's balls to
milk every last drop of cum out of his rapidly deflating cock.

As Savage recovered from his orgasm, his senses returned and he saw his
girlfriend standing in the doorway. Elizabeth simply stared at Savage and
Sherri in shock. Savage jumped up, practically knocking Sherri, who was on
her knees, to the ground.

"Elizabeth!" The Macho Man exclaimed, still unnerved by her quite unexpected

"Randy, what are you doing?" Elizabeth questioned, nearly in tears.

"What are you talking about, Elizabeth? You're doing the same thing with

"No, Randy, that's just a lie!" Elizabeth answered.

As the two bickered back and forth, neither noticed that Sherri had moved to
the doorway and shut the door. The sensational valet then moved behind
Elizabeth and grabbed her shoulders, startling the younger woman.

"What are you doing?" Liz asked.

"Well, instead of sitting here and fighting all day, I think we could come to
some sort of compromise. There's no reason we can't all work this out."
Sherri answered.

"What the hell do you mean? There's no way we can be friends! You were
giving head to my boyfriend!"

"Oh, I see, you're jealous of him. Well, no problem." Sherri answered.

Liz was getting angry now. "Look, Sherri," she began, "I don't know what
exactly you're talking about, but maybe you should leave."

Sherri wasn't about to be deterred, though. She began to move closer to Liz,
her face touching Elizabeth's soft chestnut hair. Sherri began to kiss and
lick up and down Liz's neck and earlobe. The young woman jumped away from
the advances of Sherri. Liz was a small town girl, Randy was her first
serious boyfriend, and she had certainly never been with another woman.

"Whoa, Sherri, I don't do that, it's just wrong! You need to leave, now!"

"Look, Liz, only a woman really knows how to please another woman and you
need to find it out." With that, Sherri moved foreward and planted a kiss
directly on the stunned beauty's lips. Sherri snaked her tongue into Liz's
mouth. Elizabeth resisted and trying to push Sherri away, but Sherri was
stronger. As the lip-lock continued, Sherri reached a hand down and slipped
it up Elizabeth's shirt. The raven-haired woman began to fondel and rub
Liz's small B-cup breasts through her bra.

The blonde was struggling harder and couldn't deny the fact that her pussy
was getting wet. Getting manhandled by another woman was actually arousing
the svelt valet. Meanwhile, Sherri had busied herself removing her own shirt
as well as Liz's. Sherri wore a lacy black bra holding up impressive C-cup
breasts. Liz's pair were contained in a conservative white bra, which was
quickly removed by Sherri. The black-haired woman began to suck Liz's
hardening nipples. Liz couldn't believe the amount of pleasure she was
receiving from the other woman and rolled her head back.

This lesbian scene had awakened the Macho Man's mighty cock and he was fully
erect once again. Savage walked over to the duo and slipped Liz's skirt down
her long tan legs. Savage was treated to the sight of one of the tightest
asses in the world contained in only small white panties. The panties were
soon gone and Savage enjoyed Liz's tan, naked body. Liz, though, had barely
noticed this, she was more wrapped up in Sherri's oral pleasuring. Sherri
began to run her teeth over Liz's hard nipple as she rolled the brunette's
other tit in her hand.

While this was happening, Savage had turned his attention to his illegitimate
lover. The Macho Man removed Sherri's bra, revealing her big, soft melons.
Savage then pulled off Sherri's skirt and panties, leaving both girls
completely naked. Sherri dropped to her knees in front of Liz, taking in the
sight of the young girl's pink pussy. Sherri smiled and then slowly took a
long lick up and down the lips of Liz's vagina.

As Sherri worked on Liz's pussy, Savage admired the sight before him. The
two girls were almost exact opposites. Liz had beautiful brown hair, smaller
tits, and a tight, young, athletic body. Sherri had jet-black hair, bigger
tits, and a fuller body complete with a nice big, but not fat, ass.

Sherri began to work her tongue deep into the inexperienced young girl. Liz
loving the feeling reached up, grabbing her own tits and squeezing them. As
Sherri's tongue worked it's magic, Sherri's fingers were busy finding Liz's
clit and massaging it gently. Liz was moaning like crazy and pinching her
own hard nipples. She was incredibly close to cuming all over the face her
boyfriend's mistress. Sherri ran her tongue up to Liz's clit and sucked on
it. At the same time, she quickly rammed two fingers into Liz's tight,
unused asshole. This was enough for the first lady of the WWF, Liz came all
over Sherri's face. Before, Liz could recover, Sherri got up and french
kissed Liz, sharing the young girl's own orgasm with her.

"Why don't you try me, now?" Sherri questioned Liz. Liz was happy to
oblige, yet unsure how to proceed. Sherri helped her by pushing the girls
face to her tits. Liz was buried between Sherri's mounds of flesh. The
younger woman began to lick and suck Sherri's tit-flesh. The sensational
one loved the feeling of Liz's unexperienced lips on her breasts. Liz
grabbed Sherri's big boobs and squeezed them, they were much more than a
handful. After a few moments of this, Sherri pushed Liz's head down to her
shaved pussy. Liz tenatively licked the older woman's wet pussy, liking the
taste of it. Liz began to shove her tongue deep inside Sherri.

As Liz bent over Sherri's prone body to pleasure her, the Macho Man
approached his girlfriend from behind. He positioned his big 8 inch dick
behind Liz's pussy and started to push the head in. Liz was startled as she
felt Randy begin to fuck her doggy stle. She buried her face in Sherri's
pussy licked the woman's hot box. Randy grabbed Liz's small hips and pushed
himself forward, fitting more and more cock inside his young girlfriend. Liz
couldn't beleive how big Savage felt inside her, and he was only halfway in!

As Savage fucked his hot little girlfriend, Sherri was being driven insane
by Liz's talented tongue. It felt like the girl was all over her pussy,
reaching farther than seemed possible. Sherri pinched her own nipples in
pleasure and moaned loudly. Meanwhile, Savage slammed foreward with a thud
and burried all of his large dick inside of Liz's pussy. He then began to
thrust in and out, quickly and roughly. Liz moaned and it reverberated into
Sherri's pussy. Savage was a blur behind Liz and his dick jackhammered her,
rubbing her clit each time he buried it inside of her.

Savage grabbed Liz's tight ass and squeezed her taught cheeks. Liz was
being pushed and pulled foreward and backward on Savage's powerful cock.
This served to arouse Sherri further as Liz licked her clit. Sherri came
with force, covering Liz's face with girl-cum. Liz tasted Sherri's orgasm
and enjoyed it. She now began to concentrate on Savage at her backdoor,
but Sherri had other plans.

Sherri rolled over in front of Liz, her large ghetto booty now in display
for the young girl. "Eat out my ass, honey!" Sherri screamed to Liz.
Elizabeth lowered her head slowly and began to lick up and down Sherri's
asscrack. Liz stuck her tongue down Sherri's asshole and began to swirl it
around. Sherri loved the feel of the girl's tongue in her ass.

Liz was on the brink of orgasm from the pounding her pussy was taking. She
came hard, clamping down on Savage's dick from behind. After the waves of
climax from Elizabeth's pussy subsided, Savage removed his cock and placed
it at the entrance to her asshole. Elizabeth had never allowed him to fuck
her ass before, but he saw his opportunity and took it. Savage pushed his
big dick inside Liz's asshole and began to fuck it. Liz couldn't beleive
how big his cock felt inside her tight ass, it felt like it was tearing her
in half. Soon, however, her ass adjusted to the invasion and accomidated
Savage's size.

Liz was working on an ass of her own, Sherri's. Liz's tongue was lapping at
Sherri's little asshole, sending tingles up Sherri's body. The older woman
pinched her erect nipples as she felt Liz's skilled tounge fuck her ass.
Sherri came hard, spilling cum on the floor.

Savage was about to cum as well. "Liz, go make out with Sherri." Savage
commanded. As the two women kissed, Savage mounted Sherri's chest and laid
his long dick between her two mountainous breasts. He pushed her boobs
together and started to tittie-fuck the big-breasted valet. The feeling of
her big, soft boobs rubbing his dick was like heaven for Savage and he aimed
the head of his penis at his girlfriend and mistress. He shot strings of
sticky white cum all over Liz and Sherri's faces and tits. The girls licked
the cum off of each other for minutes. As they lay basking in the afterglow,
they realized they would have to try this again.


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