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Down And Filthy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Days before the Fall 2000 edition of Monday Night Nitro, three members of
the Filthy Animals, Rey Misterio Jr., Billy Kidman and Juventud Guerrera
are lounging around in their locker room. Juvi is looking in a mirror and
is sliding his hands through his long, oily black hair. "Boy the Juice is
looking good tonight..." Juvi says with a smirk, as he's dressed in fancy,
white slacks and an open silvery colored shirt.

Rey laughs a bit, "Oh stop it Juvi... you keep checking yourself out then
mirror's going to crack!" Rey says, as he's dressed in blue camouflage style
wrestling pants.

Kidman, dressed in long blue jean shorts and a white tank-top shakes his
head, "Yo, look we got to get it together, we got that match against those
Natural Born Idiots... and you know we got to get down and filthy to deal
with them...." Kidman says.

"Hey don't worry Billy, we'll get down and filthy and beat those jacked-up
goofs like that..." Juvi says as he snaps his fingers. "Besides Tygress is
going to be here soon to get us all ready to get down and filthy..." Juvi
licks his lips, and both Rey and Kidman get smiles on their faces.

A few moments later, the locker room door to the Filthy Animals opens and the
lovely, feisty manager of the Filthy Animals, the seductive Tygress enters
the locker room with the smirks on her face. Tygress closes the door behind
her "Hey boys!" Tygress says as she tosses her curly dark hair back as she
places her hands on her smooth, rounded hips while she's dressed in a
tight-fitting leopard printed leather singlet and black high heels "Ready to
get filthy tonight!?" Tygress asks with a laugh and smirk.

Rey smiles and raises his eyebrows a bit, "Oh yeah Tygress... we're ready...
we're going to really stick it too those body-builder wannabes..." Rey says
with his usual high- spirited, positive thinking persona.

"Actually... Billy isn't so sure... he thinks we need to plan..." Juvi adds
as he points over to Kidman who is rotating his wrists a bit in order to have
them loose for later in the night.

Tygress licks her lips a bit as she smirks "Boys! How many times have we
been over this? I'm out there with you hunks...if you need help...I got your
back!" Tygress says as she casually glances at Juvi and then at Rey "And... know me anything you need, you got it!"

Juvi smirks a little, "Well... I think Billy needs some head..."

Kidman looks up and at Juvi with a sharp look, "I do not..." Kidman says,
snapping slightly.

"Ok... now I know he needs one... he needs to get loose.... so he can get
down and filthy like the rest of us..." Juvi says, laughing slightly as he
pokes fun at his former rival.

Tygress licks her lips before she presses her lips together and begins to
approach the studdly Billy Kidman "Is that what you need Billy?" The Latin
beauty of the Filthy Animals asks as she glances down to the crotch of Billy
Kidman's jean shorts.

Billy Kidman looks at Tygress as she glances at the crotch of his jean
shorts, "Well... I could use one..." Kidman says as he smiles slightly.

"Shit... he needs one..." Rey laughs as he walks over to Kidman and smacks
his friend's back, "Come on Billy... you know Tygress is wanting to blow
you..." Rey says as he nudges his often-time tag team partner.

"Fine... fine..." Kidman laughs a bit as he gives in to Rey's logic, "I
really need a blowjob..." Kidman says.

Tygress presses her soft, Latin lips together and nods her head "Mmm...good,
cause I really want to give one..." Tygress replies as she winks at Kidman
before she kneels down in front of him and reaches up as she begins to
unbuckle the belt around Kidman's waist.

"Aww yeah..." Juvi says with a smirk as he moves to get a good look of
Tygress pulling the belt through the loops of Kidman's jean shorts.

Kidman licks his lips slightly as he takes off the white tank top he's
wearing and drops it on the floor, to reveal his slightly muscular upper
body. "Oh boy Billy's getting ready..." Rey laughs a bit.

Tygress licks her lips as she glances over her shoulder at Rey "Mmm...Billy
here knows how to get down and filthy..." Tygress says with a laugh as she
drops his belt down to the floor and begins to unzip and unbutton his jean
shorts before she lowers the jean shorts from his waist.

Kidman licks his lips as Tygress pulls down his blue jean shorts until his
thick ten inch cock pops free and hangs between his legs. Juvi and Rey both
give Kidman a look and Kidman smiles, "Hey I'm always ready... what can I
say?" Kidman says as he steps out of his jean shorts.

Juvi smirks, "Right... fuck Billy... you just did that to get Tygress before
the Juice could!" Juvi replies as he takes off the silvery colored shirt he's

Tygress licks her lips as she tosses her curly dark hair back before she
leans forward and wraps her soft, gentle hands around Kidman's shaft and
begins to gently stroke his cock as she places her warm, wet tongue against
the head of Kidman's cock and gently flicks her tongue against the head of
his cock. "Mmmm..." Kidman moans slightly as Tygress strokes his cock and
flicks her tongue against the head of it as his impressive shaft become hard
in her hands.

Rey Misterio Jr. licks his lips and grins, "Hey Billy you're not the only one
that's going to get down and filthy..." Rey says as he quickly starts to undo
his camouflage style wrestling pants in order to push them down from his
waist. Once Rey gets his pants off, he quickly removes the red boxer shorts
he's wearing to free his eleven-inch Mexican cock. Tygress closes her eyes as
she gently taps her tongue against the head of Kidman's cock before she drops
her tongue down and begins to guide her warm, wet tongue against Kidman's
shaft leaving a trail of her saliva.

As Kidman puts both of his hands on Tygress's head as she licks up and down
the length of his hard, stiff cock, Juvi is also getting undressed as quickly
as possible, "The Juice isn't going to get left out either!" Juvi says as he
struggles to remove this pants and boxers at the same time. Once he's totally
stripped, Juvi and Rey stand next to Tygress with eleven-inch long Mexican
cocks getting harder as they watch the hot Latina while she works the fat
cock of Billy Kidman.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm" Tygress moans against Kidman's cock as she guides her
wet, warm tongue back up Kidman's shaft as her warm saliva drips down his
shaft. Tygress removes her hands and places her hands around Juvi and Rey's
hard, Mexican cocks, taking Juvi into her left hand and Rey into her right
hand. Once Tygress guides her tongue back up to the head of his cock, she
opens her mouth and lowers her head on Kidman's cock. Tygress wraps her
soft, Latin lips around his shaft and begins to bob her head smoothly on
his cock as she sucks, while she strokes her smooth, gentle hands against
the shafts of Rey and Juvi's cocks.

"Ahhhh... ohhh yea..." Kidman moans as he pushes his hands through Tygress's
curly dark hair as he closes his eyes. He leans his head back as the gorgeous
Latina sucks on his fat, ten inch lock hard cock.

Rey licks his lips and thrusts his cock against Tygress's right hand as she
strokes his thick Mexican dick, "Go head Ty! Get down and filthy..." Rey
encourages with a big smile on his face.

Juvi raises his left eyebrow, in a way similar to that of a People's
Champion, as he looks at Kidman, "Fuck Billy... you're not going to hog
Tygress's hot mouth... The Juice wants to get her to blow him too..." Juvi
says with a bit of a grin as he jokes around with Kidman.

Tygress gently slaps her tongue against Kidman's cock as she bobs her
head quicker on his shaft, taking him deeper into her warm and wet mouth.
Tygress's warm saliva drips against Kidman's cock as soon the head of his
cock is gently hitting the back of her throat as she impressively deep
throats the studdly Billy Kidman's cock. While Tygress works over Kidman's
cock with her soothing mouth, she moves her hands quickly against the shafts
of Juvi and Rey, occasionally brushing her hands against their large, Mexican

"Mmmmm fuck... I love this..." Kidman moans louder as the head of his meaty
cock hits the back of Tygress's throat. He takes a hand off the Latina's head
and flips his own long black hair back as he feels Tygress press her lips
tightly onto his shaft and slowly lifts her head off of his saliva covered
Filthy Animal cock.

Rey grins as Kidman steps back and he and Juvi step closer in front of
Tygress, "Hey Ty... blow us both at once..." Rey says with a grin as Tygress
still strokes his and Juvi's cock.

Tygress licks her lips as she gently moves her hands against Juvi and Rey's
hard, fat Mexican cocks at the same time "Mmm...would you two like that?"
Tygress asks with a playful smirk as the Latina seductress lifts her head
above both Juvi and Rey's cock and teasingly spits her warm saliva down onto
the head of their cocks.

Juvi nods his head eagerly, "Oh yeah, the Juice would love that!" Juvi says
as he and Rey get closer together so that their hard, thick Hispanic dicks
are almost pressing against each other. Rey licks his lips as he watches
Tygress again spits more of her saliva onto his and Juvi's big, hard dicks,
and as she strokes their cocks, she spreads her saliva all over them, making
both dicks extremely slick.

Tygress presses her soft, Latin lips together as she lowers her head and
places her wet, warm tongue against the head of Juvi's cock and slides her
tongue around the head of his cock before shifting her tongue to the head of
Rey's cock. Tygress takes a deep breath before she opens her mouth wide and
lowers her head down on both Juvi and Rey's large, hard Mexican cocks at
once. "Awww yeah... take those big dicks!" Rey moans as his and Juvi's cocks
end up grinding against each other's as Tygress stuffs her mouth with two fat
Mexican cocks.

Juvi licks his teeth and groans as he closes his eyes for a moment before
looking down to see Tygress's mouth stretched completely around his and Rey's
meaty shafts. "Awww yea... mmmm Tygress you're so filthy! The Juice loves
it!" Juvi moans as both he and Rey feel Tygress's tongue moving between both
of their dicks. Tygress moans against both hard, thick cocks before she
begins to smoothly bob her head up and down on their hard, meaty cocks as she
sucks both cocks at quick pace. Tygress opens her eyes and lifts her eyes up
to look at Rey and Juvi as her warm, saliva-dripping mouth is stuffed with
their fat, hard Mexican cocks. The feisty Latin beauty taps her tongue
against both cocks as she lowers her head further down on Rey and Juvi's
cocks as she causes theirs to roughly grind against each other.

Rey and Juvi both moan loudly as the hot, sexy Latina is able to take over
half of their fat Mexican cocks into her wide open mouth. "Ohhh man... she's
so fucking great!" Rey moans as he holds onto Tygress's dark, curly hair as
she lifts and lowers her mouth on their cocks.

Billy Kidman stands off to the side as he smirks while watching Tygress's
have double- Mexican snack, "Hey guys... we should really get down and
filthy... once Tygress gets that hot outfit off..." Kidman says as strokes
his own saliva, dripping dick a bit.

Tygress slowly lifts her head off of Juvi and Rey's hard Mexican's cocks as
they drips with her warm, wet saliva. Tygress licks her lips as she glances
over her shoulder at Kidman and then glances up at Juvi and Rey "Why don't
you filthy studs get me out of it we can get down and filthy!"

"Sounds good to the Juice!" Juvi says as he and Rey pull Tygress up to her
feet. Rey lowers the straps of Tygress's leopard printed leather singlet and
Juvi starts to roll it down her hot body. Kidman comes over behind Tygress
and he helps Juvi in lowering Tygress's hot, tight-fitting singlet and as
they get it down, more and more of her hot, firm, Latina body is exposed,
and Rey takes advantage by grabbing Tygress tits and giving them a hard

Tygress licks her lips as she smiles "Mmm...fucking yess...time to get down
and filthy!" Tygress says before presses her lips together as she stands
around with the three Filthy Animals members with her stunning, Latin body
completely naked.

"Damn straight!" Juvi says as he grabs Tygress's hand and he pulls her over
to the couch. Juvi sits down and he pulls Tygress on top of him. Rey and
Kidman both look at the slightly egotistical Juventud Guerrera as he lifts
Tygress up and sits her on his cock.

Tygress bites down on her bottom lip as she's lowered completely down on his
hard cock "Ohhhhh yesss..." Tygress groans as she closes her eyes and begins
to slowly rock her stunning, hot Latin body against Juvi's hard, fat Mexican

Juvi puts his hands on Tygress's sexy hips as she moves back and forth on his
large, thick dick. "Oh yea... mmmmm... ride that dick!" Juvi groans as he
starts thrusting his cock up into Tygress's hot, Latina pussy.

Kidman smirks a bit, "Fuck... I love Ty's ass Rey..." Kidman says before he
goes over to the couch and kneels behind Tygress as she starts bouncing on
Juvi's cock. Kidman uses his left hand to spread Tygress's ass apart and he
spits on his middle and index fingers of his right hand, and then he jams
his two saliva covered fingers into Tygress's ass.

Tygress licks her lips as she rocks smoothly on Juvi's cock "Mmmm...ohhhh...
mmmm fuck yesss get filthy with me!" Tygress moans as Kidman thrusts his
two saliva covered fingers in and out of her tight asshole as she starts to
bounce quicker on Juvi's cock.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah! Ahh yeah!" Juvi moans as Tygress energetically bounces up
and down on his fat Mexican's dick. Juvi puts his hands up on her tits and
presses them together, while Kidman pulls his fingers out of Tygress's hot
Latin ass. The former multi-tile WCW Cruiserweight stands up and he bends his
knees a bit so that he can stuff his cock into Tygress's already cock-filled

Tygress tilts her head back and closes her eyes as Kidman works his cock
into her tight, cock-filled pussy "Ohhhhh fuck this is filthy!"
Tygress moans as she rocks forward on Juvi's cock as Kidman begins to thrust
into her tight pussy.

"Ohhh yeah... it really is!" Kidman groans as he firmly pumps his cock in
and out of Tygress's pussy, grinding his fat cock against Juvi's as both hot
studdly members of the Filthy Animals fuck Tygress's pussy with hard, stiff
and quick thrusts.

Rey Misterio Jr. stands near the couch with a smirk, 'Hey guys don't keep her
to yourselves... I want some of Ty too!" Rey laughs a bit.

Tygress licks her lips as she looks over at Rey and smirks as she bounces and
rocks against Kidman and Juvi's cock "Ohhh...mmmm Rey...I want some of you
too babe..." Tygress moans as she begins to lightly sweat.

"You want some of Rey? No problem..." Kidman gusts as he pulls his cock out
of Tygress's pussy. He smacks her hot Latin ass once before Juvi pushes her
off of his own fat Mexican cock. Rey licks lips and takes Tygress's hand and
has her lays down on the floor of the locker room.

"Fuck her real filthy Rey-Rey!" Juvi says. Rey grins and nods his head as he
spreads Tygress's long tanned legs. Rey then lowers his head for a moment and
licks both of Tygress's legs, then he raises his head up and slams his cock
deep inside of Tygress's hot, wet pussy.

Tygress grits her teeth tightly as her hot Latin body rubs forward against
the floor after Rey powerfully slams his cock into her tight pussy "Ohhhhhh
yes Rey-Rey!" Tygress moans loudly as Rey begins to thrust his Mexican cock
in and out of her tight pussy.

Rey grunts a bit as he slams his fat Mexican cock in and out Tygress's pussy,
"Ahhh ohhh yeah! This is what... ahhh being filthy is all about!" Rey groans
as he sharply fucks Tygress's pussy.

Meanwhile Juvi has gotten off the couch and he kneels near the hot Latina's
head with his cock right near her mouth, "The Juice is going right back in
your mouth!" Juvi says as he pushes his fat dick back inside of Tygress's
warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmm..." Tygress moans against Juvi's cock as her enters her warm, wet mouth
once again. Tygress wraps her pouty lips around his cock and begins to bob
her head against his cock while her hot, sweaty body rocks back and forth
against the floor as Rey thrusts his hard, fat Mexican cock in and out of her

Juvi groans as Tygress slaps her tongue all around his cock as she sucks
eagerly on his shaft. "Ahhh yeah... yeah... suck that big Mexican dick!" Juvi
groans as he holds Tygress's head up so that she's able to deep throat his
shaft repeatedly. Rey Misterio Jr. breathes hard as he pumps his dick in and
out of Tygress's pussy, with his balls smack against Tygress's tanned skin.

Kidman licks his lips, "Shit this is so fucking filthy... I can't wait to
get a shot at her hot Latin ass again..." Kidman says as he watches Tygress
easily take the fat Mexican cocks of Rey and Juvi in her tight pussy and hot

Tygress closes her eyes as she deeply sucks on Juvi's cock as she laps her
tongue around his cock, lathering him up with her warm and wet saliva
"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Tygress moans against Juvi's cock as she begins to grind
her hot, tight pussy against Rey's cock as he quickly thrusts his cock in
and out of her Latin pussy.

Tygress closes her eyes as she deeply sucks on Juvi's cock as she laps her
tongue around his cock, lathering him up with her warm and wet saliva
"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Tygress moans against Juvi's cock as she begins to grind
her hot, tight pussy against Rey's cock as he quickly thrusts his cock in
and out of her Latin pussy.

"Ahhhh.. ohhh fuck yeah... suck it... oh shit... Finally The Juice is
cumming in your mouth..." Juvi moans as he starts to shoot a huge load of
his hot Mexican cum into Tygress's wam, wet mouth as she shucks hard on his

As Juvi holds Tygress's head on his cock as her mouth is filled with cum,
Rey pulls out of her pussy and moves away as he looks at Kidman, "Yo Billy...
Ty's fine booty is yours to get down and filthy with!" Rey says with a smile
as Juvi pulls his shaft out of Tygress's cum filled mouth.

Tygress opens her eyes and licks her lips as she swallows Juvi's warm, sticky
cum before she looks up at smiles at Juvi "Mmmm...I love your Juice, Juvi!"
Tygress says as she places her hands on her smooth sweat covered stomach.

Juvi smirks a bit, "Every girl loves The Juice!" Juvi says as he moves away
from Tygress. Billy Kidman comes over now and he turns her over onto her
stomach, and he pulls her up onto all floors.

Rey laughs, "Fuck her Latin booty white boy!" Rey says as he calls out to

Kidman looks at Rey and he laughs a bit, "Fuck you just had to call me
that..." Kidman says before he rams his cock into Tygress's nice, round
asshole and he begins to pump his cock in and out of her ass with hard
stiff thrusts.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm Billy you know I love it the ass!" Tygress moans playfully as
her hot body rocks forward with his quick thrust to her tight asshole.

Kidman's body is dripping with sweat as he holds onto Tygress's sexy, slender
and round hips and pulls her back against him. "Ahhh yeah... you bet I do...
I love fucking your hot Latin ass!" Kidman grunts as he sharply slams his
cock balls deep into her super-tight asshole.

Tygress grits her teeth as the hot female member of the Filthy Animals pushes
herself back against Kidman's hard cock, that's deep inside of her asshole as
sweat drips off of her hot Latina body "Mmmm...ohhh yeah give me that cock!"

Kidman grits his teeth as he slams his fat cock as hard as he can into her
tight asshole, "Ahhh... awwww shit... fuck I love getting down and filthy
in your ass!" Kidman grunts as he gives Tygress's ass one more slamming
thrust before he starts to shoot a massive load of his warm cum deep inside
of her hot Latina ass.

Tygress licks her lips as she feels his warm cum flood into her tight asshole
"Ohhhhh Billy...I love getting filthy with you babe.."

Kidman groans a bit as he catches his breath before pulling his cum-emptied
ten-inch cock out of Tygress's tight asshole, "Whew damn... fucking
incredible...." Kidman says as he sticks two fingers into Tygress's cum
filled asshole and then pulls them out. Kidman then smacks her ass as he
looks over his shoulder at Rey who's sitting right in the middle of the
couch with his large, fat Mexican cock ready for Tygress. "She's all your's
Rey- Rey..." Kidman says.

Rey nods and smiles, "Yeah I see that..." Rey says before saying to Tygress,
"Hey Ty... I'm all ready for ya!" Rey says as he holds his thick Mexican cock
up. Tygress licks her lips as she tosses her sweat-dampened curly dark hair
back as she turns around on her knees to face Rey and begins to crawl towards
him on her hands and knees, shaking her hot, round ass from side to side
until she reaches the couch. Tygress stands up and turns with her back facing
Rey, before sitting down on his cock taking him into her tight, warm pussy.
"Ohhhh yeah Ty...." Rey moans as he leans back on the couch and puts his
sweaty hands onto Tygress's waist he starts to push Tygress up and down on
his cock almost as soon as when she gets all of his fat Mexican dick up
inside of her hot, tight Latina pussy.

Tygress grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she begins to slowly and
smoothly rock back against Rey's hard, thick Mexican cock "Ohhhh Rey-Rey...
you're so fucking hot!"

Rey licks his lips as he feels Tygress's hot ass cheeks move against his
waist just as he starts to thrusts his rock solid cock upward. Ahhh... ohh
fuck Ty... you're a real rough rider!" Rey groans as he Tygress squeezes his
shaft with her pussy as she bounces on it.

Tygress licks her lips and nods her head "Ohhhh Rey...I love your big dick...
you know that baby, don't you, Rey-Rey?" Tygress moans as she begins bounce
quicker on his cock, causing her to slam down harder on his fat Mexican cock.

"Uh huh..." Rey nods his head as he thrusts his cock upward, shooting his
shaft as sharply as he can into Tygress's tight, wet Latina pussy, "You
love getting filthy on my big hard dick..." Rey groans as his cock starts
throbbing wildly inside of Tygress's hot cunt.

Tygress grits her teeth as she grinds her pussy sharply against his cock as
she rocks back "Ohhhh fuck yesss I do...mmm Rey-Rey..." Tygress moans as
sweat drips off of her body.

Rey moans louder as Tygress works over his hot, fat Mexican cock, "Ahhh...
ohhh fuck Ty... I'm gonna... shit..." Rey groans as Tygress lifts herself up
off his cock so that it falls from her pussy, and then she sits right on top
of Rey's waist with his throbbing dick hanging between his legs.

Tygress licks her lips as she wraps her hands around Rey's stiff, throbbing
cock and begins to quickly stroke Rey's fat Mexican cock "Mmm...Rey-Rey...I
want that cum..." Tygress moans as she quickly moves her soft hands against
this shaft.

"Ahhh... ohhh shit... fuck Ty..." Rey groans as he can feel Tygress's ass
cheeks move on his waist while the hot Latina beauty strokes his fat Mexican
cock. Rey clenches his teeth together and shortly he starts to cum, "Ahhh...
ohhh god... damn... fuck!" Rey moans. Tygress licks her lips as she feels
Rey's warm cum drip against her hands as she continues to stroke his cock,
milking his cock of his warm, sticky cum. In a very short time. Tygress milks
every drop of Rey's warm, sticky Mexican cum from his fat cock, "Awww fuck
yeah Ty... mmmm shit..." Rey moans as he feels Tygress letting go of his now
cum-spent cock.

Tygress licks her lips as she lifts her cum dripping hands to face and begins
to guide her tongue against soft hands as she licks up Rey's warm, sticky cum
" taste so good." Tygress moans as she licks his cum off
of her hands.

"Fuck Ty..." Rey moans as he remains underneath Tygress, "No one... gets
Down and Filthy... like you can..."

Tygress laughs as she tosses her sweat-dampened curly dark hair back "Ohhh...
I just love getting filthy with the Animals!"


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